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Want to show your love & support for Casey Anthony? Leave your message for Casey in this page!


  1. Casey. You have a lot of supporters out here. Stay strong. Keep on believing… and keep the faith! FAA / SJ

    • Good luck. You have a fresh start. I would get far away from America.

      • Hi Casey. I’m Shane covey i live n illinois just seen this web site the other day. I had to say something I have support u since day1 iknow u where innocent I will stick up for u I arugure with people all the time about u being innocent I’m sorry u have to go thru this crap I’m sorry u had to go to jail some 1 is innocent n sweet as u r didn’t derserve that I been thru drama tize my self I’m sorry your dam dad touch you also iknow he did I can read your eyes I hope u will email me back but that’s up to u. Girl the dam people harass they don’t know shit there r stupid by the way u r goregous lol,be my day to meet u1 day that’s up to u keep believing girl be strong I love the blonde hair I seen on tv was awesome have a good weekend girl bye

    • Carol Valle says:

      Hello!! I love you so much Casey! Hope… Thats the last thing to loose…. U are so brave and strong woman. I wish u nothing but love, and the best.
      Now, i want to ask, SJ who is running this website, are you going to post the Casey Anthony E true hollywood story! We who support her are wanting to see it!! And by the way, love you work here, to show others that people like we love, and know in our hearts that Casey is an innocent woman.

      • Hi Carol! Thanks for your kind comments. As soon as the “E True Hollywood Story” becomes available online, rest assured we’ll be uploading it. Take care! SJ

        • Carol Valle says:

          Thanks SJ!! I guess, we all know in our hearts that Casey is a good woman, and I know for sure that she must have her heart broken because of the loss of her baby girl, I cant imagine the pain she must have felt, and still feels because beautiful Caylee is not with her. And I also think that she is out of jail because God knows she is innocent, and he is giving her a new start, so her heart can heal, and she can live a life in honor of her baby girl, Caylee is for sure Caseys guardian angel. She is beautiful and smart, she can start again! I as i said, i wish only the best for her.

            THANK YOU,
            ASHLEY L

          • Mario Ortega says:

            One of the most satisfying moments on live tv was when watching Casey being acquitted. I really love those images when she was listening the verdict of not guilty. I was very happy for her. After all the hell she went through, I just wish Casey the very very best.

      • Jayne M says:

        Casey, I didnt believe you at first, because the media painted u wrong. After looking at all the photos, I am with you. I am sure your daughter forgives you, something went terribly wrong, I dont know what. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Casey, I have probably just felt a tiny bit of the hate and fear that you have. But, it was totally worth it to get to stand up for you. Stay strong, and contact me anytime.. Stay safe -L

    • Jennifer T says:

      Hey Casey, my name is Jennifer. I live in Melbourne FL..looking at your family at trial I thought omg Casey reminds me of myself and your mom, like my mom, and the dad, like my was scary watching all you on TV..I don’t know exactly how you feel..but I know what it’s like being a young mother trapped by her own parents, I don’t have many friends, I would love to talk to you, maybe even hang out we’re not far away..I was hoping for a not guilty verdict!! I hope you can regain back your life after this horrible tragedy, I do pray for you, email me.

    • Hi not sure if im posting this to the right spot, but to casey… im so happy your moving on with your life, and im sorry you have to go thru all of this… as a Floridian i know how much people hate you here and to see you stand up and own it anyway you are proving you can live thru diversity in life and that people liking you doesnt have to run your life. I think that you are a very strong, independent woman! i admire you very much!!!! Please e-mail if you need a friend!

      • Well said! Stand up, and move on positively. I am sharing my support with the positive supporters to see you succeed in life.

    • I felt justice was served and just letting you know you have a safe place here in my heart and I just hope that you will have an opportunity for a new life. I have had a rough life but after getting away from my parents I am now living a beautiful life in a gorgeous 6500 sq ft home with a man who loves me and he knows everything and doesn’t care, I went on to college and recieved a bachelors degree with honors in accounting, so you go girl and never feel you are less, hold your damn head up high, live your life…

    • I am so excited to finally find this site, omg I am so happy for her and amazed at her poise during so much hate and negative attention, hooray I was hoping someone would do this, thank you nice to see ppl sticking up for justice, she was found innocent and she should live freely, good luck doll and thanks for giving us a place to say, hell yes, I am so glad that you were found innocent, thank you

    • Casey,

      I hope this message finds you doing well… I remember hearing of Caylee missing and it saddened me because I had a beautiful 1 year old little girl and couldn’t imagine her being taken from me… No matter what the circumstances were. I didn’t follow the case at all before the trial but when the trial started I began watching and couldn’t stop. I tried to put myself in your shoes and I couldn’t. I couldn’t imagine what the state was accusing you of. Their theory just didn’t make sense. Now I’m not stupid enough to think that there aren’t mothers out there that don’t abuse their children. But Caylee had never been abused so what made them think that all of a sudden you decided to murder your child? I know those words must cut so deep into your soul. I don’t know how you have made it through this… I look at my now 4 year old and my heart breaks all over again. How it must just about kill you to not be with Caylee. From the pictures it looked like you two were two peas in a pod. I could tell she adored you and you loved her with all of your heart. It’s so sad… =(

      I know what it’s like to be chastised for having a drink or stealing a moment away to be myself instead of someone’s mommy 24/7. Please know that it wasn’t wrong to have gone to a party or have a drink. You were of legal age and your daughter was safe. But apparently these days doing anything but being a mom is criminal and the punishment is the equivalent to being stoned in public. It’s not fair how you were treated. I’m sure you probably wish you had a time machine to change it. But the past can’t be changed and you were able to smile and be the best mommy you could be while God allowed you to have that beautiful Angel. One day you will be with her again. I pray that you find peace and understanding but most of all I hope you find forgiveness. My heart breaks for you. Everything has been taken from you and we’ll never truly understand what that feels like. The best thing you can do is keep positive people around you so you can keep moving forward with your life. No one is perfect, even though we would like to be… Mistakes were made learn from them and grow into a beautiful woman. One day maybe you will get a chance to be a mommy again, even though that will never bring her back you may get a second chance. I wish you well and pray for your heart and safety.

      I won’t say call me because I’m sure it’s difficult to trust anyone these days… But if you do need a friend or a spirit lift I’m sure you can find it here. Good luck Case.


      P.S. The same reasons Nancy Grace assassinated your character on television (not being truthful) she admitted on her show recently that she would be put in prison for a long time if it were a crime to not tell the truth to every person. Ironic… huh? I just shake my head at that woman. She’s incredibly fake and a little out of touch with reality. She worked a number on you and karma will kick her ass. Bombshell tonight… =D

      • Casey, I just read what Ashley wrote to you. It was like she was speaking from my own heart. My heart breaks for you as well. My husband Dennis and I believed from the beginning of your horriffic journey, that you were Innocent!!!!!! We argued with family and friends in your defense. Hey you know what? If those people can’t see through all the “MEDIA” BS to the truth, then to hell with them ya know?! Anyway, I wish nothing but the best for you in life. since you were released from jail i have been wanting to get a message to you. I even looked up JB,s office # and left a voice message for you through them, Im not sure if you ever even got it. Then I came across your “personal diary” on youtube and saw this site. When I listened to you speak on your diary, how you finally had something to call your own. Your computer, video cam, cell phone and your dog. I felt happy for you but sad at the same time. I guess because you sounded sad while talking. Casey, now that I have visited and joined this website and have read so many other up lifting messages to you, sweetie you have more people on your side than the haters… Who in my opinion are a bunch of twisted shallow minded idiots, who have no place to judge you or anyone else. Until they walk a mile in your shoes, right Casey? screw them all. Especially Nancy Grace, i think that woman owes you a public apology!!!! Never calling you by your name, Tot Mom, over and over. Karma will come back to bite her in her Big Ass….. I do know it is very hard to trust people these days. But if you ever want to come to the west coast of our state? LEE County, You and your dog are more than welcome!!!! Keep your chin up and keep looking to your future.. And always remember “YOUR” Little angel Caylee is looking out for her mommy!!!!!! Get back to you soon Casey!!!!! xoxoxo Pauline

    • Steve Miller says:

      If George isn’t convicted for the murder of Caylee, Casey will never get out from under the threats and hate. She’s innocent. Leaving America is not the remedy. Casey needs to press charges with her probation officer to put in the record. Her lawyers have refused to do that.

      • HollysGmom says:

        Steve, You still with the band? J/K ANyway, Casey can not press charges against George at this time as she can not discuss certain aspects of her still on-going case (due to the appeals process). Once the appeals are finished then she can do so if she desires. There are people who have been gathering information from the documents and other places on George and it WILL be submitted to Casey for her decision on what to do with it.

        Unbeknownst to many, the doc dump records for the hopespring desk top contain much data re: George’s online activities. Escorts, singles ads, diamond ring shopping & job hunting Day after Day, website after website.

        There are people working on it, never fear.

    • casey i just want you to know that were all here for you every step of the way your a very pretty girl with a warm heart i love you and will always support you no matter what!

    • Elizabeth Harrison says:

      Dearest Casey,

      I’ve grown to love you – your spirit, heart, and hold you in my heart in prayers.

      You are so important to the world as you embody innocence and truth as it is silhouetted against this blind and broken world of many kinds of beasts (high functioning and normal and respectable as they may only seem).

      Your situation, that of being seen by the vast majority of people as ‘guilty’ is only one pale shade, reflection, of the profoundly shallow, heartless, and dis-associative herd-mentality that permeates our world and attempts to silences those who have any courage at all left.

      We live in dark times. We need beautiful, courageous people like you to keep afloat and to even unfold and to grow.

      My prayers for you are that you continue your unfolding with exquisite care of yourself, and with those you deem truly human beings – and, if you do not already do so, to ASK (even if you do not believe in a deity per se) the heavens for help in this life-long endeavor of healing. Never giving up no matter what dark places your heart may have to enter into in this healing. You will find healing with your heart open, even in the midst of hell – slowly, at your own pace, and balanced with the joys that you so deserve nourishing with…like true friends, nature – all the simple pleasures. This is my prayer for you.

      Love, Betsy

      PS: I have had to sever ties with my family of origin, and it is a process that involves tremendous pain but also many miracles of sorts. Good Luck – L.U.C.K. = Laboring Under Correct Knowledge
      And stay ‘Forever Young’ – x an O

      • I too continue to be on Casey’s side. My hope is that the hardened hearts of so many will change. I for one held her up in prayer from day one. Casey will always be in my thoughts and I am a better person for believing in her. I read the discovery…….. So much not ALLOWED to be told by media.

    • First off, I just want to say Casey, you are so stunningly beautiful and I would marry you in a second. Second, I hope you can find happiness in your life still and I’m dreaming that we cross paths one day :). Best wishes.

      • Shari Morelli says:

        Casey, I wrote you yesterday telling you the truth of my life . It’s vague but I thought you might understand me. I in way was implying that your father didn’t play a huge role in this tragedy. I could have seen my father helping in an extreme situation as not to upset my mother. Remember what I think it was Hemingway said ” Show me a hero I’ll right you a tragedy. ” Again no offense. I just see the similarities of our families as striking. I just thought you would relate. Shari

      • Brandon Wolf says:

        Casey if you need help in any way I would be happy to help in any way I would be happy to help you any way I could. I know the media isn’t fair. I hope you are in a good way. I don’t know what else to say other than you are a beautiful girl and deserve better.

    • Tracy Reale says:

      Casey, you are still very much loved and have a lot of support through prayer and faith that our humanity will change. I have often wondered if this was a test from God to see how we as a society have evolved. It almost appears that in an age of computers and robots that many have allowed to be programmed to desire hatred. As a mother NOTHING could stop me from supporting and believing in my child. I do hope that you have been able to have some resolution in that matter. As we know, nothing you hear is all truth, especially through Media! I hope you are enjoying your puppy. I have three and know that they have brought me through the worst of times. Well, them as well as my faith. Anyway, just wanted to say, I wish you well and I would proudly call you my daughter. I will continue to prayer for your peace. And one last comment, Casey I always believed you.

    • I never in a 100 million years thought I would ever say these words but on the rare occasion I am wrong I admit to it…I just finished reading the Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: the inside story by Jose Baez and Peter Goldenbock … no i did not buy it, I got it from the library! After reading the book I honestly believe Casey Anthony did NOT MURDER HER DAUGHTER CAYLEE. Go to the library and get the book, read the book and tell me if you still think that girl killed her baby after you read it.
      Nancy Grace should be taken off the air. Prior to reading this book I never missed Nancy Grace, now I will never watch her again!
      God bless Jose Baez and the legal team that put their life on hold, Jose Baez losing his home to keep a woman I wanted to see skinned alive and rolled in salt from being sentenced to death! I am shocked over the lies the media fed to us and we all sat there begging for more. A friend asked me how the book changed my mind, read the book, I think she is a seriously mentally ill woman due to her childhood, however that does not mean she murdered her child. The book is filled with things the court would not allow in based off of an order set early on. I think if you understand incest and the life long issues it causes, you would believe that poor baby fell into the pool. IF you believe she is telling the truth about being raped by her father and I personally do, you realize that she didn’t think she had a choice, her father told her what to do and as a child of incest she did what she was told. Most of the testimony that set her free was the states. Science can be proven, if it cant be proven, it is not science. When the person that made the computer soft ware that says she search for chloroform 84 times comes out and says the program didn’t work and she looked ONCE after her boyfriend posted the pic he posted on myspace, The state cant say we are charging you with murder because we don’t like you, the state cant say well, we don’t like her and America fell in love with this baby girl so we want this person put to death. Caylee was a beautiful baby and it is sad and tragic that this happened, however sad and tragic does not equal murder. I did not watch the trial I, I caught the “important parts” on Nancy Grace at night, so when I was at the library and Josh handed me the book I got angry with him, but then decided to read it, I am glad I did, I don’t want to be a media sheep, if you read the book you will still dislike Casey because who could like her after her actions? but I would love to see George Anthony charged for his roll in this tragic life event!!! That’s what this was, a sad and tragic life event, NOT A STORY, a baby lost her life a mother lost her child and we all fell in love with Caylee we all watched the news and we all would have sentenced her to die because of our emotions are not facts! Caylee was put in a bag, wrapped in duck tape and throw 19 feet into the woods, to rot like trash and George Anthony did that to his own grand daughter, so what do you think he did to his own daughter, I do NOT think he murdered Caylee, however I think he threw her away after he hid her poor little body, I think he set his daughter up to die to hide his nasty dirty sercets, but that is how I feel read the book and tell me how you feel. I feel so sorry for you Casey life is not fair but you were beyond brave!

      • I am clicking reply to Laura’s comments since they are what seem to sum it up best. How or why would Casey’s own father not give his own daughter the benefit of the doubt as did her mother, Cindy. It is because of how Laura explained it in her comments. My gut feeling from back when the trial took place and the verdict was that George is completely behind the death and/or reason for Caylee’s death and/or hiding her body.

        I’m also a victim of sexual abuse and completely understand the difficult process of removing yourself from being loyal to your abuser. It can take years and years. But the truth will prevail with regards to George’s role in the abuse of Casey. As for Cindy, I feel she is expressing classic signs of denial and it is only a matter of time before she removes herself from George.

      • Seriously? I did not know that. The media is heartless and I feel that they do not examine “all of the facts” but will crucified a person automatically. the fact that Casey went party crazy after Caylee went missing, shows that yes she is very mentally ill. I hope she’s getting the mental help she needs…Oh! and yes I hope they take that horrid witch Nancy Grace off the air; I hate her too…Although, I do not think they will…

    • Having just finished Jose….Oh Casey…my heart aches for the hell u and poor Caylee have endured for being abused as a child myself , I know how much it hurts and the never ending consequinces we indure through out our lives. You deserve peace and happiness in your life and I know you have a little Angel watching over you so make her proud and keep fighting the good fight!!

    • Casey, I just want to let you know I think about your case all the time.I am really hoping one day everyone will see what a good mommy you were.Caylee was a very lucky little girl to have you. God bless you and God does love you very much.I’m sure little Caylee is watching over you everyday.

      God bless,


    • Nellie Grey says:

      Sometimes, things happen for no reason at all. Your not guilty verdict was NOT one of those times. You’ll figure it all out, and you’ll find your path in this life. God wouldn’t want you to go thru all of this for nothing. I know you’re supposed to be “the most hated woman in America” but just wait..Dennis Rodman wears a dress sometimes and he just got back from N. Korea lol I was glad to see that the generosity of others is how you have been surviving because you needed to know that people are compassionate. You are safe. And you are loved. Be well.

    • i hope she knows how much support she has . i feel so bad for her with all those haters. all that matters is she is innocent and free thank god he blessed her . i believed in her from day one without any doubt. much love to you casey and god bless.keep strong.

    • Kay Crossno says:

      SJ, This may very well be the wrong place to post this but have you heard the REAL LIES Nancy Disgrace tells herself to make her story about her fiance’s murder so much worse than it was… Whey? Because shes an attention seeker who used his death to her own gain. Check out..
      Thanks for all you do, SJ!!!

    • Do u boo.keep your head up and keep smiling

    • Casey – Keep your head up sweetie, you deserve everything good life has to offer. You’re not alone!

    • J Suarez says:

      Casey hope you are doing well Just found this site If you ever make it to the Palm Springs area know that you have a friend out here God bless

    • Shari Morelli says:

      . moved 1000 miles away to hide it especially from my mother. Nothing I did was right I lost my chance at an education but I had looks. My self confidence was horrible as my friends started their college career s I exaggerated about myself to feel better.
      Back to my mother she brought me home
      And took
      Over but when it came to babysitting I had to lay with my daughter till she went to sleep, then I could leave. The ne t morning I’m apiece of trash what kind of mother goes
      Out till 2:2:30 am that was my Saturday. My mother always wanted to control us but didn’t want to give me a Friday out. I would take my daughter out with me . One time she fell and I was terrified of her wrath . She needed stitches but I had to wait and concoct a new fall in my mother’s presence. I couldn’t bare how
      Terrible she would make me
      Feel about myself. I finally met someone and moved far again . It was great I was a success, and then I got the call
      Parents were moving out by me. Things got bad my mother stopped loving me when I had a. Child. If she ever loved me. My father would never go a against my mom even when he new she was wrong. Mom was always right she bought a big house And set out to wreck my marriage. It was all to get me under her roof I had another child she could rip me apart with. Telling anyone who would listen how they loved her more. I was hurt in the sAme way you were. When I heard about the duct tape I totally got it. Dealing with my mother she if one of my kids died with just me their. I would have to have come with serial killer story to cover something like that.. To this day she loves to tell me
      I’m gaining weight or losing to much she keeps a constant assault on me over my looks. Now that my kids are grown she still uses her money to buy them. Oh and she loves when I’m arguing with one of my kids. LOVES it. So I get it why an accident would look like a murder. I so get it. My father just died and to his dieing breath he wouldn’t never stand up for me.
      I don’t know your truth but I do wish she peace. My youngest live with my mom who’s. Bribed her. So I’m a lonely person because I. Couldn’t break away. Just some thoughts. Thank you. Cafhasey if you even see this.
      Shar. ☘️✌️

    • Shari Morelli says:

      Sorry about the poor text. I still have an I phone 5. It has a mind of its own. E mail if you feel like it. I really think you understand everything I told you. Shar

      • Hey Dude,

        I’m a 29 year old woman from the Southeast US.

        When your case was happening, I was only a few years younger than you. That summer was the first summer after my highschool graduation, so I didn’t give much of my attention to the news. I do remember hearing about it here and there, but I never felt strongly about it one way or another.

        I was on reddit a few weeks ago, and found a subreddit named after you. Most of the posts were…not nice. But there was one post, a very long and extensive post, mapping out the evidence supporting your being found not guilty. It probably took me three days to get through entirely due to the shear length of it, but I was so enthralled. As it happens, the author of that post got so many requests that she ended up turning it into a full length book. I downloaded it immediately. It’s called “Everything you didn’t know about the Casey Anthony trial” and I finished it in two days.

        I began watching the trial on YouTube and I was SO disgusted with Mr. Ashton. I thought the entire police investigation was awful and shady and the media disgusted me immeasurably. I knew what the verdict was already, but when it was read aloud in open court I found myself tearing up at your reaction. Your expression read 100% as someone finally being validated, and believed. It didn’t read at all like someone being relieved they got away with something, though I didn’t believe you were guilty to start with.

        I hope you’re well and able to have some semblance of a normal, happy life. It isn’t fair that after having your day in court, that you’re still imprisoned in a way.

    • Brandon Wolf says:

      Casey I have been following your situation since 2010 when the trial was going on. I didn’t see evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. I hope all is good with you.

  2. Casey you are special. You are beautiful inside and out. Always keep your head up. Don’t ever let anyone put you down or make you feel bad. You deserve nothing but the best. Never lose hope. You have so much strength and you are so brave. Keep the faith beautiful girl.

  3. Miss Casey, you have many people out here who believe in you and want the best for you. Chin up, girl, the worst is behind you…look ahead with great expectations and be happy. The hurt you may feel in your heart will heal with each passing day. Put that beautiful smile on and march forward! We love you!

  4. Dear Casey, you’re the bravest person I know, you’re so special…. Always keep in mind that so many people support and love you… Both you and Caylee have changed this world.. Though your daughter had been taken away from you, please remember that she’ll always be with you… she’s protecting you and guiding you… Keep the faith and take care sweetheart:)

    • hi casey, saw your video glad you are doing well. I wish you all the best
      believed you from the start tryed to find you on fb, but there are so many bogus
      fb pages saying such nasty things. Just want you to know you do have friends and people out
      there that love you & Im one of them. Keep your head up high, dont let anyone
      bring you down…….. if you ever want to talk or txted me my cell is 860 797 1361
      your friend marcy in connecticut. xoxoxo <3 <3 <3…….be well my dear.

  5. For everyone that disagrees with you there is one that supports and prays for you. You are cared about

  6. Casey! I support you one hundred percent and will continue to defend you whenever I can! These past three years have been terrible but I, along with the other supporters, will have your back no matter what! We love you and you are a strong woman and will get through this!

  7. Casey, I have always supported you, and always will. You will always have a friend here in Tampa. 🙂 Hope to see you soon. Loni

  8. Casey believe in yourself. We believe in you. There are people who will support you and help you. God bless you Casey!

  9. Marilyn C says:

    Dearest Casey…I pray so hard that you get these messages,because you need to know there are real people in this world who BELIEVE in YOU Honey & have since day ONE. Of course the media didn’t show our support. I don’t know anyone who could with stand all that you have. You my Dear have weatherd a huge storm. I only hope that you will find some PEACE in your life whatever path you choose to take. I only wish we could take some of your pain away.It is YOUR TIME now!! You have already shown how strong you are. I promise you that none of the people against you could have held up like you have.We are so proud of you Honey. God Bless You & your Sweet Angel who is by your side thru it all.

  10. Casey:

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt this strange connection to you. I live in a different country, but have followed this case to the point of obsession: both as a mother and as someone who is pursuing a law degree.

    I gave birth to my beautiful three year old son in June of 2008, merely days after your sweet daughter was taken away, so perhaps this is why this has always bothered me so much. I look at your pictures, see in your eyes, and know as a mother in my heart that you are not the monster the media has made you out to be. I want to hug you and be your friend, because I know what it’s like to be treated like the black sheep in the family, have all the blame placed on you for every thing.

    Rise above it and keep smiling that beautiful smile. One day the truth will come out and you can be at peace again. I don’t know if you get these messages or not, but I give SJ my full permission to give my e-mail to you if you ever need to talk, if you ever need a friend.

    — M

  11. Casey,
    From the very first day we heard about Caylee missing, I have supported you. When they began to post pictures of you across the media and of Your beautiful daughter and yourself together. I knew in my heart you could not have harmed your child. You were so happy to have her in your life. Then to accuse you and arrest you just tore me up. I told everyone She is innocent, don’t try to frame her. A lot of times I stood against even my family and friends who said She is guilty. I kept telling them just wait, just wait she will come out of this ok.
    When the trial came and I saw the lack of evidence, I was more sure than ever. July 5th was a wonderful day for me too. 12 members of the Jury saw the evidence as I did, Not Guilty. I created a Facebook page called “Prayers for Casey”. Where like minded Christians can get together and continue to pray for you each day, and others including your defense team. I will keep this group going forever.
    When I watched the trial and saw you smile, and the way the day you left jail you thanked the officer, I just felt so much joy. You are a really good person. Please don’t let the media lead frenzy sway you, You have many friends and supporters in this world. We care for you and pray for you. You were strong in jail to survive 3 years, You treated all the Jail personnel with respect. You are a better person than any of the haters that continue to say bad things about you. We Love You, Take Care of Yourself!

    • Judith L. Farley says:

      Larry, you have expressed it so well; We who profess to be Christian, we who say that we believe in redemption, we who say that we believe in the power of prayer…..;WE WHO PRAYED FOR CASEY, all during the time of the trial…….;we now see the miracle of ANSWERED PRAYER…..;of Redemption, of GOD’S PLAN for Casey…..and SEEING this miracle, we fail to connect-the-dots, we fail to make the connection, we fail to recognise THE MIRACLE OF ANSWERED PRAYER, and we fail to give the credit and the glory to the mercy and the MISSION of a wise and merciful God.
      We tell the story of Jonah and the whale, and believe that God grants Salvation and redemption and that God often chooses a soul to do his GOOD WORKS, in future MISSION and service.
      We SAY that we believe all those precepts, above…..and THEN when the merciful loving God to whom we have ferverently prayed does, indeed, answer our prayers for HIS PURPOSE WHICH WE CANNOT KNOW, we fail to make the connection, and we doubt that the miracle has indeed come from HIM.
      Larry, Casey, I strongly feel that Casey Anthony will go on to make an important contribution to society, through her painfully gained increasing maturity and wisdom, and will be uniquely qualified to WORK WITH YOUNG WOMEN, lecturing, counseling, regarding the perils of taking on the responsibility teenage pregnancy, etc.
      Larry, I thankyou for your faith-in-motion, and I now access your facebook website, prayers-for-Casey, and will contine to add my faithful prayers to yours.
      With love in Christ,

  12. Casey, You are special. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. I support and believe in you. Hold your head up and give us all that beautiful smile! Curtis

  13. Sue Nancy Grace … Good luck Casey!!!

  14. I agree with Kath!!

    Just want to let you know that even though the “haters” get all the media air time, there are those of us out here who are pulling for you and want you to move forward with your life and be happy. You’ve been through more than any of those haters will ever know…don’t give them what they want; which is for you to mess up. Stay strong, keep your head up, do what is right and ask God for the strength to go on. The haters will eventually go away because they will move onto someone else to hate, that’s what haters do. Your loneliness will pass and you will make new friends who will love you and accept you. Please just stay away from your Dad…he is toxic, mho.

    When I started watching your trial, I believed what the media said at first…but then I got an overwhelming sense that I needed to pray for you. So I started praying, not even understanding why…as I prayed and as I watched, I was more convinced that you were innocent of the charges and that there was much more to all this than what is known. I was happy to hear the verdict…I was relieved for you. I’m still praying for you. I pray you can grieve for the past, grieve for your baby girl, grieve for your own childhood that was taken from you…and then lift up your head and move on…with love, not bitterness in your heart.

    Take care…know there are people who do care!

    • Jill that was so sweet! And I agree with you! They keep on saying ” give her some time and she will mess up again!” But I dont think she will mess up again! She is much smater then to give them what they want! I also found myself praying for Casey then and still do now! Dont you find it funny that they didnt never interview anyone who supported her……i wonder why that is? anyway have a great day! 🙂

      • KatM-Thanks for the kind words! Personally, I think it is driving the haters mad that she has not done an interview yet. They want to think she is so selfish and wants to make money off of Caylee. They want to be proved right and her silence is KILLING them! I believe she really has had it with the “limelight” and just wants to heal and move on as best she can. And of course the media won’t interview anyone who supports her…that would only make them eat more crow.

        I pray for Casey everyday…several times a day…when I pray for my kids, I include her. She needs a loving mom to pray for her. I don’t know why, but I feel a connection and just want her to be ok. I too was sexually abused, so maybe I understand how that messes with your mind…how it changes who you were supposed to be. I just want her to be ok. I want her to know love again and know there are people who can see past her past and know that there can be a good future for her.

        Stay strong Casey!

        • Jill you’re right, it shows that she is not money hungry like they said she would be, can they not understand that she is hurting! Why can they not look at what she has been through! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I have always like the sayin “if you cant say nothing good, then dont say anything at all” i guess “the media” has never head that one b4! And yes jill i pray for her too! I am 26 and have a 7 year old son, and i can only imagine the pain she is going through and has been through! my sister and I was also abused by my father.., she got the worst of it only because she was trying to protect me, and your right it does mess with your mind, you try to pretend that it dont, but it does, in more ways then one! And one day they will pay for what they did, maybe not here on earth, but one day they will! I think that is why I found myself caring for Casey so much! i know how hard it is to hide something like that, and to not have anyone to believe in you and what you are saying! Well god bless you jill and i hope you have a great day! I hope all of the kind words and love reach casey so she wont feel so alone……”peace and love to all”

          xoxoxo ~kat

          • God Bless you Kat…so good to see a young person such as yourself have such empathy and compassion for others!

            Casey…I hope it does your heart good to read all these posts and see that others do have compassion and care about you. I can’t imagine what you have gone through and continue to go through…but you are not alone. I wish I could give you a hug…just like I give my own 20 year old daughter…sometimes a hug can give you the strength to go on when you don’t feel like it. Stay Strong

  15. Dear Casey:
    Stay strong, and remember: your happy days will come! Everything will be over. Time is healing wounds. All yours sorrows & suffering will end up as a joy – one day. You’re not alone: a lot of people love and trust you. I wish you a great day, with warmth and joy.

  16. I have always believed you was innocent, and now I wish you the best, Casey. You have a fresh start and a new beginning now, and I know you can succeed at anything you want in life. You are one tough chick, and when I saw you crying in court, I wished I could have given you a hug! Justice prevailed. Go get’em Casey!!!

