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Jose Baez “In Session” interview with Ryan Smith (April 2011)

Here’s a very interesting behind the scenes interview in the run-up to Casey Anthony’s trial. It includes Jose Baez’ comments on previous trials, his rivalry with The Laughing Guy, the media frenzy attention,  the “6 helicopters” incident, his dedication to the case, Pro-bono work and much more.

It’s a great insight into The Living Legend that is Jose Baez!

Jose Baez, “In Session” interview with Ryan Smith (April 2011) – Part 1/2:

Jose Baez, “In Session” interview with Ryan Smith (April 2011) – Part 2/2:


  1. Jose Baez is my Hero. He fought for Casey because he believed in her and that she was innocent. He truly saved her life and for that I will always be grateful to him. His is so smart and it showed the way he defended his client. I admire this man so much.

  2. Marilyn C says:

    Jose is a HERO to all of us !! Jose,Cheney Mason & the WHOLE TEAM showed Casey what a REAL FAMILY is like!! They took her in & believed in her when her own family threw her to the WOLVES!! I admire all who rolled their sleeves up & worked so hard for her.They should be HONORED in some way for their dedication.Thank God she found Jose Baez,which will be a family member for life,along with the rest of the team!

  3. Michael Brandt says:

    I believed Casey Anthony was guilty of her child Caylee’s death until day 11 or 12 of the trial. I was watching every morning at 6AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time to a live stream with blog out of Orlando Florida. The stream allowed me to see the trial in it’s entirety. The blog allowed me to communicate with others that were seeing and hearing what I was in real time. 98% of those people were convinced that Casey killed Caylee. I flipped for two reasons. #1 – the prosecution’s evidence lacked any grounds to convict anyone of a crime (other than what Ms Anthony was convicted of; lying to law enforcement officers). #2 – Mr Baez’s repeated ability to question (ie: introduce doubt) state’s witnesses and seriously challenge what eventually proved to be weak evidence of any crime committed by Ms Casey Anthony. I am of the minority on this one. Ms Casey Anthony is innocent of any of the charges that the State of Florida filed against her regarding the death of her child. Personally, I look very seriously at Mr George Anthony.

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