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Keith Ablow: “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony”, out 11/22

Quick reminder: Dr Keith Ablow’s book – “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait”  is released next Tuesday (11/22), and it promises to be an awesome read. For more info and to order your copy, click here or click the pic below…

You can also click here to preview 30+ pages from the book.

Book Description:

The trial of twenty-five year old Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee was the most sensational case in America since O.J. Simpson’s—with a verdict every bit as stunning. After being acquitted in July 2011, Ms. Anthony instantly became one of the most infamous women in the world. Dr. Keith Ablow distills tens of thousands of pages of documents he has obtained, his behind-the-camera, one-on one interviews, and his decades of experience in the world of forensic psychiatry to make sense of a woman whose defense attorney described as an innocent victim of childhood sexual abuse, but the state insisted was a cold-blooded murderer. Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony delivers an incisive, riveting way of understanding this troubled young woman.

To finish off this post, here’s a clip from Fox News with Dr Keith Ablow:

Casey Anthony Trial: Is George Anthony Hiding Something? w/Dr Keith Ablow:

Is George Anthony Hiding Something with Dr Keith Ablow


  1. I don’t really know if I should support this book. Does the author Kieth Ablow say that Casey is Innocent? I will only buy a book from Casey herself or Jose Baez at least I can trust them to tell the truth. SJ, Can you tell me why you are supporting this book and why I should buy it.

    • I wouldn’t recommend it! Ablow is not as smart as he seems to think he is. It’s just another pundit’s opinion although he does tend to point the finger at Cindy and George more than most.

      I’m with you, Jon. I would read a book by Casey, her defense team, or a book by one of the jurors – but not from some quack like Ablow.

    • Hi Jon! Keith’s book is written from a forensic psychiatrists’ perspective, as opposed to many of the finger-pointing hate fest & sour grapes riddled fiction titles already out there. He has no “hidden agenda” nor an axe to grind.

      It also includes a lot of information previously unreleased (as seen in the sample pages @ Amazon) so it should be an interesting read. Whether you buy it is up to you, but I agree, nothing is ever gonna come close to a book from Casey herself. Thanks for posting! SJ

  2. SJ: Do you know where we might ask the laughing guy “why wasn’t George Anthony” investigated?

    • Hi MiMi! Well, everything (from Melich @ Universal onwards) was geared up to framing Casey – so fully investigating anyone else was never really an option – like GA or indeed Roy Kronk who moved Caylee’s remains multiple times.

      So yes, The Laughing Guy will probably answer the easy questions on his book & TV promo tour – but nothing that would expose the prosecution’s countless errors & flaws. SJ

  3. I found Dr Ablow’s research very “enlightening”. I have only read a small preview/snippet but the information re: George & Cindy’s early years, parents and life pre-Casey were very interesting. I also agree with Dr Ablow that Cindy was also a victim of sexual abuse by her father. It plays very much into who she is and why she acts the way she does. Maybe it more examples why she DIDN’T act the way she should have acted in regard to Casey. I have suspected Cindy of being a sexual abuse/incest survivor since 2008 but haven’t shared those thoughts previously, no one wants to talk like that about a stroke victim in a wheel chair. (Well, just me, lol.) The family dynamics through-out the Plesea family SHOUTS it. Rick, he’s a real winner isn’t he? What was it that his son told the court & Rick DISOWNED him for it? The back & forth between the siblings (C & R) showed a glaring lack of BOUNDARIES and personal EMPATHY. I could go on & on….

    • I agree with you HollysGmom 100%. When I read the emails between Rick and Cindy I couldn’t believe the family dynamics. Wow…they argue like they are children and then Rick seemed all too happy to show the emails to the world. Seems the only things kept private in that family are the things that should be exposed, you know what I mean???

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