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Jose Baez interviews clips – PBS “Frontline: The Real CSI”

Here are 5 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez, as he discusses the various aspects of Casey’s trial on a recent broadcast of PBS’s “Frontline: The Real CSI”.

It once again proves how shambolic, desperate & clueless the cesspool-style prosecution really was in their failed attempts to validate their fantasy forensics, and appease the unwashed knuckle-dragging masses.

Click here to watch the full 60 minute episode (opens in a new window). Casey’s trial & Jose Baez’ comments are featured in Chapter 4/6 at the 31:52 mark.

Go Jose! :mrgreen:

Video clip #1: “Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom”:


Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom

Video clip #2: “This Prosecution Was So Desperate”:


This Prosecution Was So Desperate

Video clip #3: “Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed”: 


Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed

Video clip #4: “It Was an Unprovable Case”:


It Was an Unprovable Case

Video clip #5: “How ABC Helped Cover Casey’s Defense Costs”:


How ABC Helped Cover Caseys Defense Costs

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  1. Thanks so much for this SJ! I wanted to watch this so bad but I missed it. You’re the Best! I love this site and want to thank you for supporting Casey the way you have! Casey is such an awesome girl and she needs our support and love! I love Jose for standing up for her too. He has done so much for her.

  2. madchatter says:

    I am not so certain that Casey Anthony is innocent, but I absolutely adore Jose Baez. I really enjoy seeing his commentaries on CNN, HLN & FOX NEWS, but being featured in a PBS program is a real feather in his cap!

  3. People criticize defense lawyers, but if they ever get in trouble they damn well want an aggressive, principled attorney like Jose Baez standing up for their rights. He destroyed the cynical, dishonest farce that the State of Florida tried to pass as a capital murder case. Hopefully some day Jeff Ashton will get disbarred and prosecuted the way Nifong did for trying to railroad the Duke Lacrosse players into prison on a phony rape charge. And there is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony is just as innocent as those players were. I didn’t think so at first, but the more I looked at it the more obvious it became that she is, in fact, innocent.

  4. Marilyn C. says:

    Oh I saw this & Jose was so good in it.He shined so bright,I needed my sunglasses to watch it!! He is My Hero!! He deserves people to finally realize that he is such a GIVING, LOVING, CARING, SMART MAN!! I know good things will continue to come his way. We all wish you Good Luck!!!

  5. I like Jose too. I could tell from the interviewer’s body language, he did not like what Jose had to say. No doubt why so much of the interview was cut out.

  6. Michael B in SoCal says:

    Excellent. I have always admired Cyril Wecht, and will continue to do so. However, to become a Forensic Expert in the eyes of the Judicial system MUST be re-examined. My innocence cannot be compromised by some journalist, as this piece suggests, who merely paid a standard fee, answered “open book questions” and then received certification as an Expert in Forensics. It is disturbing and, more to the point, frightening.

  7. Since we always hear about Jeff Ashton, what is Linda Drane Burdick up to?

    • Last I heard, Lin-Possible was considering checking into rehab – mainly to try and recover from the harrowing experience of spending 3+ years in the close proximity of The Laughing Guy… poor girl… or maybe she’s considering a discreet affair with Pam Bondi?… maybe she could be writing a book? Ok, I’m guessing here… but I think the chances of her writing a book are very remote.

    • Probably still being a bitch on wheels! Linda is so nasty.

      I loved Jose’s interview! Sometimes, I go back and watch footage of Casey’s trial just to see Baez own Asston all over again. 🙂

  8. Ok SJ, what do you think about this report of an answering service message being left for Casey by Rev. Camp’s wife? –

  9. Don’t believe everything you read. The Source is Radaronline is like the National Enquirer. It’s all BS

    • Hi Jon. I agree. These spurious “Insider Exclusives” are about as reliable as The Laughing Guy, as useful as Roy Kronk and as trustworthy as GA. As always, if & when there’s anything interesting & factual to report about Casey, it’ll be here in this site. Thanks for posting! SJ

    • I didn’t say I believed it. I asked SJ what he thought about it.

  10. On the other hand, it seems very plausible that Jose would move her very abruptly once she was spotted. The Camps’ feeling may have been hurt by her sudden disappearance “four days ago” and the her lack of contact with the family. This supports similar information reported in Amelia Sobel’s book.

    • Then, they shouldn’t judge her. That message was full of judgement. She may not have wanted to say goodbye because it would be hard to say good bye to someone she cares about. Maybe, she didn’t want to leave but had to. isn’t that what it teaches in the bible not to judge others.

  11. Marilyn C. says:

    I always wait until things are posted HERE. SJ has always weeded thru all the BS before posting things concerning Casey. Places like Radar etc. hear bits & pieces of things, then create a STORY. Thanks SJ for not jumping on EVERYTHING!! I will wait until I hear something from YOU!

  12. I wouldn’t read Amelia’s book until SJ recommends it. She might trash Casey. Keith Ablows book is a good book and he doesn’t trash her. I would love a book from Casey herself or Jose Baez.

    • Hi Jon,
      I wouldn’t give Amelia’s book the time of day. As I’ve maybe said a few times before, when the truth finally comes out into the open… and whenever that may be… my 8,500 word “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” post will prove to be 99% accurate. I can’t tell you why, but only tell you it will be.

  13. I dont believe the story of the vm. wheres the audio or confirmation it is the pastors wife. More so since Casey Anthony has threats to her sadly probably on the reg. i don’t see why the woman would not be more understanding that it may not have been by choice that she left and i would think she needed time to get to somewhere else without being fallowed by the loons. Again if its even real.

    on another note, check out this farce>

  14. Anthony says:

    Read on Orlando that Lifetime is going to do a movie version of Laughing Guy’s book with Rob Lowe to play the laughing guy….. hmmm it sounds like this is going to be a hit piece…. just like they did a hit piece on Amanda Knox…

    • If they were trying to do a ht piece on Amanda Knox, it didn’t work for me. I came away from that film believing that Amanda and Raffael were innocent – I still do.

      Rob Lowe as The Laughing Guy? Oh wow….LOL.

  15. Rob Lowe probably can’t find any other work. What has he been in lately? Everbody making money of our girl.

  16. It’s pretty funny that they are making a laughing guy movie version when we all got to see it live. He was a flop then. Why would you watch a rerun of it now?

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