  17. Hello Casey!
    Gotta keep ya head up girly! Your a smart girl! And know that there are many people out here that support you! Dont think you dont have any friends and that your alone, its not true, There are a ton of us that are willing to help you, I know im one of them I mean we have about 10 acers of land and were building new homes on it everyday, so im just saying im one of so so so many that would love to help you out! im sure anyone up here would do the same . I know they didnt show any of us or interview any of us while you were in jail, of course they would not, the media wanted the world to think that you had no supporters at all. But we all loveS ya! Take care and never stop dreaming lady! You have your whole life ahead of you! your one year younger then me….so yeah you still have your whole life ahead of you! I hope your getting the help you need so you can get better soon! We are all so ready to see you back on your feet again! I see so many people here with so many kind words, so if your having a bad day all you have to do is come to this site and read all the sweet things people have to say to you and then you cant help but to have good day then! I know if i was having a bad day and i had this much support it would turn my frown upside down real fast lol so i really hope it does the same for you! keep on keeping on and dont let nobody bring you down, your a strong lady and we all know this, Stay sweet Casey and I’ll talk to ya a little later! xoxox ~kat~


    • Julie,

      I know you think you are providing Casey with a safe place but…. You seem stalkerish. I see your name and plea for her to reach out to you every where. I think I saw once that you sent her clothes. I’m not sure why you are so obsessed with Casey but I think you should seek help for it. I know It’s easy to connect and care for someone we don’t know… But calling her parents, lawyers and posting your name every where along with the letters and items you sent her isn’t going to change her mind. Maybe finding a counselor to talk to would help you find someone to communicate with instead of Casey, who obviously isn’t going to take you up on your offers. I’m sure she appreciates your kind gestures but sometimes these types of communications can be overwhelming. Good luck to you Julie.

      • Julie Reynolds says:

        you are not the one who wrote to casey over 100 times to help her through her hard times, she needed my letters. it took her away from the outside world that was so cruel. no, i did not send her clothes. so get it straight before you type it. yes, i will get my name and number out anywhere i can. how do you know that we have not already spoken to each other? i have had total communication with her mother for over three years. obsessed, no sweetie, she is the most hated person in the world. do you mind if i let her know that is not the case. so yes, i will continue to get my name out there. and she will call again. so, go on and live your life, while i try to help casey live hers.

  19. Casey-
    If you read this, i wanted you to know that in the beginning, i was like all these other retards falsely accusing you. but then, i took the time to read everything. i studied everything available to the public about your case, and i changed my mind about it. you didnt kill caylee. i believe that in my heart, in your pictures with her, you both look tremendously happy. i can tell she was the light of your life. and she adored you, you can tell. i feel so bad for you having to live this way, out of the light, by yourself. if i knew how to get in contact with you, i’d be your friend. i’ve just wanted to give you a pat on the back 🙂 Continue your struggle, girl 🙂 you will prevail–i have the utmost faith in you, when others dont.

    have faith my friend!! <3 <3

  20. Dear Casey,

    I hope you really do see this I want you to know you do have people like myself who are behind you! I’m not trying to hear the BS the media or your dad might have to say cause thats all it is, BS!! I also don’t feel like talking about the ”situation”! Im sure you have had enough convos about the whole thing. Just know i sincerely care about you and feel like i know you but not in the way the media has potrayed you! probly in the way YOU want people to see you. Casey keep your head up when 1 door closes another one opens and i know great things are ahead of you. as SJ would say, lets celebrate the awesomeness of Casey!!
    We should make it a national holiday CELEBRATEING THE AWESOMENESS OF CASEY ANTHONY and every year it will fall on the day you were aquitted sounds brilliant to me! So on that note I hope your doing well and i will most definantly keep in touch.

    Tiff 😀

  21. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.
    I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support.

    This will be the first of many posts, so this will be kept brief, and hopefully quiet.

    It was a long 3 years, and I have a long year ahead, but the battle is far from over.
    Everything I do from this moment forward is not just for Caylee, or for myself, but for those who have bravely stood beside me, yourselves included.
    A lifetime of thanks.
    My love to you all, and I can promise you this, good things are to come.

    I leave you with one parting phrase: “Nenikekamen”-which means “we are victorious” in Greek.

    Forever and Always.

    (SJ, the true meaning of AWESOMENESS belongs to you.)

    • Casey, if it’s really your post, I want you to know that you deserve all support and love that you have. You’re the best, 🙂

    • Prayed for you this morning on my drive into work. Prayed specifically that it would be a good day. Go outside…take some pictures and enjoy yourself. We’ve got your back…you will be ok. Make it a good one. Much love and care – Jill

    • Dear Casey,
      (really hope this is you)

      It’s so good to see that you are ok! And that the media has not took all your voice away!!! I pray that your doing well and that your making it through this hard time…..
      I know that life is not always easy, and somtimes it’s dificult to smile, but you must have faith that things will get better! Casey reach inside you and draw out your inner strength and hope, it’s still there even though it may seem that you have lost it forever , you have not! You are still that brave and curageouse girl that all of us have come to love so much! And though there may be bad days, thats ok, and there may be times that you feel like crying and throwing your hands up and saying “thats it, I give up!” , well, Casey thats ok too! We are all human, were not always going to feel like were on top of the world, but it’s at that moment in time when we want to give up, that we must look inside ourselves and pull out that little bit of strength that we have left and say to ourselves “NO, I WONT GIVE UP AND I WONT LET THIS MEAN WORLD GET THE BEST OF ME!” Know that you’re better than that, and that you can and will over come any obstacle that is put in your way. We all know that you can and we all believe in you! And although it may seem that you have no friends right now, know that you do, we may not be right beside you to make you laugh when your sad or hold your head up when your down, and we may all be miles apart from you and each other, but we all hold you dear in our hearts, and in our prayers, and we want you to keep us in your heart as well! Good friends are like stars, you may not see them all the time, but you always know that they are there!!!

      Casey you will make it through this hard time in your life, and you will excell from this, confidence comes not from always being right, but not fearing to be wrong as well, and in your life you have no limitations, except for the ones you make, so never limit yourself to just dreams, take them dreams and make them as real as you possibly can, because the only person who can stop you from fulfilling your dreams, is you! Others can stop you temporarily but, you are the only one who can do it permanently so never stop trying, Casey have strength,courage and the confidencee to do the things that you want to do and you will find your way in life again. If things depress you, it’s because you allow yourself to be affected by it, so there for do not allow the negativity to affect you, stay strong to your goals in life and think possitive, even in the worst of situations there is something to be thankful for, you just gotta’ find it… and in every situation there is always something to be learned, and if we are able to take away the important lessons, we will eventually achieve what we set out to do!! I wish you peace, love, and happiness on your new journeys in life, and I pray that the day will come when you find yourself again! God bless you Casey! We love you, and remember “sometimes, ya just gotta’ smile through all the BS!”
      xoxoxo <3 Katherine

      • Marilyn C says:

        KatM…..This was so beautufully written. I think you said all the things ALL of us want Casey to know. Just seeing a post from CMA really lights up our hearts. We Love You Casey. We are behind you all the way!! Alot of us here knew you would be VICTORIOUS probly during your darkest days because we have so much faith in you & have from the start. Stay strong.

        • Thanks Marilyn, I just said what was on my heart! I hope she can see how much love and support she has from all of us, and that not every one in the world is against her! And i think it did light up our hearts to see a post from CMA! God bless you and i hope you have a good day Marilyn! xoxox ~kat

        • Robert Graham says:

          im very happy things worked out for u Casey and just wanted to say hi. im not some kind of sicko or nothing just have always thought u were stunning so just gave this a shot…….. wish u the best 🙂

      • Marilyn A. says:

        KatM – AWESOME post! I agree with ‘Marilyn C’… “you said all the things ALL of us want Casey to know.” I couldn’t get to the site fast enough to ready Casey’s post! As everyone else has expressed, we love you and support you all the way!

        • casey i have always believed you were innnocent and i was so happy the day the verdict was read i wished i could have been there to give you a hug you certainly deserved one i hope your doing good stay strong smiles

    • Casey,

      There’s a lot I would love to say but I would be sitting here for an eternity writing. You have made a difference in my life that’s for sure. I’m glad you are here and can see all the support from so many people. For every person out there who is against you, there are two more who will defend you. You are NOT alone I promise you that! Don’t ever give up or lose faith. You have come this far and you have a bright future ahead. I have believed in you from day one and that will never change. There are great websites like this one. There’s also Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts dedicated to supporting, believing and defending you. I’m praying for you every single day. You have so much admirable courage, bravery and strength in you. You have a lot of friends here and have touched many hearts. Hold your head up high each day, stay strong and prove em’ all wrong. Please stay safe and take care!

      – Hannah

    • Casey, I am happy to hear you are Doing better. I Know that you Loved your Little girl. When I see pictures of her, it is Scarey how Much she looks like my little girl… I pray you can put your life back together…You have many supporters here, we may be spread far and wide but we are here for you. If you ever need to just talk, you can contact me on Facebook…
      You are in My Prayers Always.

    • Casey,
      You have tons of supporters. There are a lot of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook pages, blogs and websites dedicated to supporting you. I hope you are doing well and I hope things are getting better for you each day. I understand that we may not hear from you often because of how things are at the moment but I want you to know that I am looking forward to hearing from you again if it is in fact you that wrote this message.

    • Casey, I have been praying for you through the whole ordeal and pray that God heals your heart and soul and takes care of you. There have been so many self-righteous so-called Christians that have said so many bad things about you, they do not know the true love of God. Draw near to Him, He will never forsake you.

    • Your Papi from Nor Cali says:


      If that’s really you, damn I just want to hug you and kiss you and love you all day long. I want you so bad foreal lol I am dying to meet you I just can’t get you off my mind!!!!

      We will always love and support you!!!!
      Your Papi was here ;P

    • Be courageous and strong young lady. Casey Marie, I’ve supported you for three 1/2 years, from day 1. I’ll be supporting you always. I believe in you, and Father does too. You have great potential. Let your every decision glorify him and your life honor him. God bless. <3 One love <3

      Michele Dawn Smith

    • Gillian Weeks says:

      Hi Casey!! For your own sake, I hope you don’t respond too much.. IP addresses can be traced- not just through the site owner, but by government officials too.. so please if you post, don’t do it from home!! Well you know me by now- I am on SCA and CAF always advocating.. just be strong.. keep your head up.. Keep the faith. Dont ever lose hope, girl!! We are MANY and we love and support you. We want your dad to go to jail. I know it may never happen.. but he needs to be held responsible.
      Bella Vita.. I know its coming soon, chicky.. =)

    • casey, if this is really you, this is julie, i wrote to you over 100 times, sending cards, letters, pictures. please call me. you are loved, and have a safe place to go. call through private number. i do not want to know where you are, just to say hey, and see if you really did get those letters. you are great!!!! cant imagine a world without Casey Marie Anthony

    • I have from day one and I will all ways defend you and support you for as long as I can. You can email me at and you can call me at 5202828964. You will all ways have a place to stay if you need it and I will protect you with my life and give you anything I can to make your life happy healthy and safe. Casey you are a perfectly beautiful angel of a lady and deserve the very very best of everything you want in life. I hated every minute of the 3 long years they took from your life that you will never get back. You will all ways have a friend if you want that will all ways listen to you when you need to talk or vent to. Please take care and there are people that will all ways support you for life Casey. I wish the very best from my heart Ed

    • CollaredPrinzes says:

      You’re total AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! Hope that really is you!!!

    • steve herrmann says:

      Wow. A lot of people have given much thought and caring concern for you, Casey. I hope it brings you some solice. You’ve gone through hell long enough and deserve to be left alone in peace for a while. I am so sorry for your daughter’s death. I know it leaves a hole in your.heart that will never completely heal. Find comfort if you can in living a good life. For her. For you. Forget all the rest of it. Live a long and joy filled life as I’m sure she would want you to do. Peace. Be good.

    • Casey,
      I am really happy to see that you have so many friends that love you and believe in you. I am one of them too. After all you have been through I can not even imagine how you must have felt seeing that almost everything and everybody was against you. You were truly brave through the trial, even though all the circumstances seemed to be against you, and I remembered that once somebody said to me: truth almost never belongs to the majority, never follow the herd!
      I can’t believe there are so many haters out there…and most of us call ourselves christians, it’s unbelievable. Most of us have learned nothing from Jesus’ example and from his life while he was here on earth. We all make mistakes, none of us is perfect but the problem is that we do not see our faults but we quickly see and condemn others. Isn’t it an awesome thing that God’s judgement is not like men’s depraved judgement?
      I really hope you stay strong and I pray for your happiness and hopefully have a loving family and true friends who will truly appreciate your wonderful character. Even though most people are against you I want you to remember that you are truly precious in our eyes. Love you!

    • Margreta A Watson says:

      Hey Casey, my opinion doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to plead with you to not cut your mom out of your life. That woman loves you, and she’s just fractured withoutbhearing your voice from time to time. Ease think about this and try to make an effort to contact her more often!

  22. I know deep in my heart how dearly you love your beautiful daughter. No matter what that shines through. Keep your faith and keep getting better in life and love. We all have this road to travel, we all fall, and we all get up and walk again. My heart and prayers are always with you.

  23. If you decide to start an army, I volunteer! I’m a little bit old but I am strong and determined, like you.
    Peace and love.

  24. Oh casey, you are so welcome, An still from this day on i am sooo in love with you lol will you marry me? ha ha ha ha i called the jose biaez law firm drunk one night after it all happened saying how much i love and support you ha ha ha oops, Ive written you letters also…well a letter, HOpe all is well with you and keep your head up you sexy thang you….LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU CASEY ANTHONY FOREVER!!!!!!! 🙂

    Tee Dizzle lol

  25. Casey never believe you aren’t special because you are. You didn’t do anything wrong… you loved caylee if may seem like you have nothing and no one but you do… we go on twitter everyday and talk about how much we support you we don’t know you but we know you didn’t do it. I hope to meet you one day your case has inspired me to go into the law force so I can help innocent people like you. I hope you are reading this and all of the other great things people have said sometimes.
    Good byes a second chance god bless you have a Bella vita life you deserve it
    With love
    Miranda aka xcaseyisfreex on twitter

  26. Ms Casey, I really didn’t want to get so involved in watching anyone’s trial. But, I became intrigued and arranged my normally busy schedule to watch each day. And, for some crazy reason I ended up watching every minute of the trial.
    Anyway, long story short, I never will forget crying with happiness as the verdict was read.
    Your demeanor as the verdict was read was a sight to behold. Appreciated seeing it. I became a huge fan of your defense team also.
    You have many supporters. We all want good things for you. I hope you stay in your integrity of self and continue on with a healthy sweet life Everything happens for a reason and I think you’ve had such a unique experience for a reason. And, for some reason I feel like some of us trial watchers had the experience for a reason also. Come to New England area. 🙂

  27. Marilyn A. says:

    Dearest Casey,

    I’ve been a passionate supporter of your INNOCENCE from the beginning! It was not always a popular stance but I stood strong in my belief of YOU, and supported you against anyone! I prayed every day during the case for the “jurors to open their ears, eyes, minds and hearts to the truth, and for them to close their ears, eyes, minds and hearts to the lies and manipulations!”

    I continue to pray for you everyday! Although you have endured more than many in a very short period of time, you will be stronger from the experience. We survivors have to be tough to move forward in life. They say I’m tough (from all life has brought my way) but Honey, you are the toughest kid I’ve ever seen! I’m so VERY proud of YOU! I would love to have walked side-by-side with you during the release! I’ve cried many tears with you and for you but when the verdicts were read, I was yelling, screaming and jumping up and down with elation (scared my dog out of his mind)!

    During the trial, I was on twitter with other supporters. Some of us deemed ourselves “Elite Team Casey” and we even talked about meeting in Hawaii for a Team Casey Supporter Convention ;-D

    My life changed once I heard – “We cannot control what other’s do or say but we DO control HOW their actions or words affect us!” Due to my own childhood traumas, this was very hard for me to learn but it has changed my life for the better. Other than for safety reason, pay no attention to the haters as they have no bearing on your future!

    My childhood was scared by molestation, abuse as well as a narcissistic mother so I understand trauma and how it affects a person. Like my children are for me, I know Caylee was the one person who gave you “unconditional” love. You could never hurt her. All of the pictures of you two confirm the love and adoration between you both.

    Although I’m very happy you’re no longer splashed across the (biased) news everyday, I do wonder and worry about how you’re doing. It would be wonderful for all of us to hear from you as often as you can post!

    Please keep your head up and always remember that there are many who love and care about you! We believe in YOU!

    • Marilyn A~
      What a great post! I really hope Casey reads all the support and love that she has here!
      xoxoxox <3 ~kat

  28. Casey,
    I too am part of the elite twitter team…we use to stay up half the night talking about food,all of us meeting, and so forth. You are greatly missed. I feel we became friends and we believe there will come a day we will become besties…I so wish you would at least give me a call or something, remember hun, private whatever doesn’t matter, I’m your friend, I care about you. I don’t care about the rest of the world nor what they think unless it comes to your safety being jeopardized and/or people refuse to allow you to move forward in your life. Gayle’s is your angel sweetie, I believe in you all the way. I PRAY I one day hear from you. Chow sista! All my love, support, and friendship forever.


  29. Michael B in SoCal says:

    I am a Father of three daughters and a Grandfather of 2 Granddaughters and a Grandson. I have followed your life as the media has portrayed it and have searched the internet to gain a more comprehensive viewpoint as to who you are. I watched a live stream of your trial (5AM West Coast every morning) each and every day. In the court of Law, a Jury of your peers found you Not Guilty of the charges filed against you. I love my daughters and my grandchildren. You, my dear, must now move on. Your Father in Heaven Loves you more than you can even begin to imagine. Trust in Him. By now you have learned to trust no one. Jesus is there for you all of the time. Accept Him. Love Him. May God Bless you always.

  30. Casey I have followed all your crap you went though for the last 3 years and you are one tough girl I commend you for that. Keep your head held high and don’t let anything or anyone every bring you down you will get though this no problem. Stay strong. Love from up in Canada

  31. Casey, Keep your head up. There are many supporters everywhere who believed in you, prayed for you and knew that justice would happen. Wishing you the best and hoping that with each passing day the pain and suffering you have been through eases . Keeping you in my prayers.

  32. Casey,

    Good morning!! Like any friend would do, just want to say hello and I hope you have a beautiful, blessed day. I’m going to tell you good morning, and good night everyday so you’ll get to know me. Anyways I wrote you a letter and sent a pic with it. I sent it to Mr. Mason’s office and I hope you recieved it. I’m hopeing one day SJ and I get to meet you. I’ll tell you right now we care about you from the bottom of our hearts. Casey, days go by when all I do is think of you so I decided to talk to SJ about it and he said we tend to think about people we care about. SJ has a heart that not many people have and I know if you need to vent, he or I am all ears!!!

    LOVE YOU CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Good Morning Casey…
    Here is a great song to start your day. I love this song…don’t know where I would be without Grace…I need it everyday!

    Only Grace –

    Be blessed today and stay strong!

    • Jill awesome idea to post a song!!! I went and listen to it…and wow it is such a great song!! I thought I would do the same if you dont mind me being a copy~”kat” 🙂 …..
      Just want to say Good Morning CMA!!!!
      Thought you might like this song… 🙂 xoxox <3 ~kat

  34. Casey, I hope you are doing good. I hope one day you can send us a message. I would love to write and chat with you. I think you are a great person and I truly wish you the best.

  35. LARRY RUBIN says:


  36. Oh, BTW Casey…I have a bone to pick with you…Ohio State??? Seriously? I lived in Ohio for 20 years but am a Michigan fan…but I have good reason. A family member was on the coaching staff. I guess we can have a healthy rivalry…Go Blue!


  37. Hello Casey,

    Your message was so touching, it truly brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting, it was so awesome to hear from you. Your supporters really needed to hear you’re doing well, and you’re safe. We all feel a special bond with you, and hope to have the chance to stay in touch. I too cried when the not guilty verdicts were read, the relief was immeasureble. We wish for you, great happiness, security, and a glorious life. We look forward to all messages from you. You, and Caylee, are in our hearts forever. We love you Casey!

    SJ Thank You!


  38. caseyishot says:

    dear casey

    i just what u to know that i prayed for u every day during the trial i have a pllow that reads “Miracles happen to those who beilleve” i had that pillow with me from opening statements to when the verdict was read i now take that saying to heart . Casey i hope u have a bright future remeber more pepole love u than hate u in this country you will always be my hero today, tomarow, and forever .

    god bless

  39. Casey,

    Just wanted to say GOOD MORNING!!! I hope you have a great day. Thinking of you allways.
    Don’t stress about you’re depo tomorrow I’ve been praying for you and i know all will go well.

    If you ask me it’s a bunch of crap… just another person trying to make you’re life a living hell!!
    But we all know you’re a strong person and if what you’ve been thru has not broke you then I know
    nothing will. Keep you’re head up!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  40. Bella Vita says:

    Good Mornin Casey “Te Amo Te Amo” <3 Strong

  41. Good Morning!

    Hope your day has started out well, Lots of luck and love with 2mar!

    xoxox <3 ~kat

  42. Casey –
    You have our love and support 100%! Your bravery is an inspiration! We wish you nothing but the best in life. You have many friends in Los Angeles and all over the world, I am sure! I hope that you take comfort in the fact that so many are on your side and are hoping for great things for you. You are always in my heart and the hearts of my friends and family…and I hope you got my card in July!
    With Love and Support,

  43. Casey,
    There are a lot of people who saw through all this nonsense including me. Your strength is inspiring. And don’t let the bastards grind you down!!!

  44. Casey,

    Your true supporters have had your back from the very beginning. We have not fallen away from what we believe in – what we stand for. Stay strong, and know that you are in far less danger than your haters would have you believe. While they are roaming from forum to forum, or Facebook page to Facebook page looking for someone to vent to, your supporters are working night and day at bettering ourselves and doing our best to ensure your protection. When your haters get bored of hating and return to their casual lives, your supporters are still here, stronger than ever.

    Enjoy your life and achieve your goals. Be everything you want to be. We will take care of the rest, sweetie.

    Sincerely yours,

    • Well said Chris!! What happened to Casey could happen to any of us. Casey…I think that your case will (hopefully) change the way things are done…or at least I hope it is a catalyst for change. I’m sorry you had to go through what you had to go through to wake us up to the injustice that can happen. Thank God…and I mean that very literally…that the jurors saw through all the crap and came through with the correct verdict. Also, I believe the haters are just people who want to stir up trouble…they really are a bunch of cowards…something you, Casey, are certainly not.

      Continue to stay strong girl…you are loved and supported. You will do fine tomorrow.


  45. Hey Casey,
    Much love from Australia XXXXXXXXXXXOXXXXXXXXXXXX

  46. Hello Casey!
    I hope you are having better days! I know their is still things to over come sometimes it may seem like mountains to get over just take it one day at a time Pray to the Lord for he will be their for you I pray for you. You will get through this it’s less then a year already. You will make it through today give it your best perservere. You can make it get inspired have new goals for yourself. I’ll stand by you! Stay safe and be good to yourself!

  47. Good afternoon Casey!

    Just reaching out to let you know that we are all supporting you 100% all of us near and far! We all care so much for you and half of us have never even met you! Its crazy how so many can pull together for someone that they dont even know, that is something that I find to be incredible! I think if the whole world could be a little more like all of us here, the world would be a better place! Best of luck from all of us to you!!

    xoxox <3 ~katherine

  48. You are in my heart and prayers girl…Keep your head up and you will be on your road to your well deserved awesome life. You have the sweetest Angel from above to be by your side and in your heart everyday to help push you forward!!!

  49. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I always knew you were innocent!!!! Keep strong k now you are special ~you have so many people who support and send love and prayers God bless you~

  50. Casey,

    Just wanted to say GOOD MORNING!!! I hope you have a great day today. Don’t know if you like football but if you do I hope who ever you root for win’s. My team is the BRONCO’S a little embarrising this season but what do ya do?

    I’m not sure if you watch alot of TV but there are some good shows on sunday’s Jerseylicious is one I think you might like It’s on the style network. And tough love miami is a new one that just started last week on VH1.

    BRRR It’s really cold where I’am we allready got snow not ready for the winter!! But wherever you are I hope you have a bright, sunshining day you deserve it.

    Tiff ;D

  51. Dear Casey Anthony,

    Casey, if you ever read this, I want you to know that you are a loved and special person and no one can bring you down! I knew from the beginning that you were Innocent and I am sorry about the mess that you are in, but we are all on your side!

    It may be tough right now, but don’t let anyone tell you are anything other than perfect.
    No matter what, we are here for you. ♥

  52. prayers for you casey ~Such a strong and special person you are.
    I have known you walked in innocence,from the beginning
    .my prayers and thoughts are always with you.Please know you have so many supporters and people who care,always keep your head up and know God is always with you

  53. Casey,

    Your perseverance and steadfast courage have made you a heroine in the eyes of those of us who have been through the American Justice System. Being put on trial for crime you did not commit, or had no intent to commit is one of the most difficult situations a person is likely to face.

    Even though the path sometimes seems dark, please remember many people support and care about you. Some of us truly do understand what you have been through.


  54. Good morning Casey!
    I hope you’re glad your deposition is out of the way…I wanted to tell you that out here in virtual land it appears the tide is turning for you. I read an article regarding your deposition and read comments afterwards, and most were positive towards you…saying that this lawsuit is just stupid and that you were found not guilty and that it is time to move on…many also upset with NG and the media for what they have done regarding you and your case.

    Just keep your head up…keep doing the right thing, and it will get better. You are strong and your baby girl is watching over you.

    Have a beautiful day and stay strong,


  55. Good morning pretty girl, Casey:

    I’m still here, praying daily for you. Stay strong and look to God for ALL of your answers!

    Psalm 147:3: He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

    We love you and support you.


  56. Hello…lol. Still praying for you 🙂 Keep your head up.

  57. EMILY SMITH says:

    Casey, Keep your head held high! Were all here supporting you each step of the way! Stay positive(: <3

  58. David Henderson says:

    Hi there Casey Anthony, I knew all along that you were Innocent, and I Ignored all of the media, and Hypocrites, especially that evil hypocrite Nancy Grace, I sent at a least a dozen emails too her and HLN news, telling them how they were in the wrong, and that You had too be Innocent, and they were all a bunch of Hypocritical Nimrods! You are a Very Beautiful and Innocent Young woman, and all of these lawsuits brought against You are rediculous, those people all have mental Issues! I prayed for you every minute of that trial, and I was so Thankful when You were found not Guilty, and the right thing had been done. I know that You are A Beautiful Caring Young Woman who will only do great things, as You show that You care about others. Never let these other people get You down, as there many of us that support your being Innocent. I only wish that there was still a way that I could send help or money too You, now that You are free, we are not able too now. Take Care Casey Anthony You are awesome, Sweet, and Beautiful, and Innocent. Take Care Casey Anthony, we Love You, and believe in your Innocence. Prayers be with you Always!


    Hope you’re doing well!! I was just watching ZG’s STUPID ASS attorney talking about the depo.
    The CREEP who want’s the video released, why don’t we google him or even better ZG and see what dirt come’s up on them. I bet we could find something scandelous – then we’ll call all the media and humiliate them!!!! Just know casey that nothing the media put’s out there will change my mind about you. Also this site is you’re support group and were all here for you!!!

    Have a great day!
    Tiff 😀

  60. Hey Casey! Hope your day is going well!!!


    xoxox <3 ~kat

  61. Casey,

    Good~night! Hope your day went well, my day kinda went by fast not really sure why, but it did. Thank God it’s almost friday! My husband is on vacation starting today! yaay…and his birthday is friday, we proly’ won’t do much of anything, more then likely we will do some things around the house, maybe go out to eat or something or maybe just grill out, but other then that not to much at all and let me add that we may have a few adult beverges lol….your more then welcome to drop in hee hee…just throwing the invite out there …well i hope the rest of your week goes good and i hope your weekend is awesome! Know that you are in our prayers here in NC and that were thinking about ya! And just wanted to say hi.. well talk to ya a little later…. take care Casey!!

    xoxoxo <3 ~kat

  62. Good morning Casey,
    Wanted to share with you a little something I had to tell myself this morning…it’s been a very hard emotional week for me. I am a surviver too…but I try to remind myself to not merely survive but to strive to thrive. We can choose to move on and be more than “survivors” not that surviving is bad, it’s not and I am proud to have overcome some of the things I have…but we can do more than just survive, we can thrive…not somehow, but triumphantly!

    That’s my word to you today…it’s also the word to myself.

    Stay strong and you will thrive!

  63. Good morning Casey!
    Just had to drop in and say hello. I’m off to do some birthday shopping… (how fun) no i guess it will be just not big on getting in a bunch of crowds… i’m more of a “wanna stay at home all the time” kinda person lol….. but nevertheless i hope you have a fantastic day! Talk to you later!
    xoxoxo <3 ~kat

  64. Good morning Casey:

    Just wanted you to know I’m still here, still praying for your safety and well-being!

    About seven months before trial, I had this overwhelming ‘need’ to pray for you! (I’ve noticed so many others who felt this also.) I asked God to open my heart and mind, to give me wisdom and understanding of what was happening to you. The flood gate was opened! Believe it or not, I got answers to a LOT, and I knew in my heart the charges against you were bogus. From the very beginning, I felt “something’s just not right here”!

    Casey, we may not know or understand why things happen, but trust me, there is a reason for everything! Stay strong and continue to look to God for ALL of your answers.

    I hope you have a wonderful day – laugh out loud, it’ll do you good! 🙂

    We love you and we support you.


    • Yes MiMi…when I started watching the trial, I kind of went along with what the media said at first; but one night I also got an overwhelming sense that I needed to pray for Casey too. It wasn’t like it was a choice…I was “told” I really needed to. And, as I did, I also began to see things differently. God does performs miracles and it is such a blessing when he allows us to be “in on it.” Even though I don’t personally know Casey, I have been able to be a part of the miracle that happened when she was set free.

  65. Yessss, Jill — isn’t it nice being a part of the ‘in-on-it’ crowd? LOL I only wish the ‘haters’ would try a little praying in their life — who knows, they may just be enlightened as we have! You and Casey have a wonderful night and a beautiful day tomorrow.
    MiMi 🙂

  66. Casey,

    Good Morning I hope you have a beautiful day. I woke up this morning thinking about you!! I seem to have those day’s were all i do is wonder how you’re doing. I can’t wait for the day when you can come out from hiding and meet your new friends. I think it’s a bunch of BS you have to fear for your life when you step outside. I wish I was there with you so I can throw my middle finger up and say F-OFF to any one who want’s to talk crap!!

    Well casey I hope you have a beautiful,blessed day and I’ll talk to you soon!!

    TIFF 😀

  67. Marilyn C says:

    Hi Sweet Girl
    I have been sick for a week…but my support is still right here for you. While I was down I noticed there are alot more people coming to this site, which makes my heart light up. Don’t worry Honey soon everybody will see all the CRAP A LOT of people did WRONG! Don’t worry about this so called video coming out, the IDIOTS just want to pick you apart once again, but the people who love & support you will see your love & beauty shine thru! We ALL still have got your back.Have a great weekend Sweetie………Marilyn C

  68. God watch over this troubled young woman, Protect and Guide her. Keep her from losing hope and help her to find her way home. May you turn the hate of others into love. We ask this not for ourselves but this young troubled woman who needs you. Amen

  69. Keep Your Head Up Girl. God Bless.
    P.S. I love you <3

  70. Dear Casey Anthony,
    If you’re reading this, I just created my Facebook page a few hours ago. If you’re looking for new friends and supporters, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Please add me if you have one:
    Much love and respect!

