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Jose Baez – Dr Drew interview, 11-26

Here’s Jose Baez on Dr Drew last night, once again clarifying  the supposedly “overlooked” evidence:

Jose Baez - Dr Drew 11-26-2012

Had the prosecution wheeled this BS out during the trial, it would have destroyed their already feeble timeline and put GA in the spotlight. There was nothing overlooked or missed at all.



  1. So what happens now? Casey cannot be retried because they missed some “evidence” that was never missing! In my not so humble opinion , and I really do not understand how the media can miss this, but if in fact it was Casey on the computer at that time, then George was lying about her leaving the house….. the question is why would he lie??? Well, let’s see! If Caylee drowned in the pool and George was home at the time, Cindy may have held him accountable and said I want you out of my home. She had already seen a lawyer about a divorce and had been told that since she was the major breadwinner she would have to support his arse. He was skating on thin ice and was well aware of it. Not only did he lie about the last time he saw her he also lied about what he “remembered her wearing”. When found, her remains were with remnants of a tee shirt with words on it and a pair of too small shorts, not the little blue skirt he insists she was wearing.
    Perhaps the media will see this eventually and the right questions will start being asked, at which time GA is going to be shown as not being the innocent man he tries to make himself out to be, Casey cannot be retried , however he can be tried.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      Excellent points Debbie! I had forgotten about the clothing issue! So now we are to believe, Casey sneaked back to the house, redressed Caylee and suffocated her! The theory expounded on the net is that Casey was looking up suicide to avoid being on record doing a search for how to kill someone; but of course you don’t type in “foolproof suffocation” to make people think you aren’t planning on suffocating someone, lol.

      • Poor Casey,,, imagine being molested by her father, and then being forced to live with her little girl in the same house…I guess she wasn’t thinking clearly about having her daughter around a molester,.. in the majority of cases, molested women become very protective of their children…poor Casey just had that motherly instinct ripped from her…putting her poor little Caylee in harms way…poor,poor Casey…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Correct me if this wrong, I believe it is against the law to move evidence from the scene where a death (esp of a child) has occurred…And if people would look to see where Caylee was on the 14th, THAT crime would have happened BEFORE MID JUNE, not after Father’s Day (that IS mid-June).

      • JA Kalskett says:

        OK, I’ll ask one first…Does anyone else think George is an extortionist? That he and C have set-up these different donation sites to launder extorted money?

        Cecelia Benaida said Crystal was giving him lots of money; and SHE went to Cindy in 2010 to make the blackmail stop.

    • Hi Debbie! That’s what everyone lacking…asking the right questions!

    • JA Kalskett says:

      “actions speak louder than words”…Remember Casey’s reaction to the news report on Dec 11?

      She was still in the dark about some of the answers, herself. When she saw that the remains were recovered from the woods (where she used to play) ‘without shoes or socks’ and that Caylee still had the outfit from Friday the 13th, THAT was when she realized Caylee had died while ‘out of her sight’ on June 14th [as mentioned in the jailhouse letters].

  2. I am so glad that Jose brought up George’s testimony. Whether or not the prosecution overlooked the computer searches or deliberately didn’t bring them up, you cannot deny that Jose bested them a thousand times over in court. He was prepared and did his job well. They were running on some half-cocked theory.

    • Drew Hensley says:


      The haters on Amazon were teling me that Jose made all this up about the searches, that in fact it could not be true bc it was not in discovery; now they will say he does not really have documents in his possession that prove his timeline is correct. Funny none of those Amazon idiots have responded to my recent remarks there.

      • The people on Amazon obviously don’t know what they are talking about. In court cases, there is tons of amounts of information that isn’t used, some of that can be excluded because it doesn’t match the theory being put before the jury. If you are the prosecution why would you admit evidence that doesn’t match your theory? This is why they had to make exculpatory evidence rules because prosecutors would ignore and hide evidence that didn’t match their theory. Other information isn’t admitted to trial due to the uncertainty of truth, such as hearsay testimony. In the Casey Anthony case alone there were more than 25,000 pages of information. In addition to the phone records that were not admitted, the water level testing done by the State of Florida wasn’t admitted, several other “known” computer searches weren’t admitted, several photographs weren’t admitted, etc. I’ve heard people say things like this before, it is a load of bull. You can’t have evidence in trial that you aren’t sure is true and you can’t have irrelevant evidence to muddy the waters either. This isn’t the Nancy Grace show, it is a courtroom. People have rights. So, just because it wasn’t shown in discovery to their nosy butts (I have a love-hate relationship with the Sunshine Law, it gets misused a lot) doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I mean come on, people think they know everything there is to know about Casey Anthony, Jose Baez, Jeff Ashton, and the case in its entirety, you don’t. How can you know more than the people involved?
        I personally don’t know whether it would have been a good idea for the prosecution to use this new information unless they were going to change their whole case. They had several inconsistencies they put before the jury in their theory already, but to say that the poison searches and the suicide searches were what led up to the chloroform-duct tape theory I don’t think would have helped them. I don’t know how many times you have to look at this to realize that the prosecution never said Caylee was poisoned. They said and I’m basically quoting, she was rendered unconscious by the homemade chloroform and killed by suffocation due to the duct tape being placed over her nose and mouth. No poison, no suffocation by plastic bags, how is the foolproof suffocation search relevant to their theory? How would that have enhanced their case? It is an entirely different murder weapon.
        I wouldn’t put it past the State of Florida to attempt to hide this from the public, they did so many outrageous things in this case. In my opinion, it would not have helped them if you look beyond the media shock.

        • That is true “youcouldbewrong” It is an entirely different murder weapon.

        • so the phone records weren’t in evidence? what about pings? i wish i knew where i could find the home land line records if their out there. Also i thought the search was just for foolproof suffocation. I know i read a headline that made it seem like poison and bags were searched, but it was the suicide blog that contained those words as well. Not a searching those words separate. I still dont think it would have changed anything, there was too much doubt already with the other evidence presented. I also think the jurors probably doubted GA testimony already, with this in the mix even more so. Then its why didnt GA correct himself after 4yrs if he was wrong or why did he iie about seeing them leave.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Since phone records only prove ‘where the phone was’ and cannot prove who was using it, it surely was inadmissible. Since it isn’t proven who used it for texts, I suspect there was a BIG objection regarding the evidence they thought the phone records could’ve proved. [Casey’s phone was a big part of her “whole world” in those days, and nights in 2008.]

