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EXCLUSIVE: Jose Baez interview with WTSP, October 27th

In an exclusive interview with WTSP TV (Tampa) yesterday, Jose Baez gave his opinion on the release of the Casey Anthony trial jurors names, and his respective thoughts on the evident stupidity still out there.

Here’s the video:

JB jurors should be left alone


  1. Baez is right. Leave them alone. Nobody know what they went through and why they came to the conclusion they did. Just because you want to know something doesn’t give you the right to harass them. If they want to speak they will speak. If they don’t respect their right to their privacy. It’s ridiculous.

    • I agree. Leave them alone, get a life and leave Casey alone Too. Go knock on George Anthony’s door and harass his lyin’ ass!!!

  2. Beyond ridiculous! I think what the media has done is criminal. They’ve endangered lives.

    I like how he calls their work “skits”. Like they are funny. It helps alleviate some of the anger at the corruption and greed.

    He’s so right, too. Anyone who watches the trial closely completely understands why the jurors acted accordingly. They did a good job. A great job, actually.

  3. Baez has a big heart that shines through, unlike those sewer rat journalists who’s only intent is to keep their cash cow milked! As he clearly states here, the jurors approached the case without the bias media spin and came to the right decision, unanimously. As he also states, “let it go already”.

  4. Jose is right ~ ” Let it go already”! The people that harass these jurors should be ashamed of themselves. I truly don’t think I would ever want to be seated as a juror ~ ever! IF anything happens to any of these jurors, (God forbid) NG, JVM & VP will ALL have blood on their hands!

    I say ~ job well done to the jurors!

  5. Hey folks: I am 100% agree with Jose Baez . He is a “Lawyer from God” . By the way, I just found this article at Orlando Sentential website. Its looks like G&C endless greed and need of public attention will hunt themselves, eventually:

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