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Jose Baez – CBS “Crimesider” interview, 7-6

Here’s Jose Baez’ CBS “Crimesider”  interview w/Julia Dahl.

In “Casey Anthony Trial: The inside Story”, Jose talks about bombshell evidence relating to George Anthony, the suicide computer searches, the jury, defense strategy, the verdict, the media circus and “The Casey Anthony Reality Show”:

Jose CBS Crimesider 7-6-2012

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Parts 1, 2 & 3), 7-5


  1. annomonous says:

    I don’t understand how or why the law enforcement didn’t investigate better. Another thing that really gets me is how can you judge someone if you don’t have all the facts. I watched this trial from start to finish there was no reliable evidence. They basically put Casey and her defense team on trial. I really don’t understand that, it is none of anyone’s business about Jose life. He is a defense lawyer it is his job. Everyone should be thankful that there are lawyers out here who will care and will stand by you when you have no one else. I admire Jose Baez and his firm. Him nor his family deserves in any way to be disrespected. They are humans and need privacy too. I hope that someday Casey will be able to move on with her life.

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