            Anyone remember Lee had everyone’s phone records before July 15th/16th…Geo told LE that in one of his first interviews; though LE hadn’t asked that question…Geo volunteers so much ‘mis-info’ I never understood why LE thought Geo was ‘one of their own’; unless it was b/c his mistress was an undercover cop.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …and the WRONG DATE…

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Why is there so much faith placed in technology? These devices are only as accurate and unbaised as the person who enters the info. Their home computer and everything taken off of it was tainted. Just like the video, made from a memory card, that SAYS June 15th…mid-June…Caylee was alive. Just more lies to prevent anyone from looking at the true event. Flag Day, June 14th…when Cindy and Casey say Caylee was missing from Casey.

  3. Marilyn C. says:

    My God SJ…..will this ever end for Casey? I can not comprehend WHY people keep dragging things up.All the evidence is out there,plus the trial.If people can’t look at all of it & see Casey NOT GUILTY,CRAP COPS,CRAP PROSECUTORS,plus total corruption.Nobody wanted to talk about ” 84 times Linda” on this same evidence.Jose said all of this in his book.But all these TALKING HEADS didn’t read his book.All of this really makes me sick.I wish they would leave Casey alone.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …Only the evidence to the ‘heinous-murder story/theory’ is out there….the trial was about all that, but not what happeand to cause Caylee’s body to begin decomposition… or there would not still be a MYSTERY.

      All that the books do, is re-hash things that did not happen (as they were presented)

    • Hi Marilyn!
      Yes, it’ll pass at some point, then there’ll be someone else for the knuckle-dragging hater retards to take their frustrations out on. Until then, we just have to sit tight and not get too drawn into the BS that keeps getting dragged up. I still stick by my “Immaculate Deception” post. It’s still 99% accurate, as will be proven at a much later date.
      Take care,

      • Just read GA wants to move on with his life and wants the media to respect his privacy while he morns his Granddaughter. Why don’t they respect Casey’s privacy and let her grieve and move on with her life?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Yep…likely cuz he wants to move-on…out of the country so he won’t be held accountable for the H-MStory and interfering with the investigation to find Caylee. He is the person truly responsible for everything after June 13.

        • Typical George – he wants to move on so that people will stop questioning his character. Not gonna happen.

        • He seems like a selfish person, the attention grabbing suicide attempt (I say attention grabbing because clearly you cannot die from taking blood pressure medication and drinking until you pass out), his affair, going on media shows (for example, going on Dr. Phil after the verdict to use every scenario the media threw out there to convict his daughter all over again in public opinion), and going to Jeff Ashton’s victory party to talk to the media. He steals the spotlight at every turn and on top of that he acts very suspicious, but it isn’t to protect his daughter like everyone keeps saying. They rehash the old every parent would take a sword for their child. It just isn’t true, that Leave it to Beaver attitude isn’t reality. Not every family is a nice one. George Anthony would not have gotten up on the stand in front of 12 people who were to decide whether his daughter lived or died and said that he could put 1 and 1 together insinuating he believed his daughter murdered his granddaughter among other things, if he truly cared what happened to her. It’s clear what he cares about.
          This reminds me that Cindy has a bit of this in her too. I remember that I was completely floored when I heard the jail call where Casey Anthony wants her boyfriend’s number and everyone kept concentrating on that, but I heard something else. The beginning of the call is where Cindy is so proud that she was on multiple TV shows. It’s amazing to me. Also, on the Dr. Phil special, I remember being shocked not only that George Anthony kept repeating unsubstantiated claims to indict his daughter, but that Cindy Anthony said she believed that he was saying that to punish his daughter. Remember they have been married for over 20 years so she knows her husband. She is basically saying that he was willing to send his daughter to, at least, jail for life just because he was mad at her! That is interesting, appalling, and sad. It is extremely unfair how the media treats Casey Anthony just to make money. It is even more terrible that they completely ignore the behavior of George and Cindy Anthony and elevate them to some kind of inhumanly perfect grandparents. The truth is that a little girl died, everyone in that family is grieving, but no one grieves more than a parent who loses their child. The media is very good at creating heroes and villains for their soap operas, but these are real people and life isn’t black and white like a scripted movie.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            YCBW, you are so right…these things do not make sense, unless he was desperately trying to present a story that would ‘clear Casey, but not incriminate anyone else’…especially himself (the second most likely suspect)

            I think his goal was to make Caylee’s accidental death LOOK like an accident.

            1) if the event was a drowning (deliberate or accidental) the 911 call would have been made when her body was found.

            2) if the event took place in the trunk (for instance) her death would certainly be impossible to call it ‘accidental’

            Even if it was Casey’s actions that placed Caylee in danger, it is not proof Casey would HAVE to be the person who moved or hid the body, or even to be aware of the consequences to her actions.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            if she drowned, there would have been water in her lungs and the cause of death would have supported the accident theory.

            I think she disappeared because there was no water in her lungs, and the HMStory was the distraction that allowed the time for decomposition to destroy the chance of discovery.

  4. SJ – Can Casey be retried in a Federal Court? They keep saying She can’t be retried ever in a state court but with this new evidence they can retry her in a Federal Court. Just talk or can they really do it?

    • Whoever is saying that is an idiot. She can’t be retried in Federal court because there is no basis for Federal charges.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        But whoever moved her body and destroyed evidence to usher-in the heinous-murder story, could still be brought up on charges…just NOT Casey, right?

        • Someone other than Casey can be charged in state court if they have the evidence to justify it. As far as Federal charges for Casey, it can’t happen. There would have to be Federal offenses charged, and there were none. It was a murder charge, which is a state issue. Even Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department wouldn’t violate federalism to appease a bunch of nuts.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …sorry, Harry….who’s Eric Holder?

          • JA, Eric Holder is our Federal Attorney General (Attorney General of the United States). I’ve heard these people say things like Casey Anthony can be charged with violating Caylee’s civil rights. These people live in a delusional place. There is a federal murder law, but the murder has to occur on some kind of federal lands. Federal law tends to respect the state’s rights for most criminal procedures, it’s called federalism. Most federal courts concentrate on monetary crimes, political crimes, terrorism, etc. not on pleasing some idiots who want to destroy the Constitution.

