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Judge denies Casey’s request to move ZG’s BS civil trial

From Orlando Sentinel, 11-6-2012:

“When Casey Anthony goes to trial in her civil defamation lawsuit, it will be at the same courthouse where she was acquitted of murder last year, a judge ruled today.

Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon has denied Anthony’s request to move her trial away from Orlando. But her ruling allows the parties to revisit the issue if difficulties arise in jury selection.

The ruling comes a week after Anthony’s attorney, Charles Greene, argued at a hearing that it’s an “impossibility, I submit, that Ms. Anthony can get a fair trial in Orange County.”

He argued the jury pool would be better somewhere “north of Orlando,” such as Tallahassee or Gainesville.

“We had hoped that the publicity in this case would subside after the criminal case,” he said. “It has not.”

Keith Mitnik, an attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman suing Anthony, said he didn’t mind moving the trial, “so long as the defense is willing to pay this expense” of relocating.

“We think we can get justice anywhere,” Mitnik said. He argued, however, that a venue change was unnecessary.

Greene also noted that Munyon isn’t the first judge asked to decide whether Central Florida is too jaded to judge Anthony fairly: The same issue came up before her murder trial. Chief Judge Belvin Perry ordered jury selection in that case relocated to Pinellas County, due to pretrial publicity.

But Munyon, foreshadowing today’s ruling, countered that Perry’s order “was entered almost two and a half years ago.”

The trial is set for January. Gonzalez says her life was upended after Anthony said a similarly named nanny had kidnapped her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, in 2008. The nanny didn’t exist, and the girl was later found dead.

Anthony was acquitted on all major charges in her daughter’s death in July 2011, after a trial that was broadcast gavel-to-gavel across the country and online. She has been subpoenaed to appear at the civil trial.”




    • Zenaida’s children are going to testify? I can’t believe she’s letting them go through all this? What an experience these children are really going to get.

      • Yep, her 6 kids by 6 different baby daddy’s, lol. I find it weird that only 2 kids were listed on the Sawgrass card. What was she going to do with the others?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          LOL, good question 😉

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Do you think that should be LE’s ‘sign’ that this woman was NOT the one who filled-out that card…they didn’t notice the resemblance to C.(for Cecelia) Benhaida-Gonzale(z) and this woman ZF-G, with 6 kids?

        • It actually says six of her children, which probably means she has more than six! Suzy, what do you mean? This is the same woman who sells alcohol to minors (and I don’t believe she’s been convicted yet, but it was a police sting what are the chances they arrested the wrong woman?!) and who made her son set up her first media interview!!! Now she claims the attention was undue! All the attention was made up of people like Vinnie Politan fawning all over her during the trial. Karen, maybe she didn’t want the management knowing how many kids she has for some reason. She was living at a hotel at the time (per her deposition) with her extra-marital lover with no job. Perhaps she didn’t want them to refuse her an apartment if her and her boyfriend chose it.
          P.S. If her reputation was ruined so badly then how did she get a job in such a bad economy?

          • You are defending Zenaida? Zenaida sold alcohol to a minor without checking for an ID sting or no sting. She was caught in the act.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I can tell the 2 women apart…so can George and Casey…I’m not sure if Cindy ever figgered it out, but she met both sisters after Jan 2010…Skye was tired of George getting money from River and went to face the Anthony’s at Hopespring multiple times to tell them both “they’re full of shit!” Those were Cecelia’s own words.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            z checked the kids ID, she just didn’t ‘do the math’.

          • No Jon, I wasn’t defending Zenaida. I was saying that she hasn’t been convicted yet and is innocent until proven guilty, however unlike Casey Anthony there is actual evidence that she committed a crime. She was caught in a police sting and she has done this before. So, you can reasonably assume, not being part of the possible jury pool who must be unbiased, that she did it.

          • I think she may have left off how many children she had because of laws about having too many ppl in one apartment. In my state, seven people could be refused housing if the bedrooms were 2 or under. Just saying….

        • Hi Karen 🙂

          How do you know her 6 kids are from 6 different dads hahaha?

