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Jose Baez – MSNBC interview, 7-9 + Documentary info

Here’s a very brief MSNBC interview with Jose Baez from earlier today – including a clip from a Behind the Scenes Documentary on the Trial titled “Defending Casey Anthony” due to be aired on MSNBC July 15th.

Jose MSNBC 7-9-2012

Jose’s Piers Morgan (CNN) interview tonight was cancelled (for unknown reasons), but his appearance on “The View” is still scheduled for Wednesday.

I also found out today that George & Cindy’s pending trademark applications (through Mark Lippman) have both been abandoned due to a “Failure To Respond” on 4/6/2012.

The “JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE” and “CAYLEE ANTHONY” trademarks they applied for (back on 5/20/2011) were to enable them to put their Caylee logos on stickers, t-shirts and underwear. Today is 1 month away from (what would have been) Caylee’s 7th Birthday.

Click the link below to read my post from last August titled – The Battle for Caylee Anthony.

I also added a new NOTABLE POSTS section (to the right sidebar menu) including links to several “old” posts including: Casey’s psychological evaluations unsealed by JP — Media Whores – still drinking from the chalice of denial — Why Hating the Haters is such a bad idea — and — My 10 questions for George Anthony — plus a few others.



  1. SJ.

    Do you know what happened to Jose’s interview on Piers Morgan? His interview has been canceled.

  2. I just came across this video Jose appeared on CNN Starting Point this morning.

  3. Sorry guys, but the video is not posting. Just go to this website…Jose just talks about his book.

  4. Debbie, the video cut off before the interview was over!

  5. Marilyn C. says:

    SJ….WOW….You have been one very busy person!! Once again I have to Thank You for everything you do for this web site!! I can see more & more people coming around….Thanks to you! Its so nice to have more people come on here to talk about Casey being NOT GUILTY! You are working your BUTT OFF to hand things to people on a silver platter if they are interested, so from ALL of Us who enjoy it here daily….THANK YOU.

  6. I loathe MSNBC because of its politics but I have to admit this Defending Casey Anthony special looks interesting. It seems to be pro-defense, or told from the view of the defense. If so, it would be a first from any media outlet! You’d certainly never see it on HLN, the only channel I dislike more than MSNBC.

    • Yeah hats off to MSNBC. HLN was so anti-Casey, it was absurd. Did anyone see the Jane Valez Mitchel show where she talked to one of the lady lawyers from Team Casey?

  7. Have to say I don’t know why Jose would go on the View. The demographic that watches that show is
    not likely to be receptive to his book, and I’m sure the live audience will be unfriendly. Barbara and Whoopi will be fair, but Joy Behar, formerly of HLN and drinker of its Kool-Aid, will be her usual rude
    and obnoxious self.

  8. I know this is Off Topic but Nancy Grace has to be stopped. It seems she has caused another mom to kill herself after attacking her on her show.

    • someone needs to sue her and hln

      • I commented about the suicide, but I don;’t know where my post landed.

        I am so upset hearing another person has killed herself because of Nancy Grace. I am so upset, so so upset. When will this end. It won’t bring their loved one back, but I hope the family sues CNN and Nancy Grace. Sues the pants off them.

      • Wow…Nancy Grace is nothing but a big bully. How are we supposed to teach our children that bullying is wrong when people do it on national tv and get paid big bucks to do it. HLN needs to get rid of her, now. Truly, I can’t believe people can even stand to watch her…everything she says and does is “over the top” and SO dramatic.

        On the other hand…can you see Casey’s strength? She was blasted by this bully woman for 3 years and came out the victor. Way to go Casey…way to stand up to the bully! My hope is that one day you can sue the heck out of her for slander.

        • Perhaps Ms Grace should be put up on charges of murder. Isn’t assisted suicide illegal in the states? It would be highly ironic in my opinion:)

  9. just watched the interview – Jose Baez and Dennis Michael Lynch — really? You call yourself a journalist? You asked a question but never let him speak. And you answered your own questions. Why don’t you just spend your entire show talking to yourself, it seems to be the only voice you want to hear.

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