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Jose Baez – Fox News Latino + AP interview

Here are a few interviews & reports from last week… one featuring Jose Baez on Fox News Latino, an Associated Press interview snippet plus a Fox Report on GA and the ever-present incest & abuse allegations.

Jose is also re-scheduled to appear on “Hannity” (Fox) sometime this week. The MSNBC documentary is still proving elusive but will be uploaded shortly.


Jose Baez on Fox News Latino:

Fox News Latino

Jose Baez – Associated Press video:

AP news

Fox News report – George Anthony incest & abuse allegations:

fox news 7-23


    • Awesome video!
      I just added my comments.
      Thanks for the link.

    • I don’t think Cheney Mason can write a book as he is still Casey’s Lawyer. Jose had to stop representing Casey and have her sign over her rights for him to write the book. I don’t think Mason could tell us that jose hasn’t already told us.

  1. Sj let me/us know if your review gets posted on Amazon. I shop there once a week sometimes and will bring it to their attention that I have heard the five star reviews are not being posted. Maybe they will care…

    Did you notice it said that it can take up 48 hours to post a review? When I posted mine, it took a few hours not 48 for it to actually to post. (I had overlooked that part.) Maybe, your review is stuck in Amazon moderation?

  2. Great video, thanks for the link! Of course I cried watching it. Just like I do every time I watch SJ’s Casey video.

  3. Thank you for the clips, SJ!

    I can’t believe that the judge filed a bar complaint against Jose. Where are the bar complaints against Ashton’s ridiculously unprofessional behavior? A guy who flips Ashton the bird gets six days in jail yet Ashton can laugh and make faces during the whole trial. Unbelievable.

  4. Marilyn C. says:

    Thank You SJ for the video of one of my favorite SHINING STARS! People are still trying to knock Jose down,but he is beaming with stardom in my eyes!! I will forever be grateful to him for BELIEVING in Casey!Since his book has come out I have had alot more people ASK me questions & are NOW interested.Some are the same ones who told me I was CRAZY for 3 YEARS!!! Thats OK…I just tell them they are just slow learners & am happy to loan them one of my copies of the book & of course direct them to RIGHT HERE!!! Thanks for the great job here,so we CAN spread THE WORD!!!

  5. Thank you for posting these videos SJ! I have to admitt I got a chuckle out of Jose’s response “What evidence a sticker?” -Jose Baez – Associated Press video.

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