  71. Casey, you are loved. People are praying for you all over. I hope you know that. You aren’t alone. God loves you <3

  72. Morning Miss Casey,
    Just wanted to tell you good morning. I hope you have a great day today. Don’t think about any negative BS!!! I’m off to work for another miserable monday… monday’s are always slow so I can’t wait for it to fly by!!! Anyways I hope you have a beautiful day and I’ll write you later.

    TIFF 😀

  73. Don’t ever worry I am here for you.I will hold your hand if Jose ain’t there!!! Keep your head up to God and you will be fine.

  74. Casey,
    I hope that some day you do actually read these letters. I know you are being bashed day in and day out from thousands of people that dont believe your innocence. I personally am not saying that you were in the right with everything, i dont believe you should’ve gotten the death penalty and i do hope that one day you will tell the world your side of the story. So many of us wonder day in and day out. I am a mother, i can’t imagine the pain you were going through when you were trying to defend yourself as well as mourn for your daughter all at the same time. You are a strong woman for making it out of jail after so long alive! For holding your head high and not trying to commit suicide! Counseling is not a bad option. I too was molested by my father and put him in prison for 12 years. I know how to fake a smile with the best of them and try to move on like some things never happened no matter how hard i’m falling apart inside. I know the world saw clips of you while you had to deal with the internal pain. We saw what the media wanted us to see and i’m sure you had many sleepless nights, nightmares, crying yourself to sleep and prayers that we will never know about. Keep holding your head high! If you know your innocence is worthy, then dont let anyone tell you differently! i’m so proud of you for fighting through all of the pain and your life! I pray you get the help you need to make it through this sad world and to deal with the pain you have inside of you. Remember, there are people out here that are willing to listen and would be there for you!


  75. Hi Casey!
    My name is Geoff, I’m 27 years young and I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.
    I hadn’t heard anything about your ordeal until July 5 of this year when everywhere it was being reported that a young mother in Florida was found not guilty in the first degree murder of her daughter, and I quickly learned that scores people were outraged by the verdict.
    I wanted to know why, so I Googled your name. I was captivated by what I read, and I was intrigued by you.
    You’ve lost your daughter Caylee, you’ve lost your family, and you’ve lost friends. Everything was put out in front of the entire world for all to see and I can’t imagine what that was like.
    There will always be small pockets of people who will despise you, but give it time and most people will move on. I want to leave you this e-mail address I made because I would love to correspond with you. It would be great if I could tell you about myself! Go ahead, ask me anything! This is me reaching out to you the only way I know how. On a website dedicated to letting you know that you do have people who both support and believe in you. I’m one of them. I understand that you may not want to exchange emails with a stranger over the internet because you may not trust anybody at this point in your life, but I’m doing this in the hope of showing you that there are genuine people that are interested in being a friend to you. It would be surreal to be able to communicate with you but if you take only one thing from this post take this-“After what you’ve been through Casey, you deserve anything you want in this world. You’ve been released from jail so don’t create a new one for yourself, don’t let fear erect concrete walls around you. Live your life, and do as you please because it’s yours. All of it.”

  76. Good morning Casey,

    How are you? I was just reading messages from other people and it’s sooo nice to see people there for you.I wanted to tell you if you can follow me on twitter @tiffanygoetz even if you have to make yourself a fake profile not that i’m all that intristing but it would be pretty cool if you did!!

    Also I’m not happy about that lil baby lisa that’s missing but at the same time anything to take the heat off of you! I have a feeling baby’s ok and i pray for her.

    On a lighter note today is my 29th B-DAY can’t believe how my 20ties flew by!!!!
    I have to work today what a gift ha.What would make my B-day is if you tweeted me and left a subliminal message I don’t know if i spelled subliminal right but you get what i’m saying LOL!!!

    Well Case I hope you have a good day and I’ll leave you a message tomorrow.

    TIFF 🙂

  77. Hey Casey,
    I sure hope your father gets what he deserves. The way he threw you under the bus is amazing. So is the way Lee did also. I know what I know. I’ve studied this case for months. Keep your head up! When are you going to write a book? I want to be the first one to get you to autograph it for me. I want to know your story. Let me be the first to request a copy also!

  78. Casey
    Hope you are doing well. I hope you and Baez are together. I would hate for you to be all alone in all that you have to go through. Keep your head up. Cream always rises to the top. Just hang in there. Jon

  79. Cynthia Melendez says:

    Casey, I will admit that before and during the trial, I believed that you were guilty of killing caylee. I even joined the boycott Casey Anthony page. Now that the dust is beginning to settle and given your parents actions with trying to profit off the death of caylee, I am beginning to think that perhaps your father was involved in the coverup. I am beginning to also think that he did in fact throw you under the bus. I read your letters to Robyn while you were in jail and I do see the genuineness of your friendship. You suffered three long years in that jail and I hope that your father pays for what he did to you and your precious baby.

    • I agree 100% Cynthia! There’s way more to George than meets the eye. See, if you fool someone from day one you don’t arouse suspicion? See? He’s real crafty. But, there’s something in his eyes…

  80. Casey,

    In the beginning I questioned your innocence but am now completely on your side. A shudder came over me about 3 or 4 weeks into your trial when I realized George had pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. I don’t remember what fact was being presented, or what look what was George’s face, but something clicked for me.

    I believe you. I believe everything happened the way you say it did. Unfortunately, you could not have known your own father was setting you up for a ride down the river. I am so sorry for this.

    You’re a very bright young woman with a great future if you play your cards right (and it certainly seems as though you’re playing your hand just right!)

    All the best to you.

    Vickie, a former non-believer

  81. Casey,
    So I want you to know that I think about you every day and hope to God that your life gets easier. I wish none of this never happened to you. You never deserved this, you deserved to live your life just like everybody else in this world does. It’s not fair at all and I wish that it happened to someone else. Your little girl should not have been taken from you so early, in fact she should have never been taken from you to begin with. I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine how you must feel. I only hope for the better for you. Email me smwagner14@gmail .com ~Shelli W.

  82. Hey Casey,

    We all make mistakes. All of us are human. We share communal guilt as a race. I don’t think it’s the right of any human being to judge another because none of us are equipped to know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. I can only imagine what its like to be you. But I can see how strong you are. I see how you have maintained composure in some of the most trying situations. I admire your self control.
    Please remember that you are not alone, and that there are people who love you, and angels too. If you ever need a friend, look me up.

    Love Theodora Heddington

  83. Hey casey,

    I am another supporter from Texas that has seen every minute of the trial. I have a little girl that is 5 and was born one year to date of Caylee. August 9 what a great day!!!

    I wish you all the best and would love to meet you as I am sure everyone on here would. I wish youwould call me and talk to me. I know that we would have been cool as hell. I have a friend and if my eyes were closed I would have thought hearing your voice that it was her. Thank you for being strong and never admitting to something that you didnt do..that is what set you free. I know there isnt a one of us that would have been perfect in whatever situation happened exspecially one like this. I know that i had a lot of issues after my daughter was born and 11 months later my brother was blown up in Iraq. He made it through after a long 4 year recovery and he is very stable and handsome at that. I would love to know what site you are on so that we ould talk without anyone knowing. I am one that keeps my business to myself and have one good friend because most ppl can’t be trusted as I have learned in my age.

    Email me anytime. Love you and I always believed in you. Matter of a fact…I am getting my hair cut like the one of the pic of you with the Ohio jersery one. Love that style and my hair is soo daages that I need to start all over even though I love my long hair but it will always grow and probally much faster. Good luck to you honey and email me anytimne. I would have left my number for you to call but I will leave it at your attorney office. I wrote a letter to your paretns house but I wasnt sure if you wuld be getting it so I am sending one to baez office with a pic of me and my son and daughter. i hope to be the one to really hear form. you. Again, dont care were your at would love to chat about great and good things….nothing about the last three years at all….

    Love you Casey…..Shannon Murphy….Mansfield, Texas

  84. Casey:

    Job 29-3: “By His light, I walked through darkness”.

    This scripture is so true for all of us – God was and is still right there with you and with me. Talk to Him daily – thanking him for your victory and giving Him all of the praise He deserves.

    I hope you’re having a good evening and that you’ll have an even better weekend. Stay strong – cannot wait to hear your side of the story! 🙂

  85. We know there are many people around the world who genuinely sympathize with you and felt your pain every step of the way. Please understand that they are often afraid to speak out in your defense for fear that they too might get death threats.
    Why is everything often all backwards? The really harmful, evil people never get punished while innocent people get ruthlessly bullied and picked on!
    Anyway, we just wanted to let you know how much we genuinely care about you and concerned we have been about the way you’ve been treated, first losing your daughter, locked in a tiny cage for 3 years, all these people lying about you, death threats and the list goes on. The horrors of what you have been through must be unimaginable.
    Always remember that you have friends everywhere.
    Love, MM

  86. Still praying for you Casey!! I have had a rough couple of weeks…nothing at all like what you go through…but sometimes as a single mom it is just so hard to keep keepin’ on, especially when those who you thought were going to be there to help aren’t. I think of you and know that you completely understand that. I’ll stay strong…and you stay strong too! The hate that is out on the internet, not just for you, but hate in general, really saddens me. I’m so glad there are places where people can go for love and support. I’m glad you have this page. SJ…you are awesome! To spread love and not hate is a very noble thing. Stay strong Casey and know there are many who lift you up in prayer!


  87. Casey after reading countless discovery docs. I really hope that you write a book about what happened that fateful day of June 16, 2008. I really believe that it will be cathartic for you and will help in your healing. I know that you are trying to move forward with your life, but I really believe that in order to heal, you have to tell your story. Who cares if anyone believes you or not. And all those people that say they wouldn’t buy your book are full of it. Even when I had doubts about your innocence and vowed to boycott you and any news media that carried your story, I had to admit that I wanted to hear what you had to say. I think it’s time to tell your story.

  88. Casey:

    I agree with Cynthia M. It’s time to tell your story – and I would buy the book as I WANT to hear/read your side of the story. I hope and pray you are able to obtain some sort of restitution, both financially & personally for all you have been put thru. IMO, Caylee and you both deserve it. The guilty party(s) needs to be exposed and punished – to the max! Although I ‘m not big on lawsuits, I wish you could/would sue HLN, Nancy Disgrace, Vinnie Politan and Jane Velez-Mitchell – they outright lied to and misled the public.

    The ‘haters’ say they will boycott & protest anything having to do with you & your attorneys, but that’s total BS! They want to hear your side as we do! I personally will not give up until I see justice for your precious baby girl, Caylee!

    Casey, stay strong and have faith in the Lord – ask Him for strength, courage & wisdom – He will supply your every need!

    Here’s hoping you are having a great weekend and your week will be wonderful! As I have said before, laugh out loud – it does a body good. 🙂 We love and support you.


  89. Hi Sweetheart,
    I just want to let you know that I love you and I think about you very often. I pray everyday that you find the joy in your life Casey, you so so deserve it! I love you with my heart and soul. always. God bless you and keep you, always.
    Love, Meeshell, AZ

  90. Casey
    Some day things are gonna get easier Some day things will be brighter.
    So, keep your head up and don’t let it get you down.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Hi Casey!

    I read somewhere that you were taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes. What kind of wildlife? Maybe an alligator? Or ducks? Possibly a feral domestic cat? I’ll bet the landscapes of Florida are beautiful. I visited Orlando when I was younger but I only remember parts of it, like Disneyworld and Universal Studios. I remember going to the Haunted Mansion at Disney like five or six times. I was too scared to go on Jaws though. I chickened out. What else do you do with your time? The impression given is that you are alone most of the time, and if that’s true, I think about what your plans are for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It’s sad to think that you will spend them alone, but I’m sure that you’ll most likely spend the holidays with someone. What do you eat these days? Have you been cooking for yourself? Is it something you enjoy doing? Life must be so different for you. That’s the interesting part for me, where do you go from here?

    I wish you all the best Casey, whatever you do. This is your life, your story. I’m just one of the millions who have been drawn in. Here’s your chance to do what you want with your life, and I hope it is a beautiful one. Make it that way Casey and be who you are.

  92. Good morning casey,

    How are you today? I hope you’re doing well. I was at work yesterday and I work in a bar / resturaunt so we have T.V’s everywere and cnn was doing a report on lil baby lisa that’s missing so that sparked conversation with everyone and of course someone had to bring you’re situation up and try to compare. I ended up in a huge argument with everyone. Whenever people try to act like they know what their talking about it pissess me off cause most the people i talk to seem to think they know it all just cause they watch hln or tru tv,most of the people i talk to did not even watch the trial!! So for the last 2 hour’s of my shift I walked around with a F’d up attitude. when I defend you I feel like i do when i defend my mother and let ne tell you no one messess with my momma just like I will not let anyone crucify you!!!

    Casey I hope you have a good day and thank’s for letting me go on about my lil fiasco at work, but i have you’re back any time and anywere 😀


  93. Was thinking today about your photography. Just waited to encourage you, and send some love your way. I have two daughters around your age, lovely like you. My youngest also takes photos. Don’t be afraid to develop your talent and try new things. You can do it!

  94. Good morning Casey…I want to echo what Sherry said…since you love photography, I hope you are finding joy in that. I believe God has big things ahead for you. Persecution is nothing new to Him…He will see you through…just lean into him, be patient and know that we are “out here” supporting you and praying for you! You are strong…but I know there are times you cry…that’s ok too. People cry not because they are weak, it’s because they have been strong for too long. I’d give you a hug if I could!


  95. Just heard an Oprah pithy saying, and I thought of you. She said “When people show you who they are, believe them.” I’m not much for Oprahisms, but that’s how I felt about you and your story. You showed us who you are, inspite of the calumny and turmoil. And we believe you. And we believe in you. You are in my prayers everytime I pray for my daughters, because I’ve adopted you in spirit. I hope you have a wonderful day, Casey!

  96. John Murdock says:

    My dear Casey, there is no doubt that you are absolutely lovely and charming. I support you 100% all the way. Would love to begin a correspondence. We’re about the same in age. I LOVE YOU! xoxo

  97. Love and best wishes from the uk! Hope you are feeling better and more optimistic as you have a bright future ahead. Ironically the bad things that happen in life are merely serendipity in disguise, so dont let the past ever get you down. Be mindful and live in the now. You need to exorcise the demons of the past by telling your story when you are ready. Choose your friends carefully as you have witnessed how two faced people can be when the chips are down. Me and my friends in the uk knew all along you were innocent as there was obviously more than met the eye. It was like watching a crazy circus from over here and the distance allowed us to see the truth, away from those greedy media parasites, cashing in like they always do on anothers misery. Bear all this in mind Casey and keep well dear. xxxrobxxx

  98. ps. maybe you should shock them all and tell your story from an artistic perspective through photography. I think art would be a very therapeutic and fulfilling path for you to take. it takes great trauma to make great art, so make the best of a bad situation always! xxx

  99. David Henderson says:

    Hi Beautiful Casey Anthony,

    Hope that everythings Well with you, and I wish You the best, my support for Your Innocense still stands, and so does everyone elses. I knew that You were Innocent, and stood in support of it! At every Church service I made and still make Spoken, and Unspoken Prayer requests for You, and some give me a funny look, but that bothers me none! Please keep hanging in there, and GOD BLESS YOU, and your Daughter Caylee in Heaven! It was obvious that You Loved your Daughter, and I know that, You would have never hurt her, and I Ignored all of the Hypocrites, as i and many otheres know that you are Innocent. you are a Beautiful, Sweet, and Caring Young Woman, Who will only do Good things! Please, take Care, and GOD BLESS YOU! You are always in my thoughts and Prayers, as Well in many others as Well! The moment I saw You on television, I felt I was led Too Pray for You, and support your Innocense, as If GOD was telling me that You were falsely Accussed, and Innocent as we know You are Innocent! Please hold on too the facty that many of us know that You are Innocent and Love You, and GOD knows that You are Innocent most Importantly! Please Hold on, and remember that things will work out. We Love You CASEY, GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

  100. Anonymous says:

    Happy Halloween Casey!

  101. Casey, I’m a huge fan and have totally supported you and your freedom! Don’t get me wrong I have endured a lot of criticism among my friends and co-workers, but for me its like anything else you believe in, you’ll stand for it! I wrote you a letter while you were in Orange County but I would highly doubt you ever received it. Anyway I hope you are doing better and can someday soon get back on your feet and live as normal as life as possible. Good luck with everything Casey!

  102. Dear Casey,
    Your greatest enemy throughout this terrible ordeal has been Nanc y Grace.
    Please suggest that SJ expose Nancy Grace on this website. I read about her under Wikipedia [a well respected and objective source] This is what they said about her:
    (1) First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[8]
    (2) In 1997, the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”[9]
    (3) Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.[11] The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use … [apparently false] testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.[11]
    CONTROVERSIES [Casey Anthony is not the only life Nancy Grace has ruined]
    In 2011 a New York Times article David Carr wrote “Since her show began in 2005, the presumption of innocence has found a willful enemy in the former prosecutor turned broadcast judge-and-jury.” He criticized her handling of (a) the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, (b) the Duke lacrosse team rape case, (c) the Melinda Duckett interview and suicide [She was innocent and her family holds Nancy Grace responsible for Melinda’s suicide] and (d) the Caylee Anthony case. (e) NOTE: She also has harmed Amanda Knox by criticizing her verdict of innocence
    George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Carr that Grace, as an attorney and reporter, “has managed to demean both professions with her hype, rabid persona, and sensational analysis. Some part of the public takes her seriously, and her show erodes the respect for basic rights.”[14]
    See the following website for details of the above cases:
    We must stop this big mouth bully before she harms more innocent people!

  103. Good afternoon Ms. Casey:

    “‘Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established”-Proverbs 16:3.

    An important initial step in committing our works to the Lord is to forgive ourselves for not doing so to begin with. The next step is to move on and not look back. The Creative Call…

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  104. Just finished praying for you! I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through, but you must remember that the whole world is NOT against you…there are people who are pulling for you and pray daily that you will be OK…that you will one day thrive. You have a lot to give…please don’t give up! There are a lot of us moms out here who care for you as we care for our own. I read this verse in church the other day because sometimes I don’t know what the Lord is doing in my life…it isn’t easy being a single mom of 3…but God knows what He is doing and His word reminds me that: “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you…plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jer. 29:11

    You do have hope and a future…God is with you!

    Stay Strong!

  105. Hi Casey:

    Just thinking of you and praying that you’re doing well. I try to pick easy to remember scripture that will hopefully have an impact in your life – here’s one I happen to love:

    Faith – A Virtuous Woman serves God with all of her heart, mind,and soul. She seeks His will for her life and follows His ways. (Proverbs 31: 26, Proverbs 31: 29 – 31, Matthew 22: 37, John 14: 15, Psalm 119: 15

    As Jill said, there are people here that truly care about you and your future. With God and the Lord Jesus in your heart and soul, girl you CANNOT go wrong! If you want a perfect ‘guide’ for your life, read Proverbs 31, memorize it ~ then live by it. Be a Proverbs Woman ~ you can accomplish anything with HIM by your side!

    Casey, we love you pretty girl! 🙂


  106. Casey:

    How about a shout-out so we’ll know you’re doing o.k.. Take care, stay strong ~ it’s all gonna get better!

    MiMi 🙂

  107. Hello Casey!
    How are you today! I hope your days are getting better. I hope you are able to make new friends ones you can trust. Please pray to the Lord he will always be with you! Psalm 55 is good to read. You loved your Beautiful daughter the pictures and videos I have seen it shows. Seek the help that you need. Your a smart and strong woman don’t listen to the media they are bad just give it your best and perservere. I stand by you as a friend and support you! Be good to yourself and God Bless You!

  108. David Henderson says:

    Hi There Casey,
    I just wanted too let You know that I, along with many otheres still stand for Your Innocence, I still endure criticism from family, friends, even some people on facebook, but my stance remains the same, that You are Innocent, and those of us with common sense know it! I Hope that You had a Great Halloween, and I feel so Dearly for You, all of the criticism from the media, and biased opinions, and lies You had too endure, I cant help but always keep You in my thoughts and Prayers Casey Anthony! I posted on Facebook that that Hypocritical Nimrod Nancy Grace should get struck by Lightning, or rearended by a Freight Train, and lets Hope she get voted off that dancing show soon too! I Hope and Pray that You are doing Well, and able too have Peace of mind, and Ignore all the Hypocrites, there are many of us that know you are Innocent and Care about You! On one of the other pages there was a message called Support Casey Anthony, and it says send check or money order too ‘The Baez Law Firm, Kissimmee Office 522, Simpson Road, Kissimmee, Florida 34744, if this is incorrect Please let me know I tried too send what I could too help You out, but do not yet know if it got there, if this is incorrect, my email is ***, would Love too hear from You anyways, As many of us Know that You are a Great Person who is kind and Caring and You were delivered from evil when you were found Innocent, Thank the GOOD LORD! Please take Care and hang in there and remember, that many of us Care about You! I Love and Admire You, for akll that You have been through and been able too overcome, as do many others! Please hang in there , You will be in my Prayers! GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

  109. SJ, this more a comment/question regarding statements made by George Anthony during his deposition in August of 2008. Not only did he know about the Blanchard park scenario, but according to Ashton, those facts supposedly did not come out until after Casey came out of jail on the 21st of August
    , 2008. In other words, Casey was in jail and communicated with no one about the Blanchard park scenario. How did George know about this? He provided this info to the FBI during his interview with them on July 31st. Casey was in jail at this time. Why didn’t red flags go up? Why was he not investigated? Also, the MySpace message from Cindy to Casey seems too emotionally charged, with words such as “betrayal, I’m only guilty of….” could George have been blaming her for the death of caylee? I think she also knew about caylee’s death before july 15th. I think your scenario may not be as far fetched as many thought.

  110. Cynthia M:

    THANK YOU! I have wondered about the exact same thing. WHY wasn’t George ever investigated?

    SJ: Wonderful job on this site. Keep up the good work, eventually people ought to be able to get a clue?

    Casey: Hope this finds you well and feeling good. Hang in there kiddo ~ it’s gonna get better! 🙂


  111. Casey…praying for you tonight!

    Stay safe and stay strong! You’re going to be fine…just trust in the Lord and He will see you through.

    🙂 Jill

  112. Casey,

    It’s been a while since i’ve been able to say hello so HI and i hope you’re doing well.
    I’m soo happy ZG has to give her depo first.Every time someone tries to F with you they get shut down
    just the way we like it. If people would just leave you alone it would be a miracle.

    Anyway’s hope you have a wonderfull day!! 🙂


  113. Hang tough, girl!! So proud of you!

    Stay Strong,

  114. Casey:

    I echo the sentiments of Jill ~ hang tough ~ it’s gonna get better. Hope this finds you well and secure!

    May God bless you! 🙂


  115. Hi Casey,

    I want you to know, we will always walk with you, and truly believe in your innocence. I’m so thankful for the wonderful people taking care of you, and who have your best interest at heart. You’re a very worthwhile person, and nothing or no one can hold you down. The world belongs to you too Casey, with all of it’s beauty, and splendor. Accept what it has to offer you, and your life will be everything you want it to be, with so many things to look forward to. God Bless You! Please know, you, and Caylee, are in our hearts, and prayers, always.

    Thinking of you,

  116. Casey, Hope your days are getting better. Stand tall I have believed in you since day 1. Hoping some day you can finally tell your side of everything. Hoping the good ol Boys down there in Florida get theirs. Take care and may you get stonger and stronger as time passes. God Bless

  117. Trenton J. Taylor says:

    Dear Casey, I’m cant imagine what the last few years of your life have been like, I’ll probably never understand how you were able to maintain composure throughout the trial, I cant imagine how terrifying and stressful that must have been for you. It’s my contention that going through something of that magnitude should require an adjective that far exceedes the definition of stress and anxiety, but I think its amazing and impressive that you maintained your position and didnt become a victim of a plea bargain that would demonize you even though you knew that the general public opinion of you at the time of the trial was unfavorable to say the least. It’s a very unfortunate thing that happened to your daughter, but I have maintained from day one that you were unjustly targeted by the media and multiple broadcasts by people like Nancy Grace aimed to demonize you in the public eye through assassination of character when in reality she has no clue about who you really are and how you feel, she is in absolutely no position to make those types of negative assertions about you and perpetuate them through the media as some type of impeccable fact when in reality its her twisted view based on trivial shreds of information that are perceived in only the negative and never the positive. I find it extremely bothersome that she fancies herself a goddess of some kind to make these types of judgments about you and to infect others with her obscured beliefs regarding your personal life. I hope you know that there are people out there who dont surround the issue with feelings of anger and frustration. Plenty of people understand that you are a human being and deserve to be treated fairly, I find it appalling that many people seem to lack any compassion for you and your situation. I also understand that many aspects surrounding the case are difficult for some people to overlook, but eventually, everybody will come to terms with the events that have made national headlines and plagued your life for the past few years. I’m a firm believer in justice, but I dont support any notion that holds “oh well she didnt act right here and there, her behavior wasnt normal, she must be guilty!” Personally, I think that is insanity. I think its absolute insanity when people immediatly assume the guilt of anybody before hearing the facts surrounding the case. At any rate, I’m certain that what you have been through in the last few years can only be evaluated to a degree of anxiety, depression, and mental tension and pressure that is inconceivable to nearly everybody in this country. Furthermore, having your trial broadcasted to the entire nation as they formlated sentiments of guilt and disdian regarding a scenario the majority of them know very ltitle about while you maintained your composure with nearly meticulous dimeanor is a unique quality that is both admirable, compelling, and convincing. Collectively, I think it demonstrated to the public what a tough and determined woman you really are. Everyday during the trial, I remember thinking “that poor girl, it seems the whole nation is against her all becaue of bs late night legal analysts and their rants and raves that really arent concerned with the ethical and moral implications of the case, but rather their programs are geared towards generating more money for the station that braodcasts their obscure reporting. I hope that you find peace wherever you go, and I hope that the hype dies down so you can return to your normal life as a free citizen of this country. Always remember, there are plenty of people out here who stand behind you and support you, people who sympathize for your situation and who are wlling to help. I hope your doing well and give you my best wishes.

    Trenton J. Taylor (S.E Michigan)

  118. The tide is turning Casey…ever so slowly, but it is turning! I’m reading Adam Longo’s live chat about Ashton’s book…Looks to me like there are quite a few who support you and defend you. Their arguments are smart and make a lot of sense. Those who are still saying you are guilty are throwing up things that are not fact…still talking about you learning how to make chloroform on the computer…I do believe THAT has already been proven FALSE. So hang in there girl…the truth will come out and you will be vindicated…of course there will always be those who will refuse to believe but those ones you just have to ignore.

    We are out here fighting for you!

  119. Good afternoon Casey:

    I hope you’re doing well ~ smile! Just had to stop by this wonderful site to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 I hope you enjoy every bite of your turkey dinner. I feel confident you have many friends and supporters who will give thanks for your NOT GUILTY verdict. I know I will!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself ~ you surely deserve it!

    We love you kiddo – take care of yourself.


    P.S. SJ and all of my fellow Casey Anthony supporters – may you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  120. Happy Thanksgiving to you too MiMi and fellow Casey supporters! And especially to you Casey!!

  121. Casey,
    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I know there are people who care for you and my hope is that you are spending the holiday with those people who have stuck by you and have taken you in as their own. So happy that you get to spend Thanksgiving as a free person this year. God bless you and stay strong!

  122. My Dear Casey….I just want to tell you to have a Happy Thanksgiving for the first time in 3 yrs.I know all of us here will be saying a blessing & thanks around our tables this year especially for YOU Honey.I know you will be with people who really love & care about you…PLEASE think of ALL of US as your extended Family.Since we all can’t be with you on this holiday,just keep us in your heart,as you will certainly be in ours.

  123. Hi Casey,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to the ones you’re sharing it with. Wishing you love, happiness, and

    fullfillment, everyday. You are forever in our thoughts, and prayers. Take care sweet lady, we are with

    you. We love you Casey!


  124. Happy Thanksgiving, Casey! Take care 🙂

  125. Hello Casey,
    My name is Daniella and I want to let you know that if you need help or you need anything, you can let me know. I will be glad to help you in anyway. I wish you the best and I know that you are a very smart person and soon will be able to leave all this mess in the past. Sometimes our parents dissapoint us and only you know how they have let you down, but we must remember that they are still our parents. I mean it when I say that you can contact me if you need anything. I’ll be your friend.

  126. Good Morning Miss Casey and all that support TEAM CASEY,

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.Casey i hope you had the best meal ever
    you deserved to have the best Thanksgiving ever! All i know is that i was thinking about you
    on Thanksgiving and i can only imagine how thankfull you were. Casey i hope you’re doing well
    and hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. ZG make’s me laugh all this time to figure out what to say and she sound’s like she’s stuck on STUPID!!!! If this chic has a twitter i’d like to tell her to get over it.


  128. Casey,
    I truly hope and pray you are doing well. Continue the fight because it is a good fight! Don’t lose hope…never lose hope. You have many supporters and people lifting you up in prayer and thought. You’re tough…you’ll get through this!

    Stay Strong!

  129. Hey Ms. Casey (little one):

    Well, another week has passed us by and your supporters are hanging in here with YOU! I continue to pray for your health, strength, courage and security. Hang in there girl, we’re here for you.

    Sure wish you’d give SJ a message for us ~ just to let us know how you’re doing ~ stay strong!

    MiMi 🙂

  130. Mark Hedderan says:

    HI Casey- I did not really follow the hysteria surrounding your case. But I just felt in my gut that you were innocent. You should know that there really are people out here that wish you the best and are looking forward to your finally being able to tell your story. But I do get into a lot of arguments w/ my sister about you. I recently watched the entire trial because my sister encouraged me to watch it. I still feel you are innocent and I think THAT was proven. But there is something my family keeps arguing that I don’t have a response for that would help if you could say, or maybe SJ has an answer. Their question is why when during Jose Baez’s opening statement, in which the truth was finally told about how you suffered for so many years beneath the control of your father and Caylee died from a horrible accident that snowballed out of control, NOT from any murder and that this was why you were forced to come up with stories that would keep the cops away from your family or why you were not really able to deal with what happened and this is maybe what you were in your mind thinking happened,…why then “has Casey filed an appeal to the lying convictions when it was admitted that their was no nanny etc”. I get very frustrated with this question because I don’t know what to say to this. I want people to see the TRUTH about everything here but my sister feels becs she watched the whole trial too that she knows more than I do. GRRRRR. Very frustrating. Is there something I can tell her that will make this make sense? It is something I want to understand myself. Thank you Casey and I wish you all the best truly, in the future and in your life and hope that you can find some peace and happiness in this holiday season.
    Best, Mark Hedderan

    • Mark, I think if you will read Dr Ablow’s book, ‘Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony” it just might shed some light on your question. I don’t agree with some of the ‘theories’ he describes but it has helped me to understand ‘why’ Casey said what she did and said – i.e., the nanny, Universal job, etc..