          Hi Youcouldbewrong 🙂

          Do you think she has more than 6 kids? Hahaha…

          You know I don’t think Zenaida stands a chance answering questions. I just think it’s unfortunate her kids have to go through this. It would be interesting on what they have to say though.

          • Hi Suzy! I just read “Defendant’s Statement of Undisputed Facts” filed by Greene in Feb 2012. It states ZG has 6 kids by 3 baby daddys so I stand corrected!! LOL!!! If you haven’t read this you need to google it. Fascinating!!

          • Hi Karen!
            I just googled it. Is it 44 pages long or so?

          • Yes, it is 44 pages. A great read! Why this case didn’t get thrown out just based on this alone I will never know.

            As to what ZG’s kids will testify about, I have no doubt they will testify about what they were coached to testify about!!!

          • I read it Karen and I agree with you 110% why it wasn’t thrown out after she admitted she’s not the ZFG we’ll never know. I chuckled a few times after reading she never attended Florida university. You know the only thing I’d feel bad about all this are her kids. They must be feeling a lot of pressure and maybe one day when they get older they’ll realize all this if they’re intents are good in life.

        • She probably left them off because they apartments wouldn’t allow that many ppl…

    • Kathi Belich, the Nancy Grace of Florida, she’s real trustworthy. After all she did that horrid, false, inflammatory, prejudicial segment with the lying jailhouse snitch. She wasn’t really a snitch since she actually made the whole thing up with that other woman who pretended to be a pen pal to Casey Anthony, that’s cold. Can’t believe another woman in the jail actually stepped up and told the truth, I respect that. If she hadn’t we could have seen what happens in other cases because you know jailhouse snitches are only liars if they don’t completely agree with the prosecution!

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Surely no one really believed those letters Casey wrote in jail…100% of people with family in LE know everything you do while under arrest is monitored…I bet she even suspected the plants(snitches) and undercover agents would ‘buddy-up’.

        • Casey Anthony was rightfully suspicious of many people who were supposed to be her friends and family. I read in her psychologists’ depositions that she was upset because she was only being nice to Adams. She felt sorry for the woman and that nothing that Adams or Derkovic said to the media or police was true, in fact some of it was completely falsified.

        • I always thought that while in jail, Casey might think that her letters within the jail were private…

          • CJ, Jails do look through all communication for incriminating evidence, however to know that your pen pals are working with the police and that your letters will be filed as evidence and released to the media is a whole other story. And on top of that twisted from what they say, I’ve seen so many stories that her letters said things they clearly do not. To think that her family stopped visiting her and she couldn’t even trust her pen pals for a little human communication is terrible. She might have thought her letters were private, since there was really no point in making them public. She could have believed they were private due to the fact that they contained nothing substantial, just chit chat supposedly with people who supported her.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            GM youcouldbewrong,
            Casey was intentionally out of the loop, and everything she could’ve said (speculated) was affected by the fact she didn’t know where Caylee ‘really was’ after June 14th, but she knows where Caylee was left sleeping and waiting for the babysitter on Friday the 13th… when Caylee was truly missing…before Father’s Day but (after seeing the video) she ‘thought she knew” Caylee was safe, nearby and at Mt Dora in ‘mid-June’ with Cindy and G-Pa Al.) [and hoped until Aug 9th, and Caylee remained ‘unfound’]

            IMO Casey nor Cindy could’ve known to alert LE that Caylee was missing for a few hours, or that Caylee was already decomposing. Simply the appearance of a video, and sound snips of Caylee’s voice, they were made to believe Caylee was visiting Papa Joe’s family in Tampa, possibly for 2 weeks. Geo avoided them both as early as June 16th, and it was the Father’s Day video that falsely attested the child’s whereabouts and condition in mid-June. (but forensic science knows she was already decomposing)

  1. Judge denies Casey Anthony’s request to toss punitive damages from civil trial,0,5768258.story

  2. JA Kalskett says:

    …oh, she was under cover with OCSO, at the corrections facility. I think she may have been the female voice in the Ricardo Morales interview, that put words in Ricardo’s mouth about Caylee’s babydoll and teddy bear on July 16th or the 26th…I’ll find it, shouldn’t take me long.,

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Morales was interviewed on July 16th, July 25th and then there was his trial testimony. YouTube is where his initial interview on the 16th can be found.

