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Jose Baez highlights The Laughing Guy’s lies & BS on Geraldo (11/20)

Here’s Geraldo’s interview from last night – with Jose Baez highlighting further lies & BS from The Laughing Guy’s recent fiction book.

Geraldo Jose Baez 11-21


  1. Thank You SJ for posting this so everyone could see what I did. Sometimes I get so upset with certain people, that I get flustered when I try to post after seeing things like this!! Only time will tell that A LOT of people are going to be eating alot of crow!! ASSton has called Mr Baez a lot of names & accused him of so much….but just look how the GENTLEMAN stands out & way ABOVE. I am so proud of him, Casey & their whole team for how they have acted since the verdict!

    • Marilyn C, I love how passionate you are about this!! I love everything you write and usually read it more than once!! I sure hope you’re right about everybody eventually eating crow. From a lot of stuff I’ve read, everyone says they won’t ever believe what Casey or Jose ever says in any book or interview. If they eventually do an interview or a book would it change anyone’s mind? Makes me sad to think about the truth coming out and nobody believing it.

      • Thank You Karen…I have believed in Casey from Day 1, because I could see from the media that some things they were saying just didn’t make sense to me.So I followed closely & did not get brainwashed.People seeing the truth & eating crow is NOT going to be from a book or interview from Casey & her team….its going to be legal things coming out that they can NOT ignore! I hate that ASSton released private & sealed information by being spiteful….but all he did was once AGAIN validate Casey saying she was molested by George.The TV talking heads kept saying she made this molesting up at the last for a defense…I always wondered WHY they thought the FBI did a PATERNITY TEST back in 2008 on George & Lee when this all happened!? I know in my heart that its just a matter of time PLENTY will come out to FREE Casey’s heart & soul.

  2. I am so proud of Casey for not accepting a plea. She knew she was innocent and she was going to back down. I am proud of Baez too for not sinking to Ashton’s level. I hope Casey sues him. Ashton has clearly broken the law in revealing privileged information for the courts and attorneys only..

  3. Hey Guys and Gals sorry I have been distant but I had to take a breather from all this stuff.. But I am back giving my oppion once again… I am absolutely sick to my stomach to what Ashton said in the book. Jeff can talk all he wants but know one thing, Jose isn’t going to write a book that will say anything bad about Ashton. Jose isnt that type of guy nor a lawer. Yes, George was investigated by not only the cops but the FBI as well. Casey did the right thing by not taking a Plea deal. When you know you are innocent of these charges, you do not take a plea deal. A plea deal is an ammision of Guilt. Casey isn’t that type that would do that. She isn’t stupid. Yes she did some no no in the case but I am looking into coersion by Cindy and George. She wittnessed it but was told not to tell a soul. Go on with life like nothing ever happend situation. Its sick that these idiots are making money off a little baby girl who meant the world to Casey. Caylee we all love you and we know your mother loved you too.

    • @Brandy:

      I’m not so sure if George was investigated by LE and the FBI. I’ve followed this case from day one and I don’t recall reading anywhere that he was. Even Mr. Jeff ASShton stated just last week, that “NO, that’s absolutely false, George Anthony was never investigated”. IMO, he should be, if he wasn’t!

      • Mimi, I think Brandy is getting her information about George being investigated from an interview Jose did on Geraldo where he said he absolutely was investigated.

        • Karen ~ thank you very much. I guess my point being ~ WHAT did they investigate in reference to George? Cell phones, computer searches, any former employers, etc.? I just want to be able to see for myself, exactly what ‘type’ of investigation and how thorough it was. Has anyone ever released George’s work records from Ohio, when he was a sheriff’s deputy? Does anyone know the true reason he left that job?

          My gut feeling is that there’s MUCH more where George is concerned. George went from being the Barney Pfife (without a bullet) to John Gotti, mob boss, during the trial. This guy truly gives me the heebie jeebies ~ !

          • Agree MiMi…he gives me the creeps…I think he is disgusting and knows WAY more than “innocent lil ‘ol Georgie” is letting on. His interviews just make me want to hurl! He tries to come across as this concerned parent who always TRIED to do the right thing…he just, you know, didn’t want to “rock the boat.” Didn’t want to upset anyone. Ugh. What a creep. You KNOW that’s not how he truly is…you can see it. He is deceitful and all show. He wants to look good on the outside so that no one will look on the inside. His inside is dark! I am reading Keith Ablow’s book “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony” and though I don’t agree with all of it…mainly his theory of HOW Caylee died (though he presents 5 different theories, he believes that Casey did in fact use chloroform or another drug to make Caylee sleep and then duct taped her mouth…but not because she wanted to be free and party, but because she didn’t want Caylee to live the life she had lived.) the book does a great job of looking at what was truly going on inside that home…how Casey has no identity of her own…was never allowed to be her own person and was truly dead psychologically by the time all this happened. To George and Cindy, Casey wasn’t even a real human being…just someone they could manipulate and use to make themselves feel better. They did not care for her…pointed out so elegantly when they go to pick up the car and spend the better part of an hour negotiating the price. Not one of them at that point called Casey to find out if she was ok…Neither of them got mad at the tow yard and yelled…”Why didn’t you let us know our daughter’s car was here for 2 weeks…something could of happened to her, or our granddaughter…we are worried sick.” Nope it was ALL about money. I suggest you read the book. You don’t have to agree with everything, but I think he shines a bright light and exposes G and C for who they really are…and it explains why Casey was the way she is…why she created a fantasy world for herself. I pray for Casey…I pray she can find people who truly love her and let her know she is a worthwhile human being…and I pray she can find true love and happiness. She has a long road ahead. Bless her!

  4. Jill, thank you so very much for giving me the ‘heads up’ about Dr. Ablow’s book. It sound like a great read and I am going to order it tomorrow. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. I totally agree with you on your comments about lil Ol’ Georgie! The more I think about why and how we can see these things, makes me more convinced about the possibility of corruption in Orlando. Anyone with half a brain could see it!

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