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Key Casey Anthony trial evidence not destined for Ebay

From Casey Anthony’s infamous car to bedding from Caylee’s nursery, attorneys showed hundreds of items of evidence during Anthony’s first-degree murder trial. Where does all that evidence go now?  There’s one place the Anthony family doesn’t want to see it: on eBay.

All of the items remain in the custody of the Clerk of Court’s office, which will hold onto it for at least three and a half years, or until a judge issues an order releasing it to a specific party.  George and Cindy Anthony are already fighting to get hold of it.  Their attorney, Mark Lippman, says the pair doesn’t want it landing in the wrong hands.  “We want it all. We don’t want to leave anything out there that could possibly be sold on eBay or privately, whatever it may be. My clients want it all back to keep, and what they don’t keep, I’ll destroy,” Lippman said.  He said he would go through the evidence piece by piece with the two to decide what gets kept and what doesn’t.

Casey’s car itself was never actually introduced as evidence, only items from inside the car, including the trunk liner.According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office guidelines, if the Anthonys are the rightful owners of the car, they should be able to get it back.


Key Casey trial evidence not destined for Ebay

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