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Judge rules on Casey’s audio tapes

From Orlando Sentinel, 11-6-2012:

“Casey Anthony will have to answer questions about what happened to audio recordings she made after her murder acquittal last year, a judge in her defamation suit ruled Tuesday.

Anthony mentioned the recordings in a video diary she made that leaked online in January. Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Anthony, hope the audio may be relevant to their suit.

The judge previously conditionally granted Gonzalez’s request for the audio tapes, but Anthony’s lawyers responded that they don’t exist.

At a hearing Tuesday, Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene for the first time gave a detailed account of what came of the audio, as well as additional video diaries Anthony made.

Greene said Anthony “was spending a lot of time in isolation” while living in hiding late last year. Her lawyers told her it might be “therapeutic” to make a record of her thoughts, Greene said.

He said the advice was “consistent with the advice of psychotherapists.”

The video diaries were posted on “what we thought was a secure website where communications with Ms. Anthony and her counsel were maintained,” Greene said.

But when a diary leaked online in January, “We destroyed everything on the website,” he said. The audio tapes, he said, were “practice” for the video diaries, and “were never preserved.”

Gonzalez attorney Keith Mitnik didn’t accept that explanation.

“How believable is this, coming from her?” he said of Anthony. He said the defendant, who was convicted of lying to authorities, has shifted her account of what happened to the audio repeatedly.

“She has decided she doesn’t want you to look at them,” Mitnik told Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon.

Munyon granted the request to depose Anthony, but said that “all the same safeguards” from her prior deposition in the suit β€” she answered questions remotely via video β€” will remain in place.

The case is set for trial in January, and court filings have been piling up from both sides. Another hearing in the case is set for Wednesday afternoon.

Gonzalez says her life was upended after Anthony said a similarly named nanny had kidnapped her daughter in 2008. The nanny didn’t exist, according to authorities, and the girl was dead.




  1. This woman doesn’t even have a case. She hasn’t held down a consistent job in years (how did she lose her job because of this?) and when she does she breaks the law and loses it (is her character defamable? For goodness sake, she had her son call the media to arrange for her first TV interview, she put herself out there. You would think if there was so much negative buzz about this woman the media would have contacted her.).
    She was living in a hotel at the time that this all happened and was subsisting on welfare. She doesn’t match anything anyone has ever said about ZFG, which the plaintiff admits herself. There is no real indication that the Sawgrass Apts. card is actually relevant, since they can’t say Casey Anthony ever saw it. Not to mention she filed her lawsuit under a fake name and never got in trouble! And Anthony eliminated her to the police, which the police reported to the media. IF the media made any indication that this woman was a suspect, that’s their bad reporting, their fault, she 100% never was and Casey Anthony said that. How is it Casey Anthony’s fault that the media showed her conversation with her parents? If it was Cindy’s statements to the media following this conversation, how is that her fault either? Casey Anthony didn’t ask for this publicity, even though the media acts like it.
    I don’t believe that telling your mother something rises to the level of publicizing (a key part of defamation), besides she wasn’t even talking about this woman (she eliminated her to the police, cleared her!). In addition, she didn’t say that this woman kidnapped her daughter even when she was talking to her parents. If I recall correctly, she said that she never was shown a picture “of that lady down in Kissimmee” to clear anyone. She was obviously attempting to show her parents that the police were not to be trusted and were not doing their job, not anything about that woman.
    You would think if she really was blaming her and defaming her that she wouldn’t describe her completely differently, get her name wrong, say she never met her, and eliminate her during the investigation.
    If these audio recordings are real, they are a version of a diary. Is it really okay for a plaintiff to view a defendant’s diary because the defendant MAY have said something about them? I don’t think so, I agree with the defense, since the judge allowed this, the judge should review anything to see if it is relevant. I wouldn’t trust Gonzalez’s fame hungry attorneys with any information they don’t need, they buddy up to the media an awful lot, something could “slip”. I wouldn’t want someone just looking at my personal stuff because it MAY hold evidence, this isn’t a criminal investigation (even though I actually saw one article call Gonzalez’s lawyers the prosecutors? What?!)
    All law intertwines and everyone is treated equally, if you are okay with this then you should be okay with someone looking at your personal thoughts/diary, are you?