          • Even if new evidence showed up that George did it and Casey was Innocent, it would be covered up because it doesn’t fit their case that Casey did it.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            Do you think Casey could be charged with a fed offense against Caylee and then get retried? Do we have lawyers here? Harry, you a lawyer? Also, do the feds have a statute of limitations that would apply here. There is none for murder, but what about for a lesser charge? It has been more than three years now, so seems to me a statute of limitations might apply. Also it would be obvious they are bringing the charge just re-prosecute for murder. Couldn’t Cheney take it all the way to the supreme court?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I thought he was maybe a political name in Florida…I’m just an old small town girl! LOL

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Harry are you a lawyer? I know all the talking heads including Tony Baloney himself have said she can’t be retried.

    • Not to worry, it’s just the mouth-breathers and their wishful thinking again. Reminds me of when they speculated that Judge Perry was going to put Casey away for 20 years on the lying to police charges. No federal charges will be brought; there is no basis.

      • It is so sad how these people run their mouths and don’t use their brains. If they would just read the rules instead of creating their own in their heads we would be a lot better off. Judge Perry gave Casey Anthony the maximum, 1 year each to run concurrently giving her 4 years total. 20 years for lying is outrageous what year do these people live in? We’re in AD now not BC. Wow. I wouldn’t want to look at them wrong on the street they’ll want to give me 10 years!

        • I can’t remember what the exact basis was for their “20 years” claim…something about how the charges of lying to police could be extended to five years per count for some reason or another. They were clinging to anything at that point, hoping that her jail time would extend for at least another year and foaming at the mouth when they found out that it was ten days.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            They changed the law here in FL bc of Casey. Now 5 yrs per count of lying to LE. They have this thing set up now so they can get you no matter what.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          By the time she was sentenced for the lying, she understood that she would have to “take this”punishment. (like she stated in an early jail tape). Even before July 15th, she knew she could not prove her innocence or even insist that she didn’t know where Caylee was after Friday the 13th…she, too, believed that video after she saw it and behaved like she was on vacation from June 14th on… but after seeing the remains recovery in Dec., she finally knew what had happened, when and where! In the very place she last had left Caylee. (sleeping on her blanket with toys, waiting for George. Though, by then, it was better for her to NOT fight the system.

          • JA, with all due respect because I appreciate your posts – why would Casey leave Caylee alone in the trunk to wait for George? I’m just curious as to how you arrived at your theory.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Thank you Kira,
            To answer your question, it is important to be able to separate what you believe from what seems logical to the heinous-murder theory.

            IMO Caylee wasn’t a victim of foul-play, but was the victim of the ‘heinous-murder-story’ (like Casey said she was, also) AFTER someone knew Caylee was already dead and decomposing. That was the reason FOR the murder story: to affect the trial verdict that would follow .
            ..and the 31 days that Caylee’s whereabouts and condition was ‘unknown’ (to Casey and Cindy) provided that “person of greatest authority” to “unfold this tale” had to go (Geo said to LE) to prevent the destruction of their family.

            Casey thought Caylee was safer in the OPEN trunk than on the ground; bugs, burrs and cigarette butts [and the car’s interior was full of their ‘belongings’ in the week after June 9th, while they sofa-surfed at RMorales’ to avoid Hopesprings. Maybe you ask: why she called it Nan’s/ Nanny’s place was b/c the adults in this family were accustomed to dropping-off and picking-up Caylee from each other, to avoid needing an outside babysitter; very often, that was Geo. (although Geo’s girlfriend and her sister sometimes filled in, in the prior year-and-a-half.)

            But do you see why she can’t say where Caylee was on the night she disappeared?

          • JA Kalskett says:

            The Pontiac was Cindy’s car…and SHE was who Caylee called Nan.

  5. JA Kalskett says:

    …June 9th was the last time Cindy saw Caylee ‘face-to-face’… And most likely the last time George saw Caylee ALIVE. Casey and Caylee sofa-surfed that week, and she and Tony were going out, looking for their own apartment as early as June 14th, and Casey was looking for the Pontiac with everything she called her own…including Caylee: Casey summed-up as “my whole life”, that HAD taken away; but the secret within their family was the date. Cindy knew Caylee was missing from Casey on June 14th.

    • Hi JA
      I am not quite sure about your theories. As far as I was aware, it was Casey and Amy Huizenga looking for a place of their own and Tony had nothing to do with it. June 9th was originallly thought by the Anthonys to be fathers day , which was in fact June 15th. I am well aware that date stamps can be changed on cameras and video cameras :), however Shirley Plesea (Cindy’s mother) had written in an email that Cindy and Caylee visited her on father’s day. It is that very visit that makes me think Cindy left the ladder up in the pool because her mom had told her Casey stole money from her via a cheque. I figure Cindy went home and blew up when she saw Casey, got out of the pool and forgot all about the ladder. Decomposition begins within hours after a body dies. I have seen many people that have passed, in funeral homes, where their skin is beginning to blacken, and that is after they have been embalmed and kept preserved for viewing. What really got me was how Dr. G. could possibly call it a homicide when there were no means to support that, other than no one called 911.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Hi Debbie,
        IMO…It’s important to allow the ‘search for the truth’ to be conducted outside the confines of the ‘heinous-murderer story’ which is all that has ever come forth about this case.
        The Heinous-Murderer-Story is 100% of what unfolded after MID June, 2008, that places Caylee’s death as occurring a day AFTER mid-June…

        The decomposition point, at trial, seems obscure, but is a definable fact.
        **In a 30 day month, “mid” refers to the hours between the 15th and 16th day… [between “June 15th 11:59pm” and “June 16th 12:01am”]

        The science experts at trial determined Caylee’s body began to decompose ‘early-to-mid June, 2008’, which occurred over the second weekend of June, and included three ‘calendar EVENT days’:
        Friday the 13th; early June
        Flag Day on June 14th; early-to-mid June
        Father’s Day was June 15th.; mid June
        *and the H-M-story placed Caylee’s murder on the ‘non-event day of June 16th; mid-to-late June.

        Do you see what I mean, Debbie? There is at least 24 hours that Caylee’s whereabouts is unknown between Casey’s account and the heinous-murder story before the video and the emergence of the deception. To me, it appears she was already decomposing before the lies and deceptions offered by the video

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Hi Debbie, you said:
        “it was Casey and Amy Huizenga looking for a place of their own and Tony had nothing to do with it.”

