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Justice Redefined? (from the Prinniefied blog)

From The Prinniefied Blog :::

Justice…I’ve seen the word bandied about plenty over the past few months, and I am truly trying to figure out how there is ever justice in a child’s murder case.

Will their cries for justice bring back a dead child that had she not been cute and white – they probably wouldn’t give a crap about anyhow.  How does calling for the death of her mother actually provide justice for Caylee?  Are their caws for “justice” really in search of JUSTICE for Caylee or is Caylee merely being used as a vehicle for their hate and vitriol?

These bitter, old women are spurring on and advocating violence be meted out against someone who was found not guilty.  Someone whom they OPINE may have killed her child.  Guilt is, in fact, nothing more than speculation and opinion because no one has taken credit for the dastardly deed and there is no smoking gun…no matter how convinced people are that Casey Anthony is guilty. None of us will ever know what happened until the killer speaks.  Until that time, all is merely speculation and assumption.  FACTOID.


  1. Just behavior or treatment.
  2. The quality of being fair and reasonable.

Justice  is merely a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, or religion, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics.  Justice consists of being just, fair and reasonable.  Justice does NOT equal answers.  Isn’t an adjudication of not guilty part and parcel of “justice”?  Does God condone murdering someone or causing them harm?  These good Christian ladies should know better.   Nowhere does it state that justice entails appeasing the butt hurt of the internet who can’t take the final verdict of this case.  Justice does not advocate the criminal stalking of individuals and their families just because these alleged mentally deranged outpatients of the interwebz didn’t get the verdict that Nancy DisGrace promised them…….

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  1. SJ,
    I copied my comment from the blog you mentioned to here as it pertains to what you are discussing.

    There is no place in the bible that calls for this type of behavior; it was just the opposite. We can conclude that these men/women who use their bible as an invisible ally, are the pharasees Jesus spoke against. Based on the bible, these people would be the FIRST our Lord would call out about their judging and damning people to hell.

    Furthermore, just as the haters say we try to “dress Casey up” when we point out gross negligence or incongruent “facts” in the case, they “dress their hate up” by saying they do this for Caylee. It’s become an excuse to hate. Moreover, if this case had not grown so big, they would find someone else to harass, fear monger and malign each other against the reasonable people of the world. It is more about their hate than a cause they believe.

    These groups fail to see how intellectually inconsistent their thinking is, which in turn, weakens their message. They choose to embrace the views of various professionals who have traded their ethics for status in the media i.e. grace, drew, etc. If you sift through the diabolical drivel when reading their comments anywhere on the web, you won’t find references to sources from the trial, or lucid critical thought, because they have to rely on the media to think for them. Their vocabulary demonstrates that alone. One of the first things you learn in English is that cursing and hate filled rhetoric weakens a point. These folks obviously did not learn these simple tips about good writing. The more logical the article, or comment, the angrier the mongers sound because they cannot find the words to “fight back.” By resorting to insults and arguing with facts even refuted by the prosecution, i.e., Ashton’s admission that chlorophyll as a murder weapon was over the top in believability and of course, the non-84 computer searches (a paraphrase).

    Another thing that happens is that when these “warriors” find themselves reading opinions they disagree with, they become so pathetically confused (it’s almost sad to watch) that they parrot each other saying almost unintelligible remarks! Almost because the threats, the relentless need for blood, the desperate tone in which they incite one another to stalk, break laws, promote vigilante justice comes across loud and clear. Secondly, since these people lack the life-skills needed to get along in the world, they form their own malfunctioned social construct and rely on the “group” to promote their propaganda. They are bullies and bullies are noisy yet ineffective at mobilizing any type of positive action.

    Blogs such as yours are commendable and keep speaking out. This is perfect time to call these people to task.