      • Mark Hedderan says:

        Thanks MiMi for answering. I can completely understand how an abused person needs to revert to a make believe world, because I was adopted late in life and had some pretty horrible experiences with really bad foster parents myself. I will get Keith Ablow’s book.

        But as a separate question, what my sister keeps challenging me with that i have no answer for, Do you have an opinion on why the lying convictions are being appealed now, even though it was clear that Casey finally came to terms with what really happened (horrific accident) and that the nanny stories and Universal initially were simply an emotional kind of coping mechanism and Casy clearly admitted through jose baez that they were lies, although for a reason? my sister says this is just playing games and manipulating the law. I would like to counter with something that explains it.

        Thanks Mimi, if you, SJ or even Casey could explain this, or provide a theory that would be great!


        • Mark,
          I may be offbase here and if I am I’m sure someone will tell me! I believe the appeal for the lying is to get the 4 counts consolidated into 1 count. She is not appealing they be completley gone. Also, by appealing, she does not have to answer questions in the depositions from the people who are filing frivolous lawsuits against her, i.e. Zenaida Gonzalez and Texas Equuesearch. In a way it might be considered manipulating the law but who wants to make it easy on someone who is suing you? People do it every day but they have the luxury of their lives being private and their every move not scrutinized like Casey does.

          • Mark Hedderan says:

            Thanks Karen. That makes sense. The Zenaida Gonzalez lawsuit I believe is ridiculous and frivolous and has no merit, but don’t you think the Texas Equusearch lawsuit allegations, although Casey’s actions (not telling anyone to stop searching, that Caylee drowned) are toward them the result overall of the abuse she suffered, does have some merit? I do believe the fact that all those volunteers were searching for no reason, and the fact that Texas Equusearch says it had to ignore other requests for searching of missing children, does unfortunately have to be addressed. Thoughts? Anyone?

            Thanks, Mark

        • Gillian Weeks says:

          I think she was manipulated into the lying.. Clearly the lying was done to manipulate, but for whom?? The whole family is codependent on each other’s abusiveness- They ALL covered for each other at some point. When Casey figured out that her parents were lying to her and rallying against her (Mostly George, because Cindy apparently still doesn’t recognize her own codependency with him) she cut them off completely. Cindy and George tried for years to get her to meet with them, but she refused to see them once she realized that they were a part of the problem- They were a part of the problem for Caylee.. Go to the immaculate deception part.. It really does a fine job of explaining (with reason and logic) who the real abuser in the household is/was and if you do some strong searching on google, using quotation marks to contain your phrases or words, you can get the most relevant results. “Casey” “George” “choked” “June” for instance will pull up reports of the fight the night before Caylee was last seen. “Cindy” “hammer” “protesters” will yield interesting results also. Cindy also choked Casey in the jail, and never got arrested.. Gee go figure huh.. . Cindy and George are clearly very violent people. Their repetitive violent behavior shows a complete and total lack of concern for human life. There was also a depression in the ground next to the family pool, which they incidentally never got rid of.. even though they got rid of Casey’s car, and both of their own cars.. A depression in the ground is pretty good proof that the water from the pool was splashed out in a wave.. so the only real question is why that water came out of the pool- PResumably for Caylee.. And then the other question is why this would be kept a secret.. The only way a drowning would be kept a secret is if the child didn’t REALLY drown. All things considered, I believe Caylee was raped and smothered, as this website theorizes. The drowning was staged so that George could cover his own butt.. Then come the lies, further covering his butt.. BUT I hope he gets his BUTT in hot water for all this.. because something about him and this case just really bugs me.. When you look at everything- the weird way George stood there watching his daughter give birth to Caylee- the way Cindy held Caylee first.. before Casey even… and then add in the possible molestation and how vague even those claims were- probably mostly because Casey didn’t say much about it- but said enough to enough people that it’s believable- I just think Caylee was a sex abuse victim just like Casey was.. It would make sense, because they were both treated as objects by both George and Cindy. Women and girls who are objectified are often sex abuse victims. It’s just the way life seems to happen for some probably very dark and scary reason. And Lee just trying to go along with ignoring everything,too- like he didn’t really want to be involved, even though he wanted to be included? Its all very very strange.. We all want justice for Caylee.. we just accept that it may never come.. =(

  131. Mark,
    I’m kind of suspicious of the whole TES thing to begin with. For one thing on their website or facebook page (can’t remember which one) they state they only search for missing people, not kidnapped people. When they were called (by Cindy, not Casey) to search for Caylee I believe everyone thought she was still kidnapped. So why did they do the search in the first place? Because it was high profile maybe?? The very first day they were there and got no cooperation from Casey, Tim Miller thought about pulling out but didn’t, so it was his choice to stay and search. Read Tim Miller’s deposition…it’s pretty interesting.

    • Mark Hedderan says:

      Hi Karen, (BTW, I really appreciate your input here because I feel like I do not know everything about this case and my sister, who is really the chief person in my family who gets riled up when i defend Casey, I so badly want to be able to have answers to her questions. She really has paid attention to alot of the info about it).
      What has consistently come up about the whole TE thing in our heated family arguments, is that it does not matter who called TE, but the fact that Casey did not come clean then about what happened (and my sister says that Jose Baez during this same time was on the news telling the media/public that Law Enforcement was not doing enough to search for the missing Caylee, and saying that they were not following up on tips), while she knew TE and so many others were searching for her daughter, why did she let these volunteers search for Caylee when she knew she had drowned.

      I am hoping people on here know way more about this case than I, so next time I can not end up being humbled by others w/ nothing to say.

      Thanks again, Mark

      • Mark, I look at it this way. This is really a contracts case. A contract was entered into between TES and C & G Anthony, not Casey. They need to sue whoever signed the contract, not who did not sign it. How can they sue someone they never even talked to?

  132. Dear mark. Your sister sounds like she’s blinded by the truth. Did she get all her info from nancy grace? Tell your sister to wake up. 12 people found the truth. Theres your comeback

  133. Maybe she didn’t know where she was, so technically she needed them? Still g and c were the ones and wouldnt doubt it was nejame representing them at the time who suggested they should bc the new case he is on he did tell the guy suspected In his ex disappearance to call tes. I wonder why ga called TES clowns, miller said that I think. If ga didn’t know wouldn’t he welcome them searching regardless of what he believed about Casey?

  134. Be strong Casey

    They WANT you to fail, and be sad, and be miserable. But by showing them you’re not just proves how much more ABOVE them you are
    Your mother loves you. Caylee Loves you. God loves you.
    Who really cares about the rest? 

  135. Good morning little one! 🙂

    “If God is For Us…then who can be against us”

    Romans 8:28-31

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  136. David Henderson says:

    Hi There Casey,

    Just wanted You to know that You were in my thoughts and Prayers over the Holiday, and I pray that You had a Great and Blessed ThanksGiving too! I can only Imagine what you have been through, I can only say that You are a Very Mentally Strong and Tough Young Woman, as all the wrongful accussations, ans media slander over the last 3 years would have been way too much for me, I admire how You made it through and overcame it all! I watched that evil Hypocritical Nimrod Nasty Grace every now and then out of curiousity, and she makes everybody out too be evil, when there is no proof that they have done anything, and the way She falsely accussed You, was a Crime in my view! Nasty Grace has a lot of nerve labeling someone else as evil, when She is actually the Devil in Human form! I Hope and Pray that you make it out of this latest ridiculous court case from ZG allright, I keep it in my prayers at all times! Allways keep in mind that many of us know that you are Innocent and were the scapegoat in this whole mess too, and that all these other people out there that dont support your Innocense need too find their brains! I Pray and Wish You the best over the Upcoming Holidays, and Always know that GOD loves you, and knows that You are Innocent, as do we all! Please Take Care, and GOD bless You always! By the the way, and maybe SJ can answer this question, your book that just came out “Inside the Mind Of Casey Anthony”, is it available only online, or also in the Bookstores, cause it is advertised on this page, but I have not seen it yet in any of the Stores yet? Anyways GOD BLESS YOU CASEY ANTHONY, You are A Beautiful, Sweet, and Caring Young Woman, who will only do Good things, as You are a Great and Caring young Woman! We all Love You Casey, GOD BLESS YOU!

    • David:

      All I can say to your post is “WOW’! I agree with everything you said here. Beautifully and eloquently written. 🙂


      • David Henderson says:

        Thank You MiMi,

        Casey Anthony deserves the best that those of us that know that she is Innocent can possibly give Her! Let us pray that she makes out of this latest ZG Trial without getting slandered by the public and media again! Let us all put Casey Anthony in our prayers! GOD BLESS!

  137. Cate Ellington says:

    Hi SJ-

    I was reviewing your information on this site, and was hoping that you could enlighten me on something.

    I am someone who has felt for a long time that Casey Anthony was guilty. I watched the entire trial. I felt that her evasiveness for the 31 days just showed someone who had something to hide.

    However, due to a variety of reasons I have recently begun to wonder if there is some truth to Casey’s story about abuse. I will tell you why in a follow up email. Initially I felt it was just a reprehensible way to once again evade responsibility and throwing another member of her family under the bus just told me again, the girl is guilty. I work in a therapeutic setting with abused children and young adults and Casey’s story did not ring true. The fact that her lawyers would not allow the prosecution’s psychiatrist(s) to interview her either, nor would the defense allow Casey to be interviewed by law enforcement AFTER she told the story about the abuse and drowning further made me suspicious. If her father truly did these things why would she NOT want him FINALLY investigated and held accountable?

    These are some of the nagging questions that keep me from giving Casey the benefit of the doubt in relation to her story. What do you think about these things. I am truly writing you from a sincere heart.

    Cate E.

  138. Hey Casey:

    Another week that’s just flown by, and I’m just dropping in to wish you a wonderful weekend!

    We’re still here, praying for you and hoping we all hear from you soon.

    Just read on another site that someone’s trying to get YOUR story out. I pray you get the most that’s humanly possible – enough to set you up for the good life you so deserve.

    We love and support you! 🙂


    • Hi MiMi!! 🙂 It’s been great chatting with you!

      Hey Casey…because of you I have a new friend. Thanks!

      Keep your head up girl. We’re still here for you. Praying you have a fabulous Christmas…and are surrounded by people who truly care.


      • Hey Jill: 🙂

        Yeah, Casey, it’s all your doing that I have found a very dear friend in Jill….see, you’re already having a positive effect ~ lol.

        Jill, I’m praying that you, your family and Casey all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Same goes for all of our family of Casey supporters, especially you SJ.

        xoxoxo MiMi

  139. John Grisham tonight on CNN spoke eloquently about your case, saying jury got it right. Thought you might want to hear when a positive word comes over the tv. I hope you have a lovely and peace-filled Christmas ;0)

  140. Good Morning Casey,
    It’s been a while since i’ve said HELLO so Ohla and i hope you’re doing well.
    Also i hope you had a wonderfull Thanks Giving! Christmas is day’s away but just
    in case i don’t get on the computer again(i find myself online a lil to often) Merry Christmas &
    Happy New Year!! You deserve the best in the up coming year. 🙂


  141. Dear Casey,

    Life has been a mess, Its been hard and cruel. I hope though that between all that has been going on that you have had the time to grieve that you deserve. People are asses, But dont let them bring you down. We can only imagine what day to day life must truely be like for you. [Blue] your real thoughts, your real emotions… not those that you have to wear in disguise. No matter the battle, I will be supporting you & defending you.

    People have no right to judge, They weren’t there and they dont know the real you. They only know what the fucked up media’s lies potray you as.
    Keep your head up hight, Your faith higher and smile honey.

    Smile because you deserve to, Because your beautiful and because thats how Cay remembers you.
    Love you always Casey xx

    Add me anytime on Facebook:

  142. Dear Casey I wanted to take this time to wish you a Happy Holiday season blessed with love, peace and happiness. You have many many supporters; I am one of the many. God Bless!

  143. Merry Christmas Casey!!!

  144. David Henderson says:


    I just wanted too Wish You a Very Merry Christmas, and a Wonderful Happy New Year as well! You are always in my Prayers, and I am sure the Prayers of many others as well. May Your Holidays be filled with Joy, and the New Year be a Blessing too You, as You deserve it after all that You have been Through! Always Remember that you are A Great Young Woman, who is Very Beautiful, and Beautiful on the inside too! May GOD BLESS You Forever and Always! I Pray that that 2012 will be Your Greatest Year yet, and that everyone else will realize what a Great person You are! We all Love You and Care about You Casey, and May Christmas be a Blessing too You, and Your New Year be filled with Joy, and Happiness! May GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!

  145. Casey,

    Merry Christmas to YOU! I pray you are with supportive, loving people during this wonderful holiday. I continue to pray for you when I pray for my children. Keep your head held up high and walk the straight and narrow. God will guide you and give you purpose in every day.

    Stay Strong and keep up the faith!

  146. MERRY CHRISTMAS ~ Casey!

  147. Merry Christmas Casey!

    I 100% support you and believe in your innocence. I hope that you enjoy the holiday and wish you all the best as we go into 2012!


  148. Sweet Casey~ I just wanted you to be able to see plenty of names even on Christmas Eve who wish you so much Love & Happiness.Since we can’t send you a Xmas card….please know that we are ALL sending out PRAYERS,LOVE,HOPE & JOY to You.Just take this time to RELAX & BREATHE.With the Love & Support we all have for you….you are going to be just fine.I know it in my heart,just like I did that you would be found NOT GUILTY.Allow for some JOY to be in your heart right now….it will work wonders for you.God Bless You & Happy Holidays

  149. Casey (little one):

    Even on Christmas day, I am thinking of you and praying you are safe, well and happy! I know you are surrounded by good people that care about, your future and are embracing you as part of their family. I hope you take this very special day to give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ for all of your blessings. (I know I do).

    Circumstances are going to improve ~ have patience and courage. With so many of us continually praying for you, I know in my heart, all will be fine!

    Once again, Casey, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and may God bless you and your entire defense team.


  150. Hello Casey!
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!! and I hope you have a Blessed day I pray for you always. You will make it. Take good care of yourselve know that better days are ahead! The Lord Stands by you! I stand by you!

  151. Merry Christmas Casey

    You are such a strong girl and very brave for what you have been through. Hang in there. I know you can make it. I and others here believe in and care about you.


  152. Merry Christmas Casey Anthony!

  153. Happy New Year, Casey. Hope 2012 brings good things your way.


  155. Casey,
    Prayed for you this morning…will continue to do so. I hope things are getting better for you and that you are healing. On my way to work I was listening to Coldplay…this song reminded me of you.

    It actually reminds me of me too…when one is hurt by abuse by someone that is supposed to protect, you tend to realize at an early age that life is not what you hoped it would be…paradise lost. But as you grow and learn that you are precious in the eyes of a loving God, who is your Father, you learn to let go of the bitterness…you learn that you can find your own paradise…with your eyes wide open. I’m praying that you are working through the hurt and disappointment and that you will go on to help other girls who have been through abuse. You (and I) are used to having to “dream” of that paradise, closing our eyes and escaping to a place that is better. But as you heal, you won’t need to escape…face the fears and grow and then help others.

    Much love to you,

  156. David Henderson says:

    Happy New Year Casey Anthony!

    I Just wanted too Wish you the best, and Let You know that as the New Year begins that You will still be in my thoughts and Prayers, and I am sure the thoughts and Prayers of all of us that Care about You, and know what a Great Young woman You truly are! Let us also pray that Nasty Grace, and the rest of those Evil opinionated Nimrods on HLN get boycotted and ran off of the air, like they deserve! I Can speak for me and probably others that I never did, and will ever buy any of the lies and false tabloids that are portrayed by the media, it just shows that they are the evil ones and You are the Good Kind Hearted one, never let them get you down! I pray that this is the year that everything will turn around for You! We all Love and Care about You Casey, I Pray that GOD will Bless You in every way Possible this Year and onward! HAPPY NEW YEAR CASEY ANTHONY! GOD BLESS!

  157. Casey,

    Wishing you a Very Joyous, and Peaceful New Year!! We love you, and Caylee so very much, and the

    two of you are forever in our hearts, and prayers!! Be healthy, happy, and have a beautiful life sweet girl!!

    Love always,


  158. Casey (little one):

    I too want to wish you the best year possible for 2012. This will be your year ~ I know in my heart things are turning around for you.

    We love and support you, and consider you as part of our family. Hang in there, it’s just right around the corner!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all of our fellow Casey Anthony supporters!

    With love, kisses and lots of hugs ~ MiMi

  159. Happy New Year SJ and fellow Casey supporters – and especially to you Casey!!

  160. Happy New Year Casey…I’m praying that this coming year brings you much contentment, love, happiness and healing. So glad you are free this new years eve! Enjoy!! Remember there are many of us out here who care for you and support you. Your life well lived is the best tribute to Caylee. She is watching over you.


  162. Scott Harper says:

    Casey- All the best for 2012. From the get go, I felt you were innocent (although unpopular feelings viewed by my peers). I can tell you some things about dealing with adversity. I’m a 2-time cancer survivor of lung, lymphoma, esophageal, neck tissue, and adrenal gland cancer. My cancer is back in my lungs, but with true grit and determination and with God holding my hand throughout the process, I will survive, just like I know you ARE a survivor. The negatives will go away with time. I just wish you a very prosperous life. Enjoy each day like it is your last. Turn negatives into positives. I just wanted to let you know that you have another supporter.

  163. Hey Gorgeous,

    Stay Gorgeous.

  164. John Dozier says:

    Hang in there! 😉

  165. Casey,
    I find you beautiful, innocent, and sweet. I’m so sorry you went through this and I’m very sorry for your daughter’s death. I want you to know that life is long and you will move on eventually, and in your own way, and I support you and wish you well. But please, don’t try and become a celebrity or internet sensation. Just go on with your life, you will find love and happiness, and contentment in the end.

  166. I will be honest, I watched alot of trail and thought you were guilty but the jury said otherwise. hopely u can make something of your life and good luck. u are very beautiful woman and have a long life to go.

  167. Hey Casey, hope all is well. Keep your head up. I wish the best for you. You’re a beautiful woman and deserve a new start.

  168. Life can toss curveballs our way, sometimes hurdles seem insurmountable, through strength and courage, determination and positive thoughts, things begin to get a little easier. It’s sad that people have criticized you, said the mean and awful things about you. Sometimes people like to think that they know what goes on from a distance, when in reality, they have no clue. You seem like a person who has had her share of setbacks yet still seem determined enough to overcome what is in front of you. If anything, I admire your courage, positive outlook and never give up attitude. Life hasn’t been easy, it would be easy however to just give up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with you. If you were to fire back at these mean people, it would be understood, though you seem above the fray. I hope this new year brings stability and a new and better future.
    Best of luck.

  169. Casey,
    Keep your head up!! Remember you have friends that care. Your trials are a testament of how God allows us to overcome. Never give up & stand strong….I wonder what ever happen to love your neighbor as thyself??? People can be so judgmental but the TRUE judge is the God of Israel. May you continue to be restored, many spiritual blessings to you. Here’s a little poetry for you to brighten your day:

  170. Casey,
    I proclaimed your innocence a long time ago. If you need anything from Clearwater, let me know.

  171. I Just wanted to say I wish you the best of luck with everything. I hope that you will be able to move on and live a normal life. People really need to let go of the past. They need to understand that thier opinions dont matter. You were proven not guilty. No matter what happens nobody can change the past. Well I hope that you have a long and safe life.
    Take care of yourself

  172. Hey Casey, I really hope that with you having a computer that you find this site and read all the positive words for you. I see that pain in your eyes of losing everything, but I also see the hope that you have with in. Please hold on to that hope. The world is full of people looking for an excuse to hate something, and alot of them are pointing that hate towards you, but know that your friends and supporters will always overcome that hate. I really feel bad for you, but I know that you will do just fine. I would be greatful for you to call me your friend as I am here for you. If you ever want someone to talk to or to just have someone say everything will be OK please just email me at (removed). Stay strong Casey!

  173. God bless you Casey. I believe you are innocent. May you rise up above all the haters. Take care of yourself. I hope you have another baby soon to try to fill the hole in your heart that losing Caylee has caused.

  174. Matthew Cole says:

    i wish i could be able to sit down and tell you face to face how much i look up to you. i know a lot of people dont like you and think your a horrible person but we are alot alike in certian sences. you were accussed of horrible things. yet you never stopped fighting for the truth. i get pushed around alot and try to find insperation yet it seems that there isnt that much. i wish i could have the wisdom of you. for some reason i just feel that im lost in this huge world and i just dont know how to keep pushing my self to keep going with out breaking down. any ways. thank you for being you. god bless you
    – Mattew Cole

  175. Food and home offered to you – no strings, no bs, no pictures, no videos –
    you are more than welcome here away from everything.
    Have someone contact us if needed (20-somethings married couple in southern TN)
    May the blessings be

  176. I just wanted to say that i hope u r doing well and doing what u can to help u now…

  177. Anton Good says:

    Casey! I’m glad your free. I wish I could tell you that face to face. I hope you find peace and love in life. I wish I could meet you.


  178. Hi Casey, Happy NEW Year! This is AMAZING, look how many absolutely LOVE AND ADORE YOU!! I just had to write and tell you that I love you too!!! I can only hope you read this and it makes your day to know we have all loved you for so long, and will forever. If I could, and I bet everyone here feels this, I just imagine giving you this incredibly delicate and adoring hug, expressing to you to please be strong, we are all going thru this with you, and I do believe a more perfect day is coming when all hate passes away, and all that’s left is that most perfect Love which Heaven is built upon, when everything is then restored, in Love. In that Love eternal Casey, I love you.

  179. I just wanted to say to Casey that I hope she can feel our love for her.I know I find myself drifting off to sleep wondering about what Casey is doing and going through at that exact moment. I want her to know that even though she was let down by the only people she (thought) could trust, there are people (strangers!) that love her! I’m usually a really shy person ( I get nervous ordering fast food!) but there’s just something about all of this… there’s just SOMETHING about Casey that makes me unafraid to stand up for what I know is right and true. No matter how unpopular my opinion or I become.

    Casey… I know it’s a long shot to ever hear from you but if you ever want to just talk about movies or music or books or makeup/hair tips or anything at all please feel free to contact me. I know its asking a LOT for you to even reply to anything even on this website right now, but I don’t care if it’s a day, week, month, or even a year until you reply I truly just want to talk with you about shit like everyday little annoyances like assholes in traffic and shit lol. Anyway, I hope to see more videos from yo’ badass self! We got your back, kicking ass and takin’ names and what not!

  180. Good luck Casey! I hope you find good health and happiness. Remember you have supporters and friends out there that wish you the best. You will always have a friend in me. Love from VA, Ashlee

  181. Hey Casey hope all is well you look great your
    Healthier than ever that’s great I’m so glad your doing well just wanted to say that and how much I love you and you have made me want to go In to law so I can defend people like you love you bye have a good day xoxoxoxoxo Miranda <33

    • Hi Mirandaaa, I am also in law school in the hopes that I can help people not be wrongly accused like Casey. I decided to start school while the trial was going on. I did think about it before because I knew she was innocent the whole time.

  182. Hi Casey! You look great on your video. I’m from Montana and have followed your case the whole time. I almost invited you to come out west when you were released but laugh at that now. Would be hard to be anonymous and get on with life in the midst of more cows than people! I work with women all day who are pregnant and/or parenting young children. My heart goes out to you and I just pray for you and God’s healing for you. I heard the other day that God knows the end of the story and it’s always good when we trust Him. I think He has been looking out for you and gave you favor cuz He knows your heart. Anyway love and grace to you sister. I’m prayin’….

  183. Walter Stevenson says:

    Casey, I just want to start off with a congratulations for beating the injustice that was the conspiracy to pin the rap of your baby girl’s death on you. I am so sorry for everything you have been put through, and I wish I could take care of you, and love you the way you are supposed to be loved. Maybe one day if I get rich, I’ll try to reach out to you and I’ll make sure nobody victimizes you ever again! I love your new hair! Please post more videos baby girl! Love, Walter.

  184. Hey Casey I love you and hope the best for you. I hope things are going good and you are around people that love you as much as we do. Have a great new year and make 2012 your year to shine.

  185. Hey Casey. I was thinking about you and your case for some reason. I dont know you and you do not know me. For some reason i was thinking about what I would say to you. First off, I would say I believe your account of the situation because it is the only thing that makes sense. Your father and your mother are such hipocrites and shady characters that they have a cloud of doubt swarming all around them. An accident is an accident, and your parents threw you under the bus. I wonder what type of shady police officer your father was…. Secondly, those procecutors had NO EVIDENCE against you! Forget all these haters Casey… I saw your trial, never missed it. The jury did their job against a hatred procecution that did nothing but try to pin a murder on you. Not even a murder, a first degree, death penalty murder. They had no evidence what-so-ever. People should look at your father. I swear to god. I don’t really know you though, but I can tell that you are bothered and stressed and want to tell somone about it. Hold on and hang in there. I will be one of the first to buy your book. Thirdly, I fear for your saftey. If you know who is leaking your videos, I suggest you tell them to hault. Come out with your book and your account first. We have heard from eveyone except YOU!

    I may fear for your saftey; however, there is saftey in numbers, and I am a number you can feel safe with. Many of us believe you, and we will not see you railroaded over coals that lack your name. Those coals are not for you. I believe they are for your FATHER. When you get down and out, just read this:

    1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
    2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
    4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?
    5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
    6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

    This reminded me of you, and I thought you might take some comfort in it.

  186. Love you Casey =:) The video diaries are great, make more!

  187. Keep your head up and keep that beautiful smile on your face (By the way your smile makes me smile) Casey! You will get through all these hard times, things are starting to look up as you said so yourself. Day by day it’ll get better, you have your fans here to help you get thought things. I LOVE YOU, Always have & Always will 🙂 <3

  188. Always remember You are Loved!!

  189. hello casey just wanna say if u ever need a friend i will always b a friend an if u ever need a place to run off too plz let me know i so wanna chat wit ya ,hope to hear from u not thru a 3rd person .plz let me knw asap .p.s luv the new look

  190. Hi Casey,

    Be assured you have our love and support. I’m so sorry about all the hate thats come your way. God will judge those people

  191. Hey,
    Just want to say hi and hang in there
    i`m not here to judge or ask questions
    if you want to say hi i`m here
    take care

  192. Hi Casey my name is Justin and I am 29 and from Tampa. I have been with you from the begining. I am sorry for you loss and pray for you and your family. Anyways I love the blogs and hope to see another one 🙂 Keep your head up and just know that I support you all the way along with everyone on this site. I think your are a very special person 🙂 I hope you suceeed any everything you do because this is a new year upon us and we have to keep moving forward. I know that there is a lot of comments on here but I hope you get to read this.

    P.S. I love the new hair :p

  193. Dear Website Owners,

    Thank you for making such an amazing site for fellow supporters of Ms. Casey Marie Anthony! What all these disgusting, cowardly, internet scumbags fail to realize is that they are SOOOOO much more worse than the REAL murderer of Caylee-making their ignorant, cowardly threats to the INCORRECT, WRONG PERSON: a tiny-sized, defenseless, INNOCENT YOUNG LADY. Miss Casey was found INNOCENT in a court of law, and to all the WORTHLESS, HATEFUL, COWARDLY, ANONYMOUS MONSTERS who read this and have been making various threats against Lady Casey **ANYWHERE AND EVERWHERE**, may you all rot in hell for eternity, I mean that from the bottom of my heart, and have ****NEVER**** been so sure of a comment I’ve made in my entire life than that one!!!! EVER. Oh, and attention trailer park trash, guilty people don’t go home and live their lives freely without restrictions, only innocent people can and DO… hmm, exactly like the beautiful, 100% INNOCENT ANGEL FROM HEAVEN ABOVE—->CASEY MARIE ANTHONY, who can *and* DOES!!!!

    Dearest Casey,

    My Precious Angel, I can’t wait for the day until you don’t have to live in hiding and be able to walk down the street without a single worry in the world when these anonymous loser trailer park trash that make the threats they do have something better to do and much more productive than harass an INNOCENT WOMAN. Ms. Casey, I extend my friendship to you, and when your probation is through, I *also* extend an invitation for you to come out to Seattle, Washington and live with me for as long as you need and want to!! I am a 33 year old female, divorced (November 2010), single , heterosexual, no children, a Seattle native (born and raised here), and an **extremely** private person. I know you probably have received other offers from other people offering you a place to live and/or stay. The difference with me is I have absolutely **no** personal agenda, nor do I want or need a single thing in return from you. Since I expressed earlier that I’m an incredibly private person, as well as like to keep to myself for the most part, you would have your own, quiet, personal, free space to do *whatever* you wanted, as would I of course lol. And you would not only have a friend, but an *extremely* trustworthy personal confidant… and, if need be, help you with different looks and styles to go out and about if that”s what you wanted/needed… and you would feel safe at *ALL* times because I would and could be your own personal security girl (I’m 5’10 and weigh 150, a *very* strong and capable lady-references available!). Lastly dear, sweet Casey…. you would have a shoulder to cry on at *ALL* times as well… hopefully to laugh on sometimes as well. hehehe!! At any rate dearest Casey, I *am* 100% serious about my offer to come **discreetly* live with me in Seattle, so if you’re interested, contact the webmaster(s) of this site so they can pass along all my appropriate contact information, ok honey bunny?? *smilezzz*

    Love, Miss Mandy

    Seattle, Washington

    • Hey mandy I am with you , seriously I think I could hide her out too, and while I am happily married I have a huge amount of money and resources for this poor girl, I agree, let us just protect her or start a fund to give her a chance, I would totally donate to the casey anthony new life fund!!!!!

  194. Head up girl,head up…don’t let the bastards get you down. Dig deep and stay strong! I hope you see that there are many who support you and care genuinely for you and your well being. Me and my new found friend Mimi continue to pray for you daily. Please keep the faith Casey!

    • Casey:

      Jill is right — go get ’em girl! We love and support you! Keep your head up and enjoy each day to its
      fullest. Jill and I (along with so many others), are praying daily for you!) 🙂

      I’m so happy to see all of the new Casey supporters! One more time – Casey, you go girl!

