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Jose Baez – on Hannity – 7/24

Even though this Hannity segment only makes very fleeting reference to Jose’s book, I thought I’d include it anyway even though it’s not Casey specific… plus as a lot of people emailed me saying they’d missed it.

It mainly covers the forthcoming trial & relative legalities surrounding the very tragic events in Colorado last week — featuring Jose Baez, Hannity, some bald guy and Jenny McCarthy. Enjoy!


Hannity – Part 1/2:

JB - Hannity 1

Hannity – Part 2/2:

JB - Hannity 2


  1. Jose is doing a book signing in Coral Gables, Florida at Books and Books 8pm monday 7/30.

  2. I think it’s awesome he got exposure as a commentator on what’s going to be a huge case in this country. I think that guy seemed as if he were acting, since we are on the topic. The media said he wasn’t on meds at that proceeding.

    GO Jose!

  3. Marilyn C. says:

    SJ….all thru this Casey Saga….I have had so many names for Pam Bondi…..Jenny McCarthy was NEVER one of them!!! As usual YOU are too KIND!!!!

  4. I’m glad to see they’re respecting Jose’s point of view. They’re finally coming around.

    • Hi Suzy,
      Yes, it’s great to see many more people coming around, waking up, and seeing that this never was a “cut & dried” case. Always good to see new posts from new people here too, where this site has helped them see past the BS and finally see the light. With the Haters though, it’s gotta be very difficult for them. It’s like suddenly changing the football team you’ve always supported. For a lot of people it just ain’t gonna happen, come what may. “You can’t fix stupid” as they say.
      Thanks for posting!

      • Marilyn C. says:

        I think its GREAT to see alot of new people coming here!!! Yipppeee!! More people seeing the light! All they have to do is read,research,keep an open mind & hopefully all of us can make new people welcome,I’ll be on my best behavior(unless I have to take up for you SJ) so everyone will want to come & have a nice chat!!

        • Anytime SJ! One thing for sure is once you do have an open mind and realize that there’s always another side to the story (finally coming around) you’ll also have to deal or put up with the haters who continue to believe what the media says (this includes friends and family). In my experience I get b/s for believing Casey is innocent.

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