        I read the same thing…then, when I said that on another blog, someone else corrected my statement that Casey got the Zenaida Gonzalez info when she and Tony were looking at apartments…who knows: it is all part of the H-M-Story, to me….and is all deceptions and none of the truth, anyway.

        • I know for a fact that Tony was looking for an apartment for himself and Casey Anthony was tagging along to help him. There were no plans for them to live together permanently. Casey Anthony had told everyone she was planning to live with Caylee in her parents’ house after they got divorced and moved out. That always seemed like an odd story to me to tell people if you never wanted your child. That you want to spend a lot of alone time with her. This story she was telling people alone gave me questions about the motive.
          The Zenaida Gonzalez Sawgrass Card was, in my opinion, just a quick way for police to check off Casey Anthony’s stories as lies. It was convenient that there was a Zenaida Gonzalez who had visited the Sawgrass Apts. looking for an apartment with her boyfriend. Then Tony had visited to look for an apartment for himself. It isn’t unusual, since the apartment was probably advertised, there are tons of Zenaida Gonzalez’s, and it is close in the area. But what proves this whole Sawgrass thing wrong is that there is no way ever that Casey Anthony got ZFG from the guest card, she was talking about her years earlier. What is she psychic? Ridiculous!

          • Casey never refered to the name ZFG to anyone. She only said Caylee was with the Nanny. The ZFG came out after the 911 call.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Thanks for verifying that Casey was with Tony, looking at the Sawgrass Apts…I think they said that was on June 17th…which is when I believe Casey went back to the Hopesprings home, after spending 4 days and nights with Tony…I don’t think Casey was even near their home until Tuesday….but her phone was…

            I also think the interest card (in July) had been signed C.Benaida-Gonzale(z) which is Crystal Holloway’s sister’s name. (well, she dropped the Gonzale(z) after her divorce in 2009/10)
            (often the handwritten B can look like a Z)

            Casey was trying to cryptically place info in the records ‘things she couldn’t prove any longer’.
            Do you remember *Geo volunteered to LE he had been involved with a woman who worked in a different department of LE…? She was undercover… (Padilla was sent packing as soon as he made that discovery public.)

          • Richard grund said in a police interview or depo. that in April 2006 when he couldn’t watch caylee anymore casey told him about ZFG, she’d watch caylee from then on. After that she would say zanny was watching caylee. Another thing is Cindy said in a depo. for the lawsuit that it wasn’t an all the time thing of casey saying caylee was with zanny. Cindy would be the one who’d mostly watch her as casey would sometimes drop her off at Cindy’s work before she got off. To me zanny was used when casey stayed away from home with caylee or if Casey may have left all day claiming to work she’d probably be with caylee roaming around town visiting ppl and shopping or whatever. That’s just what I think about the nanny excuse. I know I could be wrong. Anyway grund did say he heard the name in 06.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            There is a very good possibility Grund heard Casey call the babysitter ‘Benaida Gonzale(z)’ which is Crystal Holloway’s sister, Cecelia. [C.Benaida Gonzale(z), just as on the Sawgrass info card] She worked (undercover? or was an inmate at the corrections facility where Casey wrote her jailhouse letters) but in a different department, at any rate… in LE and had transferred to Orlando, co-incidentally, while getting a divorce…from the city (Tampa maybe) where Geo’s folks live; where he stayed whenever he and Cindy were estranged.


    I think this is the expert that brought the computer info to Jose.

    • Great blog Justl thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing that Justl. People need to remember this part of the article specifically: This was a death penalty case and the stakes were the highest they can be: Taking a person’s life. You can’t lose sight of that, people don’t seem to care as much as they should that when a life is at stake you better be million percent positive. People care too much about opinions, entertainment, blah blah blah. We imprison to many innocent people and some of those people end up on death row and still some do get executed. Nothing should be more important in the legal world then making sure the right person is behind bars especially if you are going to kill them. If you are going to say that life is precious than you better back that up on all ends.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      I emailed one of them (forensic guy) but got no response. I’m wondering if we have to wait for the revision of Jose’s book to see his rebuttal. I think the next edition comes out on, then the paperback next July.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I haven’t read this yet, but was on that forensic-guy’s page today.

    • Justl, thanks for giving the exact date on the very early mention of ZFG. I agree with you, Casey Anthony made that up, so that Richard Grund, who was getting sick of babysitting, would believe she had a nanny and get off her back. In reality, it was just her watching and spending time with her daughter. Don’t get me wrong, JA you make an interesting point about Crystal’s sister, but I’d have to hear more before changing my mind.
      Just reposted the link to give it the url underline JA:
      That is a great find JA, I agree almost 100% with this blogger. Especially at the end when he describes a thought that has run across my mind more than once throughout this whole mystery. That the accident may have been made to look like a kidnapping for some reason. But for this theory to work, you would have to believe that the duct tape was over the mouth, which for me is hard to swallow after reading and listening to the forensic testimony and the testimony of Roy Kronk.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Youcouldbewrong, In my opinion is that the tape was placed over all orifices to contain the oozing, that would have been already soaked through the blanket.

        • I heard that as a possibility from some people, I thought it was an interesting theory, but to me it isn’t as strong a possibility as some other things. My personal thoughts from everything I’ve read, seen, and heard is that the tape was around the bag. It isn’t an uncommon practice, like what was said in court, many people bury their loved pets in such a way. I think it is heartless to assume that she was “thrown away like garbage”, many people love their pets just as if they are a person. The blanket can be seen as a shroud, often people and pets are buried with items they loved in life and for centuries, including still today, people are buried wrapped in a shroud and nothing else. When burying living beings in this manner, it may not be as lavish, but it is just as loving.
          However, if one were to believe that the fluids as you mentioned were leaking or they were concerned about decomposition, you could legitimately argue that the bag was taped for that reason, not necessarily the body. There were 3 strips of varying lengths found. The strips were more like those that would be wrapped around bags not people, in my opinion. And remember, the plastic bags were inside of a laundry bag, which adds a whole other element. It can be argued that the plastic bags leaked and therefore they had to be placed inside the laundry bag, but without forensic evidence it can just as easily be argued that the three bags were used at once to ensure that the body was sufficiently wrapped or that each bag was used in succession for some reason in three separate events.
          In my opinion, the blanket was wrapped around her first and then all the bags were probably used at once and then taped shut. Due to environmental changes the tape moved to settle near the skull and really far away from the body. The experts for the State could never definitely say it was ever attached to the skull and they admitted on the stand and in their reports that it was sitting in front and caught in the hair not attached. The only people who consistently say it was actually attached are the prosecutors and the media. I think it is a strong second that the tape was placed on the skull, but to me there is more circumstantial evidence that it was moved. In addition, with Roy Kronk saying he moved the scene around in multiple ways, you can’t be sure that he didn’t displace something whether by accident or on purpose either. But, all that being said, you do make a good point about the blanket not be enough to hold Caylee’s body for a prolonged period. We should all recall that it is very relevant to this conversation that the cadaver dogs both hit on the pool and a part of the yard near the playhouse. When the surface dirt was removed they did not hit. This could indicate, if the hit was accurate, that Caylee’s body was laying in the yard for a certain period of time. It definitely does not indicate as the media, the prosecution, and George Anthony insinuated there was some kind of grave or removing the surface dirt would not have mattered.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          As a forensic expert pointed out, the tape had been ‘on top of hair’…so was likely placed in position after death had occurred.

