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Jose Baez – “Geraldo at Large” interview, 7-15

Here’s Jose’s interview on “Geraldo at Large” this past weekend – also featuring Dr Werner Spitz and his comments on Caylee’s initial botched autopsy.

Jose Geraldo Spitz 7-15-2012

The MSNBC Documentary (from Sunday) is currently proving as elusive as a George Anthony payslip, but it will be uploaded real soon. The Elves are working on it…



  1. “As elusive as a George Anthony payslip”…..LOL!!!!!

    • Hi Kira! Very rare indeed… so if anyone knows where I can find one – the MSNBC documentary that is, not GA’s payslip, lol – just send me the link and we’ll get it uploaded :mrgreen:

      • SJ,

        I cannot believe this video is not online yet! I thought websurf grabbed it but it was another promo.

        Still looking:(

  2. Can anyone explain what they mean when they say the body had been moved based on the findings in the skull? Do they mean that the skull was sitting in a spot for weeks and then moved? Or a quick move? Can they determine how long Caylee had been in one spot before she was moved.

    It seems Spitz blamed the meter reader but in the book Jose inferred more?

    I understand that the body being moved means someone else was involved but i don’t understand what motive the person would have for moving the body all over that area aside from Kronk, who thought he would receive a reward.

    • Hi Sonja.
      Following Werner Spitz’ 2nd autopsy on Caylee’s skull (on Christmas Eve with Jose in attendance), he discovered there was decomp residue on the top letf-hand side of the skull – meaning Caylee had been laying on her left side. The initial staged crime scene pictures showed the skull was found upright.

      Based on all of that, the deduction was that Caylee’s body decomposed in a different position to that in which is was found. This of course directly relates to the shenanigans of Roy Kronk (“the Body Snatcher”) who moved Caylee’s remains at least twice prior to finally deciding to “win the lottery” and magically discover her again in December 11th 2008.

      For further specifics, check out Chapter 17 of Jose’s book.

      • I did read it:)) Jose actually does a good job of letting us infer that (Kronk). I did think Kronk bungled all that with his stupid meter reader stick. But I also thought, maybe Baez was implicating George too so I wondered why would George move Caylee’s remains around.

        TOO MUCH GA on my mind lately. UGH:/


        • Sonja,

          George would move the remains around because he needed the body to decompose so it wouldn’t show sexual abuse. Roy Kronk found the body in August, and it probably wasn’t decomposed enough so the body was moved.

          I don’t think anyone sent Kronk to find the body in August, that he just happened to find it…and then the body was moved around.


          • Thanks Lily! I too wonder if George moved the remains around in addition to Kronk. Then again I become confused because I think Cindy sent someone to look in the spot the remains were found – but at that time they turned up nothing ( if I’m correct). So if that’s true that means they knew where she was but she had been moved by Kronk? Or George. Or both. I always wonder about the “dim” meter reader and his involvement in all this.

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