  3. She should have moved the civil trial or at least picked a jury away from the epicenter. There is still media attention, for goodness sake, InSession was so excited when they got the deal to cover this one too. Ratings, ratings, ratings, and money!!!! They got a bit deflated when their run up to it was for nothing when it was pushed to January! HA. It doesn’t matter if it was years ago that the ruling was issued does the woman have eyes, can she not see that they continue to rile people up about this with their spin? I can’t go a week watching InSession without some kind of Casey Anthony reference in some crappy way. Get over it, you were wrong!

  4. JA Kalskett says:

    ‘ you talkin’ to me?

    • I don’t know what you are talking about. Are you an anchor on InSession? Who is only mentioning this to keep rolling in the dough? If you believe that Casey Anthony did this, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. I just hope that you have based your opinion on actual facts and not assumptions or media-fed falsities. You know what assuming does? If you don’t, I also hope that you have based this opinion on facts. It is horrible when people just believe something about someone else without any reason to. Most people have been victims of a vicious rumor, didn’t feel good did it? How about magnifying that by 1,000?

  5. JA Kalskett says:

    …lately I’ve been wondering if River and Skye weren’t involved in some investigation on Geo and ‘why people just wanna give him money’ all the time.

  6. Drew Hensley says:

    Okay guys I’m lost. Do I understand that someone in jail with Casey and the girl who claimed she admitted to chloroforming her child is now saying that the snitch lied about Casey?

    • Yes, Drew, there was a third woman in jail who contacted her lawyer about when she (Lunceford) overhead the other two (Adams and Derkovic) conspiring to lie about Casey Anthony after watching media reports. After she contacted her lawyer, she met with Jose Baez at the jail to inform him of the truth. Adams and Derkovic were hoping to get famous (pen pals, gifts, etc.) and help with their sentences in exchange for testifying to what Casey Anthony told them. The problem is she didn’t tell them anything. There was no evidence of this in any letters and they claimed that she had told them through vent communication, but no one else heard this. If you know anything about talking through a vent you can’t pick and choose who you are talking to. Lunceford stated that she was given the shaft (bad plea deal) by her prosecutor (which was later found out to be true by a judge) and she didn’t want that to happen to someone else.
      I personally believe the jail was complacent as always in attempting to trap people like Casey Anthony for the police. There were some indications that the guard I believe her name was Sylvia, who was reprimanded, was allowing Casey Anthony to have contact with other inmates. Which is not only dangerous, but possible entrapment.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        She hasn’t trusted anyone since she read the Diary of Days…she expected entrapment…probably her only ‘real laugh’ while being incarcerated. She knew before the July 15th 911 calls, that she already had both feet in quicksand. But she was trying to help Cindy find the ‘other woman’ who’d help Geo take Casey’s whole life away…and Cindy’s money.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        This is my first time hearing about this third party. Where did you get this info?

        • It was part of one of the hearings before trial. Jose Baez thought that the conversation should be privileged and said that he didn’t know that it was recorded. The judge disagreed and released the recorded conversation between him and Lunceford. Lunceford blew the lid off of the “snitch” testimony. This is actually a very common prosecutorial approach when they are having trouble, especially in cases lacking evidence (why not add a “witness” and a “confession”?).

          I’m not saying all snitches are liars, but essentially prisoners are motivated by the very people who put them in there to receive a favor, like a lower sentence in exchange for any “information”. Why wouldn’t some people be motivated to lie, it makes their life easier.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      I’m sorry Drew
      You may be lost b/c my POV is throwing you off.

      I’ve been posting a scenario where an ‘accident’ HAD to ‘appear to be murder’ of the little girl, who was missing from Casey’s sight in the early hours of June 14th;.

      IMO what unfolded (6 to 36 hours later) was b/c the location where Caylee’s body began to decompose, would’ve / could’ve never looked ‘accidental’ in the Pontiac trunk… just as ‘deliberately harmful intentions’ and murder was left unproven; but WAS the key to the trial verdict…

      Since the verdict, I’ve begun to explore WHY Caylee “appeared to disappear” after the Father’s Day video? June 15th and 16th is mid-to-late June; clearly a day AFTER her death…which experts determined actually did occur in “early-to-mid June” FOR her body to begin to decompose.