  2. JA Kalskett says:

    Hi youcouldbewrong,
    IMO all of the civil actions continue to support a ‘heinous-murder story’ that the trial verdict reflected ‘was not the truth’ to what happened to cause Caylee’s death.

    The trial really only addressed multiple possibilities of murder, allegedly by the only person charged, scrutinized and accused of foul-play, lies and deliberate deception. [not allowing or forcing Casey to expose what she knew to be true, or even defend herself with the truth…now, it protects her from having to tell [about her worst of worst days.]

    Personally, the date of the 16th of June cannot be right, b/c forensic experts agreed Caylee’s body began to decompose “early-to-mid June”: almost a whole day before the Father’s Day video; supporting a heinous murder story by being a false witness to Caylee’s condition and whereabouts in ‘mid-to-late June.

    • You know, along those same lines, what I always found strange (well one of the things)? Why for awhile there everyone in the Anthony family said that the last time they saw Caylee was June 9th? They said that they got mixed up on what day father’s day was. Do you guys believe that? I always found it funny that in Lee’s deposition he is asked about Father’s Day and he responds, paraphrasing, why would I go over to my parents’ house on father’s day? From that response it struck me that they probably didn’t celebrate it. George and Cindy Anthony’s answers in their state depositions on Casey Anthony’s childhood are a little different, not in general content, but specificity. Cindy was way more specific. Also, Cindy took Caylee to see her great-grandfather on that day and that is the video you see in the media. Was there no video or celebration with George Anthony? For those reasons, I do believe that they genuinely had the day wrong, it just wasn’t important.
      I do not believe that Casey Anthony cold-bloodedly murdered her daughter on June 16th. I do believe that she did die that day and that she was most likely placed somewhere and then moved to where she was found. I do not believe, based on the reports released through the Sunshine Law and the testimony at trial, that she was in the trunk of the car for 3 to 5 days. You are right that in the trial the prosecution presented multiple means of death as well as other choices to the jury. You can’t present choices to a jury as a prosecutor. Why are you charging her if you don’t even know what happened? You expect the jury to say well she could have chloroformed her then smothered her with duct tape, or she could have overdosed her on chloroform and then placed the duct tape on her, or she could have duct taped her and then chloroformed her, etc. etc. and so she should be found guilty. She was facing death, there is a bar that you have to rise to. This is serious business. Prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s one of the reasons they lost their case, but there are so many.
      When Jeff Ashton acts surprised in interviews he’s nothing but a liar. He can sit there and tell everyone that they lost because George and Cindy Anthony fell on the sword for their daughter (which is also a bunch of bull all on its own and some kind of story the media tells to save themselves) and they had no idea they were going to say those things, but the truth is he knew that they were going to say those things. It is all in their state depositions 2 years before the trial started. Every word. George Anthony blaming the police for placing the duct tape on the gas cans and generally looking suspicious. Cindy Anthony saying she searched for chloroform. So that whole act about perjuring their own witness was all planned (and one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen), drama class came in handy for Jeff Ashton.
      Generally people believe that George and Cindy Anthony sacrificed themselves for their daughter (people mostly point to George Anthony’s bad attitude and lack of cooperation on the stand), however, this isn’t true at all. 1.) They have said repeatedly that they wanted her to be convicted, but not sentenced to death. 2.) George Anthony made up that there was a grave in the backyard, child-sized. 3.) They were not happy with the verdict, they didn’t even smile when their daughter wasn’t found guilty of first-degree murder (like they previously expressed they wanted). 4.) George Anthony went out of his way to go to Jeff Ashton’s victory party for AG in the middle of the night and told reporters they know each other better than people think. 5.) Cindy Anthony cared more about being on TV when her daughter called from JAIL then anything else (I saw you on TV, oh which one?). I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with this if you believe that George and Cindy Anthony fell on the sword for their daughter, I ask you how is that true, when you get up on the stand in front of the death-qualified jury and say that you can put 1 and 1 together insinuating that you believe that your daughter out-and-out murdered her daughter? Lots of help.

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