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Jose Baez – MSNBC interview, 7-14

Here’s Jose’s interview from MSNBC this past weekend. I’ll upload last night’s MSNBC documentary later today.

Note the interesting text shown during the interview… BOOK: DAD KILLED CHILD TO HIDE INCEST.

Jose MSNBC 7-14-2012


  1. Samadian says:

    Jose looks so tired. All these interviews must be taking their toll. I have to say this interviewer seems more educated than most! Thanks for posting, SJ.

  2. I liked this interview. She wasn’t afraid to ask some good questions.

    Didn’t law enforcement say they arrested Casey so quickly because they didn’t want another Melinda Ducket? if that is true, than wouldn’t it be safe to presume that law enforcement may have been concerned with her mental health? Yet, they ignored the other signs ie. her lying? If I have my facts straight, then they contradicted themselves yet again. (And again in other areas.)

  3. There are a few deleted scenes from the documentary “Defending Casey Anthony” online. In the one, Dorothy Sims tells of how she put her cellphone on video to keep the media at bay, in another Linda Baden spoke of how Jeff Ashton sort of made fun of a defense witness stating “We don’t have a problem with coyotes here”. I looked up Orlando problem with coyotes 2008 and sure enough, in august 2008 they had a problem with coyotes in Orlando. The witness had been saying how it was possible that coyotes had buried some of Caylee’s bones.

    • What is this all about? Does anyone know? I found this statement by George to Casey on the jailhouse tapes. I’ve transcribed it and provided the link.

      Could George Anthony have been charged with sexual abuse, or some kind of criminal act? He talks on the Jailhouse tape about something being settled in a judge’s chambers. The “thing he did” happened years ago, which would have occurred when Casey was very young. Whatever happened Casey was part of the legal action, and must have been very young. The Jailhouse video is dated: August 3, 2008.

      I transcribed that part of the JHV, and added the link:


      George: “Years ago when I did the thing that I did I don’t want to go into it too deep, but everything was already handled in the judge’s chambers or in a conference area before you went into court. That’s the way is is, but–”

      Link 3:

      • Lily,

        I wonder if he was referring to when he killed the person while being a cop?

        • I don’t think so. It sounds like it had something to do with Casey, because he said something about it being handled in the judges chambers before Caaey went into court.

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