    I know personally, MANY quiet people who read and disagree, and who see the hate speech as just as reprehensible as the so-called crimes they are protesting. Blogs like yours reinforce what reasonable people know to be true. As trite as the word, “awareness” sounds, it’s exactly what is needed about this topic of a real life witch-hunt of a young woman, acquitted of murder, who deserves nothing short of well-wishes, prayers and good thoughts at this juncture in this never-ending saga. Excellent post. It’s time to pick up the pen and fight back. These people use swords as words and we know the pen is the mighty weapon. Take care SJ

  2. Gillian Weeks says:

    Dear SJ and Sonja-

    Great posts, guys! Casey needs strong advocates like yourselves! I, for one, am fed up with all of these so called “Caylee Warriors” who do nothing at all to rally FOR Caylee. All they do is hide (like you said Sonja) behind a thin, corrupt veil- much akin to the one that is worn by the entire Anthony family in the sense that it is an emotional vacuum.

    i don’t know how to cure this problem. This is a very serious issue, and I wish there was something we supporters could do, to help these people recognize that what they are doing is wrong, or that what they stand for is not what their actions show..

    I’m stuck. My new phrase is “Sorry but I am all out of troll food.” I feel like my tank is empty.. The tank of Hope for Casey, that is.

    Well, with one exception. =) See there are a few liters of gas left in there, where they will remain. This hope is that the media dumbbells will stop being so fearful of airing a Casey interview or movie, due to the potential of a boycott. From what I have seen, the “Casey Boycotters” are the same ones who can’t seem to get enough of her. (Who can blame them? What’s not to love!) So there is still hope- I have faith that the media will do the right thing, air the programs, and Casey and them will all make loads of money because of it.

    i have faith that Casey will one day be a rich woman, living high on the hill.. with all the stupid little haters down below, having to look up to her. That’s my prayer request for today, lol.. =)

    Casey- if you’re seeing this- KEEP BEING COOL!! You are very loved by those of us who have the sense to consider all angles, and trust me, not everyone even knows about your case. I hope you are having a great time with your new puppy. I can’t wait until this stupid ZG trial passes. Everyone is just on the edge of their seats.. You REALLY are infamous.. Mostly because of that notoriety of the case, but look- MANY people do understand that people cope in different ways. When my mom told me she had cancer, I sprung out and went to karaoke, to get my mind off of it. I just couldn’t even imagine. I went to see Antz the day my mom died. I just couldn’t cope. I went to ihop during her viewing. I couldn’t watch. After that, I lived in the house (I was in the Navy and pregnant, so they transferred me down to Tampa so I could care for her- That obviously didn’t go as planned- I had everything set up before she got REALLY sick with infections from the chemo, and my orders came in a week after she died.) and avoided mutual friends, or anything that reminded me of her, or anyone who would want to talk about it. I was in such deep denial, it was absurd. I slept until 6 pm on Christmas day- and thats my favorite holiday! When my son came, it got a little worse, before it got better. Two grandparents died.. Within the same year she died, I lost about half of my family. I DO understand where you are coming from. It’s harder to talk about it than it is to hold it in and pretend it didn’t happen. I just want you to know.. I get it. Lots of people are out there who have issues with coping, and are seen as being “non emotional” or having the response that people like you and I have, of “laughing through it”- which some people think of as laughing at the situation. I just want you to know I understand how that mentality works. It’s NOT your fault, either. Let me explain:

    When my dad died, I was nine. Mom didn’t bring it up enough for me. My sister and I sometimes talked about this, and she said I should just bring it up if I feel like talking about it. I did. Didn’t work. We would talk for a minute, maybe two. It was awful. I really wanted a REAL conversation about dad. I wanted a hug. I had a really hard time with finding ways of bringing his name into discussions, and eventually just didn’t try very hard anymore to do it. We were lucky if his name was even mentioned once in a month’s time. Denial is a severe issue, sometimes.

    I know that you know Caylee is gone.. I know that it’s too much for any mother to accept.. But you are alive. And you are a person for whom MOST people really want to see moving on and being able to cope with any possible issues in a healthy way in the future. We do love you. You are a good person..
    Keep your head held high. You deserve your day in the sun, and I do believe it will come! <3

    Best wishes…


  3. Audra Blinn says:

    Cindy Anthony actually said “Justice for Caylee was when Casey walked free.” Hmm… Even her own highly dysfunctional mother knows she had nothing to do with it. It scares me to think that someone with the mind that Cindy has and the cards that she was dealt and played can see how Casey is innocent. Yet, people with less “issues” and dysfunction can not see that?!

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