  195. Site is great good for you!!!!

  196. josh bennett says:

    Dear Casey, My name is Josh and I would like to start by saying that “I Love you” and I really mean it in a way that sometimes I don’t even understand.I am a married man and my youngest is 22yrs old and I am only 45. I have one grand that is 1yr old. I grewup in Tampa as did my wife Debbie but we left about 15yrs ago..I am glad to have the chance to say this you as I thought you would most likely dissapear from the public and never be seen again..What a strength you have with beauty..I wish you the best that life has to offer..Life is one crazy game as you already well know and my advice to you is to wake everyday and be thankful for each of your blessings and ask for the things that make you happy for yourself..The universe is a wonderful and strange place, but it’s where we have always been so it must be familiar with us in a way that it knows us better than we know ourselves or that we can remember, if that makes sense in the way I have said it..I am happy with my life even as it has not been the greatest..I have been drugfree for 6&1/2yrs now and everyday I see myself with clearer eyes and happier than I was the day before that I am getting stronger and looking forward..Bless you Casey and I am glad that I can say this to you..Josh loves you

  197. dear casey thank you for the message hope you stay safe

  198. Hi Casey,

    I just wanted to wish you all the best in 2012 and in the future. I believe you and I’m sorry that you had to grow up in such a toxic environment. You and Caylee are in my thoughts and my heart.

  199. Hey Casey!

    So I have followed your case from day one and always knew there was more to the story than was being told, I could tell by your actions and voice when you spoke that you were innocent and in fact the actual victim, you lost your daughter and was forced to not deal with it the way you would have liked too. I watched the whole trial and was very proud of you, your defense team and most importantly Baez. I loved how he tore apart the prosecutors, I knew you were innocent and cried for you when the verdict was read I am so proud of you, you held yourself up with integrity and dignity. I almost felt as if I could relate to you, as my family’s personalities match those of yours, (George and Cindy) I think you have great potential and wish you nothing but success in your new future! Good luck sweetie and I will be praying for you. Message me back on here or email me if you would like and/or need a friend to converse with!! Sending love <3 xoxoxo

  200. Allen Young says:

    Things are in the past now Casey,…’s time to move forward and try and just, well, ….”cope” with the pass. Your a very beautiful woman and im sure you have alot of wealthy men beatting down your door for your hand, if you are looking for true friendship….dont let those highrollers snowblind you into just more heartache…..there’s so much more to life than money hun…..cope with the pass as best you can and demand that people leave you alone and let you finish your life without your child by your side….i love you Casey….your so beautiful….xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  201. Mark Kivlehan says:

    Dear Miss Casey,

    I Hope that this gets to you. I’m a 27, from massachusetts and i have been following your case and the media has portrayed you to be this monster that i know is not you. And now with your video blog its just another thing for them to critisize you for and people mad because you have a new computer, dog, ect. From what i see your trying to move on from what has happend and trying to get your life in order and start fresh and your living in exile. confused, alone, afraid and that sucks and i feel for you. You are young and beautiful and have gone through so much in your young life. You should be able to rebuild yourself and your life without the media and the naysayers getting in your way. You do your thing girl and don’t let anyone stand in your way you stay strong and keep your head up and do whatever it is that makes YOU happy and start your life again surround yourself with positivity and stay positive. I will always be a voice for you and if you ever what to chat feel free SJ can give you my email…..there are people that love and support you, ill admit i am one of them never forget that! take care and all the best in 2012.


  202. Happy New Year Casey! Have fun with your dog. I stood up for you during the trial, and after you were declared innocent, I was bursting with support. I’m not afraid to debate this with people. All the hype has died down but I still think about you sometimes! Always good thoughts. I am so hopeful that you can move forward and have a normal life. And as always, Caylee is also in my prayers!

  203. Casey i just want you to know that i believe you to be very brave. What you have had to endure must be heartbreaking. First you lost your daughter, which in itself is tragic and almost unbearable. but then being accused of murdering her made it all worse. but you got through it and thats what matters. you are incredibly strong and now you have the rest of your life ahead of you to start over. Make the best of what you have left and remember that even though there are people out there that believe you are guilty, that there are also people out there that believe in your innocence. Good Luck!!

  204. Hey Casey! I wrote you a letter when you were in the other Florida County Jail for that week, I don’t know if you got it or not so i’ll just let you know what it said, i’m 22 and my girlfriend is the same. We both support you, although I think my girlfriend sometimes is jealous of you because she asks me sometimes if I like the way you look and I can only answer “How can I not?!” Good Luck and God Speed, don’t listen to the media, you don’t owe anyone any interviews or anything like that. They were all against you, remember?

  205. M Whitten says:

    Dear Casey,

    I was interested in your case from day one. I went through nearly the exact same thing as you not too long ago: I was sitting in jail, accused of something very heinous, had told lies to law enforcement officials, and I was stuck basically defending myself for things I had done around the time of the inciting incident. My case dragged on for almost two years, and I was finally acquitted of the charges.

    But we both know it doesn’t end there. Once acquitted, I had to basically go into hiding and start over. People who I ought we’re my friends abandoned me, and I only had a small group of family members to rely on. In addition, the new friends I had made all turned out to have an agenda based on their feelings regarding the outcome of my case. I had to be very careful about who I let into my life.

    Based on where you are now, with your probation and the attention that you are getting I only have one piece of advice to offer you: be very careful who you let into your life, and be very careful who you trust. I know it will be tempting for you to give an interview, especially considering that the system is trying to bleed you dry with bullshit fines and civil judgements (yeah, they’ll do hat to you too), I wouldn’t do any of it if I were you. They are only out for themselves, and they don’t care if it destroys you in the process. I would also be cautious of any new “friends,” because they will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

    I wish you nothing but luck in your future endeavors.

    • M Whitten says:


      I’d be careful regarding taking pictures and videos, even if the videos are for personal use. Pretty much nothing is personal in this day and age, and it’s easy for that stuff to wind up all over the Internet.

      I’d also be careful with the social networking. I don’t even use any of it anymore after what I’ve been through.

  206. Dear Casey, you will forever be tucked away in my heart.

    I know the truth. You did not kill precious Caylee.

    God Bless you….

  207. Gillian Weeks says:

    Hi Casey! I just want you to know we are all advocating for you here.. You probably shouldn’t respond by web to anyone at all.. IP addresses being what they are and all.. Just dont bother with it. We don’t need to hear back from you, and we know that words can be very fake from whomever writes them.. I dont care if someone gives you a thousand dollars- just don’t even thank them except maybe giving Baez their email addresses and letting him copy and paste your thanks.. Thats about all you should do. Too many crazies out there.. It’s scary, hun.. I am so scared for your safety. I just wish these losers would get a life and recognize that you did lose a lot from all of this.. and their hate wont change anything.
    We just want you to know that we care ok. I’m glad everything is looking up for you right now! =) Keep being a gracious person.. You have a lot of worth in this world, and I know you will soon be back to having a solid social life, and a job you can enjoy without fear for Caylee’s safety.. may she rest in peace..
    Speaking of which, when my mom died, I started having lightbulbs blow out everywhere I lived! Do you get any clues like that, that Caylee is watching over you, I wonder? Well, don’t respond.. but believe it!!
    She loved you so much and I know you are still together in spirit.. 😉
    Much love and warm wishes..

  208. Casey, Caylee was such a precious angel! She is the child i always wanted. I love her so much!!! I sing to her in heaven!! On her b-day i sent purple balloons to her in heaven .. i know she loved purple. You are very fortunate to have held her in your womb.. you were fortunate to have a heathy, smart, loving lil angel. I cant fathom why anyone would hurt her!!! I do not know what happened, but please come forth and tell us the truth!! You tell us Casey, not somebody speaking for you. If you did not murder Caylee TELL US!!!! RIP CAYLEE<3 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE CAYLEE!!!

  209. So nice to see all the support and well wishes. Hang in there Casey!

  210. David Henderson says:

    Hi There Casey Anthony,

    I Hope that your New Year is off too a Great start, and that 2012 will be an uplifting year for You! I knew that You were Innocent from the start and I never bought the smear campaign done by the media! I Just want you too know that me, and many others stand behind anything that You do, and if those are actually your online videos that have surfaced on the news, then I say Good for You! Ignore all those News buffoons trying too criticize You, they are the true evil monsters, and that HLN Nimrod Nasty Grace needs to find her brain, Appologies, I know she would have first have had to have brain to begin with! Anyways never let those idiots get too You, they have wrecked more lives than they have helped! Just know any books, or anything that comes out that portrays You Positively, from You I would pick up immediately, know that many of us support You, and all that You do! One day I pray that the Truth, and evidence surfaces that proves Your Innocense, and all those Idiots that tried too wreck your life will get ran off the air for Good, and have too go into hiding themselves, keep the faith Casey, one day things will get easier and brighter, as that song goes! I Pray my Heart out for You Casey, and see You for the Beautiful, Innocent, and Caring Young woman that you Are! Keep up the Good fight, We all Love you and Care about You! May GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS CASEY ANTHONY! The Dark will soon end, and the Dawn will come, GOD BLESS! Love You Casey!

  211. Casey,

    I used to write you everyday and send you the quote of the day from my phone. I know I haven’t done it in a while, but when I read todays, I couldn’t help but think of you. It says

    “Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window – or break down a door.”- Brooke Shields

    Facebook me please:

  212. I don’t even know that u will read this urself, i hope so but i know how the internet privacy seems to b an issue. I know u were lying to protect urself and ur family when this first happened. The nanny story was the plan and u stuck to it as u were told and u kept quiet. George on the other hand completely betrayed u as he has done ur whole life, he tried to get u put to death so he would never b connected to caylees death. The $$ was all this has ever been about, ur Mom only called 911 cuz she had to pay the tow company and she thought u owed her that $ back. And u stole her car? Really? It was only her car when she was mad at u..i can see y u said in the video diary u can for Once be excited about things You have, that u don’t have to give back when mommy gets mad..i say tell the story now, take the misdemeanors and stop hiding. George can walk down the street unharmed and he has as much to do w it as u so…when u open up about caylee, u will get a life back. Best wishes.

  213. I am from Texas and during the trial my grandmother and I argued daily. She was so sure you did it. I on the other hand didn’t believe so. Anyway, I’m glad to see you are doing better. And I think you should do a video and tell the world how you feel about what you went through. They can judge but can’t walk in your shoes so don’t worry about what everyone says. Just feel good about yourself and explain the hurt that you have over all of it.

  214. Hope you are doing well…I wished you had a yahoo or skype account for all of us to chat with you. Mine is chevyss2008 on yahoo….Please feel free to add or chat anytime 🙂

  215. Casey,

    This is todays quote of the day:
    “Rely on your own strength of body and soul. Take
    for your star self-reliance, faith, honesty and industry.
    Don’t take too much advice- keep at the helm and
    steer your own ship, and remember that the great
    art of commanding is to take a fair share of the work.
    Fire above the mark you intend to hit. Energy, invincible
    determination with the right motive, are the levers that
    move the world.” – Noah Porter

    Have a great day!!

  216. francisco says:

    I was pulling for Casey the whole time. I’m so happy she was innocent.She deserves to live her own life.
    Without others negative this case is over and our Wishes go out to Casey.

  217. Hi Casey,

    Here is todays quote:

    “The beginning is the most important part of any
    work, especially in the case of a young and tender
    thing; for that is the time at which the character
    is being formed and the desired impression more
    readily taken.” – Plato

    Have a good day!!!

  218. Hey I know I am just another person writing to you but want you to know I am so damn happy for you and hopeful for your future, it will not be easy but it is achievable, I know…. Smile girlie, its all gonna be okay!

  219. Casey;
    Wow. That is all i can say. What a long, strange, twisted journey You have had to go on. I hope that each day You awake, You see in life some beauty, LOVE, care, and affection. No matter what happened, or what anyone else says to You or about You; it is only You who must wake up with Yourself everyday, make Your decisions for Yourself, and find Your way through. No matter what….do NOT let Yourself get caught up in the diabolical fray, and traps set for You by fools. Be strong, wise, BLESSED, and always be true to the one person who has to live Your life every day and night….YOU….
    Just hope You stay well……
    Ciao Bella…
    Micheal Vee

  220. Vincent Lester says:

    Casey, I sent you a letter when you were in that other jail for a week right before your trial, so I don’t know if you even got it. I’m 22 years old and I have supported you since this whole thing started. My girlfriend at the time used to get aggravated or jealous maybe because I supported you and also thought you were pretty hot. That may have something to do with my infatuation with you, but the main reason I follow your case and support you is because I believe in what the court stands for. You were found Not Guilty and anytime I hear someone say anything about you negative, I tell them that in my eyes and the eyes of our court that you didn’t do anything wrong. I support anything you do and wish that I knew you in real life, I would definitely take you out and shower you with gifts. Alas, I will probably never meet you, let alone speak to you, so I guess I have to resort to what I read online. Good luck Casey, and may God be with you.

  221. Casey,

    I don’t know if you read these but I will continue to put the quotes on here just in case. Today’s quote is:

    “True joy results when we become aware of
    our connectedness to everything” -Paul pearsall

    Have a good day!!!

  222. Dear Casey,
    I’m so glad to see that you are trying to get on with your life. It’s too bad that it came because someone invaded your privacy. Im so glad this site exists so that you can see how many people care and support you. You have been through hell, but you came out stronger and im sure you will thrive.

  223. i have followed this since the begininng, i never thought casey killed caylee, i always knew it was an accident, and when cindys comment about the ladder being down & the calls casey made june 16th i knew it was the pool. i find it disgusting that george has ALWAYS seemed shady since day one and everything he says is a lie. i wish casey would come out on youtube for FREE and tell the story, the truth. and she will after the appeal of the misdemeanors. the lawsuits with zenaida are bs, sorry but casey when shown her picture said it wasnt her, she kept giving different states for the “nanny” she had. the cops and media especailly nancy grace should be sued for defamation in my opinion. cindys 911 call comment about the “damn dead body smell” and it was a wrap for casey in the media and cops eyes. her lies were taken as she killed her herself instead of “hey maybe shes lying to cover for a crime she committed AND/OR with someone else” if they would have george my friend, would have been on trial too.

    Ive seen and heard many things he said throughout that whole thing that made me realize it was a drowning in the pool and george and casey covered it up. did it ever cross anyones mind that maybe the duct tape was placed on caylee’s face after she passed away because a kidnapper story would make more sense if the body was found, to show she was bound (do the research if you have too, people who are kidnapped are almost ALWAYS duct taped over the mouth to keep them quiet). george and cindy should be sued by equusearch as george knew from the start, i think cindy knew after they were already involved but not when she originally called but bottom line they BOTH also knew where little caylee was the whole time. It was a payday for george witht the donations for a “missing’ child. He’s stolen how much money from cindy and was also not working as a man should. online gamnbling was more important. yet the only mention is casey stealing money and lying about a job. come on guys Its disgusting that everyone on the states sides, lawyers, media, even casey own family are ALL making money, yet a few videos of casey online on her personal diary make everyone crazy. casey if u see this, it doesnt matter what it is, come out and tell your story. even if it means you loose your appeals for lying covictions, you know you have to face caylee being gone, and you know you have to take some responsibility which you have. 3 years in jail solitary being ripped to shreds by every move you make. you served your time in jail for the 4 misdemeanors for lying, your record is not as important as you and caylee’s life story. god bless, not all of us out here choose sides, there are some left who take all sides into consideration. I believe the verdict was justice but i also believe the 4 misdemeanors were also justice. i hope you make the right decision and you trust in your own heart….

  224. Philip Barker says:

    Casey, you are wonderful. You have gone through so much and survived. You can even still smile. Thank God justice prevailed and you were found not guilty. Altogether an amzing human being–beautiful too. I love you madly.

  225. Good advice for Casey! I’m very interested in case law if you would like to share your case (privately of course). Sorry to hear about the way u were treated! I keep hearing people on the news say a “Not Guilty” verdict doesnt mean she’s “Innocent” in reference to Casey. Well, what the hell does it mean when they say innocent until proven guilty? “Our court system failed… It’s injustice” okay whatever. If it were them sitting on trial for something they didn’t do they might feel differently!

  226. Good afternoon Casey,

    I’m sorry I didn’t write the quote yesterday, I got home very late last night. So here is yesterdays quote:

    “Happiness if when what you think,
    what you say, and what you do are in
    harmony.” -Ghandi

    and today”s quote is:

    “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend
    on who you are or what you have, it depends
    solely on what you think.” – Dale Carnegie

    have a good rest of the day and hopefully I will talk to you soon,

  227. Philip Barker says:

    Hi Casey,

    This is my second message, but I’m not sure if the first one got through. You are amazing! I’m impressed by the way you have dealt with all the stress, and negative press, you have been subjected to. I thank God that justice prevailed and you were found not guilty of murder. I think you are a beautiful person in every way. I love your smiling face and your acceptance of everything that you have experioenced.

    I live in Calgary, Canada, and I don’t suppose you are likely ever to come to these parts, but if ever you do, please make contact with me. If it were possible, I’d love to meet you in person.

    This comes with love to a truly wonderful person. Keep your spirits up!


  228. I don’t understand what the big deal is, trials over, you are NOT guilty. People just say you are guilty because of the huge bandwagon that says you are. Don’t sweat it, you’re beautiful and you have an awesome future ahead of you. Hope your situation betters, bye.

  229. Hi Casey,
    I’m not sure if you will ever actually read this but I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for all the bad things the media has printed about you, and made others believe. I will fully admit, I was one of those people that believed you had caused harm to Caylee. After watching the trial, and the disgusting lack of evidence that the prosecution had, I felt very guilty that you had even been charged with anything and I wanted to find some way to let you know that I have been convinced that you could not have done this! I know that no mother ever fully moves on from the loss of a child, but I hope that you can move past what has happened, and live the life you deserve, full of love, joy and happiness. You were a great mom, who got the brunt of a bad situation. I wish you all the best for your new life, wherever that may be.

  230. heather hill says:

    Keep your head up and keep positive! Remember that you do have supporters out there and if more people would just take the time to read ALL the info on your case, and not just what the dirt bag mainstream media has reported, many would follow. I believe in you, and I know that so many others do as well.

  231. David Henderson says:

    Hi There Beautiful Casey Anthony,

    I Pray that 2012 is starting off as a Great Year for You, and that things are turning around for You, you so richly deserve a Great Year after everything that You were wrongfully put through! I know what it is like when Friends, Family, and seemingly everyone turns on you, and it seems like the world is against You, I am sure! It is Horrific everything that the state of Florida and its people put you through, it still gives me chills why people try too persecute the Innocent, as you clearly are. Pay no attention too those phoney tabloids, as I saw one the other day, and it turned my stomach, and I know that when the news media owns the information, that they can bend it all they want, and they do! Know that many of us Care about you and your well being, and GOD knows that You are Innocent, and forget the rest of the hypocrites!

    It is very clear that you loved Your Daughter Caylee, and would never have harmed her, and that the media tryed too slander you wrongfully, and I pray that lit comes back and hits them in the face someday! Just always remember and remind yourself what a Great loving Young Woman that you are, and You are Beautiful outside and Inside, and nobody can change that! When you hear an negative things from the news media nimrods just let it bounce off of You and hit the Floor, and leave it there, as it cannot ever hurt You! Let them say all they want, they are only making fools of themselves, remember they are the real evil ones, and You are a Great, Kind, and Caring Young Woman!

    I know that there are times when it is not always east too keep from feeling down, but just tell yourself that things will get Brighter, and turn around soon! Always remember those of us that do the right thing are often dispised by many and disliked by the World, and are few in number, but we will prevail in the end! Remember Thousands of Years ago, only 8 People stayed loyal too GOD, and believed that the Noahs Flood was coming, and the rest of the World continued in wrong doing, and when the LORD Flooded the Earth, we know what happened! Keep Your head held High, and Good things will come too You! Prayers be with You! Take care of Your Sweet, and Beautiful Self! May 2012 be Your best year yet! Love You Casey, as do many others! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! May the LORD BLESS YOU, and Give You Peace!

  232. Dear casey I pray for you. I pray that God gives you peace. I don’t knowhow you’ve survived everything you’ve been through. I am certain you’ve been a survivor all your life. Try not to spend too much time on hate. They’ve taken enough from you. I admire you’re strength and bravery, you’re courage. Noone can deny you that. No one wants a list of things they shouldn’t do and I don’t know know anyone’s who has ever been in your shoes. I don’t even know you. I know that you do deserve nothing but a beautiful life. I can’t imagine what you’ve just been through but your faith has seen you through. I am so grateful that the jury got it right. I think sometimes that’s all that matters. I but I know that’s not so. Even though the media wants you to believe that you are the most hated out there… we now know that’s not true. You have alot of good people who believe inyou and your innocence take care of yourself and your puppy.

  233. Ahh damn…I just wrote you a long message and then my browser froze. Here is the message in a nut shell…I BELIEVE YOU…so do many others. Caylee is watching over you…always. God has miracles in store for you and don’t ever give up! We support and care for you!

    And oh…your pup is a cutiie!

    Stay Strong

  234. good morning casey hope you have a great day today

  235. Hi Casey. I know what’s like to be falsely accused, although you’re situation was much more drawn out with media attention than mine. My heart goes out to you for what you’ve had to endure (and are STILL enduring) with the media. I do hope you can repair your relationships with your parents and friends, they can forgive all that’s happened, and all people can recognize you have been found innocent by the worlds best legal system.

    I hope someday, someway you and I could meet and be friends.

    God Bless,

  236. Hey Casey (little one):

    Another Friday has come and is almost gone – I’m praying that soon you will be free to go and do as you please. You so deserve it! Hang in there – turn to God for all of your answers – keep the Faith!

    We’re still here and continue to support you.


    • Marilyn C. says:

      MiMi….AMEN to your comment!!! Casey You have survived another week of torment & being hunted down.My prayers have been for someone who has more powers than the politics of Florida to step in & STOP these terrorist threats & get you out of FLORIDA SOON! I can remember the words the first time I posted anywhere & everywhere like so many others which was”I BELIEVE YOU & IN YOU”.We are STILL here!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

      • Marilyn – Thank you! I know what you’re saying – SOMETHING needs to be done – before someone is seriously injured or, God forbid, killed! Enough is enough!

  237. Hi Casey,

    I never beleived you were guilty of murder. they never had any proof at all and this case should have never even gone to trial in my opinion. There were other possibilities for the police to pursue. For everything you have had to endure in your life, I am so sorry you had to go through such hell. But you know what Casey, you are a fighter , and you have persevered through a lot of pain in your life. Don’t listen to all the haters out there who do not like you, the only person that you need to impress is God. Live for him Casey and give him your love. You hang in there and stay strong because Jesus loves you and don’t you ever forget that. Keep your Faith strong, keep your head up and keep smiling. God Bless you.

  238. casey, still waiting to hear from you you are so special…………..happy sunday

  239. Gillian Weeks says:

    C = Cool
    A = Awesome
    S = Sincere
    E = Elegant
    Y = Young

    M = Maternal
    A = Adorable
    R = Ready
    I = Incognito
    E = Enthusiastic

    A = Admirable
    N = Noble
    T = Talented
    H = Hardheaded
    O = On your way
    N = NEVER fail
    Y = You WILL Succeed!

    <3 Much love.. Your supporters DO care.. Just so you know.. =)

    • Hi Gillian! An awesome post and very well thought out. SJ

    • Love it Gillian! I’ve seen your posts here and on other sites and I always like what you have to say. You don’t hate the haters and are always respectful in what you say. Yay for you! I wish there were a way for you and Casey to really know one another. I think you would be an awesome friend to her!!

      Casey…there are good people here who genuinely care for you and want nothing from you. Someday you will be able to reach out to people. But for now stay on your journey of healing. You are going to be fine.

      BTW if you are where they say you are you are a blessed chick. I used to listen to Steve’s album Fire and Ice when I was a new believer…was very instrumental in shaping me during that time. God bless you all and be safe.

    • Vanessa Wilson says:

      Love it! And Casey is such an angel!

  240. Hey Casey! Just wanted to let you know that there are people out there to support you…When the verdict came out, I was always the first to stick up for you!! Don’t care what anyone else thinks. The media and people out there on a witch hunt should be ashmed of themselves!!! I dont know you or never met you, but I can tell that you seem like a great person. You deserve to live your life. oh btw Love the new haircut 🙂

  241. Dear Casey,
    I have seen your video and I am so glad that you are doing well my dear, I could not imagin what it has been like for the last year, I have come to relize that we live in a Socity that jumps to criticize. I will always defend you.

  242. I just want to let casey know I thought and knew she was innocent from the begining and have personally defended her against everyone I knowwwwww… some people dont even talk to me no more over this and honestly I dont care. I saw the evil in george anthony in the court room and pray she finds comfort in knowing the jury could see through his lies! I have prayed for you casey everyday since it all began starting with the sorrow of losing your beloved baby. She was absolutly perfect and precious and I am so very sorry you dont get to have her with you anymore. I wish there was something we could do to bring her back. I have stared for a long time at your photos they are all full of love!!!! I will continue to pray for you and hope that I would get to hug your neck someday! people in society condemmed you from the begining unable to handle the news that a child has died but god takes who he wants when he wants no matter how it happened, we can not change it but be changed by it. You are probably one of the strongest people I have ever heard of. God bless you & your dog is adorable glad you got a computer and phone and camera from what I hear it is quite liberating to obtain items when you lose everything so enjoy it! I pray you find somewhere to go where people can support your future and remember your past and know your pain & feel your loss and still love you anyway! remember no matter what gods love is UNCONDITIONAL!

  243. I know your innocent and mush mush more any way i just wanted to let you know that you go love from me and i send you huge and kisses of support oxoxoxoxoxox. Hit me up girl. be careful don’t change stay gorgeous. be at peace. i got your back. hit me up on face book! Levi Son rize Quinton. I’ll keep it a secret! are lil secret. shh 😉 1/24/2012 2:205 pm

    • M Whitten says:

      I don’t know if this is really Levi, but if it is, I would strongly suggest that you encourage Casey NOT to use Facebook and other social media sites. It seems like privacy is a huge issue now for Casey, and Facebook is anything and everything BUT private. One you put something on Facebook and other social media sites it’s out there for good, and people can use things that Casey posts against her.

      Just a suggestion…I never use those sites for privacy reasons.

      • Here Here, M. As much as we all love Casey and want be there for her, social media sites are very risky and non-secure ways in which to be in touch.

        Casey! You are a strong and wonderful person, and I know you will get through this and come out the other side. As someone who has also been through a lot of bad things (abusive marriage, blamed for the abuse, people who didn’t even know me saying I lied about it until they saw the bruises around my neck) , I can honestly state that when you come out the other side, it truly can be a beautiful life.

        Don’t let the naysayers and nutbags get you down.


  244. Dear Casey, I can’t reveal myself to you as of yet and for that a good, good reason. just want to let you know that whatever it takes i will see to it that your families good name is restored, and we will GO FROM THERE. I know your innocent, but i want to prove it to all that were involved, but mainly for you. mr ashton is already aware of what im up to, as well as mr uri. and im good with that. there the ones that need to be careful, not me. im good at what i do and that bothers them. he wrote a book to get a head start and he will continue to put obsticles in you way to prevent you from a life you deserve aside from the circumstances. For you i will do anything. And for me casey, its just personal. Im so glad to see a smile on your face, you dont even no. i understand if you dont want to reply. just know that i will stand by you. have a nice day casey
    p.s. mr.ashton didn’t mention the use of Promis software in his book, i wonder why?????

  245. John Spaulding says:


    Hang in there girl. The threads on FB are still on FIRE about your story. Those of us who believe of your innocence are fighting daily to combat the lies and hatred of those who otherwise have other ideas about what JUSTICE is all about.

    Hope you are doing well and will find comfort that there are those of us who do support you.


    John S.

  246. all the players in caseys prosecution are from AZ./Promis software???????

  247. Hey Casey! I just want you to know that i too was molested But by a different male family member. It took five years of therapy. The ups and downs of admitting it to myself family and close friends. Keep in mind that alot of people are ignorant or in denial. Even those that have experienced it themselves. You are lucky that you came out with it descpite the circumstances =-/ but now you can start the process of reprogramming your thinking. Your going to be totally against therapy for awhile but then you will find it to be your safe haven and you will be ok. I dropped out of school and work just to dedicate myself to learning how to cope with the child hood experiences. I lost alot of friends and my father didnt believe me and made me feel like i was seeking attention and all other aweful things you can make someone feel in our situation. Just remember you are not the crazy one you are a strong wonderful woman. Your emotional growth is stunted from the start of the abuse and you need to talk to a trained therapist. Shop around for one, I did. Although i ended up going back to the first one i saw. You are going to go through many different phases. Denial, embarassment, confusion, sadness, anger, rage, uncomfortable in your body, total loss of everything like you have no where to turn and you just want to run away. But all of that is “normal” in the healing process. and before you know it you will be truely happy with yourself and be able to forgive everyone involved and you will be able to achieve all of the things you always wanted to! Just dont turn to drugs or alcohol they will only delay the healing process. Just talk about your childhood trauma all the time admitting it to yourself and others. Eventually everything will make sense. the way you think and handle lifes situations will begin to relate to your trauma. just trust me 5 years of sticking with therapy and you will feel so much better. Its hard but your a smart wonderful person that deserves better than what has happened. The best thing for you is to do the things that are the hardest to do and say. It will help you to overcome and move on. Dont let everyone that is ignorant get in your way of becoming the best you can be! AND REMEMBER…NO ONE IN THIS LIFE GOES UNSCATHED. you are not alone and you are farther along with being someone that we need in society than those in denial! I love you and i hope this helped in some way.

  248. JULIE REYNOLDS says:



    P.S I cant wait to see your new puppy animals are the best they’re so loyal that’s why . i wanna a puppy now. lol
    i’m serious.
    Love ya chickadee

  250. David Henderson says:

    Happy Valentines Day Casey Anthony,

    I Wanted too Wish You A very Happy Valentines Day, and Wish You all of the Love that I can, as you clearly have a Very Loving heart, and you clearly Loved Your daughter Caylee, and still do, and You are a Very Beautiful, and Loving Hearted Young Woman, with a Heart more Beautiful, than any Card or picture could ever portray! I do not know You personally, and have never met you, but I admire everything that You have gone through and overcome, and I recognize You for the Beautiful, and Innocent Young Woman, that You Truly are, and I pray that one day, all others will see it that way too! When I see anything negative mentioned on the news and media, I just ignore, and know that it is all fabricated lies, that are Dreamed up by people trying too boost their ratings and want too profit, off of it, and I know that when they own the information as they do, they can bend it all they want, as quoted from a Song! Only the positives about You do I Believe, as there is, and can only be Good in You! I had a situation, where everyone turned on me too, a few years ago, Family, Friends, Law enforcement, etc, cause I was afraid too come forth with the Truth too, and I felt like my life was over! But things turned around, and I was better off in the long – term because of it! I understand that You were in a position where You did not want too come fourth with the truth, and it does not take away from the Great Young Woman that You clearly are! Please know that reguardless of what the media Idiots say, I along with countless others know that You are Innocent, and are a Beautiful, and Caring – Hearted Young Woman, and may You know that You are Loved by many, on this Valentines Day! You will be in my Heart, and in my Prayers, love you Casey, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! Casey Anthony, You are more Beautiful on the Inside and Outside than can ever be put into Words! Love You Casey!

