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Jose Baez – “The View” interview clip, 7-11

Here’s a clip of Jose’s interview from yesterday on “The View” – (click here for the full episode).

Kudos to Jose for agreeing to be interviewed on live TV by 5 very clueless women at the same time. Just a shame they never stopped for breath long enough to let him finish any of his answers.

Many of the questions asked just prove how clueless they actually were. The “31 days of continuous partying” was certainly news to me.

Jose - The View 7-11-2012

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  1. Ok I’m getting a little frustrated with Jose’s responses to the partying issue. He seems to have thrown in the towel on this issue. I’m not aware that there was 31 days of partying! Why doesn’t he tell me ppl they were never able to prove 31 days of partying?

  2. Samadian says:

    I agree, EAH! To say there was 31 days of partying is a total lie. Was she at the bar every single day?

    I did like that he finally mentioned the victims of Sandusky and other high-profile victims who have also been blamed for being sexually abused. In all the cases he mentioned, the victims protected the abuser until they felt safe enough not to anymore. I think it’s highly relevant that Casey’s alleged abuser was a former cop. That automatically gave him much more power than an average citizen.

  3. ” Clueless women” I love it SJ! Perfect!

  4. Marilyn C. says:

    I did watch this & kept getting so frustrated because every time one of these women who know NOTHING about this case ask a question, they would talk over him! You could certainly tell they knew NOTHING from their STUPID questions! It was back to everything that people were SPOON FED! He kept his cool, as he always does! GREAT JOB Jose!!

  5. The OS just made a big deal of Jose Baez commenting to Barbara Walters about other abuse victims such as Jaycee Lee Dugard and Shawn Hornbeck. The media is stating that he (Jose) may be in really big trouble over that. Do any of you remember when Jaycee was found? I do. It was another one of those moments one cannnot ever forget.

    So, I want to address the comment about Jaycee Lee Dugard Jose Baez made in response to B.W. and the O.S.! I live 25 minutes away from where the kidnapping occurred, have watched this case closely over the years and have read her book. I feel well acquainted enough with the case to speak on it. Jaycee Lee Dugard WAS physically able to leave her surroundings when she was older and Mr. Baez was correct about that! Philip Gerrirdo, her captor, had given her a lot of freedom later in her life. She was online every day working for him, dealing with customers and conceivably, could have taken her children and left! However, in the book, Jaycee admits that she was scared to leave for a million reasons. She didn’t know how to drive, she didn’t know where she was in the sense of being well-traveled, she thought Philip was watching her every move because he had done so for years, and plain felt overwhelmed with the idea of taking her girls and leaving. I think it was a fair comparison in that abuse victims who rely on the perpetrator react in ways we cannot understand or in ways that seem illogical to us.

    Jaycee Lee Dugard had two children with her perpetrator and while the cops visited him many, many times, she never said a word to them as to who she was! If we apply the same hater logic we have seen with Casey to Jaycee, then based on that faulty logic, Jaycee “should’ have taken her children and left ” if it really happened” ( I’m saying that sarcastically to characterize their logic.) Casey also lived with the perpetrator and had opportunities to tell someone but didn’t. There are similarities with both young women in the ways they related to the person who victimized them.

    So, imo, Barbara Walters was wrong to jump him for that! Jaycee Lee Dugard is a GOOD example of what happens when someone is abused by someone and that someone is also a person the abuse victim relies on for help. Jaycee was raped by her captor and had children with him, stayed and worked for him living AS a FAMILY with his wife! She even admits to caring for Philip and always wishing they could be like a real family while in captivity. It took her over a YEAR of SPENDY, INTENSE, therapy for her to understand what happened to her.

    It’s very easy for people to say things like oh Casey could have left, Casey could have gotten a job, she could have done this, she could have done that. And worse, to say that if Casey were really abused, she would not have left Caylee with George EVER!?!?

    If i had to say the ONE THING that has driven me crazy about the reactions to this case – I would have to say the one I just described above. I can’t understand why people think they get the right to say how someone should react in a situation and based on said reaction, the person MUST Be guilty or MUST be lying, lying, lying etc. etc. etc.

    • I totally agree with you Sonja which is why I mentioned in another post that we live in a very discriminating world with privileges and disadvantages and in this case Casey’s disadvantage.
      BTW, are you in Cali?