          That would make sense, if the skin was slipping and there was decomp fluid oozing from every orifice.

  7. Gotta share this, just noticed a strange irony, Casey Anthony’s appeal is set for arguments on January 8, 2013 and that is also the first day that Jeff Ashton will take office as State Attorney. Here’s hoping that his last day as a prosecutor mirrors his first day as a State Attorney (a big loss).

    • I saw that the unbelievably cheesy Lifetime movie where Rob Lowe plays Asston is due to air in January as well. Ugh, I cannot stand Asston.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        I heard via the grapevine that GA is a consultant for the movie! Should be totally unbiased 😉

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Why do I expect it will exactly match the ‘heinous-murder story’ and include (to discredit) all other possible scenarios, and support his claims that the child’s death occurred in mid-to-late June? Anything that HE would do, would have to confirm (in public opinion) that science experts were ‘sloppy/shoddy’ when they determined the body began to decompose in ‘early-to-mid June’

        • Ugh! It will be a load of crap. From the preview I saw, it looks like they’re putting Asston in the role as lead prosecutor. Bet Linda just loves that!

          • JA Kalskett says:

            SHEESH….they are all in a crappy situation…and are trying to stay on the gravy-train. The wheels of justice that was derailed before it left the depot [i call that irony]

          • I agree Kira, I don’t know why the media continues to make it out like Jeff Ashton was #1 when he was barely #2 at the State’s table. Well I know why he’s their media darling, but still. Linda Drane Burdick has made several mentions in what little she can talk about the case being a professional prosecutor (unlike Ashton) that no one knows more about the case than she does and Jeff Ashton doesn’t remember all the facts right, etc.. I disagree with her on that no one knows more about the case than her, I think that certainly Casey Anthony would know a lot as would Mason and Baez and certainly the jury and the judge know a good bit.
            The movie is set to premiere on Jan. 19th. The movie is based on Jeff Ashton’s book with some rewriting and working by script writers. I read in interviews that they said that they did not want to retry the case (not sure I believe them) and that they could not go outside of what is in the public record for Casey Anthony’s portrayal.
            My thoughts after watching the trailer for the first time were: My favorite part because it portrays Ashton so well was where Lowe says: “When I get done with her, she’s going to be the most hated woman in America.” I actually believe that Ashton did say this, it sounds like him. All he seemed to care about was the media and public opinion. It kinda looks like he’s standing in front of a Christmas tree when they have him say this, that’s pretty awful. Well Merry Christmas, what a way to spread love and peace Mr. Ashton! Forensics? Really must a missed that. And no none of those things, including the jury say she’s guilty. What went wrong? That’s really going to be their tagline? How about More Money Please, that’s a more accurate tagline. Lifetime is notorious for having inaccurate based-on-true-crime stories, I can name three movies off the top of my head: Blue-Eyed Butcher, Drew Peterson: Untouchable, and Murder in Greenwich. Based on a true story? The only truth about Lifetime movies are people’s names.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Because the movie says it based on a true story, it seems that they should have to also add a plausible story that reflects why this case remains a mystery…

            In a military state, the “authority” the innocent can arbitrarily be sentenced to death by propaganda…In Casey’s case, her life sentence was due to her ‘authority’ and his “deception by video”.

        • I saw a promo and the actor that plays George assumes role of victim. Who knew! LOL

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Wow, CJ…what a misconception that will cause!….I’ll look here as soon as I get back, thanks for the ‘food for thought’, LOL

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Your point about the irony, ycbw, is so right-on! Have you also noticed how often the dates have repeated themselves throughout this saga?
      IMO these days, the words of the Diary of Days seem more and more significant. (I felt they were a warning TO Casey (and anyone who may have been in Casey’s social media contacts) that there IS a person who has taken authority over everything. (who could that be but the one who knew where Caylee’s body was, and the proof of her true condition all along.
      IMO the ‘heinous murderer story’ is FULL of IT…LOL… irony, that is.

  8. Drew Hensley says:

    I think my post got buried, reposting: Do you think Casey could be charged with a fed offense against Caylee and then get retried? Do we have lawyers here? Harry, you a lawyer? Also, do the feds have a statute of limitations that would apply here. There is none for murder, but what about for a lesser charge? It has been more than three years now, so seems to me a statute of limitations might apply. Also it would be obvious they are bringing the charge just re-prosecute for murder. Couldn’t Cheney take it all the way to the supreme court?