      Above all else, for the 4 A-family members was their vow to protect Caylee. IMO the ‘heinous murder story’ was intentional to hide the fact there was no water in her lungs when she died, and to hide what day it occurred, which continues protect the event from scrutiny merely b/c of the single tangible FALSE WITNESS…the Father’s Day video made on “mid-to-late June”

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Hmmm the plot thickens. Thanks for the info JA and youcouldbewrong.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Well, I’m not so sure, anymore…From where I see things now, Mason was half right, because he didn’t know how the trial would end. But, he had identified the “heinous-murder plot” that [aside from all the heinous-evidence, accusations and the heinousness of the 31 day delay] that would tip the scales in the defense’s favor, merely because there wasn’t evidence of what caused Caylee to begin to decompose, but she had to have died before that, right?

          IMO there was an undeniable witness in all this; the Father’s Day video, presenting an illusion that Calyee was alive ‘mid-to-late June’.

          According to the best experts Florida’s money could afford, “Caylee’s body began to decompose in early-to-mid June”. [And the only time Caylee was out of Casey’s sight, was in the early hours of June 14th; Cindy agreed with this.]

          • Drew Hensley says:

            This is very interesting, JA. I will give it some thought. Right now I still think Caylee died on June 16, early in the morning.

  7. Drew Hensley says:

    Okay guys I’ve been out of the loop recently. Now I’m hearing conflicting info about Casey, that M&M will definetly try to trip Casey up and persue perjury charges, that the civil case might wait until after the criminal appeal. What the hell is going on?? Need info.

    • My previous comment is awaiting moderation, but it includes links for what you are talking about. The Judge ruled yesterday to allow the civil case to be delayed to an unknown date because the criminal appeal is slated for its first appearance on Jan. 8th (man they just love wasting taxpayer dollars in Florida don’t they?). Gonzalez’ attorneys would like to wait until after the criminal appeal, but they seem to never understand the law. You don’t just get one appeal, for instance she can win (which she should) and get a new trial or she could appeal to a higher court. If she wins her appeal, I worry that the prosecution will try something sneaky to block her rights, wouldn’t be the first time.

      Yes, they probably do want to trip her up (it’s really all about them playing fake hero for the media-washed masses), but it won’t be perjury. The only way they could get her on perjury is if she made previous statements such as on the stand or in deposition, anywhere under oath. She has not done so. I’m not really sure what they expect when they put her on the stand, but I hope that justice is served and she beats them too. People think that the criminal verdict made a mockery of the justice system and now they want her to pay because she got away with “murder”. So they are willing to let this woman get a civil win she doesn’t deserve. If they want to see a mockery of law, I think they should take a look in the mirror.

      • I believe Florida Law has it in for Casey and is trying to get her anyway they can because they think she got off for murder. Florida s so corrupt. This is so unfair. They will not stop until they get her.

        • I completely agree. Did you know that Florida has the highest number of DNA death row exonerations? Most wrongful convictions are caused by either false witnesses, false accusations/perjury, and official misconduct. The Herald-Tribune did a piece on the corruption of Florida police and jail guards and how the system still allows them to stay on the job. It was called Unfit for Duty. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

          It isn’t just Florida law though. Of course they are after her, just like OJ Simpson, because the national spotlight acquittal embarrassed them. They brought it on themselves, but of course they can’t admit it. They thought that the media would create a jury pool that would be so overwhelmingly pro-prosecution that their lack of actual evidence (which the media lied and said they had) wouldn’t matter anymore. It didn’t happen and all that public fanfare from winning turned to blame (Even Jane Velez-Mitchell turned on Jeff Ashton on Dr. Phil). Though they made out better than they should have with such blatant disregard for taxpayer money and law. The coziness between the media and police is unsettling, especially in Florida, which has enough judicial issues.

