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Presumed Guilty – Audio Book out 11/21

Jose Baez just made the following announcement on his Facebook page:

“Everyone, I just found out that the Audio Book to Presumed Guilty will be released 11/21/12, on I’m not narrating it. The Narrator is Jim Frangione.”

Jose’s publicist has also confirmed the release.

This is great news for anyone that never quite got around to reading the book… and even better news for the Haters, seeing as 99% of them are illiterate. At least they’ll now be able to enlighten themselves from an audio perspective.

Here’s a re-run of Jose’s interview from CBS “Crimesider”, 7-6:

Jose CBS Crimesider 7-6-2012


  1. I’m not into listening to books. I’d rather read the book myself. But, Anything that gets Jose’s book out there is good. I’d like to recommend a book i’m reading. The author of the book is so much like Casey it’s almost eerie. One reviewer on Amazon called it the Casey Connection and gave it a good review. Of course the haters are dumping on it. I say lets support it.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    I have been saying it for YEARS now…Jose Baez is my HERO!! I agree….however the story,the TRUE one gets out there the better.I personally like the real books.I always thought the audio books would be great in the car,but I don’t drive anymore.I do support anything Jose does!!

  3. Drew Hensley says:

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