    • I’m not a lawyer I don’t know what you would call me, a concerned citizen, an amateur legal expert, but I do not believe that there is a federal offense that Casey Anthony could be legitimately charged with. After seeing your question reposted I did a little research and found this:
      Judge Eaton, a fantasticly underrated judge, answered this question in a WESH article series, here are the questions and his answers:
      Q: Is there any way Casey can now be charged for hiding the death of a child along with improper disposal of a body of a child?… — Tina, Illinois
      A: No. The double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution bars any further prosecution for any charge that could have arisen out of the charges in the indictment.
      Q: Many people are prosecuted both by the federal government and the state for the same crime…Is it possible for this to happen to Casey Anthony? — Robbie
      A: Very unlikely. Most federal crimes involve some federal interest such as interstate commerce or incidents occurring on federal land. Bank robberies and some drug crimes can be prosecuted in state and federal courts because the charges are brought by two separate sovereigns…The federal interest in bank robberies is the fact that the banks are regulated by the federal government. The federal interest in drug cases is…interstate commerce.
      What I find funny is as you read through all of the totally-not-based-in-reality petitions to charge Casey Anthony federally some actually, I think, accidentally recognize this as not a murder, one even says: “Casey Anthony violated her daughter’s basic civil right(s) to emergency services and life saving techniques.” So that means it was an accident. Even so, duty to rescue is more of a civil law than a criminal law, it is rarely punishable by prison time. By the way, many point to a civil rights violation, but you cannot violate someone’s civil rights unless working on behalf of the government, according to Atty. Anne Bremner who answered this question for a news agency (you may have seen her recently on Dr. Phil representing Rebecca Zahau’s family in the Shacknai case). This is all just the ramblings of the people who bought what the media was selling and who choose to ignore the rights of the citizens of the United States.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Thank you very much for taking the time to post this info,youcouldbewrong,that’s very helpful. Now the Amazoners are still on this time clock claim; they say GA did clock in, but I suspect they are refering to a work schedule, and just don’t know it. I’m being blasted over there – if I have not been deleted already this morning.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          I hate when that happens, Drew, don’t take it personally! LOL When Jynnxter got “kicked of the island” at Justice Quest, I cried…then I found this site. So, sometime you gotta “throw the pieces on the floor…LOL” We appreciate you…

          • If they delete you Drew it is because they are intolerant of others’ opinions. There should be no reason to delete someone who disagrees as long as it is in a clean and respectful manner. All that matters is the truth and they don’t seem to understand how you get to that (hint: it involves an open discussion without any biases). They’ve proven with the way they talk that all they care about is hating.

          • Ick, Justice Quest….a bunch of Casey-hating, Asston-loving harpies who blindly follow Nancy Grace.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            Thanks for the supportive words, guys. No I don’t take them seriously. They tell me idk the facts, but then it comes out that they have never read the Weitz and Danzinger depositions. I show them documents and they call them forgeries. They are actually denying that Casey tested out negative for sociopathy and psychosis.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            LOL Jynnxter and JA K…they’re…simply put: 1intheSame…

        • They don’t believe that she tested out of all mental illnesses on the DSM-IV because they are too brainwashed by the media saying it over and over and over and Jeff Ashton joining in in his interviews. They can’t think for themselves. They can’t do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Most of them don’t even realize it. They can’t separate the way the media uses it as a smear tactic and what the terms actually mean in real life. Most of them can’t even separate the fictional story the media wrote about this case with the actual real story happening away from the cameras. The facts are her psychological testing showed she had some type of traumatic event or events occur to her and she was subconsciously defensive about it (meaning she attempted to compartmentalize it to deal with the pain). It also implicated possible PTSD and in addition, according to Weitz, an expert in trauma, possible sexual abuse or abuse of some kind. The interviews showed her high level of denial and suppression. Even though Danziger would not completely commit to what the tests showed (most likely because he gets most of his work from the government) he had the same results. In addition, she was tested by other psychologists that weren’t deposed and according to both Danziger and Weitz they said the same things (both Danziger and Weitz mentioned in their depositions that other doctors questioned her and did different tests, such as the Rorschach test.) Both psychologists, three if you add in the one that went on Dr. Drew, Dr. Harry Krop, all said publicly that she did not match anything whatsoever to do with the profile of someone who would have murdered their child in cold blood. Certainly, we can probably assume since both Danziger and Weitz said they consulted with the other psychologists, they believed the same conclusion. How many psychologists were there? If we take the fact that she was evaluated 3 times for competency by 3 different psychologists, that is already 9 psychologists, not to mention Krop and the others mentioned in the depositions, such as Dr. Day. (Weitz and Danziger count as part of the group who did competency evaluations, but they were tapped to do a more thorough evaluation later.) You can get more than 10 psychologists all saying she had a sound mind, with a majority (competency evaluations did not warrant their opinion on her ability to commit the crime) saying that she would have not committed that crime unless something unimaginably awful occurred and she had a mental break. My observation is because 10+ psychologists all agreeing, some ordered by the court, is so powerful that they must ignore its existence in order to keep their false conclusions about the case.

  9. Drew Hensley says:

    Oh wow gonna get hammered over on Amazon; look what I wrote –

    Susan I think your theory is far fetched. Your case lacks motive, forensics, and logic. She tested neg for sociopathy and psychosis, didn’t even come close. Her motive could not be to live a better life. Look how she wound up. On the other hand if GA was pouncing on her and her granddaughter, then you have a logical motive. He GA didn’t want her corpse examined for fear that would turn up evidence of what he was doing, and Casey had to be discredited bc predictably she would squeal which she did; she rolled over on him. Don’t forget Sue; “Oh I miss my granddaughter, the sweet smell of her sweat!” Eyes roll up erotically. And don’t forget how he liked to sit betwen Casey’s legs when she was having a baby. And don’t forget how he threw dear old dad through a glass wall. And don’t forget how Casey’s friends said there was definitely something strange between her and GA; they just couldn’t put a finger on it. And don’t forget Casey shows signs of sexual abuse. And don’t forget that someone who routinely fed Caylee breakfast (we know who that was) liked to focus the camera on her legs and stick it up between them so hard he knocked her over.


  10. Wow, you are going to get hammered Drew, but don’t worry. They will only fight you on your points because they lack the knowledge of both legal and psychological subjects as well as a lot of the case itself. They choose to live in a fantasy world. They believe the Nancy Graces and the Vinnie Politans and their twisting and spinning of the case for ratings. They choose to ignore the fact that news agencies are for-profit corporations and that money is more important than facts. They choose to ignore that “journalists” couldn’t give a crap less about the truth or American rights as long as they are shoving wads of cash in their wallets (for example, Nancy Grace makes more than a million dollars a year, to what? To get on TV and convict people for entertainment barring all truth, legal rights, etc., sad but true). They also choose to ignore the fact that prosecutors are not some kind of angelic beings (has anyone else seen the Photoshopped pictures of Jeff Ashton? Wow.) that are harbingers of truth, they are in fact just doing their job which is to convict anyone sitting in the defendant’s chair, period. They choose to ignore that police can get it wrong. Basically they choose to ignore the signs that are clearly present in this case that there were very many things wrong in that house. It just makes me flat-out angry when the media twists the words sociopath and psychopath to fit their branding. It is cruel and socially irresponsible. These are serious, real illnesses, they are not words to be thrown about like candy to smear someone. And not just that they do it to make money. It is beyond outrageous. It is one of their lowest points.