          This problem, however, radiates out to the people who continue to believe the media told them the truth about this case.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            Well let’s not forget that we can’t count votes here in FL either. This is a corrupt and stupid state with too many dumb rednecks and silly old farts with outmoded beliefs.

          • I highly doubt the Florida authorities want anything to do with Casey Anthony. They were probably all happy when her probation was over and she left the state, and are dreading when she comes back and brings the media circus with her. This case is just a cheap publicity stunt for a sleazy law firm, and Casey’s testimony will be their biggest media triumph. But it will amount to nothing, and the notion of perjury charges is ludicrous, and only idiot “warriors” buy into it. I doubt most of them even understand what perjury is.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …the media was the vehicle that the heinous-murder story ‘rode in on’…LOL

      • The commentary that I heard on InSession was that the pundits were exchanging ideas about whether her statements have to match the story of Baez opening, Another pundit shot that idea right down though. But some did say that she better keep to what was said in her criminal trial or she could be charged with perjury on her criminal trial? Does that make sense to any of you?

        • Opening statements aren’t considered evidence, they are just summations of the case that each side will present. Juries are told not to take opening or closing statements as evidence. I don’t think that there is legal grounds for perjury. Perjury is when a false statement is made under oath. Casey Anthony never testified in her criminal trial therefore she was never placed under oath and subsequently never made any statements under oath.

          On InSession it depends upon who is talking and what they are talking about as to whether they are saying anything of value. They say so many stupid and silly things! Need I remind you of Vinnie Politan’s boob blooper?

          I would assume that her statements won’t be far off from what her defense presented since they got what they were saying basically from her.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Hello CJ
          …Why anyone would expect her statements have to match the story of Baez opening statements, is a curious notion…the heinous-murder story was WRONG, all on it’s own.

          Casey’s version of where Caylee was and her condition on Father’s day is absolutely NOT what has come to be believed…Casey’s side was never addressed at trial, simply her attorney’s renditions of what could’ve happened within the constraints of the heinous-murder story that begins MID-JUNE: Casey’s version ENDED before Caylee began to decompose, also before she died…in early-to-mid June. Split the right hairs.

  8. JA Kalskett says:

    LOL and LE was “ridin’ shotgun” ha ha ha, sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

  9. Will they ever give up? WKMG News is claiming they have now evidence to prove Casey Guilty.,0,6314505.story

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Although there’s never been reason to believe anyone would harm Caylee intentionally, it is a FACT that she died prior to mid -June…
      So unless it is proof Caylee was alive on June 14th, it is just more of the story of heinousness and murder that was designed for the murder trial verdict.

  10. OMG! So what if that idiot says he has evidence, they can’t retry her! What is the point? He is a reporter not an investigator! I’m sure they took something Baez said years ago, or even spliced a few things together and made it seem like it was recent. Baez would not EVER give those assholes the time of day let alone say what they said he says! They need to STOP!!!!

    • I highly doubt that this “evidence” is significant. If it is then this guy has got to be the greatest investigative reporter of all time, having found new evidence in one of the most-investigated cases of all time. Evidence that the state of Florida somehow missed. I bet it will be nothing but hearsay BS that wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the trial at all. But they’ll get good ratings and make the haters happy.

      • The report, from Tony Pipitone, won’t air until 11 p.m. Tuesday. But WKMG will start promoting the report at 11 p.m. Monday.

        Can you believe that? Here he has this “evidence” but it has to be promoted for 24 hours before he discloses it? It is all for entertainment ONLY! I just can’t believe it. Makes me sick.

        • I agree with Harry N completely. How could Tony Pipitone of all people uncover a smoking gun in a case like this? This is a bunch of money-grubbers who can’t let their biggest meal ticket get her life back. I can’t wait to hear this “evidence”. It’ll probably be like Kiomarie Cruz or the jailhouse snitches or Jeff Ashton’s book having never-before seen evidence. Karen is right, double jeopardy protects Casey Anthony. I’ll see what they have to say with an open-mind, but you’re right Karen if they are sitting on this it’s probably a dud for ratings.

  11. According to this video it looks like Baez spilled the beans on Casey

    I don’t believe it. The news has a way of twisting things especially Florida.

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