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Jose Baez – Coming Up Tonight: MSNBC + Geraldo

Just a quick reminder that the “Defending Casey Anthony” documentary will be shown on MSNBC at 9pm ET tonight, followed by Jose’ appearance on Geraldo at Large (Fox News Channel) at 10pm ET.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary:

Def CA Doc Trailer 7-15-2012

I’ll upload the videos as soon as I get them.


  1. Hi SJ
    Somehow my dvr didn’t record “defending Casey Anthony” I’m so disappointed :-/ if you’re able to up load it that would be awesome! Thank you 😉

    • I watched it earlier, you don’t want to miss seeing it. It made me feel like Jose was exonerated after all the Jeff Ashton BS. It was great to see that Dr. Werner Spitz also appeared in the making of the documentary. Well worth watching.

    • I am now convinced that George Anthony raped and murdered Caylee, killed her by holding her head under water. I had believed it could have been an accident UNTIL I read about “FOOLPROOF SUFFOCATION!” George was not looking up Foolproof Suffocation to commit suicide. I disagree with Jose on that theory. George did a search for foolproof suffocation because he wanted to know if killing a person by holding a head under water would show up in the autopsy!

      The following excerpt is from an article about “Foolproof Suffocation.” Note what it says about Chlorine Water in the lungs:

      Quote: “One of the problems of diagnosis is, that unlike drowning in a river or the ocean where samples of the water in the lungs can be tested for salt or other contaminates to determine where the drowning took place, the same cannot be done with the water in a pool. Chlorine dissipates from the lungs almost instantly. By the time an autopsy takes place, there’s no trace left. If a murderer were to hold a person’s head underwater in a pool, the police would have no way to prove it was homicide, in fact, most drownings are ruled accidental for just that reason.”Unquote

  2. Harry N says:

    As much as I dilike MSNBC because of its lefty politics they did a good job with this documentary. The first time I’ve seen any media organization present an honest look at this case.

    • Agree…great show. I liked the part where they talked about the nasty letters and death threats they receive…it exposes the haters for the total whack jobs that they are. Do you all think that maybe more and more people, including media types, are starting to see the truth?

  3. Jill, I think like Dorothy said “these people are seriously disturbed”.. They are seriously disturbed and nothing anybody can say or any documentary or book can prove will change their deranged thinking. None of them will see themselves in what she said, and if they do, they will be proud of it. They are MUCH more of a danger to society than Casey ever thought of being!

    • You are correct Karen…and Dorothy is correct. They are seriously disturbed. And they are a threat. I honestly can say I’ve never seen such whacks in all my life. It’s really too bad they can’t see how stupid they come across to “normal” people.

    • I agree with you all. NOTHING will EVER change their minds. I’ve noticed that they conglomerate in the same places on the web, say the same thing and that they are LITERALLY are bonded to each other on a personal level by their hate. They lack boundaries in every way that matters. I seriously worry for their children because their modeling this lack of regard is unhealthy.

      Here is a hypothetical: suppose George Anthony had some revelation and admitted to molesting Casey, and also brought forth evidence to exonerate Casey in the media. Nothing would matter to them.
      No truth, evidence, witness, new event would ever change their minds because they personally revel and enjoy hating Casey Anthony and for the life of me I can not figure out why…

  4. I just watched it and thought it was great – well put together! Hopefully, it brings some much needed awareness to this case!

  5. Here is the Geraldo interview, for those who missed it:

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