    • Are there Photoshopped pictures out there of Asston as an angel? Ewww. Let me guess, they also have pictures of Jose as the Devil.

      • Actually, I haven’t seen Jose Baez as the devil, don’t give them any ideas. I’ve seen Baez as the Cheshire Cat selling snake oil or some kind of elixir to the jury. Yes, there are pictures of Ashton, Frank George, and Linda Drane Burdick with halos and there are pictures of Ashton as an angel holding Caylee, with the title Caylee’s Angels. It’s crazy out there! The pictures show up mostly on Facebook, but I’ve seen them on blogs too. Here is one photo:
        Not this one in particular, but you not what is really sick? A lot of the Photoshopped pictures are taken from a picture of Casey and Caylee in order to make Caylee look happy with Jeff Ashton as her angel, or make her look happy as to what is going on, or whatever. These people don’t recognize the relationship that Casey and Caylee Anthony obviously had, no one could testify differently, but they are going to take the pictures that show this relationship and change them! Wow. The saddest part is that means they’ve seen them and still don’t care. It’s the same as when I discovered that most of the time the media would cut the home movies down to exclude Casey Anthony (they couldn’t with the one admitted in court) or not show pictures with the two of them on purpose. For example, ABC showed the video where Caylee is swimming in the pool with Cindy, they showed more than what the other media stations were showing. Guess what part they cut out? The part where it is pointed out in the video Casey Anthony was taping, Cindy tells Caylee to “say hi to mommy”. They try so hard to make it seem like she was never there, but the fact is she was videotaping most of those videos if she wasn’t in them and she was taking most of the pictures if she wasn’t in them. It is blatantly obvious what the media was doing and still is, come on!

        • That picture (and the ones you describe of Caylee with Ashton) are highly disturbing. The people who Photoshop them need to get lives.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          “Actually, I haven’t seen Jose Baez as the devil, don’t give them any ideas.” I have – it was done on FB long ago.

          • Oh good, now I don’t feel guilty for giving them ideas :). But it still sucks that they’re demonizing Jose, who is a good and honorable lawyer.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Baez will probably suffer the same fate as others who’ve helped Casey…by someone who assumed great authority over this whole ‘story’

            IMO…this case will probably haunt his career but he will suffer less b/c once he believed Casey’s perception of the EVENTS (beginning with Friday the 13th) [and according to the Diary of Days] Beaz began to promote the H-MStory by supplying multiple “reasonably-believable” false scenarios, too!…but someone had to play the D’evil’s advocate.

            Look closer at the second weekend in June [Casey’s, Caylee’s and George’s “worst of worst days”] and the 3 calendar events of that “early-to-mid June weekend”…during which their baby died. Do you notice how ‘everything everyone believed’ has been for the sake of the H-MStory? and NOT his granddaughter! HE NEEDS everyone to believe ‘SHE was not in that trunk’…his own Freudian slip!

            IMO that’s why I’d bet, ‘there are pics of her in the trunk’ (to protect himself and his involvement in the HMS) while he began to blackmail money from everyone he could find that would be able to tell LE about those 3 days in June, including Casey, Lee and Cindy….he said “to control his wife” [but IMO it was ALL to “control HIS LIFE”]
            So, from my perspective, it is likely Caylee was photoed, taped and then wrapped in plastic (still in the trunk) to protect himself, in the event the ‘H-M Story didn’t ‘sail’

    • Drew Hensley says:

      It is realy sad how they can just believe anything they want. As I said, they demand to see docs but when I show them the docs they say “you ppl have so many fake documents.”

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Yeah, the people who believe the H-M-Story always want others to do the legwork for them, hoping YOU have the missing pieces to their “picture of murder” that they can’t complete with the pieces that have been provided…and you all know I believe….that’s b/c there was never a murder; just a tragic accident that would have never been explained as accidental, HAD ANYONE reported her death (and already decomposing body) before it disappeared on Flag Day, that NO ONE intended to happen.

      • Like I said above, they think anything that disagrees with them (even real court documents, discovery, actual expert opinions, etc.) is fake because they don’t want the truth. They enjoy the rush of hating too much to care what really happened to Caylee or the rest of the family. They masquerade as warriors, but if they really were Caylee’s Warriors or Angels, or whatever they are calling themselves today, they would want the truth because the truth is justice, not some made up fake reality on Nancy Grace or the bogus bugged out 84 times. Reality is justice is for both sides, the victim and the defendant and justice is the unbiased truth not a version of the truth. Finding Casey Anthony not guilty was the right justice, the injustice comes from the fact that the police will never look at the case again. They never do no matter if it is an acquittal, a conviction, an exoneration, or even unsolved. If they pick someone as the guilty party no matter if they were proven wrong or they don’t have evidence they stick with it to the bitter end. It is very rare that they ever redo a case. The police 99% of the time don’t admit mistakes they’ve made. This undercurrent in our justice system causes a lot of pain for a lot of people, that is true injustice.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          youcouldbewrong, You are really rollin’, now… the injustice comes from the fact that the police will never look at the case again.

          That’s what George is counting on…and the child’s death certificate will eventually validate that Caylee’s death WAS an accident that had to look like a heinous murder, to be believed she died as the result of an accident…it just wasn’t a drowning

  11. JA Kalskett says:

    Does anyone have link to that pic of Casey that looks like she is squatting-down in a parking lot? How would someone find out the date of that pic? Her hair was about the right length, if I recall… Wouldn’t it be ‘ironic’ if the Pontiac, (leaving the parking lot) was also captured in it?

