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Judge denies ZG’s attorney address request

*** 3/13 UPDATE: Judge Postpones Casey’s Civil Case Until January 2nd 2013 ***

In a hearing this morning, Judge Lisa Munyon denied ZG’s attorney’s request to obtain Casey’s address for their well-publicized subpoena shenanigans… although she did say Casey could be subpoenaed if they can find her. That’s highly unlikely, seeing as M&M couldn’t find  their ass with both hands.

Casey was represented by Charles Greene and Cheney Mason. Both sides have asked for a continuance in the April 10 trial because of scheduling conflicts.

Here’s the latest from

Judge Denies Att Request Casey Address 3-12-2012



  1. Marilyn C. says:

    OMG…well here we go with all the LUNATICS again!! I can’t believe all the crap I’ve been reading. These IDIOTS are saying crap about bounty hunters, reward money, people betting against Mr Mason because M&M is suppose to be so BIG & IMPORTANT. Well I sure wouldn’t want to cross Mr Mason…he is the MAN I would want on MY team!! He was saying something in another clip about bringing in the FEDS because of WHAT M&M was trying to do next !! It is getting CRAZY again & for WHAT??? Zenaida'”s so called GOOD reputation?? WOW!! Do they not realize that everyone has seen her all over facebook & everywhere else, read about her HISTORY? Has anyone else seen her makeover pic going around that MAYBE Dr Phil gave her ? He has made it clear he doesn’t like Casey…but boy is he ever going deeper into a PIT! My prayers are with all the people who surround Casey, support & believe in her & of course Casey, to keep them all SAFE from all the LUNATICS out in this crazy world I keep reading about. Casey…WE are still here!! We got your back!! STAY SAFE!!

  2. Ever notice that ZG is always smiling when she in camera????

  3. What is happening with the lawfirm representing ZG is outrageous. But I think the road to ending the civil suit by the judge is being paved. A while back a legal pundit said the judge will extend the civil suit, and then will eventually dismiss it. And it does appear to that’s what is occuring. It’s been postponed until Jan 2, 2013,

    Casey will always be tucked away in my heart. Stay safe, Casey.

  4. I briefly read today that Roy Kronk is suing some online site for making a claim that he obtained “inside knowledge” from Casey regarding the location of Caylee’s Remains….

  5. Morgan & Morgan – For The Ppl. Yeah sure they are. Maybe For The Money. At any rate, I agree with Cheney – I bet they can’t find her. He seems pretty confident that they have her well hidden and I think she is moving around. I do think Cheney needs to be concerned about Amelia Sobel’s e-book that is coming out in April. She is saying she will not reveal Casey’s hiding places but then again I haven’t seen the book yet.

  6. I think there is a good chance they will settle out of court before Casey is dragged into court or the judge will dismiss the case just like the legal experts have said on TV.

    • If any case in the history of the world should be dismissed, it’s this one! How can ZG possibly say she was “damaged” by anything KC said? She lost her job? Oh…come to find out, she didn’t have one! She lost her home? Oh…come to find out, she lived in a Motel 6. Does she look anything like what KC described? NO!! Does she, or has she ever, used Fernandez as her name? NO! Well, she went on the talk show circuit pretending to be ZFG and even the first filing of this lawsuit was filed with that name! Can you say fraud? I hope the 23rd of March is the last we ever have to hear about this stupid frivoulous suit!!

      • I can’t see this suit being put on a back burner for 9 months. I think Munyon is ready to dismiss it on March 23. I suppose there’s a small chance that she might be trying to give Mitnik and Morgan and Morgan plenty of time to locate her. Perhaps they’ll go door to door.

        • Wow – Wouldn’t we be surprised if one of these Florida Judges actually follows the law and dismisses this frivolous, rediculous case. Hoping it doesn’t end up like the probation mess that allowed a second term to be imposed. I guess we will see on Friday if Justice will prevail or not!

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