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Justice Prevails Again with Amanda Knox!

It was great to see Amanda Knox (and Raffaele) being freed yesterday from that farce in Perugia. Another case of justice having been done.

I’m not entirely sure why so many people seem to be sarcastically grasping at straws when it comes to the “similarities” between Amanda Knox & Casey though. The only real similarities I can see are that they’re both cute, american, female, wrongly accused, rightly found not guilty… and they’re (apparently) both hated by people that have had prolonged sexual relations with their own mothers.

Anyways… Amanda’s flight from Rome landed earlier today @ Heathrow (UK) – and she’s currently en-route to SeaTac as we speak. That flight left Heathrow @ 3.15pm local time. Click here to visit the “Friends of Amanda Knox” website.


More news to follow shortly. Casey’s video deposition in the ZG civil suit is coming up October 8th.


  1. Who’s Cuter Casey or Amanda? Casey will always have my heart!. But, Amanda is awful cute too.

  2. But, Casey still number #1 and the Cutest!

  3. Marilyn C says:

    I think if it was the LAW that these PROSECUTION TEAMS go to JAIL if they use FRAUD,LIES,MADE UP CRAP,ETC. everywhere…..some of this will stop!! I’m also happy for Amanda & her FAMILY. Right there is one reason this is NOT the same as Casey….. Amanda’s FAMILY & community supported HER!!!!! It is so scarey that such CORRUPTION is all over the world!! This is what Mr Baez & Mr Cheney was WARNING all of us…..if they can make up crap on Casey… they can do it to us too!! THATS what they work so hard to DO!! PROSECUTION TEAMS are the CRIMINALS!!

    • I know! My eyes were opened by Casey’s case. EVERYONE lied! But only Casey was convicted of lying. It’s so alarming! In both cases a jury sent a strong message to these prosecutors! Thank goodness!

    • Marilyn A. says:

      Marilyn C, I completely agree. If the prosecutors were held to a higher (crimal liable) standard, there would be less misconduct. Overzelous prosecutors are why so many innocent people are charged and convicted (in a lot of cases). They’re suppose to be ‘for the people’ seeking truth but a lot of the time, they’re out to have the most wins to further their careers. The higher the win rate, the closer they are to being a sitting judge or political figure. It’s truely disgusting!!

      Thankfully, they did not railroad our girl to further themselves!

  4. CONGRATS TO AMANDA! but she still ain’t Casey ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I’m Happy for Amanda but right she’s still not Casey!

    • LOL Jon your so right…… i really am happy for amanda… but i never really got into that case like i did with Casey…. something drew me to her and her case….. it was like an addiction everyday when the case was on… i had to see it…. and i still come to this site everyday!!!! I just think she is so dang awsoeme! I guess what i like about her so much is, how strong she was through the whole thing.. she never had a lot to say about being in jail…. i would have cried like a baby everyday lol….. you can listen to some of her jail videos and she talks about how its not so bad and how the food is not all that great but she is eating it anyway…. she is such a strong person…. i dont think i could have done what she did! KUDOS TO CASEY!!! <3 <3 XOXOXOX

      • I’m with you, KatM. My two friends are really following Amanda Knox but I was always a little more in-tune with Casey. She is strong. So strong. I think both are. I wonder if jail was almost a safe place for her, even though George still said he could arrange meetings with her at the drop of a hat.

        • I think jail was the safest place for Casey. Did you see some of the fights outside the Anthony house with neighbors? Those people were Crazy! If Casey were home they probably would have tried to hurt her. Casey would not be able to leave her house. I hope Casey stays away from George. The guy is creepy and most likely Dangerous.

          • you are so right! people are just so dang mean! I feel casey is in a safe place now….i think its great nobody knows where she is…..i pray she stays safe…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I agree with you, folks: I donโ€™t know much about Amanda. I simply did not follow trough that case. My best wishes to Amanda and her family; however, Casey is one who is really touched my heart. She as a Sacrifice Lamb has been thrown out to the wolves by her own family!!! I can not even compare these two cases.

    • your right…it seems amanda has a lot of supporters…..and i dont understand why that is….and casey has nobody…she is alone…can you imagine what would have come of her if her defense team had not helped her out…..its scary to even think of it….

      • I think it’s so awesome how she had so much faith in Baez even though nobody else did. And he stood by her the whole time and ultimately became the family she never had.

  7. I just ordered the new book written by Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda’s boyfriend who was also acquitted that day in Italy. He explains the back story behind those videos where everyone assumed “guilt by video reaction”.

  8. It was obvious this girl was innocent…she was always distressed everytime I saw her. Poor thing. I’m glad Amanda and Raffaele were found not guilty. Being in another country going through what they went through must have been an extreme cruel hardship!

    • Amanda had the support of her family. Casey didn’t. Casey’s family turned on her.

      The book Honor Bound by Raffaele Sollecito is out now at Barnes and Noble.

  9. WOO HOO! Still celebrating Amanda’s exhoneration, her FOUR MILLION DOLLAR BOOK DEAL (look for the book next Spring!), her jubilent and loving homecoming……and let’s not forget the continual outpouring of support her Seattle community continues to give her. SO proud of you, Amanda…..beautiful, incredibly intelligent and beloved by all of us here in the PAC NW! ๐Ÿ™‚

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