    • Casey, there will come a day when you will be able to share all that you know. Until that day, may you find peace and comfort.
      I keep you in my good thoughts and special prayers, Thinker

  251. jim connelly says:

    Yo Casey, what’s up? I just found this website, awesome! I’m so happy you beat that b.s. case and you’re free! Finally an honest jury! F**k the haters, especially the women, they’re just mad cause you’re hot and they’re not! LOL. Anyway, I’m from up north but I’m in Florida for a few months, we should hang out. Props to SJ for making this website, great idea! 10 reasons to love Casey Anthony! I f***in love it! Send me an e-mail. CASEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. Hi Casey, how are you?? Any time you need to talk, I am here. I realize it is so difficult, but you can confide in me any time. I always knew you were innocent, plus I know you have Jesus Christ on your side , and he is all you need sweetheart! Hang in there Casey! Block out all the negative and plaese know that true Christians care about you. Take care Casey and God bless you!

  253. Dear Casey…After having watched your trial from beginning to end, and having spent the last 8 months reading EVERYTHING i could read about your case, and recently reading your depositions with both Drs., i have come to the conclusion that you are ” innocent.” I never thought i would ever say those words, because all throughout the trial, i thought you were quilty. But now, i feel differently. I most definately think you were sexually abused by your father. i believe you about that. THERE ARE SO MANY ” RED FLAGS” about your Dad. I couldn’t let go of the case. Something told me that you were a good Mom and you loved your daughter. The whole case makes sense now. It’s all there, if people will just read everything. All they have to do is READ. I spent 17 years in an abusive marriage, so if anyone reconizes abuse..i suppose it would be me. I wrote a book about it. The two things that helped me to HEAL was TALKING ABOUT IT and WRITING ABOUT IT. That is the SECRET to getting over it. There is no permanent PEACE until you do. And when the time comes, do you know how you can tell when you’ve REALLY forgiven someone….You no longer feel the pain. I just want to say I WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE. I’m a christian woman, and i know that YOU KNOW THE LORD. It’s in every letter you wrote. Take care of Casey. Be safe. And remember—you are protected by the blood of Jesus. The past is past and the only thing that matters now….is the future. I hope you have a wonderful life, Casey. God Bless You Always. Jackie

  254. David Henderson says:

    Hi Casey Anthony,

    Really Hope that You had a Wonderful Valentines Day, and that everything is continuing too look up for You! I am so Thankful that there are others out there that see You for the Great Person. and Caring Beautiful Young Woman that You are! I am Praying for You all of the time, do not worry about all of the hypocrites out there, they are just angry that You were not Wrongfully punished, and I thank GOD everyday that You were aqquitted! It strikes me as being a Tragedy that this whole thing had ever even gone too Trial, it was based on lies about you, and false evidence, and even the idiot prosecuter, admitted the mistake about the computer searches, if anything they should be on trial for trying too frame You for something that was an accident clearly, along with half the state of Florida! Over and over again it has been shown what a Great Mother You were too Your Daughter Caylee, You only Loved Her with all of Your Heart, and only would have protected her, and never hurt her, Please take comfort that many of us know that, and forget the nimrods that don’t! I have told You before, that I know what it is like too be wrongfully blamed for something, and too have those You thought closest too You, turn on You, it hurts but we rise above it! I was shocked that, after You were found Innocent, that Your Parents just got up and left the Courtroom as if they were dissappointed over it, instead of being Thankful that You werent wrongfully punished, shows where they were coming from! This World can be evil Casey, and the Innocent are wrongfully persecuted, just as we have been, and us younger ones are never believed, and they try too make us out too be the ones lying, believe me I know! Trust in GOD, he always evens things out, and just like Job who went through a tribulation period, not long after Creation came too be, later he recieved Double Blessings, Just as you soon will! You are Very Beautiful and Very Caring Hearted, and I knew it right from the start! Please know that many of us are here for You, I do not know You personally, but I am just one of many, that You can count on, if You need someone, as a Friend some too talk or anything else! Prayers be with You Casey, and Love You, Please take Care Beautiful Casey Anthony, Love You and Praying for You! Hope that February was a Great month for You, and that March is an even better on, Love You Casey and GOD BLESS YOU Always!!!

  255. Elizabeth Harrison says:

    Dearest Casey,

    Second time writing to you…pure intuition guides me these days, and, you inspire me as I’ve written to you about ‘why’, before, here. So, some additional thoughts as I have been gaining more understanding and insight about you…

    Folks who have suffered ‘the unfathomable’, often need likewise and various kinds of, emotional support in their ongoing, lifelong path to healing; we who have suffered profoundly in the past… when we are alone, can have moments where we feel a weight, a ‘darkened forever’ feeling creep over our spirit, and have a keen sense of ‘needing emotional support’. …………And so, I just wanted to suggest that you check out ‘Pema Chodron’ – she’s on youtube, and she’s also a prolific writer and you can get her talks on cd’s at the library. This woman, with her spirit, has lit the world of Buddhism on fire in the United States. Before I discovered her, Buddhism seemed too remote…not do-able… Pema and her way of teaching have given me such courage to feel and go deeper…am at a loss for words to explain how she has encouraged me – I don’t think I need to!

    Heart-felt prayers for you continue. proverbial {{{hug}}} from me.

  256. Shonnee says:

    Hi there Casey ! I have wanted to write to you for a long time.
    I am so happy that you are free and not locked up any more.
    Also I am so sorry that you lost your baby. A parent should never have to lose a child, but unfortunately it does happen, and too often.
    I know a survivor when I see one and girl, you are a survivor !
    I know that you did not simply pluck your story out from no-where. I also know what courage it took for you to finally tell the truth and let the can of worms be opened up. Not too many women would have the courage to go through all of this. But for you the worst part is over.
    You have all of the qualities to make something of yourself in your life.
    I have sooo much more to say to you, but right now I just hope that you are actually going to get around to reading this letter as I know that you have heaps of supporters.
    The main thing that I do want to get across to you is that it is not your fault. What happened to you was perpetrated on you by someone who was supposed to protect you. There is nothing worse that a young girl could have to deal with than this. Believe me as I too am a survivor and my story is just as horrific.
    You will move on. As you get a little older, and none of us get younger…dammit.
    But, you will find that life and the way that you feel will improve, so look fore ward to that ! Things just get a bit less rough. Do not sell yourself short, and prove the bastards wrong.
    Do look after you. That way you can quietly stick it back to em’ in your own time, just by proving that you are worthy. . We all know that you will hurt….because we all hurt, but always know that you are not alone in this world.
    I would love to hear back from you if you want to make contact the website has my email. I would love to be able to write back to you.
    There is no experience like life experience, and also I have a daughter who is around your age so I understand and also I was your age and have been in some pretty awful situations through my life. Any way please let your inner self shine and just like Whitney Housten (RIP) sang “The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself”. That is the beginning to rebuilding your life. Look after you. Because you are worth looking after. Also just one day at a time. do not be overcome with too much. You will be ok. Take care girl from Shonnee, from Downunder. xo Peace and all good things to you !

  257. Shonnee says:

    Hey there Casey, again. I only wrote to you yesterday, but I have been thinking a bit about you since and just want to say that you will probably feel the pressure of all of the negative stuff that is out there, especially when you finish your probation. There will be many obstacles, but
    “””remember please””” DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT !! DO NOT get caught up with all of the negativity. Please Casey this is really important, and I know that you will be receiving all sorts of messages from all sorts of people, mostly with good intentions for now, but do not buy into the negativity. Casey do you remember when on your video log that you said that “you finally were starting to feel good about some things, and that it was about time” ….Well Casey THAT IS IT RIGHT THERE. That is all you need. That attitude. Remind yourself of your self worth. You really have to. This is the difference between surviving and just living or being.
    As an abuse survivor you will at times want to go back a little and even maybe at times want to punish you by thinking negatively, or beginning to blame yourself for things that you have had no no control over. well you just cannot afford to do that. You have to be strong. Turn the other cheek and remind yourself to focus on what is important. You know this deep down but you need to remind yourself sometimes every minute or every hour or weekly ! Please take care and immerse yourself in positive influences. Keep away from the toxic stuff and simply do not let it into your life, because it is not welcome. Only you can do this 100% for yourself. You can have support and be with good people, please take care of you. I want to see you happy and healthy and be a positive role model to other young survivors. But mostly do it for Casey. Also if I were you I would give ME a break and maybe change my surname. Let it be known that what has been done to you will not be tolerated. Take control. All the best. From Shonnee 😉

  258. Casey
    i wish i can talk to you in person but this will not happen but you are a strong women i ever know i’m so happy you out of jail i pray for you everyday just stay away from parents cuz they are not good for you

  259. Danielle Sevy says:

    Hey Hun,

    Hope all is well and life is finally full of smiles… Keep your head up and know not everyone is mean and evil but please be careful and always assume people are untrustworthy until they earn your trust.

    Take care,

  260. I hope that this birthday is the beginning of a wonderful year for you! Enjoy your day on the “19th”. There are many well wishers out here hoping and praying for the best for you.

  261. Hi Casey I hope all is good . Love you Always email me

  262. Hello Casey Happy St Pattys day!! And 2 days til ur bday!! Hope u r safe and surrounded by people who are truely there for you thru this…the ups and the downs! Keep smiling,.know that you r supported..we love you and caylee!!!

  263. David Henderson says:


    I Wish You only the Best Possible Birthday Imaginable, and nobody deserves it more than You! It is not just because You are a Beautiful, and Sweet Young woman that I admire You, but because of Who You are, and everything that you went through and overcame! As I said, I do not know You personally, but I know that you are the opposite of what the evil media potrays You as, and I only laugh when I see those Nimrods on t.v. saying all this negative stuff, they try too act like they are so smart and they are so dumb it is funny, I am sure You know which ones I mean too! Anyways, may this Birthday be your Best Birthday ever, and may all of the ones that follow be a blessing too You in all ways imaginable! Please know that those of us that Love and Care about You, far outweigh the nimrods that dont, and everything that You have overcome serves as an inspiration too us all! I pray that soon everything will work out for You, and that out in public nobody will bother You, and leave You in peace, as they should have from the very start! I had a Dream about that a few days ago, that everyone learned too except You as the Beautiful Innocent Young Woman that You are, and only did, and said Good things about You, which You so richly deserve, and Nasty Disgrace got ran off the air finally, which should have happened long ago anyway! I truly believe all this will happen one day soon, and I will keep it in my prayers, and continue too pray for You always too! I only Wish that there was more I could write and say too You, but I do not want too put You too sleep reading this either, just know that you have inspired me and countless others Greatly, and I see you as the Beautiful, Attractive, and Caring Young Woman that You Truly are, and You are in my Heart, and countless others Hearts too! Love you Casey, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! Take Care CASEY, and Happy birthday with all the Love Imaginable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY ANTHONY!

  264. David Henderson says:


    I Wish You only the Best Possible Birthday Imaginable, and nobody deserves it more than You! It is not just because You are a Beautiful, and Sweet Young woman that I admire You, but because of Who You are, and everything that you went through and overcame! As I said, I do not know You personally, but I know that you are the opposite of what the evil media potrays You as, and I only laugh when I see those Nimrods on t.v. saying all this negative stuff, they try too act like they are so smart and they are so dumb it is funny, I am sure You know which ones I mean too! Anyways, may this Birthday be your Best Birthday ever, and may all of the ones that follow be a blessing too You in all ways imaginable! Please know that those of us that Love and Care about You, far outweigh the nimrods that dont, and everything that You have overcome serves as an inspiration too us all! I pray that soon everything will work out for You, and that out in public nobody will bother You, and leave You in peace, as they should have from the very start! I had a Dream about that a few days ago, that everyone learned too except You as the Beautiful Innocent Young Woman that You are, and only did, and said Good things about You, which You so richly deserve, and Nasty Disgrace got ran off the air finally, which should have happened long ago anyway! I truly believe all this will happen one day soon, and I will keep it in my prayers, and continue too pray for You always too! I only Wish that there was more I could write and say too You, but I do not want too put You too sleep reading this either, just know that you have inspired me and countless others Greatly, and I see you as the Beautiful, Attractive, and Caring Young Woman that You Truly are, and You are in my Heart, and countless others Hearts too! Love you Casey, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! Take Care CASEY, and Happy birthday with all the Love Imaginable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  265. julie reynolds says:


  266. hi casey i jus wanted 2 wish u a very happy 26th birthday and i hope that ur having a really great one as well! remember everyone on here loves u and we all support every step of the way! love ya case!

  267. Elizabeth Harrison says:

    Bodhi Blessings and Love all around you, Casey. May sweet profound peace bathe your spirit as only those who have suffered the magnitude that you have, do experience – when reflecting, contemplating, feeling, entering into the depths of it…meditating…trusting…the healing of the bodhi love. May you grow in it over the years.

    And, MAY YOU HAVE A BLAST, TOO – young beautiful woman you are!

    Love you,

  268. Hi Casey,

    was reading about you and your upcoming baptism. God Bless you Casey!!! This is a whole new beginning for you, I am so happy that you are giving your heart and soul to Jesus Christ!!! He is awesome and giving your heart to him is a great move!!! Good job Casey!! you continue to keep your head up and be proud of what you are doing in the name of the Lord. God Bless!! Gary

  269. Casey, I’m so glad that you are going to get baptized! You’re making a really great decsion and I’m so proud of you! Just know that everyone on this site is all here for you and we all love you! I know things were tough but now look things are starting to get a lot better for you and I’m happy! I hope that things will always turn out the way you want them to be in life! God bless you girl and be happy because you deserve happiness!

  270. David Henderson says:


    Wanted too congratulate You on Your upcoming Baptism, You have made the best decision thatt You could, and GOD Bless you always, and it just shows what a Good Young Woman that You are, and proves all the nimrodical idiots out there, like Nasty Grace wrong, You are the Good one, and they are the ones that are in the wrong! I Pray that You had a Great Happy Birthday, and that Your Baptism is a Blessing, and that You have a Wonderful and a Blessed Easter too! You have trusted the LORD, and no nobody can ever take that from You, and despite all that You have wrongfully been put through, I truly believe that things will turn around for You! Always remember that there is nothing, no matter how bad it may seem that cannot be made right by GOD! GOD BLESS YOU Beautiful and Sweet Casey, and may Spring and Easter be the Beggining of even better things for You! We all Love You Casey, and as always GOD BLESS YOU, You deserve only the Best of everything!

  271. Casey,

    I am excited to write this and I hope you get this. I have watched the sad tale of your trial for years and think that it has been so wrong. I just cannot understand why people cannot think through this stuff any better than they do. Whatever happened, I am confident that you did not hurt your child. I was happy for you when you walked out of that thing they call a jail. History will fall on your side eventually Casey. In other words, as the years go by, history will judge the country and the judicial system harshly for how you were treated. I pray for your happiness and that you have found peace. Take care, Rick

  272. Casey, from day one I knew you were innocent! The day that you were declared NOT GUILTY was one of the happiest days of my life. I think you are one of the strongest, lovable, and DEFINITELY most beautiful girls in the entire world! I want you to know that there are soooo many people who love and admire you — and I am definitely one of your strongest supporters and I always will be. I hope that you are able to find time for YOU ! You deserve to enjoy life now and do whatever you want. Go out and dance and party and have a good time ! None of us know exactly what happened to Caylee and we perhaps never will. But all that matters to me is that YOU ARE BLAMELESS! Move on beyond the bad things that have happened in your life and just HAVE FUN! I love you deeply and I always will! Bless you, you beautiful angel!

  273. Lorenzo Williams says:

    Hey Casey how are you? Hope you had happy b-day. Whishing and hoping the best for you. Always remeber its you that can maintain yourself respect, dignity, and confidence, no one can take that away. You had very hard loss, still carrying weight on your shoulders and still you go on, that good no every one can do it. Me and other people are proud and highly respect you for that. Take care stay positive, keep your head up. You seem like very high spirited, fun person, keep that up too.


  274. Hi Casey,

    I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter!!! May the Resurrection of Jesus Christ carry you forward in life and may this bring you all the happiness in the world. God Bless you and good luck in everything you do!! Jesus has Risen and so has your spirit Casey.

    Sincerely, Gary

  275. David Henderson says:

    Wishing You The Best Casey!

    I just wanted too tell you that I pray that You had a Very Happy Easter, and that things continue too look up for You! You are always in my Heart and Prayers, and The wrongful persecution that You suffered was so unfair, just remember, that we live in a world where the Innocent are persecuted, and wrongfully blamed for things! Always remember the LORD JESUS CHRIST was even wrongfully persecuted by the world when he came here in human form, despite him being Perfect and Sinless, as the World is sadly constantly doing the same thing today too! GOD was there for You though, and he delivered You out of the hand of those evil people in Florida! I Pray that Your Spirit remains strong and that Your Life only continues too be Good, and Prosperous, from now and going forward! Take Care of Your Sweet and Beautiful Self, Love You Always Casey, GOD BLESS YOU!

  276. Casey, I just want you to know that I believe you and I believe in you. When I first flipped through channels and saw your trail, starting midway through, I was totally convinced you were guilty, like most everyone else. But then when I actually watched the trial and PAID ATTENTION to it, I started to realize the truth. The testimony of River Cruze really hit me. And then I went back and saw Jose’s opening statement, something I had previously missed, it all made sense. I had been so troubled when I saw the pictures of you and your baby. These were pictures of a mother who loves her daughter. I really didn’t want to believe that the woman in that picture could hurt her baby so she could go party. It didn’t make any sense. And when I considered that you were a victim of abuse, it all made sense. How could one go out and party after the death of her child? How could she pretend nothing was wrong? Because she had been doing the it most of her life. Covering up her pain. Pretending nothing was wrong. Running from reality with alcohol. Your father is disgusting and a coward. He threw you under the bus to protect himself, to hide what he had done to you and to Caylee. I am so sorry for the loss of your child. I am sorry for the loss of your childhood. You didn’t deserve that, and you don’t deserve the hatrid that people who only stop to hear parts of the story are spewing at you. Take care.

  277. Casey,

    I hope you are doing well and received lots of wonderful gifts for your birthday. Sorry to hear the news about having to go to trial. Despite all the negative attention you get always remember that you have your supporters to back you up. Please remember that. People these days seem to amaze me. I’m sure you can agree with me on that statement. Just 4 more months of probation!! You are almost finished 🙂 hope you have fun things planned.

    Take care and stay strong!

  278. Ashley Nicole says:

    Idk if you are actually going to get a chance to read this, Casey, but I hope you do. I really just wanted this oppurtunity to tell you, from personal experience, I can tell your life hasn’t been so easy & the things you had to admit which happened to you, takes a strong person to do so. I am extremely proud of you& wish nothing but the best for you. It is unfortunate you had to go through all which you edured. From your childhood, to being placed under false alligations and a murder trial( I feel was targeted towards the wrong person.) Anyway, I need you to know, I pray for you often & really from the bottom of my heart, want to let you know I see your beauty, obviously on the outside, but I see it where it counts, on the inside. Looking at pictures and videos, of you and Caylee bring tears to my eyes, you truely had a beautiful connection with your daughter and I see it, as for others who dont see it, they arent worth your time sweetheart. Just realize this: people who are not happy with their own sad situation, like to portray it in others, bc there is so much going on inside of them, they are forced to look at others bc they dont want to look at their damaged-self. I pray you keep your strength & inner beauty, bc you deserve the best, continue to keep your head up girl! I wish you could write back, i know you prob cant, dont even know if you will recieve this, idk if this page is linked to you personally somehow (i hope it is)but just know from woman to woman, I’ll listen if you decide to ever reach’re absolutely beautiful Case….dont ever forget & always remember- she’s watching over you, keeping you safe-your little guardian angel who lived an absoluetly blessed and beautiful life with you <3
    Love always,
    Ashley Nicole <3

  279. Hi Casey, Hope you had a great bitthday & everything is going ok with you. Remember there are people that love you very much. You are so pretty with a beautiful smile. Stay strong Casey.

  280. Hi Case, Hope you had a Great Birthday any you are doing well. I heard about you being Baptized. Good move. I wish others could see as I do. Things will only get better for you. I know it. Best wishes.


  281. Hi Casey,

    Hello my friend, I hope everything is going well for you. You have been through so much and you have come through so much stronger than ever!! God Bless you sweetheart!!!! Getting baptized in the name of Jesus Christ was such an awesome decision that you have made!!! God Bless you for that!! Keep your head up and always know you are supported big time by people that care!!! you will get stronger and stronger as the days go bye, always remember that Casey. Your strong in the Lord’s name, you hang in there sweetheart and be proud of your choice to come to Jesus!!! God Bless you now and always and if you are ever feeling down, please know that I care about you big time and let that make you smile Casey!! take care Casey and keep up the good work!!!


  282. Hi Casey,

    I really hope things are going well for you. I was just thinking of you again today and wanted to say that I hope that you are some place safe and supportive. It’s nice to see that things are beginning to calm down around you a bit. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you, just let me know. Stand strong, and don’t let the haters get you down.


  283. Hi Casey,

    Im glad to finally join ranks with your supporters… Ive spent most of my time battling the haters. For all the terrible things people say, we need to stand up and show them why theyre wrong. It is wonderful though to see these holier than thou people get so flustered they forget how to type anything but a string of nonsensical typos.

    Keep your head up, dont pay any attention to what haters say. You have a lot of people who got your back. If youre ever in Cincinnati, you definitly have a safe place to go if you need it (I promise im not a crazy stalker, just normal girl in law school)

    Best of luck with the civil trial, I hope you are doing well.

    Ginger Eden

  284. Alisha Moore says:

    Casey, I watched your entire trial and sometimes I questioned why you lied, but I never thought u did it. I know you are innocent of killing poor Caylee, I am sorry that you had to sit in jail for over 3 years. I hope you can move on from this and find love and peace. America hates you and that makes me so sad because I saw the evidence and it was a lot of randoms that did not point to you killing her. Only that she had died. If your dad did something, I hope you will reveal it one day because the truth is freeing and I hope you can do it so the truth comes out even more. If people would actually read between the lines and look at every piece of evidence they would see you didn’t do this. In my opinion your behavior afterward makes sense, I understand your perspective. I forgive your lies, we all lie sometimes and we all have ups and downs. Stay strong, you’ve got friends out there. <3 you CASEY :o)!!!!!!!

  285. Hi Casey hang in there! I have been hearing about this federal lawsuit petiton going around?? Please tell me there is no way they can do this to Casey?????

  286. Sorry I didn’t locate your site sooner. I want to share with everyone here just how downright disgraceful Ms. Anthony was & continues to be treated. I was so relieved when the verdict was read. It was a miracle that the jury was not affected by all the pre-trial publicity. And the worst offender was ‘Tot Mom’ Nancy dis-Grace. She had Ms. Anthony in the electric chair from the day the story broke. For three years prior to the trial she was relentless in her condescending, disrespectful & degrading opinions towards Ms. Anthony. She rarely had the decency to even call Casey by her name. Innocent until proven guilty? Not in the world Nancy dis-Grace lives in. As soon as the verdict was read she said that now Casey can make a ton of money from movie & book deals. So smug & arrogant. While she wasn’t by any means the only one proclaiming Casey’s guilt she was by far the most offensive.

    In closing I pray Casey has found peace & serenity within herself despite all that she has had to endure. I wish the best for her now & in the future. Because Casey IS innocent.

  287. I like many of you have stated am glad I came to this site. I know CMA didn’t do this to her baby. It’s clearly seen in her photos and videos and the signs would be obvious if a child was mistreated or abused. The bond they shared was special and I believe in CMA. I’m no one to judge and all I wish is for people to respect and allow her to grieve for the loss of her daughter. Let her be happy <3.

    • Hi suzy im billy. I just wanted to ask you if casey ever got back to you ? I agree with you that casey is innocent because if a child is being abused, it will show in the child’s social reactions when he/she is around the person that is or has hurt them. True or false.?

  288. We want to go after George Anthony, We want the American people to know what really happened.. I know what happen in this case and it seems as if George has friends in a billion dollar industry that now is working on the new Caylee Law.

    Has anyone ever wondered why new laws of children seem to never get the killer? I have stayed very quite during our research. We contacted the DA and Orange County Sheriff to file charges against George with our findings. “They refused” Join us to get real justice and prevent further victims.

    Thank You

    • Steve Miller says:

      FS thanks for contacting the FL State’s Attorney and sheriff. They will never expose their own botched witch hunt just for justice.

      That leaves the FBI. I recommend considering the approach I have taken. I went directly to my local FBI office in Bridgeport, CT to ask them to refer the case to the Middle District of Florida FBI office that has jurisdiction. That allows me the opportunity to work on both FBI offices.

      Keep in mind that law enforcement hates to expose each other. This case is so spectacular that an FBI agent would make a name for himself by doing a legitimate job to nail George. However, that is not how the FBI people think.

      If this website can mobilize a large number of people like you to file complaints to the FBI and let them know that we will expose their corruption when the choose to protect George they might decide to do the job they are being paid to do.

      FBI violent crimes
      850 Trafalgar, Suite 400 Maitland, FL 32751
      Phone: (407) 875-9976

  289. a.friend says:


  290. Codie Bartlett says:

    Hi Casey,

    I use to think you were guilty but now I have changed my mind, hope you are well. And if you are ever around Spring Texas please look me up!

    Love you,
    Codie from CMABLOG

  291. Kevin Wright says:

    Everything that is supportive to you is true. Main thing is to just live your life the way you want and never look back. Friends matter in every sense but your best friends are gonna hold you tighter so you can feel the love as much of it as you can never imagine.
    Best wishes
    Your friend
    Kevin Wright

  292. Danielle Boso-Bodkin says:

    I am so glad you are free, best wishes on your future Casey.
    Love to you,
    Danielle – CMABLOG & The New Daymare owner

  293. Hi Casey,

    Just wanted to let you know that you and Caylee continue to be in my prayers, every day :).

  294. Casey,

    I understand you are still struggling to start a new life. Just wanted to tell you that I wish you success and a happy future. We live so long that in a lifetime we have many turns and changes and the past can be that The Past. I think about you and wish you well and I believe you will get to a happy place and be free of media scrutiny.

    People in the media like that fat blonde and Zeneida can suck it and they know it. Thats why they are harping for attention. One more hurdle and you will be Done with all of them. You’re strong and will prevail.

    I had seen your video with your dog and thought it must be so nice to have a little companion and their unconditional love. I wish I could have a Dog but my Apartment does not allow it. Anyway I hope you see this and can have good feeling that there is good people sending you some love and wishing you well. Keep your head up girl, your Beautiful and have a great life ahead of you.

    Best Regards,

  295. Joe Haynes says:

    Keep your chin up! Things always work out in the end. And you have people who will always support you! Casey Anthony is innocent!

  296. Harry N says:

    Please don’t allow sleazeball lawyers, media, and Internet bullies to break your spirit. And keep in mind that the hatred directed at you is exaggerated and magnified by the media. And you do have many supporters out here who want you to succeed in life and are outraged by the way you’ve been treated. Eventually you will be able to move on and get the second chance you deserve. I know you didn’t kill your beautiful daughter, and that she’s looking down at you from Heaven with love.
    Please stay strong, persevere, and know that things will get better.

  297. Never forget that there are those of us who are pulling for you, as you inch closer to completing probation. I know it must be tough feeling alone, but please gather your strength to use the time to improve yourself physically by working out and mentally by learning skills or practicing hobbies. I have been fighting a terrible disease for years and can offer: Only those who have given up hope are truly lost !! Your enemies, most of whom in some misguided attempt to put themselves up by putting you down, want to break you mentally. Dont let them do it. As one song (by Rush I think) goes – Fight the good fight !

  298. jerryg1018 says:

    Having watched Nancy Grace loop hours of photos and video of you and Caylee I found it impossible to believe you would harm her. A mother who hates her child does not have a ton of pictures of the child in her Photo Bucket account. Just my two cents.
    Good luck

  299. Marlon Baksh says:

    Dear Casey,
    Sometimes life can be so unfair. I hope you do not give up. There is nothing worse than giving up. The higher the mountain you climb the the better you will be inside. You are a strong and beautiful young woman. The is no reason for you not to succeed
    I am pulling for you.

  300. Dear Casey

    Don’t ever give up. They want you to break. Don’t give them that. Keep your beautiful head up girl. All of us here support you. We want you to suceed.


  301. Casey, when people say that “everyone hates you,” it’s so not true. I know you loved little Caylee so much and how much it devastated you when Caylee left this world. You are not a murderer, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is why I left the media world, the media is so stupid and think they know everything. You are NOT a murderer. There are people out there who still believe in you. <3

  302. Suzy Saulnier says:

    It’s over now, with the exception of the lawsuit with Zenaida. I knew you were innocent when the allegations regarding your father came out. I do understand why you didn’t tell the truth from the start, you had been systematically brainwashed until truth became your enemy. Your father should be in prison for what he did, and your mother should be charged with child abuse for staying with him after the allegations were made. Keep the faith and good luck with Costa Rica.

  303. Casey,
    I’m still here supporting you! Keep fighting the good fight and don’t let the bastards get you down! Most of those that are still spewing their hate at you are people that don’t have a life themselves and the only thing they can do is try to ruin others in order to make themselves feel good. Rise above and live your life with dignity. Still praying for you! Stay strong!

  304. Brian Corvello says:


    I want to let you know that there are people who still believe you.

    Don’t listen to the haters, and don’t pay attention to the stupid petitions. The claims they make in those things are completely wrong.

    You do have supporters. Just look at this site. When I go to a site with a different view, it has ten replies at most.

    So keep smiling.

  305. LOVE YOU CASEY!!!!!!!!!

  306. Michael Matheson says:

    Casey I have thought you were absolutely gorgeous & sexy right from the first time I saw you.
    I instantly fell in LOVE. You are so HOT!!!

    Feed back I give to those Casey Anthony HATERS are that they force is to accept OJ’s first trial as not guilty when he obviously was guilty. Same with Michael PEDOPHILE jacko. He was a pedophile to the bone.