    • Are you talking about this picture:
      There is no Pontiac in this picture, but who would pee next to their own car? I wouldn’t.
      The crazy thing about these “party pictures” for the “31 days of partying” was that like Casey Anthony even said in I believe her meetings with Dr. Weitz, you can tell their from different time periods because of her varying lengths of hair. And people think they’re smarter than her? They can’t even understand that. This fact struck me right away when I saw them on TV. How dumb do you have to be to think she could change her hair a bazillion different ways in a matter of a month? This set of photos specifically came from her 21st birthday and were taken way out of context. Out of the 100 pictures they showed on TV and all over the Internet only like 2% of them were actually taken during the 31 days.
      Another great example is the one where Casey Anthony is wearing an American Flag (I always found that ironic.) it is obviously without even being told a costume party for most likely Halloween. The fact that it wasn’t in the 31 day time period is further backed up by police interviews with friends. This means October, the 31 days had nothing to do with the month of October. This fact is one of the most obvious: The “31 days of partying” was created as a tagline gimmick to drive ratings and antipathy. It isn’t reality, just a disgusting, lying marketing campaign.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        well, youcouldbewrong, that thought WAS too good to be true, but it would have been ironic if Casey had stepped away from her car (as in this pic) and Geo was able to take the car before she returned.
        *Tony’s apartment was locked before the ‘friends and roomies’ went to Fusion, and the Cays waited until after midnight for Geo; she may have had to step behind a bush, causing “her whole world” including her daughter “were out of her sight.”

        *she mentioned in the jail letters that she didn’t believe the nanny was responsible for Caylee’s disappearance… THAT was for Ceceila’s benefit. Maybe Casey was beginning to understand Geo was blackmailing others to keep the ‘snowball’ under control.

      • The “31 days of partying” narrative drives me CRAZY! If I’m not mistaken, only the Fusion pictures fall in between the 31-day time frame; the rest were from months or years before. And Casey was at the club because she was helping Tony.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          Yeah and Jose did not do a good job of defending Casey on this point when he was promoting his book. He conceded the point, and just said this was how she dealt with stress.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Just my POV, but maybe Casey didn’t have the car when G and C took Caylee on their vacation May 29 thru June 9 (and I’m not sure they had permission to take Caylee, either, that week) During the weeks after the Father’s Day video, she believed Geo had taken Caylee to see his folks, so he may have played snippits of Caylee’s voice recordings to control Casey.

            Except his time she had the car, her phone, her freedom and a pretty good support-group of friends….no wonder she looked-like she “felt she was ‘on vacation’ at night, she has a vested interest in the success of the Fusion lounge and her soon-to-be…”Bella Vita”

          • You’re absolutely right Kira, it has always driven me crazy too. And you are correct when you say that the only party pictures shown that are truly within that month are the Fusian pictures, or hot body contest photos. It’s just a false smoke screen for the media to get you emotionally charged. Drew you’re right, I don’t believe it was pushed hard enough that this was a lie created by the media and that the truth was like Kira said she was helping someone else out. The media and the prosecution can’t expose that point though. It might make her look like she is a caring person not a sociopath who lacks any feelings. But how can Jose Baez really criticize the media if he is talking to the media? It’s a vicious circle to struggle with. They aren’t usually receptive to criticize, look at what they did when he called them out in his book. They said he was a sore winner! Look at what happened when Cheney Mason called them out in the post-trial conference. They tried to make him look like he was adding salt to the wound, that he was a hypocrite, he was inappropriate, and all sorts of other things. They even tried to make it look like him flipping someone off was him flipping them off, he wasn’t. Though I wish he was, they deserve it. (I believe he said he was flipping off a blogger/reporter who had been saying inappropriate things and hounding Dorothy Clay Sims and other women on the team throughout the trial.) I personally respect Mr. Mason highly for his no-nonsense approach to the media. The truth is the truth, if they can dish it they should be able to take it. However, I don’t blame Baez for not pushing this and just choosing his battles, in addition, he is her lawyer, it’s just so sad that she didn’t have any real friends or family to stand up for her. I wish someone would have driven it home though, it puts a huge dent in the media and prosecution’s case.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Thanks youcouldbewrong, that pic was not as it had been presented; surprise, surprise!

        I remember what I thought as the result of seeing the cropped one with a sub-title… It’s lucky for me, you knew where to find the best one.

        *At every turn, deception led the ‘murder story’, forcing Casey’s ‘image’ straight into the dumpster. A murder story took the focus off Caylee and directly placed the world’s focus on the H-M Story. Just by the way this one pic had been cropped and presented, irony again, Casey’s ‘whole life’ has been also.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          …cropping out June 14th, the Father’s Day video changed the course of Caylee’s story and it is the H-MS that has taken the world on a 4 year cruise.

  12. George was a cop so he would know how to frame someone. Cops do it all the time. Cops are worse than the people they arrest. And, there is also a code of silence among cops. Cops take care of their own and cover up for each other.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Well, Jon, how else could cops maintain their ‘authority’? I was arrested once in my life…after being attacked; go figure….but at the arraignment, they wanted me to believe my arrest was for my protection, while they didn’t arrest the indigent attacker. I still haven’t reconciled my feelings, as it felt like I was also the victim of the system, b/c I could better ‘afford’ the legal fees.

      • I’m sorry that that happened to you JA. You’re right, whenever someone is accused of something they didn’t do they become a victim themselves. I don’t understand why people are not concerned with wrongful arrests and/or convictions. They create more victims, waste money, and leave the real perpetrators on the street.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Not soliciting sympathy…just noting first hand experiences give me a different perspective of things and quest to scrutinize facts to see more than one perception…especially when it ‘appears’ that there is only ONE.

          • Sympathy should never have to be solicited, it should be automatically given. We should be faster to love than to hate. I find it one of the worst things in the world to never give a person a chance to tell their side of the story. To just censor them and barrage them with this bully mentality. To not give someone their Constitutional rights should outrage anyone who believes in America. To not even given someone a chance, a benefit of the doubt, is wrong, but to do it for money… To try to advocate to put any person on death row for money is unimaginably unethical and immoral. And to be those people who support it because you can’t think for yourselves, you can’t bring yourselves to believe in the Constitution, you can’t allow yourself to hear a person’s defense is even worse. Because at least when you do it for money you consciously make the decision to pick a side for a reason. When you are a sheep you have no reason at all not to use your brain. It’s wrong to live in a box, it’s wrong to be narrow minded, it’s wrong to condemn someone to death or to prison for any length of time with absolutely no believable evidence that they committed any crime. There is no gray area, it is wrong, period, to put someone in prison or to death for the reasons they wanted to in this case.

  13. JA Kalskett says:

    I agree, and that is why my persuit is to understand how Casey thought her daughter was fine and with G and C…at the same time they say Caylee was with Casey…but in reality Caylee was dead and already decomposing. The mysterious event is the one that continues to evade. IMO Flag Day…when her death ‘event’ didn’t have to ‘fit’ into any time frame, but couldn’t have been after Father’s Day.

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