      • No. I live in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Oh so that’s what you mean by your comment… Do you remember when Jaycee did the Diane Sawyer interview before her book came out? I remember thinking that if people could believe her story, why couldn’t they fathom that Casey may have been abused? I also remember thinking that “help” for abuse victim does cost a lot of money. Do you remember how Jaycee’s therapist used caring for horses to help her?

    • Sonja and others, good points. In my mind being the shot glass ladies manager is not like visiting parties throughout the week. I don’t think we have a day by day, moment by moment account of what she did at the night club, whether her mood was somber or festive, whether she was into it or just going through the motions. This odd behavior is literally all the evidence they have imo.

      • I remember reading that she did get up one night and cry while watching videos of Caylee. I just can’t remember whose house she was at. The 31 days was never an issue for me because people can do strange things when grieving coupled with her young age. I just never bought into that and became very interested in the family dynamics of the case. My husband went to work the day after his father passed away. If you didn’t know him very well, you wouldn’t have thought he wasn’t grieving. Yet, he was deeply saddened and mourned privately,

        Casey didn’t party for 31 days straight. I think she was always with her boyfriend. One thing that stood out to me was that she fit the description of being “serial monogamous”. She seemed to always have a boyfriend. If anything, I saw her as trying create a family of her own with these boyfriends.

        My parents, who don’t go online very much are educated and well read also thought the case was weak. One of my father’s closest friends was a prominent defense attorney in Nevada until he retired. I remember asking my dad, while I was young, why his friend defended a man accused of child molest and my dad gave the ole ‘everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense” speech per our constitution and what a defense attorney’s job is. So my reactions to this case started out objective. I still feel shocked when people call us “babykillers” because we take a different stand than they do. It bothers me because I am a mother. I think that justice will be served when George is exposed or when Casey holds him accountable somehow.

        I wonder if Cindy is still standing by him? I’ve always wondered if she would change her mind once she wasn’t dealing with the case. You know, after she had time to sit back and think about everything and talk to Casey some more.

    • When I say Jaycee Lee Dugard had two children with her captor, I don’t mean that she chose to do so. I mean, as a result of her situation, she had two children. I’m clarifying for those who aren’t familiar with that case.

  6. Whoopi is the only one who sat back and actually let Jose talk. The other four hens acted as ridiculously as always.

    And yes, Barbara should get her facts straight about Jaycee Dugard.

    • I keep ABC on for noise during the day while I work. Those women are annoying as h@ll to me and usually I tune them out. I did think Barbara would give him a fair shot though. Whoopi rolled her eyes at the audience during one part while Jose was talking. Perhaps, I took it wrong though. I thought Barbara would ask pertinent questions.

      In all these interviews Jose gets hammered about the 31 days.

      I wish SOMEONE would bring up the polygraphs that George and Cindy took. When I read that, my conclusion was that George and Cindy wanted to know whether they would pass a polygraph, so they took to a test run with their own attorneys and failed.

      I haven’t seen that mentioned in ONE news article or interview. Have you?

  7. There is something I would like to say about the sexual abuse. Pedophiles are predators and I have often wondered if Lee was also sexually molested by George, because he started abusing his sister. If he was, he needs to let Casey know and back her up and whatever he does, never let his father alone with any children he may have in the future.

    • You make a good point about Lee. I assume Lee would feel like he is on the defense now because of what happened in court. Yet, he could be a victim too. It’s much harder for men to discuss and reveal than women. Excellent point:)

    • Debbi,

      I’ve also wondered if Lee wasn’t molested by Georger, and, if this isn’t why his FBI interview wasn’t released. Did he tell the FBI he had been molested, and there is still an ongoing FBI investigation? Wendy Murphy, explains why his interview wasn’t released, that when that happens there is still an ongoing investigation.

      If this turns out to be the case, it will blow the lid off George Anthony’s sexual abuse of Casey. Another possibility is Lee might have walked in on George sexually abusing Casey.

    • I absolutely think it’s possible that Lee was also molested.

      • Me too. There are no boundaries in that family. I hope Casey can stay away so she can heal. I hope one day they will expose George when they are able.