    Abortion people are GUILTY of MURDERNG UNBABIES by the millions.

    My support for you has never wained no matter what people say.


  307. Casey,
    I am very pleased with the way things turned out for you. I wish you the best going forward.
    Stay positive.
    Love and Respect.

  308. Casey:

    Way to go girl! Maintain your dignity – it infuriates those knuckle-dragging apes! We here at SJs site completely support you and wish only the best for you.

    I don’t have a clue how you have turned out so well, with everything you’ve been thru – but girl, you are a true WINNER in life. GOD must have something very special in mind for you – these trials and tribulations will give you the strength and courage to do HIS will in your life. Never take your eyes off of HIM – HE has the answers, just ask HIM to remove the veil from your eyes and to reveal the TRUTH – HE will do so.

    MiMI 😉

  309. Casey
    Keep your head up. Don’t ever give up. A lot of people believe in you. Those who hate you don’t know you. God loves you. Trust him he won’t let you down.

  310. Dearest Casey,

    I am so sorry for everything you have endured. I will never understand what you are going through after the amount of pain, stress, humiliation, embarrassment, and loss you have experienced. Your baby girl will forever be in my prayers. If we were to ever cross paths, I would just want to give you a hug and tell you “Everything is going to be ok” , because it will one day for you. Again, I am so sorry Casey. I truly hope you find pure happiness. You have my love. Please take care of yourself and continue to remain strong and brave.

  311. Steve Miller says:

    Phone 203-923-1680

    February 2, 2012

    Lawson L. Lamar Esq.
    Florida State Attorney 9th Circuit
    415 North Orange Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32801

    Dear Mr. Lamar:

    The probable cause to arrest George Anthony and allow him a speedy trial under our constitution for molesting both his daughters – Casey and Caylee – and murdering Caylee is contained in the depositions of Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and Dr. William Weitz.

    Making any accident appear to be a murder is preposterous and ridiculous. The ruse by Jose Baez that the murder of Caylee was an accident was never questioned by Ashton and Burdick. The trial of George Anthony will demand the testimony of Casey Anthony. This murder needs to be solved by you in court. It is inconceivable that Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger were never called to testify after they gave their depositions that identified George Anthony to be the murderer of Caylee, shown directly to Casey.

    Dr. Danziger testified that he had sleepless nights knowing that George molested Casey. The love between Casey and Caylee was testified to by every prosecution witness Ashton and Burdick used trying to convict Casey. Both prosecutors knew that Weitz had complete faith that Casey told him the truth. The fact that Weitz didn’t tell Ashton and Burdick what they wanted to hear to convict Casey resorted in planting the duct tape and trying to deceive the jury that the duct tape had been used to smother Caylee. Fortunately the jury didn’t believe their grotesque, ridiculous performance. I’ll never forget the closing arguments when Ashton stood before the jury and showed them exactly how the duct tape was applied to the face of Caylee as if Ashton had actually watched.

    Maybe they remembered that Dr. Spitz had testified that the pictures he had seen showed the duct tape had been planted by law enforcement in different places. Ashton responded by shutting up and sitting down, not wanting to confront Dr. Spitz with any cross examination.

    It is the sworn testimony by Dr. Weitz that is the evidence for the probable cause that George committed the murder. If you fail to question and investigate George Anthony based upon the testimony in the depositions I intend to contact the FBI to intervene.


    Steve Miller

  312. Steve Miller says:


    The real story of Casey Anthony and the murder of Caylee by Caylee’s father George the molester.

    I am interviewing federal law enforcement officials in CT about pursuing the arrest of George Anthony for molesting and murder. The authentic facts for this investigation are contained in the sworn testimony transcribed at the depositions of both psychologists who spent many hours testing and interviewing Casey before the trial.

    The claim by defense counsel Jose Baez that Caylee died accidentally by drowning in the pool was false. It struck me at the time of the opening statement – nobody in their right mind would turn an accident into a murder. It’s hard to criticize Jose Baez after he lucked out with an acquittal for Casey. Baez knew what I know. Baez knew that George murdered Caylee so why would Baez claim it was an accident and only call George a molester?

    The obvious question should be, why the prosecutor didn’t refute the ridiculous claim that Caylee’s body was found hidden in the swamp which made no sense if she died accidentally. The prosecutors also knew that Caylee had been murdered by George because they ran the deposition. The fact that the prosecutors decided to protect George while they falsified evidence to try to convict Casey needs to be the issue for federal law enforcement. They can and should interview Casey who is the witness. Casey saw Caylee’s dead, wet, body – dressed in clothing she had outgrown.

    Caylee had been in pajamas on the morning of her murder until George changed her into clothing that had been in her drawer. This is a fact too weird for Casey to concoct. Another weird fact admitted by George during the trial was that he called the cops when Casey removed his two gas cans from the shed. Nobody in their right mind would call cops about two missing gas cans. This is the bizarre act of a deranged molester murderer. Added to calling about the gas cans, George never mentioned that his daughter (grand daughter) had been missing for eight days to the cops.

    Before everybody decides that nothing Casey ever says is the truth since she made up ridiculous lies about the nanny and having a job and that she doesn’t know who the father of Caylee is, keep in mind that all molester victims fail to report their own victimization. Keep in mind that Joe Paterno failed to report Sandusky. Keep in mind that the Pope and the Cardinals protected hundreds of molester priests. Keep in mind that America has become a swamp of hypocrisy that is driven by political correct propaganda. We call gambling by the bankers “proprietary trading”. We call bribing the entire US Congress “campaign finance”.

    Keep in mind that the jail guards complimented Casey for being a very nice, very pleasant person. Keep in mind that all the prosecution witnesses who socialized with Casey, testified that Caylee loved Casey. Casey had no motive to murder Caylee but George did. Keep in mind that Casey had remarked to her friend that there was a powerful stench in her car. She didn’t know that George put Caylee’s body into the trunk of Casey’s car knowing that he was planting that stench that he kept using to try to convict Casey for his murder while he sat in court with his bible in his lap. Why didn’t Baez ask George if he put the bag of food into the trunk to rot? Who puts food scraps in their trunk?

  313. Dearest Casey,

    I just watched the tribute video for you on this site that plays the song “Let the Waters Rise” and I could not hold back the tears as I seen the pictures of you and Caylee together. I am so sorry you lost your daughter. But, at least you’ve gained a guardian angel to look over you. I wish I could put her back in your arms. I love you very much Casey and I wish you nothing but happiness.

  314. May your life become everything you have hoped for, hope to hear from you good luck,

  315. Steve Miller says:

    Until George Anthony is put on trial for the murder, and convicted; nothing will change for Casey. Will the fantasy ever end?

    Casey is sitting alone somewhere with lots of time. She needs to use that time to read the transcripts of the deposition of both shrinks. That is where the truth lies. Those transcripts are verifiable evidence. First of all the fact that Baez and Cheney Mason never put those 2 shrinks on the stand, proves that Baez and Mason were protecting the prosecution witch hunt.

    Nobody on earth has ever taken an accidental drowning and turned it into a murder. The reverse has happened many times. Murders are turned into accidents. I wouldn’t be surprised that Rodney King was murdered and drowned to make it look accidental.

    When Baez claimed that Caylee drowned by accident, I said to myself, if that was true her dead body wouldn’t have been hidden in the swamp. When I read the transcripts by the shrinks, they proved me right. Casey saw with her own eyes that George held Caylee’s soaking wet, dead body and the most critical fact revealed by the shrinks was that George had changed Caylee from her pajamas into outgrown clothes. The shrinks described Casey as being very precise and very meticulous.

    Nobody including Casey could dream up the clothing change. That clothing change is one of a number of bizarre things George did to plant evidence to convict Casey of his crime.

    Casey needs to study and analyze the facts I have described. Casey needs to come to grips with reality because arrogant, ignorant Americans are never going to admit they have been completely misled by media propaganda. Only a conviction of George is capable of ending Casey’s nightmare.

  316. Steve Miller says:

    If Casey would listen to my legal strategy the “nanny” case will be dismissed. There will be no possible way for the court to allow any trial to sue Casey.

    First Casey needs to recognize what Cheney Mason did after the depositions of both shrinks. Does Cheney Mason want to claim that both shrinks are incompetent? If that is the case now, then why didn’t Cheney Mason assert that after he participated in the depositions?

    Its time for reality. The only possible reason that Baez and Mason decided not to call both shrinks as witnesses to prove that George murdered Caylee and Caylee didn’t drown accidentally and get buried in the swamp — was to protect the prosecutors. Defense attorneys live with prosecutors and judges. They have a conflict of interest. Baez and Mason proved that fact in spades.

  317. Steve Miller says:

    On April 11, 2011 Dr. Danziger testified that Casey told him, “My only focus is to have her home with our family. I know in my heart and my gut things are still OK.”

    She saw Caylee’s dead body in George’s arms on June 16, 2008 but in April 2011 she is delusional and she believes Caylee is alive.

    Any psychologist who doesn’t recognize Casey’s mental defect is an incompetent imbecile.

  318. Dan Fulbright says:

    Dear Casey,
    I have written to you several times always with the same message. I believe that God has a plan for your life and that is why you are where you are now. I know you will get past all problems that seem to come into your path. I hope you got the Bible I sent you last year and have used it. One Scripture I have included in every letter is Proverbs 3:5-6. We love you and we loved Caylee and we know you did too. We know that Caylee is in Heaven with the Lord. I pray for you every day and I know many others that do also so keep the faith. God Bless You Casey.

  319. Steve Miller says:
  320. Steve Miller says:

    Dr. Danziger wouldn’t be losing sleep and losing weight if thought for a second that Casey lied about George molesting her.

    Dr. Danziger worried about accusing George for murder and molesting Caylee the same as Joe Paterno never turned in coach Sandusky. George didn’t happen to wake up on June 16, 2008 and decide to murder Caylee because he had nothing better to do.

    Only a complete trance by the media could make the entire country believe that Casey Anthony loved being in bars so much that she decided to smother Caylee with duct tape. No fiction writer could think up nonsense of this scale.

    If this makes sense to anybody in America, check this out for 9 minutes.

    This connects to Casey Anthony if you listen for 5 minutes.
    What Casey did was the same thing billionaire Aubrey McClendon did to look guilty.

  321. Steve Miller says:

    June 26, 2012

    FBI violent crimes
    850 Trafalgar, Suite 400 Maitland, FL 32751
    Phone: (407) 875-9976

    Re: What was the motive to murder Caylee Anthony?

    Dear S/A Chris Davis:

    Did George Anthony wake up on June 16, 2008 with nothing better to do than to smother Caylee with a pillow until she died? Did George bust into Casey’s bed room to franticly search for Caylee that morning because Caylee decided to commit suicide in the woods?

    Did Casey love to go to bars so much that she decided to smother Caylee with duct tape? That’s exactly the motive claimed by prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Burdick. Ashton actually stood in front of the jury and showed them exactly the way Casey took three pieces of duct tape and pressed those three pieces across Caylee’s mouth and nose as if Ashton watched Casey do it.

    Did Dr. Danziger lose sleep and lose weight because he worried George might be innocent, but Dr. Danziger didn’t lose a wink of sleep worrying that Casey would be executed for George’s murder? If Danziger knew that Casey lied to him about George he wouldn’t lose sleep. That’s Danziger’s sworn testimony. Did Danziger commit perjury about losing sleep?

    Stephen A. Miller

  322. albatross234 says:

    Steve, I so agree with your observation re: Danzinger, fearing GA getting a closer look, yet no concern that I can see, about KC being found guilty in error. But his backing off, was likely being scared the bullies would cause him the loss of his career.

    You have done a very good job here, and I am enjoying your theories.

    Casey, no doubt, has a copy of his book and has probably finished it by now. I wonder what she thinks?

    I know we have only got the opening “tease” so far, but having trouble reconciling the two docs finding of no finding of any mental disorders, with this opinion of mental illness. Of course there is a fine, but definite line between mental illness, and mental disortders. I have not problem accepting a temporary amnesia, resulting in a PTS result, tho.

    Such a page-turner!

    • Steve Miller says:

      albatross234 thanks for your compliment. This is a spectacular website SJ created.

      I want all visitors to follow what I’m trying in the hope they will offer suggestions and make people aware of the media propaganda that misled 99.9% of Americans about this case.

      I wrote a book that explains an actual case that involved myself. I sent a copy to Casey through Baez on the day Casey got released. To my knowledge Casey never received my book. I’m going to publish a new youtube that will be current, but in the mean time take a look at this one.

  323. hello there, hope all is well !
    if you are allowed and ever wanna skype, look me up, my id on skype is largelen1.
    i wish u the best!

  324. Hi Casey,
    How are you holding up ? I hope everything is ok with you. I know a lot of things are going on with Jose’s book and the upcoming civil trial. You hang in there Casey. you have come very far in your life. You have been through so much and have put up with so much hate from the media and from people who believe the hateful media. But you are doing fine through all of that and I ask that you stay focused on the positive things in life. Don’t dwell on anything negative. The Media that has been unfair to you from the start are the people that are truly hateful. Before they know any facts at all they convicted you, but we all know you came through all of that so you keep your head up Casey. You came to the Lord Jesus Christ which is so awesome!!! I absolutely applaud you for that and I hope you are proud of yourself for that because you should be Casey. You notice all the people who say you are guilty are hateful people and all who support you through everything are loving people?? that says a lot. the people that spew hate, you don’t want those people in your corner. But you have come so far, your love for God and your coming to Jesus will absolutely mean that you will someday reunite with Caylee someday in Heaven!! Let that make you smile, and also let being a survivor and strong person also make you smile. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need to talk to someone. God Bless you and continue to hang in there and be happy Casey.

  325. nancywranovsky says:

    you want to hear something crazy? i use to be sophia on here. i was on my daughter’s kindlefire n didn’t know how to create an email of my own. i can’t believe what an awesome site this is and to leave you a message is just a bonus. casey i hope you are well. and i hope that you have peace i know it has to be hard for you. i believe you are going to do just fine. honestly the world has it’s way of working things out. the Lord has His own way, in time.time doesn’t always heal all pain but in time you will have a life and a good future and although Caylee will never be a distant memory for you, you will be a distant memory for the people wo have nothing better to do than hate on a young mother who has had her daughter taken from her. you have alot of supporters here on this site. and i believe we will all be here for you in the future, when, maybe you can even respond, who knows right? i hope that you find your way casey you do deserve a good life and a happy fullfiling future with alll that your heart desires. theres a song by mercy Me and its seys “WHY? the question that is never far away, healing doesn’t come from the explained, Jesus please don’t let this go in vain……and i think you don’t even have an explaination and thats got to suck. i know you are a believer and there’s this book called JESUS CALLING by SARAH YOUNG and its like a daily affirmation straight from HIM. it helps to remember HE knows the unexplained. i wish for you all the happiness your heart can hold. i know you will do well and go on thriving instead of merely surviving. God bless you casey May he watch over you May He keep you safe in His loving arms .

  326. Steve Miller says:


    I would be surprised if you didn’t read these messages. Until I hear from you directly I must conclude you don’t trust me. 203-923-1680

    Your lawyer Greene was real shitty to me when I called to learn if you ever got my book. I hope you view these while you sit by yourself scared to death. Its up to you to make the best decisions.

    You are in this position because you have had lawyers who have done very bad things. There are specific facts contained in the youtubes for you to consider. You need to speak with the FBI ASAP.
    Here’s their # 407-875-9976 Ask to speak to the duty officer. If the FBI doesn’t prosecute George for the murder he committed your life will remain crappy. Continued delay has no benefit.

    Steve Miller

  327. to begin healing you must speak to the FBI and open an investigation against george, lee and cindy. seriously, you may have a niece or nephew one day and if lee was so inclined to molest you, he would certainly molest his own starting at a much younger age. and then there is the possibility that lee would bring the baby to george.


    they will all be forced to take polygraphs, force your mother to admit she called you a whore when you reported george and lees molestation…and i hope you yourself would take one also just to prove to all that you speak the truth. the psychiatrist would speak on your behalf, that you are not crazy, that this all happened to you.

    getting the truth out…in your own word (not through your lawyers words) carries more weight. this truth will set you free

  328. Steve Miller says:

    Casey, your choices are up to you alone. You have decided to sit on the murder of Caylee from the moment you saw her dead body in George’s arms in spite of the fact that you know that you had looked in the pool and didn’t see Caylee. The few minutes between when George woke you to search for Caylee who he had already murdered and when he showed you her dead, soaking wet body that he tricked you to believe had drowned in spite of the fact you know is a lie.

    Believing that Caylee might have run to the pool after you didn’t see her in the pool in the few minutes before George brought her body to you is ridiculous. After George murdered Caylee he decided to pin his murder on you. That’s all I’m telling you.

    I’m not about hypocrisy. I’m disgusted with the hypocrites who advise you on their goody two shoes ploys. I’m interested in your safety and your ability to force the facts into a court of law.

    It will demand your testimony and explicit detail about being molested. Exactly how the molesting began and how it developed. George is the same as every other molester. He has the obsession and compulsion which you feared would finally be used on Caylee. Every day you drag this out is another shitty day in your life.

    Its easy for me to tell you this because I despise molesters. You are doing the exact same thing that Joe Paterno did to protect Sandusky. The big difference the only difference is that all the hypocrite Americans revere Joe Paterno but they despise you. Only you can change that. The hypocrites might revere you if you have the courage to tell the truth and bug the FBI to do its job.

    The FBI isn’t protecting George. The FBI is protecting the Florida State’s Attorney. The FBI is happy to cover up the witch hunt, that has you hiding from the world. All this is created by the HLN propaganda lies. If you would call me, I’ll be happy to explain and answer any question you have. 203-923-1680 its your choice.

    I will post another youtube later when its ready in a few more hours.

  329. Steve Miller says:

    Casey, please watch this for 9 minutes.

  330. Steve Miller says:

    Mr. Boedeker:

    Did you read the transcripts of the depositions of Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger?

    They would be fantastic witnesses for Casey to sue the Sentinel and HLN for the lies you keep writing to mislead your audience about Casey and how you protect Ashton and Burdick for their attempt to execute Casey when they learned from Weitz and Danziger that George murdered Caylee and then put Casey into shock.

    The claim by Baez that Caylee died accidentally is not only a lie, its absurd. Nobody is that stupid, especially Baez.

    If Casey happens to snap out of the shock she has been in since June 16, 2008, and if she begins to take my advice, you will be a defendant. Pay attention to these:

    Steve Miller

  331. Dianne Walker says:

    I think you might very well be innocent. I hope you are, and I pray all the best for you.

  332. go casey 🙂

  333. happy 1 year anniversary casey! i hope that your having a great fourth of july! I love you casey!

  334. Julie R. says:


  335. Sam Wiser says:


    I can not imagine what you went/going through, yet you are managing to get through it with grace and style. I admire you for that and wish you the best. You’r character is one i hope to emulate.

    I would like to help and let me know if there is any way I can assist in getting you back on your feet. I also have a quiet condo in the gulf shores where if you want a get away we can work that out for you. Contact me for any info you would need.

    I wish I can help even a little.

  336. just wanted to say hi to casey and tell her that i know what it is like to grow up with so much abuse and neglect and lies. i would like to paint casey’s portrait one day, i am sure she gets a lot of messages like these but that’s okay, maybe she will look up my art and see herself in me some. i have been drawn to her because really i know what it’s like to have parents like hers. obviously her time was worse, but casey keep on chuggin!

  337. Cindy L. says:

    I left a message on the post, “On this Day in 2011: Casey Anthony – Not Guilty & Acquitted
    July 5, 2012 By SJ”… then I noticed a place to leave you comments. Time dated: July 7th @1:22pm Ooops. 😉 Wishing you the best.

  338. CollaredPrinzes says:

    Wishing you all the best Casey! If you ever want to vacay in Arkansas you have a home here!!!
    Much love,

  339. Casey

    Hold on. Don’t ever lose hope. Not everyone hates you. We all believe in you. Remember that.


  340. albatross234 says:

    Do you remember getting a note while still in jail that said:

    “I like you just the way you are. Don’t change a thing!

    I can be your granny.

  341. I just read Jose Baez’s book about your trial. I now am convinced not only were you NOT guilty, but like me, you are a victim of incest. I ran a web group for 5 years to help incest and childhood sexual abuse survivors. It really helps to talk to other survivors, it helps to normalize your own situation. I’m so sorry that you were not believed. Neither was I. I was shunned by my entire family for coming out with the truth when I could not longer stand the abuse. Nobody believed me. Until, all my cousins started to tell on my Grandfather years later. By then, I was twice damaged, not just from the abuse, but from people calling me a liar, shaming me, making me think that I was some sick girl who told lies. I had also been raped by my grandfather, learned how to go on and play like nothing happened. Scared to death when I heard his footsteps coming near my bedroom or the bathroom. Too young to realize what he was doing was bad, I just felt embarssed and ashamed. Anyway, I believe you. I screwed up most of my adult life because I did not know there was such a thing as “effects from childhood sexual abuse”. I had therapy but it never quite worked. Finally, when I was 40, I found a hypno-therapist who had also been an incest survivor. She helped me to heal. And talking about my experience with other survivors also helped me to heal. I would love to talk to you and be your friend if you would let me. I am completely sincere. My website use to be called “AsofNow” and it was on Angelfire.. but now I can only find dis-jointed pieces of it. I am on Facebook too. I’d be Proud to call you friend. After not accepting any sort of PLEA when your life was on the line, I would say you are a STRONG, Courageous person and an inspiration to other Survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I’m sorry that society has convicted you, you have been damaged and hurt beyond repair. You need friends. I hope you find healing and peace and serenity in your life.. Sincerely, Katie

  342. Don Squires says:

    Casey, I always thought you were innocent. I believe all the people out there that think you’re a murderer and hate you are just jealous of you. Alot of them, after seeing you partying on TV in the hot body contest, we’re just jealous of you. They are probably fat, ugly pigs, that wish they looked like you. I always thought you were a beautiful, innocent young girl. I can see it in your eyes. If you ever go to Ohio again, by the way, I’m in Cleveland, I’ll be your personal bodyguard, and just let one of those Casey haters try to touch you. Love you girl, E-mail me some time, Don.

  343. Julie R. says:


  344. Dearest Casey,
    I must admit I was one of the closed minded people who strongly believed you were Guilty. I now strongly believe otherwise. All it takes is people turning off their tvs and thinking about your tragic situation with common sense.
    I am very sorry for everything you’ve gone through, but you must believe that God put you through that for a reason and you came out stronger for a reason. I apologize for the loss of your daughter, who will forever be your guardian angel and protect you. I wish you all the best in the future. You may feel that the whole world is against you , but trust me you have many supporters.
    Stay Strong

  345. Just dropping in to let you know that I do believe your supporters are growing daily. Jose’s book exposes so much. Can’t believe the police misconduct and the leaking of stories to the media. Well, actually, yes, I can believe it. You and Jose had an uphill battle the whole way…hardly every caught a “break” but you prevailed and I am happy for you. I’m glad you are able to look back and realize that the way you handled things was not correct. But, when someone has been through the trauma of abuse, thinking things through clearly is not an easy thing to do. Someday, I hope you can tell your story. There will always be haters out there. There will always be small minded people. There will always be people who choose not to believe the victim but believe the abuser. You can’t change that…but slowly people are beginning to see the truth. Someday, I hope your father is held accountable.

    Still praying for you.
    Stay strong!

  346. Julie R. says:


  347. Anderson says:

    just wanted to let you know. I watched your case everyday and i knew you were innocent all along, and i knew what had happen. what’s done in the dark comes to the light. Be Strong and keep your head up. God loves you and so do i and a whole lot of people. There’s a better day ahead for you. Alice

  348. Mary Moore says:

    Hi, Casey,
    Hope things are going better for you.
    Have you heard about the following:
    Nancy Disgrace has recently caused another victim from her cruel journalism to commit suicide.
    This woman has a killing tongue and should finally be put permanently in prison for all the harm she has done to you and others!

  349. Casey you are Beautiful!

    God Loves You!

  350. Well, I think this Steve miller guy is just nuts. Unless you’ve been in her shoes, then you don’t have a clue, and if you have been in a similar situation , it’s still not the same. I myself would love to meet Casey , I think she’s hot, and probably could use a guy who wouldn’t hurt her or cause her pain, like all the other men have in her past. However, unlike this guy, I’m not gonna get my hopes up, and leave my number on here . I’d bet my life that she won’t contact me, you, or anybody else on here, other than posting a rare thank you message. She deserves privacy, I’m an actor, and I get pestered for autographs all the time, and that alone, drive me nuts at time. If fans hated me, I’d never want to leave the house. So Casey, good luck, I hope you find peace, and if you ever need anything, you can reply to my agents email on here, by clicking on my name . Take care.

  351. Casey:
    Congratulations on being out of jail for one year, I knew from the beginning that you were innocent, and I am glad that justice prevailed. We know that, for your safety, you will have to remain in hiding for a long time, but your supporters were so glad to hear your voice on Piers Morgan’s show and we hope to hear more from you soon. It is sad that the haters and vigilantes are forcing you to live a life of solitude. There are a great many people who love you, and I am one of them.
    Stay strong Casey!

  352. Julie R. says:


  353. The other Casey in Florida says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less if you did or didn’t kill that kid. I’m just going to say that I won’t hate you for anything you’ve ever done. I’m sickened by these “Vigilantes” that want you dead, and these morons who don’t know how the American justice system works.

    Whether you’re truly innocent or you just aborted your kid two years too late makes no difference to me. Thank you for bringing to light how stupid Americans are when it comes to the life of children.

    By that, I mean all those who presumed guilty. We need to stop being bias in favor of children, and lashing out at our fellow man when we cannot truly prove them guilty.

    Casey, you do have your issues, and I do hope you get help for them. I hope your life improves, and I hope you stay safe. I think you living your life for the best and to the fullest would be the best justice that can be served at this point. Show us all (both the haters and supporters) that you’re better than we think, and that you’re better than you ever were.

    -Your fellow Floridian, diagnosed sociopath, and Casey.

  354. Hi Casey,
    Well Casey, I just got done with jose’s book and thought it was a really good book!! You have been through so much in your young life and I continue to pray for you daily and I want you to know you are cared for and in my prayers all the time. Look Casey, there will be many out there that hate without once looking at your story and trying to understand what you went through, but I am not one of them. Always know that I am in your corner and I will always support you through this rough period in your life. Caylee is an Angel forever and is Happy for eternity, please always know that, think of her happiness in Heaven and let that make you smile sweetheart. You hang in there, you have come this far and have fought the good fight through the worst and remember I am always here to help whenever you need anything!! Hang in there be Happy and keep moving forward. God Bless you.

  355. Julie R. says:


  356. hi casey i’m so glad that your probation will be over on august 23 and i hope that you stay safe and god bless you i love you so much your innocent and proud you go girl!

  357. Hi Casey.

    I just want you to know the I support you and wish you all the best 🙂

    Love From

  358. Julie R. says:


  359. David Henderson. says:

    Hi Casey,

    I know that it has been a while since I have messaged you, for some reason, I was having trouble getting on this page! I have not by any means forgotten You, and You in my thoughts and Prayers on July 5thy, and 17th this month, when You were rightfully proven Innocent, and Finally allowed too go free, as You never should have been imprisoned or charged too begin with, but right finally prevailed and GOD delivered You from the evil people that tried too persecute You! Everytime I see You wrongfully ran through the mud on Television, it fills me with disgust, and it may have been a little extreme, but on Facebook, a 3 weeks ago, I told Nasty Disgrace, and Jane Mouthy Mitchell just what I thought of them too, cause you are the Good one, they are the real evil ones! Sorry, I know I should not resort too their level, but I did it with You in mind Casey!
    I know that Your probation will be ending soon, and Hopefully, people will not be able too stick their nose in your life anymore after that! Besides how Beautiful and Sweet You are Casey, You always inspire me too hold on, no matter what, because you proved that no matter what things can always be made again, and you clearly overcame it all! Not knowing You personally, I still consider You a Friend, and I Pray that Your Life only gets better, and will be prosperous going forward! Anything negative that is said in the news or tabloids i just inore, cause like many others I know the truth, of what a Great Young Woman that You are, and those hypocrites can go fly a kite!
    Good luck with everything Casey, and I know that You are faced with that rediculous Zenieda Gonzales trial in several months, but i truly believe that right will prevail and GOD will deliver just as He did before! Please hang in there and my Prayers are always with You! Oh, I am sorry that I have not been able too send anything too You as of Late, cause the place that it said too send too, on the other site is no longer allowing anything too be sent, my Appologies! Anyways Please take Care Casey, stay Strong! Love You Always Casey, and GOD BLESS!

    David Henderson.

  360. Julie R. says:



  362. I got the presumed guilty book. Thats good shit and usually the law is boring to me…I’m a med student and for anybody still doubting her innocence..take a friggin bio course. This case was all science and let’s throw in a little psychology- George Anthony is the biggest friggin liar i’ve seen in my life. We actually watched his video in our pyschology class as a demonstration as how to spot out a lie i.e. when people repeatedly say “I do not…” or “I did not….” or “I will not” istead of I don’t, I didn’t or I won’t…very telling of a Class A bullshitter. He’s a creep anyhow. But I watched 75% of this trial…Keep it real casey I’m so sorry about caylee. Life is full of bullshit. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • albatross234 says:

      How fascinating, Melanie!

      I love how you explain this–I just noticed his language was “.stilted”. Now, of course, I see his acting is getting worse and worse–he talks like he’s some sort of nobility.

      Casey, how in the world did you put up with his nearly constant lying? He lies, exaggerates, even when there’s no reason for it.. He’s stuck in this saintly role.

      Take care Kiddo.



  364. David Henderson. says:

    HI There Casey,

    I can only say that I Hope and Pray that you are allright, and that Life continues too be Good Too You, and certainly You deserve that after all that You have been through! I am Extremely Sorry that I have not been able too send You anything as of late, I have not by any means forgotten You, but I was told I could no longer send too The Baez Law firm, and The Mason Law firm said that they did not have anything set up, for You too be sent anything! If there is any other way I can do that I will, but I am in the Dark on it right now! Please Take Care Casey, and know that those of us that Know You are Innocent and Support You, far outweigh those morons that dont, especially that Two – Faced Idiot Nasty Grace, I just Hope it all comes back and slaps Nasty in the face someday too! Anyways, I just Hope and pray for You everyday, and know that someday that all of what befell you will just be a distant memory, just as I had something befall me when I was 22, Ironically, but now I can look back and scoff at it now, just as You will! Love You Casey, and GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!

    • albatross234 says:

      Dave, I was thinking along the same lines….I think you need to send your letters to her new atty, who will likely send a bundle in a single envelope.

