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Jose Baez w/Dr Drew – interview clips

Here are 4 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez on Dr Drew last night (5/14), discussing his forthcoming book –  “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”

The interview also includes a few behind-the-scenes revelations and confirmation that the book will contain a great deal of information & evidence that wasn’t introduced during Casey’s trial. Very interesting. I’ll post the full 60 minute interview as soon as I get hold of it.

This book definitely has #1 Best Seller written all over it. It’s currently ranked at #450 in the Amazon Best Sellers list and #8 in the Biographies list.

Pre-order it now if you haven’t already :mrgreen:

Resistance is futile…

Jose Baez on why the book will shock readers:

JB Drew - shock readers 5-14

Jose Baez: “I was Casey’s harshest critic”:

Dr Drew harshest critic 5-14

Jose Baez on why Casey never testified:

Dr Drew never testified 5-14

Web extra: Jose Baez disgusted with treatment of Casey jury:

JB Drew - jury 5-14


  1. I wish I could have watched this entire thing but unfortunately I do not get HLN.

  2. I would have watched it, but I didn’t know it was airing. Should be a great book.

  3. Marilyn C. says:

    I did watch this last night, plus hit my DVR so I could go back & watch it again. I gotta say once was enough. For one…I can’t stand Dr Drew, he always interrupts his guests (even more so with Jose), then came the people calling in for questions for Jose. Dear Lord the “Haters & Warriors” are still pounding their drums! Jose was so classy in handling & answering the questions, when Dr Drew didn’t cut him off, but he was his STAR, SHINING, GENTLEMAN, SELF!! People thought this was going to be a tell all, smash Casey book, but thats not what it is. Some of the callers were so mean, talking about his morals & stuff (about his opening statement,etc.) My heart just broke in pieces for him, but he handled them with GRACE. I don’t think its a secret that I am a fan of Mr Jose Baez & I know Casey I’m sure Thanks him every day. I don’t know how much the so called boycotting is doing, but I’m writing everyone I can to ask for his book, even though I already ordered it!!

    • Hi Marilyn C;

      I saw the show and I totally agree with you about Drew Pinsky. He can’t seem to shut his mouth. It was disgusting when he put words in the one caller’s mouth, trying to make it look like she hated Jose.

      Dr. Drew is a coward. He is so frightened of the internet mob, and Jose called him on it and said something about Dr. Drew not saying what he believes. Can’t recall the exact words.

      My opinion of Dr. Drew is he believes Casey may have been sexually molested, but the Warriors got him to back down. He is so frightened of these people you can smell his fear–at least in my opinion and observation.

      Jose is a class act. He is so wonderful, and caring. He channels Atticus Finch. He will go down in legal history as one of the great lawyers.

      Jose is my hero…and Casey is my inspiration. When the going gets tough, as it does for most of us at times, I think of Casey and how she faced death row and stood tall. She is a lot of beauty-inside and out.


  4. I would have watched it but Dr. Drew is a hack in this role.

  5. Harry N says:

    I think HLN, along with MSNBC, is the most corrupt media organization in the country. I used to have some respect for Dr. Drew, but not anymore. Nevertheless, Jose came out looking better and more honorable than both his hosts and the idiot callers. And I think this book will be a best-seller, specially since I believe it will expose George Anthony once and for all. I predict clear-thinking people will have a very different perception of Casey and her case after this book comes out.. And hopefully law enforcement will give George the investigation he deserves, if they aren’t already.

  6. I’ve pre-ordered my copy. Can’t wait!

    Thanks for posting the videos. I have a difficult time stomaching Dr. Drew so I didn’t watch.

    Baez sure is a class act. He seems to have empathy for those who believed all the lies that spread like wildfire thanks to HLN. Watching him is like watching a clinic on how to handle moronathons. I learn so much every time he answers a ridiculous question.

  7. Harry N says:

    Lily, of course Dr. Drew believes Casey may have been sexually molested. Anyone with any psychological training can see the obvious signs in her behavior. Just as anyone can recognize the absurdity of the “there’s no evidence” argument, because in cases like this there’s rarely evidence, which is why victims rarely come forward and perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. The only evidence there is tends to be the dysfunctional psychology of both victim, molester, and the family. The only media psychologist with the guts to admit the obvious is Dr. Keith Ablow.

  8. Jose is awesome; he handled the Nancy Grace cult callers beautifully.I cannot wait to read his book.

  9. I can’t wait to read it either! Does anyone know if Costco will sell it; otherwise, I’m going to pre-order it?

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