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Jose Baez to publish Casey Anthony book – “Presumed Guilty”


Jose Baez announced details of a book he plans to release this summer. He promises the book will give an inside look into the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The book, titled “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.” will hit store shelves in July — one year after Anthony’s acquittal.


Jose Baez Pens Book About Casey Case

“On July 17th 2008, my life changed forever. I think the time has come for the whole story to be told,” Baez said in a statement.

The publisher, BenBella Books, said the book will expose shocking information about Baez’s first meeting with Anthony, her parents’ behavior and the trial itself.

Baez was Anthony’s attorney for more than three years. The publisher promises the book will reveal the real Anthony, from the person who got to know her best.

The publisher also said the book’s aim is not to convince readers of Anthony’s innocence.

“There are so many behind-the-scenes facts and stories that have never been made public. I look forward to sharing my story,” Baez said in the statement.

More news as soon as we have it.

GO JOSE! :mrgreen:

Jose Baez - Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony - The Inside Story


  1. OMG I can’t believe this! I can’t wait til July. My Birthday is in July. What a Great Birthday Present!

  2. This is so great! I can’t wait! Finally a true book out!

  3. Marilyn C. says:

    I am with Yall!! OMG & WOW!!! I can NOT wait!!! I will do everything to get this book.He is such a HERO to me for everything he did,all he went thru just trying to defend Casey.I am sure this book will be done with CLASS…unlike the STUPID one that is being made into a TV movie.I feel sure his will be put on the BIG SCREEN!!!! Thanks Jose…we will be waiting!

  4. Amanda says:

    This book is going to be AMAZING! It’s about time we got to hear Jose’s side.

  5. HollysGmom says:

    There is a concerted effort going on to extort into dropping Jose’s book from their site.
    The “Warriors” are threatening to boycott Amazon if it is not removed. I propose that we supporters let Amazon know that we WANT this book and we will boycott if it is removed.

    • Hi HGM!

      It doesn’t surprise me that the wounded “Warriors” are busying themselves on yet another futile & BS-filled boycotting mission… but here’s the bottom line — Amazon couldn’t care less about Casey, Jose, The Laughing Guy or anyone else associated with Casey’s Trial. They’re in business to sell books and make a profit… and they know only too well that Jose’s book is lining up to be a best-seller… so the chances of them pulling the book are virtually non-existent.

      It’d take more than the incoherent ramblings of a handful of mentally-challenged knuckle-dragging idiots to make Amazon change course on this one. Jose is a legend.

      Thanks for the heads-up and thanks for posting!

  6. What does it mean when the publisher says “This is NOT a Casey Anthony is innocent” book”? It seems to me, after reading what it said on , this book is more of an autobiography of Jose Baez from the time he met Casey until the trial is over. Can he really reveal anything? Why wouldn’t everything be protected by client/ attorney priviledge? Does Jose Baez have the right to divulge any information?

    • It’s not on Casey’s innocence. It’s Jose’s story defending her but he promises to tell us some things we don’t know about the case, Casey and her parents. She signed over her rights of Attorney/client priviledge to him. So, she will not be making any money from it. But, He has her complete approval for the book. She trusts him totally. Baez says. They do keep in touch Baez says. All of us should still support this book.

      • Hi Jon
        Thank you for your reply. I am not concerned if Casey is making any money from this book or any other, perhaps she should be. The reason I posted those questions was out of concern that by having this published, Baez could possibly get himself into some trouble. I am glad they keep in touch she really needs to keep people that are on her side close to her. I don’t think his book can tell me much about the Anthony family that I don’t already suspect, however I would like to read it:)

  7. jackie brake says:

    I am looking forward to reading jose baez book. i watched the entire trial, and have spent nearly a year re-reading all the transcripts, depositions, and analysis statements, and i have come to the conclusion that Casey Anthony did NOT kill her daughter. throughout the trial…i thought she was quilty…but afer having reread and listened to EVERYTHING…i determined she is innocent. i also have a pretty good idea WHO DID DO IT. i feel the State needs to re-open this case. they would have to have evidence to do so….but i believe Casey has this evidence. she should not have to live the rest of her life in hiding…because someone else took her daughters life. Casey was just doing what she was told to do. thats’s where she made her mistake. she needs to EXPOSE this person, so they can convict him, and she can go on with her life.

  8. I just pre-ordered this on my Nook and I’m really excited! I’m wondering if it’ll appear by midnight July 3rd?

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