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Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Part 1), 7-5

Here’s Part 1 of Jose’s interview from “On The Record“ w/Greta Van Susteren from last night. Part 2 is on tonight.

In this interview, Jose confirms George Anthony’s disposal of Caylee’s body on June 16th 2008 – and details of the phone call he made afterwards.

Greta Jose OTR Part 1.flv

Click here to watch Part 2 of this interview


  1. Please look at the woods floor at approximately 8:30 in this video, I submit that no way could Casey have carried Caylee’s deceased body through that. Casey is short like I am, her stride would not be very long, she would be tripping and falling all over the place with a 40-50 pound weight in her arms.

  2. A LOT of un answered questions!

  3. They are now saying Casey took the phrase “pet the bald mouse “comes from an episode of South Park. I think the episode aired in 2005, so she would have been 19 and not 8. I do think Casey suffers from imaginary recollections, no doubt. Not to say that wasn’t really molested. i think she was. Any thoughts on this and other alleged correlations between Casey’s imaginary friends and known fictional characters?

    • Don’t even consider what the haters say. Casey was molested. No doubt about it.

    • Jon,

      I did a review-several of them-about the petting mouse petting on Amazon.

      One of the reviews:

      .The “petting the mouse until is sneezes milk” analogy was not lifted from South Park comedy. It had nothing about a “mouse sneezing milk. It had about a “penis sneezing milk.”

      However, in the Danger Mouse (September 28, 1981 to March 19, 1992) series a mouse sneezes milk. This series would have been before Casey was 8 years old, and where George may have lifted it from–if it was lifted. It would be a good cover story for George. If Casey had told anyone a “I petted a mouse and it sneezed” milk, people would think it came from Danger Mouse and not sexual abuse. I think the mouse who sneezed milk was Danger Mouse’s side kick: Penrod. He actually was a hamster. He sneezed it from his nose, and, if George lifted it from Danger Mouse, he changed it to the mouse sneezing from his penis.

      There are a lot of strange things in the Casey Anthony case. The Shovel is the name of a short film, where a man knocks on a door and borrows a shovel. He has a body in the trunk of his car, and wants to bury it! The theme is “Some secrets are better left buried.”

      I doubt the neighbor who testified about Casey borrowing a shovel got the idea from the film. I only mention it to point out there are some strange coincidences in the Casey Anthony case.

      • Thank you Jon. What did you google to get this info?

      • Lily and Jon,

        George probably took the contents of the show that perhaps he watched with Casey, as part of the grooming process pedophiles do. I agree that it served as a cover should she be mentioned THAT around the house. These WACKJOBS will never admit they are wrong. It doesn’t matter Casey displays all the characteristics of a child and adult who was sexually abused. It does not matter to them that she was abused! Like Jose said in his book, sadly, most people fear telling the truth because they will not be believed! And true to form, these jerks refuse to believe her despite the evidence to the contrary.

        Whether Casey goes forward or not, she knows the truth. And that is what matters imo.

  4. Harry N says:

    I think Jose Baez is absolutely right when he says Casey has serious mental health issues. How could
    she not, given the situation she grew up in? Everything about her behavior, including the lying , suggest
    she was a victim of long-term sexual abuse. And as Jose points out in his book, everything about George Anthony’s behavior suggests he’s an abuser, not to mention a pathologica liar. But it’s likely that few people will ever believe Casey unless George is caught or confesses.

  5. Hey guys I don’t doubt Casey’s basic story, but obviously she imagines things. Apparently – or supposedly- the exact phrase comes from South Park. Part of the phrase is common slang ie “balled mouse.” She said GA told her to pet the bald mouse and make it sneeze – something like that. I’m thinking GA got the phrase from South PK himself, and Casey was engaged in some such acivity at a much older age than she wants to admit to. This would explain why she told only Dr. Weitz about the sexual activity lasting into her late teens. In which Casey this statement was not made by GA until a later time, not at 8 as Casey claims. It would be interesting to see if Casey’s imaginary friends came from tv and movies. I am fairly certain if you comb through movies and shows you can find many parallels to real ppl and events.

    • I am fairly certain if you comb through movies and shows you can find many parallels to real ppl and events – not necessarily to Casey’s life, but just in general.

    • I just saw an interview with Cheney in which he states that at present time Casey is psychologically healthy.

    • One of her imaginary friends was named Juliette Lewis. Just pointing that out; not suggesting that you might be on to something. Actually, I point it out to suggest that it’s such an obvious thought, it must have been considered. But when everyone thinks you’re lying, they don’t much care from where you derive your lies.

      • There is an actress by the name of Juliette Lewis tony, look it up on Also you may be interested to see that there is also an actress by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez and another by the name of Fernanda Gonzalez.. Coincedence???

  6. I see Jose’s book has cracked the Amazon Top 100 after just a few days. I hope it goes all the way to the top!

  7. CollaredPrinzes says:

    I want to thank everyone here for all the hard work that has been done and a huge thank you for all the support that’s been given. I wish Casey all the best! Casey, if you’re reading this and every want to vacay in Arkansas, let me know, girl!
    Much love,

  8. Almost done with the book. Amazing to me how the media warps things. My hope and prayer is the book opens eyes and haters heads and hearts are turned and George gets the dirty looks for a change. I bet he is just cringing with the release of this book and the truth although no doubt in my heart this wasn’t an accident. Stil, I’m glad Casey was acquitted.

    • I you know he messed his pants when he heard this was coming out. Last I heard GA had his lawyer reading the book.

      • Of course, GA would be having his lawyer reading the book. He is hoping that he can get Baez on slander and libel, to prove that he is not a child molester. I have three question:
        1)- Why did the Anthonys feel a need to hire a lawyer straight away?
        2)- Why were the Anthonys never subjected to a polygraph?
        3)- Why, when Cindy had stated that Casey had “female problems”, she was never taken to a doctor about them?

        • The refused to be polygraphed as I understand (by law enforcement) but when it was requested, they went to their own lawyer and did a “practice poly” and failed!

  9. Steve Miller says:

    Baez told Greta Van Susteren that lots of accidental drownings happen. Not one of those accidents do the victims’ bodies ever get hidden. Hiding the body is proof of this murder. Only George’s sleeves were wet. That is proof of the murder he committed before he dunked Caylee into the pool. Changing Caylee from her pajamas into outgrown shorts and a tee shirt that were never used by Casey is evidence of the murder. George called the cops about his gas cans, that is evidence of the murder. George opened the trunk in the tow lot and pulled out the bag of trash (in place of the decomposition stench), that is evidence of the murder. The decomposition stench was a huge part of the evidence in the trial planted by George in Casey’s car trunk.

    Is Baez too stupid to grasp this evidence? Of course he’s not stupid. More than 1,000,000 Americans drown by accident every year, none of their bodies are hidden.

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