      • Kira,

        Lee went thru a severe depression when he was in his early teens and he lost faith in God according to Cindy in her state deposition, but she never sought counseling for him. Cindy says he went into depression after taking a drug for acne. The acne drug sounds like BS to me. I think she got the idea from a person who murdered his doctor, blaming the doctor for prescribing a drug that caused him depression. Could Lee’s depresssion have been caused from sexual molestion? It seems to me that had it been caused from the acne drug Cindy would have sought psychiatric help for Lee.

        • Well Acutane can cause depression, but certainly there is a good chance that GA is a bisexual predator.

          • I agree it does cause depressions, but we only have Cindy’s word his depression was due to Acutane. Or was his depression due to sexual abuse?.

  8. I just hope Casey’s team has a good plan for when her probation ends next month. Get her out of Florida, get her someplace safe. Someplace where the media can’t track her down and lead the
    lynch mob to her door. I don’t think she’s in as much danger as, say George Zimmerman, but she needs protection and support.

    • I think she is in a lot of danger. On some of the support blogs that aren’t moderated, people say what I construe as open and veiled physical threats with regard to her safety. I think Cheney Mason will take good care of her. I pray they do….

      • I agree, Sonja, that Casey is in a lot of danger. The haters on Amazon reviews are out of control. These people are frightening, and there are a lot more out there.

        • I tried to debate with those crazies on amazon but they reported every post i made as “abuse” and succeeded in getting most of my posts removed. There is strength in numbers. I was called every name in the book but their posts still remain. I think the editor of the amazon posts is a hater as well.

          • They are CRAZY over at Amazon. Those people have no lives whatsoever, they just roam from post to post spreading their hate.

          • Me too! They didn’t report my posts but for every comment, I received about 20 comments back. It was I-N-S-A-N-E. I stopped trying with them because it was not a meaningful exchange of people with different opinions. They seem to take it very personal.

          • As soon as I posted a review, the email notifications in response began. I say it like it is. No need to fight with anyone. I can only reiterate…. NOT GUILTY = NOT GUILTY! A well prepared defense for an innocent client and a jury that agreed!

        • There is a hater blog out there and they same people who post at Amazon, post there. What bothers me is that they still physically threaten the head juror, Jose Baez and Casey. I often wonder if what they write is even LEGAL. Freedom of speech has to pass a three-prong test and physically threatening people in speech doesn’t meet the criteria. Casey deserves protection under the law (imo) paid for by taxpayers if it comes down to it and nobody else can help her.

  9. Harry N says:

    A lot of Casey-haters just seem to be pathetic losers like that idiot from Michigan who filed a motion to get Casey’s probation revoked. She admits she has no facts to back up her claims, the probation dept. has flatly stated that Casey has not violated her probation in any way, and yet this woman files a fraudulent document with a Florida court–she’s from Michigan!–because of her obsession.

    • I found that to be hysterical ( the woman from Michigan)! Talk about making oneself look like a big dumb@#s…
      I bet she’s the same person making many of the fake reviews on Amazon and the news comment sections of every article about Casey. I think the Casey haters are smaller in number than many think.

      • Hey Sonja,
        Apparently dishing out abuse, hate & death threats online is more than acceptable. It seems nobody gives a damn *until* the comments have racial undertones – THEN it becomes “an issue”.
        Am I wrong?

  10. Parker Stanton says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, but “The View” is just too nauseating to watch. Jose Baez has written a very interesting & educational book about the Casey Anthony saga, and about his own inspiring life. “Presumed Guilty” is well worth reading.

  11. Marilyn C. says:

    I just wanted to remind EVERYONE to watch Jose Baez’s Documentary tomorrow (Sunday) night on msnbc!!! It comes on here, which is central time at 8:00 PM. I think its going to be great.Some of the haters are saying they are sick of Jose being on every radio & TV show, well guess what….he has his own doc now too!!! Don’t FORGET!!! Have a Great Weekend!

    • Well, I got sick of Asston doing the same thing, so there! 🙂 Jose is also going to be on Geraldo’s show tomorrow night too. You ROCK Jose!!!

      • Yeah, at least Jose waited an entire year to write a book and make TV appearances. Your hero Asston was doing it right away, haters!

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