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Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Part 3/3), 7-6

Here’s Part 3/3 of Jose Baez’ interview from “On The Record“ w/Greta Van Susteren.

Jose Greta OTR Final Part 3

Click here to watch Jose Baez’ CBS “Crimesider” interview, 7-6


  1. I am glad that Ms van Susteren found Jose Baez’s book fascinating, kudos to him for writing his thoughts:)

  2. Yeah but the press has jumped all over his remark that he has no evidence of molestation. I cringed when he said this. He called it subjective evidence – which will be read “no evidence.”

    • Anthony says:

      The thing about molestation is that it usually occurs in private and therefore is hard to prove…. I wish Casey could have gotten the proper OBGYN/pediatric care as a child/teenager so that it could have been documented 🙁

      • Anthony says:

        documented with physical evidence…. i mean… it’s hard to prove without physical evidence and with the families desire to sweep it under the rug 🙁

  3. All along i have found this case interesting and followed it from all the way over here in Australia. Myself being a victim at the hands of my own father felt a chill down my spine whenever i saw George Anthony.
    I dont know how haters of Casey can call her behaviour odd , when they look at her parents , she has clearly learnt everything from them.
    I don’t know if i can get to it just being an accident or not , but i certainly never believed that she murdered Caylee.
    Jose’s book has just solitified for me alot of what i already thought , i think he did a great job of defending her when all the odds were stacked against her.
    Funnily enough i was in Orlando when she was released from Jail , i was due to visit my best friend there and it fell on the day after i arrived. I could not believe how much hate there was , and judging.
    What if her story was true , i dont think the media ever wanted to believe it , so nobody else did.
    I hope that she can move on and live a normal life i really do , Nobody really knows you in Australia Casey so your always welcome here.

    • The media tried Casey in the court of public opinion and the knuckle-dragging masses (love that phrase, SJ!) just ran with it. It’s amazing how the haters are bashing Jose’s book without having even read it – they just can’t admit that MAYBE, just MAYBE, they’ve been wrong all along. They take Jeff Asston’s preposterous murder one theory as gospel, and they’ll never accept that Casey did not kill Caylee. They’re all stupid, narrow-minded individuals for sure.

  4. Marilyn C. says:

    Mr Baez is suppose to be on Piers Morgan on CNN Monday night.I never know where to post things like this!! I was flipping channels & happen to catch it!! Cheney was just on his show not too long ago,he was pretty kind to him,plus talked to Casey.Maybe he will be nice to Jose.

  5. Ih this interview, it irks me that Greta keeps bringing up the “partying” and as she is talking about that, they flash the photos of Casey partying. However, the only one of those photos that was taken after Caylee’s death is the one in the blue dress…ONE time!! I had someone the other day say to me…but she partied for 31 days. This is just not TRUE! She went to the nightclub to help out her boyfriend and HE asked her to get up and do the hot body contest…from the sound of it, they kind of had to beg her to do that. All the other photos they are flashing are old photos of times she went out with friends during Caylee’s life. A mom is still allowed to go out everynow and then…especially a young mom. Caylee was safe with her Grandma during those times. All of her friends testified that Casey was NOT a huge partier, and said she was the “mom” of the group…always looking out for others.

    I am just so sick of the media twisting things. And Jose is right…if we continue to make the justice system “entertainment” this kind of thing will keep happening. Who knows…maybe one of the “haters” will end up in the same position…and then they can sit there and have the media take one little thing about their lives and blow it all out of proportion…maybe they can have Nancy Grace spread out and out lies about them while the sheeple just sit back and take it all in and believe every little thing she says.

    My God people…wake up. If this can happen to Casey, it can happen to anyone. Even YOU, hater!! (Ha…I know the haters can’t post here, but I’m sure they come and read…and get all pissed off and blow a gasket! Haha…I’m having a good time imagining the steam coming out of their ears. Watch it’ll give yourself a heart attack.)

    • I agree Jill, it was disgusting of Greta to continue perpetrating the “31 days of partying” myth. The media should be ashamed.

    • Jill,

      This is the first time I have seen this Greta person and she just doesn’t seem happy at all. I agree with you that if this can happen to Casey, it can happen to anyone. Like Jose said in his book, “injustice to one person is injustice to everyone” or something along those lines, and I think he was quoting MLK…

      I don’t think these people will ever change. Let’s say for argument’s sake that George Anthony had an epiphany one day and decided to tell the truth about the molest and what happened that day. I bet all these people would say he was brainwashed, paid to say it, or threatened. It doesn’t matter what the trust is to them, it matters to them that they STAY being right.

      Have a good day 🙂

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