  365. Mary Moore says:

    Dear Casey,
    Please ask SJ [or whoever created this website] to set up some sort of fundraising link where your supporters could send you money to help you survive.
    May God bless!

    • David Henderson. says:

      Dear SJ,

      If you know of how any Donations could be sent too Casey, it would be Great! I know that it could not have been easy too stay Finacially secure, being in the unfair position She was put in by the media and the hypocrites! Please let Casey know that I would do anything too help her, as many others would! Have Great Day and Thank You! GOD BLESS YOU CASEY!!!

  366. joanna heath says:

    While i have never written to a stranger or paid much attention to sensationalized media stories or the people whose lives are interrupted by those stories, I feel oddly compelled to write a quick message in support of Casey because of how much she reminds me of myself. Although at 28 i am now a married mom living in Florida, I was also once a young mother whose life was once turned upside down by false accusations that led people to focus on my days as a so-called “party girl”. While the accusations and misconceptions aimed at me were of a much different nature, on some level i understand a teeny bit of what its like to be suddenly alienated from everyone you know and basically forced into hiding, unable to trust anyone and unable to make a living.
    Casey, if youre reading this, i hope you get some kind of strength from knowing that you have supporters…people your age who arent media-chasing wackos and who feel angry at the injustices youve faced on top of the inconcievable loss of your gorgeous daughter. My little girl will be 3 next week, and i cant imagine your pain. I sincerely hope that you have found some sort of support system and at the very least have a real friend or two in your life that you can trust. I truly believe that the state of Florida and the media should have to reimburse you for the damage theyve caused. If there is anything any of your supporters can do to help you, donation-wise or otherwise, i hope you can take a leap of faith and have confidence that you can email us and it will be kept private. No one would fault you for asking for help when we are all aware that the media has made it impossible for you to live your life normally. Im unable to find any kind of link for donations…
    Chin up!
    West Palm Beach, FL

    • Joanna,

      Your right. Casey does need to know she’s been supported by her peers!

      What a beautiful sentiment.

  367. casey never mind what haters say ignore em’ till they fade away! you rock girl! and remember were all here for you and we love you! hope you have a blessed life!

  368. Hi Casey,

    hello Again Casey!!! How are you doing?? I was reading Jose’s book again tonight and I am so proud of you that you would not agree to a plea bargain!! Jose said it took so much courage and Jose was absolutely right. God Bless you Casey and be proud. So many are beleiving in the media and refuse to beleive the truth and the facts presented at trial and in Jose’s book, but please know that the good people with good heart’s know you are innocent. Seriously if you look at all of those who think you are guilty, they spew so much hatred and those who know you are innocent only talk love. Always know casey that means a lot. Keep your head held high knowing you are a survivor of so much bad stuff and so much hate out in the world, but also hold your head up high knowing that caring and kindhearted people think you are innocent and wish you well in this world. I mean that, you have given your heart to Jesus Christ, you have hung in there through the worst, and always know that you have me always to give you all the emotional support that you need. You are brave and you are awesome!!!!!!!!! If you ever need anything, Dorothy Clay Simms, another awesome soul and kindhearted woman has all my info. Hang in there, what you have survived in this world means you are a winner through and through. Hugs sent your way, always know that Casey!!! When you were aquitted and you breathed that sigh of relief, Dorothy and I were crying together because we both know you were innocent and Caylee Marie is an angel in Heaven, always know that Casey. Nothing but smiles and laughter in Heaven from Caylee and you are meant to do the same in your life. Again, I am here for you always, don’t hesitate to contact me in any way you can, through Dorothy, Jose, or Cheney, 3 awesome people with awesome hearts and 4 including you. God Bless you Casey. Contact me anytime!!!

  369. Hi Casey,

    Hello sweetheart. Just wanted to say hello and I am so Happy that you will be off of your probation in a few days!! You deserve to be free from everything that you have been through. Besides what some think, I am here to tell you that I think that you are a special woman and that you have survived so much and have come through so much. Casey, you are a survivior of the worst and listen closely to this, you won, your a winner and you have beaten the odds here sweety. The Media may attack and people that spew hate may attack, but you have beaten the odds, you are an abuse survivor, you are a survivor of being wrongly accused, and you are a strong woman and you have been baptized in the name of Christ and that makes you a winner!!! no matter how many say otherwise, your a winner, think of that and smile!! You have dignity and no one can take that away from you Casey!! and on days when you are sad. always know that Caylee will smile and laugh for eternity because she is an Angel in Heaven!! Let that absolute fact make you smile!!! My advice to you sweety, is to look into work that helps people. I volunteer with the mentally and physically challanged and I will say this, they are so awesome and they love unconditionally!!. This kind of thing, you can use in your life. You need to know more, anytime I am here for you to talk to and answer any questions about that kind of work!!. I love it and I think an awesome survivor of so much that you are Casey, will love it too!!. I’m here for you always to talk Casey, always know that and God Bless you!! Hang in there and continue to keep your head held high!! your a winner. Sincerely, Gary



  372. Dear Casey – congrats on your passing parole! Take care, and keep smiling!

  373. Hey Casey, so happy for your parole finally coming to an end! I just want you to know that I was living in Orlando until 2009 and I was always on your side and knew you were innocent. I read Jose Baez’s book and realized even more proof of your innocense…I hope that eventually the moron, ignorant, media obsessed people in this country will leave you alone! I’m living in Tampa now and unfortuneatly the people here are no less ignorant than those that were in Orlando. After all that you have been through, I think you just need a good person in your life that you can trust and rely on. if you ever need somebody to talk to or a new gay friend, I’m only an e-mail away! 🙂 Good luck to you girl!

  374. Don’t ever let those bastards grind you down. Happy to see you are done with b.s. probation. Thoughts and prayers sent your way:)

  375. Casey my heart goes out to you …..and I pray that someday you are able to live life as it should be lived. God does not always give us great parents ….mine did things very similiar. Remember 10% of who we are is what has happened to us… 90% is how we reacted to it and I think you have done FABULOUSLY. Good Luck off probation…Sending you much love from West Palm <3

  376. Wow Casey…Steve Miller and albatross234 are incredibly smart ….I have been following albatross234 on youtube for awhile and she has always seen thru the media and believed in you ….and now this Steve Miller ….I want to join them in seeing George criminally charged …I believe ALL ADULTS (especially parents) have a moral responsibilty to children and you have been wronged on so many levels…..but you can overcome your circumstances…you have already proven you have it in you. Stay strong ..chin up and when things are getting you down…come to this site and we will show you LOVE and comfort…Bella Vita <3

  377. Elizabeth Harrison says:

    Dear Casey,

    I’m just full-time FLOORED that so many people do not ‘get it’ what actually happened. Rather than sit quietly and RESEARCH CAREFULLY for themselves what is KNOWN to have transpired, and simply WATCHING George on tape – it’s ON YOUTUBE, people(!) and watch his lying ass unfold on HIS OWN FACE, they would rather be dumbasses and scream lies about you. It’s as if they want to be part of a murderous herd. They can’t fathom what you have been through – I know it, hon!

    You are in my prayers. It may take a lifetime to heal, but carry your load, suffer well, dear one – you are an instrument for change in the world. I’m NOT religious, but I do ‘borrow’ from every tradition – be it religious or not – for my own spiritual growth. Here is a quote I got recently that has kept me afloat and I repeat often throughout the day and have posted above my sink in the window – as I spend so much time cooking and baking. :c) …Here is the quote:

    ‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good – to accomplish what is now being done – the saving (spiritually) of many lives. ~ Joseph

  378. Elizabeth Harrison says:

    I should like to add: Can’t someone on your team get that youtube video of George Anthony on the stand so obviously nervously LYING about his involvement? And get the word out about OTHER obvious signs of his maniac mind and crimes??? Isn’t there a P.R. team at work here? It just KILLS me to see you publicly dragged down by SO MANY!!

    God blesses those who suffer. x and O


  380. Casey,
    God Bless you as you go forward. My prayers go with you as you begin your new journey. Please stay safe and watch who you trust. There are a lot of people who do support you and want the best for you. I hope some day you can tell your story and be vindicated. You have suffered enough, it’s time for you to go out there and live your life to the best of your ability. Stay close to God and good friends and you’ll be alright.
    Love and prayers!

  381. David Henderson. says:

    Hi Casey,

    I just wanted too say Congratulations, and Wish You the best of luck, now that You will be getting off of Probation, and You will Finally, and rightfully have You Freedom back! Anyways, I Pray that You will stay safe, and that others will leave you alone now, as you never should have gone through everything that You did. Prayers be with you Casey, And GOD BLESS YOU, FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!! Love you Casey!!!



  384. tick tock on casey’s release to absolute freedom…nancy grace is already having her field day recounting all of casey’s bad behaviour and how she’s predicting tot mom’s behaviour to come once released…it’ll be very interesting to see what casey’s future brings…

  385. Hi Casey,

    Congratulations on your release from probation!!! you’ll do fine Casey, just keep your head up!! you’ve done very good so far. you have overcome so much as I have told you before, overcome abuse, you have overcome these unfair murder charges, you have become baptized in Jesus name. You have done much to be proud of despite what the haters in this world will say. You will be ok, just be positive, enjoy life and always know that I am here for ya anytime you need someone to talk to. Always remember that. Go forward, keep your head up, smile and be Happy. God Bless you Casey!!! and hang in there and always know I am here. God Bless!!

  386. Jeff Traube says:

    You did it !! Congratulations on completing your probation, Miss, and I hope you used the time wisely. It is sad that the media could make a 22 yr old the scapegoat or whipping boy (girl) of the nation. Kudos to your attorneys who got you a chance to do something with your life – and I hope you make the most of it. I don’t know if you plan to stay in the country, but as an American living in Canada, you may wish to consider coming here. The gun laws are tougher, and the French speakers in Quebec are not as harsh as the Anglophones.

  387. Congrats and best wishes for what ever your future plans are and remember you now have a beauitful angel with Gorgeous Wings always with you along your path.

  388. David Henderson. says:

    Congratulations Casey Anthony,

    Shine Sweet Freedom, and may it Shine down on You Casey, You Deserve it So much! Take Care, and GOD BLESS YOU, in everyway Going Forward! LOVE YOU CASEY, THANK GOD YOU ARE RIGHTFULLY FREE NOW! LOVE YOU CASEY!!!!!

  389. Casey,
    I am 23 years old and cannot imagine these precious years of growing up and living being taken away for me in such a cruel manner. Your strength really inspired me, you sticking to your word and standing up for what you believe in is so admirable. I live in a small province in Canada where your case wasnt talked about or recognized often however I paid close attention and felt your innocence from when I first heard of your indictment. Everyday I wake up and am so thankful for the direction my life is going. I have live in a great place, have great friends, I am drivin to be successful in my life, & my hope for you is that you are seeing this bright side as well in yourself, and are grieving your loss in peace. Good luck Casey!! I am rooting for you 🙂


  391. Tim Wu, Austin TX says:

    Congratulation for your freedom. I just want to say you are so bright, sweet and beautiful to me. I would marry you in second if you choose me. Just let me know when you come to Austin Texas Kiss

  392. David Henderson. says:

    Hi Casey,

    I wanted too let You know that I am thinking about you, and Hoping that all is Well with You on your first days of Freedom! I am so Happy for You, as You have already proven all of the Idiotic Liars out there wrong, as You have not gotten in any trouble or done anything wrong, despite all their stupid predictions! Clearly You are in control of Your life, and Are Good, and Beautiful on the Inside as You are on the outside! Just know that I am one of the people that is here for You, no matter what, take Care, and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! I will tell You if You ever need anything, I am here for you like many others are, and would do whatever I could too help You! GOD BLESS YOU CASEY, You have overcome so much, Love You, and know that You ispire me greatly, showing that it is alwaysc possible too overcome any situation no matter how Hopeless it may seem! Keep up the Good fight, LOVE YOU CASEY!!!!!


  394. Hey casey,
    Let me start off by saying that I am so sorry for all you have been through. I know that you are innocent! I pray for you often and think about Caylee a lot. I am heart broken that she was taken from you. Never give up on fighting for justice for you and your daughter! Feel free to e-mail me sometime. I hope you get this message. I truly am a supportor of you. So sorry that it took me so long to write!

    God bless you good luck on the rest of your battle.
    Love ya!

  395. Hello Casey Anthony,
    How are you sweetheart ? I hope you are doing ok since you have been free from probation. your a survivor Casey and I think that you are a winner in every sense of the word!!!! I know, it’s Gary and I am repetitiive, but Casey, you deserve to know that you are a winner time and time again. You have been baptized in Jesus’ name and that makes you an absolute winner sweetheart. I am so proud of you Casey for being a survivor that has been through so much. Many people would have given up on life, but you are truly a special woman and you are a super strong survivor. No matter what you hear elsewhere, please know the fact is, your a good person and a survivor and you sweetheart are a winner, And Caylee is never forgotten, she is an eternal Angel in Heaven, always know that most of all, Caylee is so Happy, as much as Happy can be for an eternity!!! Casey, smile forever thinking about that honey. Always know, I am here, and that you are cared for very much!!! any time you are getting down think of the name Gary who believes in you so much and let that make you smile Casey. You need anything Casey, I am here for you, never forget that!! Bye sweetheart and May God bless you !!!
    You’re a true winner,

  396. Hey Casey,

    just wanted to see how you are doing. I remember watching on TV all the craziness surrounded with the trial, and even though you were caught in the middle of this storm, you remained strong, and you prevailed. The way those crazy ignorant people protested outside your parents house made me sick. Some people believe everything they hear in the media, and they think they can solve a case like CSI, little do they know.. You didn’t murder your daughter, and I just hope that you can live the life you want. I read somewhere online that you are in hiding, in fear for your life, and I just wanted to let you know that you have so many supporters. Keep moving forward and stay strong. If you ever need someone to talk to when things get hard, or for any reason at all, know that your not alone, and although you don’t know me, I am here for you, and please feel free to send me an email.

    Wish you all the best casey, we support you, and have nothing but love for you. Your strength is truly inspirational.

    – mykel

  397. Hello Casey,

    How are you doing sweetheart ? You are such a survivor and everything that you have been through this entire ordeal and so much more has made you so strong!!! You are in my prayers always Casey. always remember that sweetheart!! Caylee is an angel in Heaven, this is something that you must always know as you move forward in life. She is always happy for eternity because Caylee is an Heavenly Angel!!! Casey, your strength is awesome to say the least, actually awsome is an understatement, but the best way I can describe your strength!!! If you ever need anything at all you can contact me through Mrs. Simms, another awesome Lady!!! I am so happy that you have been alive in Jesus Christ, Casey, that is so awesome and so are you!!! I’m here Casey anytime!!! God Bless you and please know that you are never ever alone!!!! you won sweetheart!!! your a true survivor!!!! and I am here and I care, smile knowing that Casey!!! God Bless You!!

  398. Hey Casey! I support you. From Norway 🙂

  399. Hello Casey,

    How are you doing sweetheart ? I hope that you are happy and enjoying yourself!! You deserve that after all that you have been through!!! you are a survivor Casey who has been through the worst. always remember that Casey and no matter what you face in your life always know that people care about you and that I care very much about you and that I am here anytime you need anything!! don’t ever forget that!! From the start I knew you were innocent, and that all came out at trial. you always have my number through attorney Simms and my God, she is such an awesome lady with an amazing heart!!! and as for Jose baez and Cheney Mason, my God, those 2 are incredible and amazing individuals!!! I wish that I can hug all of yas at the same time, you are all the best!!!! Casey, the most important message for you is that you are never ever alone. please know that honey. Call any time day or night. I hope life is treating you well, because you deserve it, you won, your a winner Casey, please don’t forget that. I am here always, please know that swetheart and may God Bless you Casey!!!

  400. Amanda Martin says:

    I saw an article posted on Facebook last night that your grandmother passed away. Im so sorry to hear that! You and your family are in my prayers! Hope you are doing well now that you are FREE to do whatever you want. Live life to the fullest and never look back! Take care and stay safe!

    Amanda Martin


  402. Casey, I hope that wherever you are living now, you are doing well. Being that I live in Florida myself, I am very familiar with your trial. Though I know the whole, horrific ordeal will never be completely over for you, I wish you the best of luck, much success, and as much happiness as possible. Without a doubt, you deserve it! After all, you have been through a lot. I couldn’t imagine having to go through all that you were forced to go through. That just shows how strong of a woman you really are, and you should be proud of that! Please try to keep that smile of yours and stay courageous no matter how many people keep trying to knock you down! Most importantly, please remember that there are a lot of people (like myself) who support you every step of the way! 🙂


  404. jim connelly says:

    Yo Casey, what’s up? I haven’t sent you a message in a while.I read Jose’s book, OMG! I always knew you didn’t murder Caylee but now I’m convinced your completely innocent! The irony is your the victim in all of this! I’ll never watch the news the same way again! You won the case in spite of the fact you didn’t get a fair trial. And that scumbag father of yours did everything he could to get you convicted. Don’t ever forget that! I think you should do a meet and greet photo/signing session for all your supporters. I would work security on that for free, and if any of your haters show up I would be more than happy to put the hurt on them! I’m sick of those morons! I’d love to hear from you. I’m off the grid but the website has my e-mail. I’ll sign off my usual way- CASEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. Hi Casey Anthony,

    How are you sweetheart?? I was thinking about you and wanted to send you a message!!! In my opinion , your bravey is unlimited, it is amazing!!! you have been through so much and you have beaten so much!!! I hope your life is going well for you!! I never believed that you were guilty and I am so happy that you are free now!! I realize that there are still tough times ahead because of this high exposure and very unfair and cruel media case, but please know that I have been with you and believed that you were innocent from the start!! No evidence!!! nothing on you ever!!! and you had to endure all of it!!! To say that you are a strong person is an understatement!! you are so brave and so amazingly resiliant to come through everything that you have been through on the winning side!! congrats Casey, and you can contact Mrs. Simms for my info!!. But listen to this please, you hang in there!! and if you are ever feeling down you can call me or e-mail me or text me anytime!!! I am here, that is guarenteed!!! God Bless you Casey Anthony!!! never ever feel alone, I am here!! Sincerely, Gary


  407. Hi, Casey, know that you are off your year of probation, still having to hide, facing the upcoming trial (bummer), and also the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Am so glad you are a strong Christian, and you know that your daughter is in Heaven, you will see her for eternity. Meanwhile, here in life on earth, wishing you good things, you have had a horrible tough life, but believe you will emerge strong, in spite of it all. Hope and pray there will be love in your life, eventually from all who finally know of your innocence beyond a doubt, and from a future Christian husband, etc. But first things first. Also hope you have done a good deal of healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc., you have had so much to overcome! Blessings, dear Casey! —

  408. Hey Casey,
    I truly feel bad about the constant hiding you have to go through every single day I’m sure. I can’t imagine the pain you must endure through. I have gone through quite a bit of pain myself and i can understand to a certain extent of how that feels. Even though at the same time from what i see you have quite a few people who care about your well being which is a good thing. I would love for you to contact me if you’d like on my email if you’d like or whatever way might be comfortable for you. As I truly wish to listen if you need someone to talk to.
    Your Friend,


  410. Hi Casey,

    How are you doing sweetheart ? I just wanted to say that i think your a brave girl and that you are a very strong girl!! Keep up the good fight and keep your head up and know that there are people that care about you!! if you ever need to talk, you can call me anytime. Mrs. Simms has my number. You have been through so much and you have come out of it a winner. do not ever forget that Casey. God Bless you!!!


    • Vanessa Wilson says:

      Hi. I’m trying to reach out to Casey to tell her I love her and she’ll always have my support, and I’m so sorry for all the hell she has gone through. She didn’t deserve it. She deserves to live a normal life. She’s such a wonderful person.

  412. Happy Thanksgiving Casey

    I hope you are surrounded by people that care about you and those you care about. You deserve all the best. You are so special. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. I know you loved Caylee and she loves you.

  413. Hi Casey Anthony,

    Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart!!!!!!!!!! how are you doing sweety? This is Thanksgiving Casey and I am asking you to be very Thankful because you have people that care about you very much and please know that I care about you very much!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you have had the odds against you for so long, but Casey, I am here to let you know that I care about you, and that I believe in you 100%!!!!!!!! please do not ever forget that Casey!!!! In my eyes, you have shown so much amazing courage through everything you have been through!!!!!! life can be tough , but please know that I am here for you anytime you need me!!! Caylee is a Heavenly Angel now and she is Happy Forever sweety!!!! Please know that Casey forever!!! You are so brave that it can’t be measured!!! Always know that you have me Casey and that I care so much about you and that I believe in you!!! No matter what your past was, you
    are an absolute winner who has overcome the worst!!!! This means you are a Happy Person right now and in the future and you are a winner and always will be a winner because of the courage you have shown!!!!!!! You need me at all you know where to reach me. God Bless you Sweety!!! Happy Thankgsgiving Casey Anthony!!!!! I am here always.. Love, Gary I am here any time!!!!

  414. David Henderson. says:


    Just Wishing you all the Best this Holiday, and I Pray that Your able too celebrate ThanksGiving this Year, with Your rightfully deserved Freedom Finally! I am Sorry that I have not messaged You lately, but I sometimes cannot get onto this sight for some reason! I Hiope that You got the Gift that I had sent You, I was told it would be forwarded too You, just Hope that it was! Wishing You the Best of luck with everything, and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!! Know too that I will always be here for You no matter what, just know that You have a Freind in me, who is here, if You ever need anything, Take And GOD BLESS YOU! Again Happy Holidays, Love You CASEY!!!!!


  416. Alexis Reaver says:

    Hello Casey:
    I am using an alias because of the media, but just wanted to share my story with you and let you know how thankful you should be for the support and trust that your team had in you. My fiance and I had been watching all the coverage on your story. He had went to prison at a very young age for trying to pay his pregnant wife’s rent and served 15 years, He lost ALL rights to his two children while incarcerated and he was released in 2001. We met in November of 2007, to make a LONG story short. The almost five years I spent with him, I helped take care of his daughter that was born on July 6, 2007, and he helped with my three children. He was a very loving, family oriented man, at no time did I EVER see him aggressive, angry, or even drink ANY alcohol. On July 13, 2011 the police surrounded my house and arrested him for the murder of an elderly lady (86) that happened on Oct. 1st of 2006. Although I did not know him at that time, I knew that he could NOT have been involved in this crime. They had ONE single 3/4 inch hair, they said was a match to his DNA after the case had been sitting cold for years. Two days prior to this arrest, I had an older daughter that was in an abusive relationship, We had to get her away from her abusive boyfriend and we went to the city, hours away from where we live, and when we got home at 1:30 am, we were worried that he may have beat us here and was hiding in the house. We went straight to the police station and explained our situation, three cop cars followed us to our house. I gave them my house keys, while we all stayed in our vehicle outside. All the police went into our house and almost came RUNNING out, they threw my keys in my hand and said coast is clear and turned their sirens on like there was an emergency somewhere. Then suddenly two days later they have this 1/4″ hair. His name didn’t help matters, he had brothers and a father that were all in trouble in the past and made a very bad name for them. In fact he had a brother that is currently in prison for breaking and entering at the same exact time frame as this murder took place. It was the brother that knew this elderly lady through her grandson. They had become very good friends/crack buddies and the brother had been at this elderly ladies home on several occasions. I was told that they both (the grandson, and my boyfriends brother) owed thousands of dollars to some dealers for crack, and the grandson was indeed involved. He had motive, he was left his grandmothers farm and cash inheritance. My fiance’s attorney hired a detective and uncovered that the lady had been sexually assaulted, and that if it had been a stranger they would NOT have had to move the body, but her body was found a few miles from her home. She had vaginal tears (which should not have had being she was an 86 year old lady with no sexual partner and state police said there was NO signs of this being a breaking and entering, that several very expensive, small items were not touched but a big gun case and guns were missing, said by the grandson. This detective also uncovered that they found the grandson’s cum mixed with hers and had to use a special abstraction method for testing, proving that he could NOT have just ejaculated on the blankets, that sexual intercourse had occurred postmortem. They had NO witnesses, NO evidence, No motive, but one single 3/4″ hair. When he was arrested, he had been up for days helping move my daughter and missed a few doses of his medication. He knew he was innocent and figured that they would figure it out and he was VERY upset so he decided to what he says “play it like casey anthony” did, although the jury was allowed to use his statement against him, it was NOT allowed for the jury to hear the recording of his statements. He tells them, I will tell you whatever you want to hear but it will all be lies, because I do NOT know anything. He repeated himself several times, saying that he was leading them on a “Casey Anthony” run. The things he told them, they acted on, for example, we often stayed at a campground together with our children, which was at NO time during the year of the murder, but yet police were sent to this campground and shut it down, scuba dove the entire lake and then several other things that he said. The entire time telling them that none of it was true. He just was angry that he was being framed for this murder. I thought that his attorney was doing a great job, until two days before the trial ended. Suddenly his attorney started acting different, and suddenly he did not call ANY of the 35 witnesses that he was suppose to and one of them was me, he kept telling me that I could NOT go into the courtroom because I had to testify, but he never put me on the stand. I believe it was to ONLY keep me from going into the court room. The jury was NEVER told that he had a family and a little girl. But MOST important, his little girl was the result of a one night stand, in which proves to be the night the lady was murdered that he met his little girls mom at a local bar. It was the only Saturday that he had met her and that was the Saturday of the murder, and if figured out her birth date is July 6th, 2007. If you do the math, there is NO way possible for this man to murder an elderly lady and make a baby at the same time. His brother had borrowed his coat and truck the night of this incident, but yet nothing was allowed into the court room that should have been and NOTHING was thrown out as should have been. I truly believe that this was the highest profile case in Lapeer county and that the grandson was in someway related to the authorities there, I truly believe this was all a cover up, and corrupt and his attorney was paid off as well, and my boyfriend of five years was their fall guy. My oldest daughter sat in the court room the entire trial, and she said there is NO way a jury could convict on what they have, and especially with what the investigator had found out. He found old emails, that the hair had been lost several times, labeled wrong, stickers were printed and cut off, but yet the hair was still allowed as so were his statements. They also had an inmate that says he played chess with my boyfriend and that he confessed it to him. This inmate had just served ten months in county jail and was released and then went back and was sentenced to one year in county jail. He told other inmates that he was going to fabricate the story because there was NO way that he was going to serve another year in county, and he DID NOT. They let him go, he was released to walk the streets with this false accusation, and the jury was allowed to hear this crap. They also were allowed to use his twenty year old conviction against him. Since his release in 2001, he had NOT been into any trouble and then we met and he was a very good man, and a very good dad. He missed out on his older two childrens lives and he now had a second chance with his little girl. My oldest daughter was wrong, the jury found him guilty on all seven charges, life WITHOUT PAROLE. There were people on the jury that were ex clients of his attorney and vis versa, a lot of stuff went on that i know just from watching movies, that were NOT right in that court room and throughout trial. The lead detective relied heavily on rumors rather than DNA evidence. Yet the jury wanted to believe in the DNA of the hair put him at the crime but did not want to believe the evidence and the proved DNA that the grandson had sex with his grandmother postmortum, it makes no sense to me. It also said in court that she had to have known her attacker because of the beating she took and the way she was found, it HAD to be someone she knew that had a lot of anger against her. Her grandson is NOT getting charged with ANYTHING and currently resides in his grandmothers farm house and has renovated it. He testified the first day and that is when he learned that they had DNA evidence proving he had sex with his grandmother, he NEVER stepped foot back into that court house once after that, not even for the verdict. What a loving grandson, right????? It saddens me terribly because I know with ALL my heart he did NOT commit this crime nor had ANYTHING to do with it and now he has to miss out on his 5 year old daughters life and his own forever, for a crime that he did NOT commit. I am disabled and only live from disability income, his mother has nothing either, so I believe that is why they targeted him, because of his name, past, and they knew we couldn’t fight for him, because we are pretty much living the fine line of poverty. The media from day one had him convicted and called him a murderer in all the newspapers and TV, but yet the trial was held in the county that the murder took place and NOTHING was done well to prove his innocence. You were very blessed that the lord sent you the attorneys that he did that fought for you and did NOT allow ANY corruption. I can remember throughout the time frame that you were on the news and he would say “Casey did NOT do this, and it is so great that she has the support she does, or they would probably hang her out to dry” He was and is a very compassionate man, and would take the shirt off his back for any one, so I am hoping and praying everyday that the Lord sends someone his way as well. I can even remember that detective telling me the DAY of his arrest that he KNEW my boyfriend did NOT commit the murder, but yet he has allowed him to be sentenced for life for it??????? ALL CORRUPT!!!!!! I am a firm believer in karma, and i truly believe that something good HAS to come out of this and that Justice for Marie Warren has NOT been accomplished, and may God rest her soul and help put the REAL murderer behind bars and free him. I sure hope that he has the strength that you did casey and that somehow someone out there will come forward to help him. My prayers go out to you and may you be free of all this someday and be able to live a normal life. God bless you and you will someday hold your precious Caylee in your arms again.

    • Alexis Reaver says:

      I also from day one, and so did my boyfriend believe that your father is the one that did all this, I am sorry if that is NOT the way you feel, but that is the only thing that makes sense, because he knew what to do. I do NOT believe that you ever left that house with her, that you did NOT know anything. I do NOT understand how George looks in the mirror everyday. So sorry for the life you had to live with such a father and the life you had to lose because of him. Your strength, confidence and motivation are what I hope inspires my boyfriend and helps to keep him strong and safe;((((

  417. Adam Perrelli says:

    Casey I beleve you, I to was incarcerated while your trial was going on I stayed on top of it……I am so glad you are free….You seem like a wonderful person, someone who I call a trooper, strong loving and caring, I friended you on facebook. I would like to talk to you give you my support and know people out here do care about you. E-mail me back we can chat I understand how your life may be at this time, not knowing who to trust. Well girl I am your friend and continue to support you! Hope to here from you….

  418. Hi Casey,
    How are you sweetheart ? I hope you are doing great!!! you deserve that. you are an inspiration in courage in spite of what you have had to go through in your life!! Casey , with Christmas coming up, keep in mind that you have given your life to Jesus Christ and you are so very brave in doing that, so God Bless you for that Casey!!! you will always have negative comments , ignore all of it, those kind of people have big time issues!! your a winner, please do not forget that sweetheart!! do not ever feel you have to go through anything alone because I care about ya and I am here for ya whenever you need me!!! always remember that Casey!! This Christmas celebrate our Lord’s birth by knowing he came to this world for you honey and that little Caylee is an Angel in Heaven forever!!! always know that, please!!! These are the most important things this Christmas!!. Smile Casey because I absolutlely know you are a winner in every way!!! I am here sweetheart to remind you of that!! don’t forget that Casey!! God Bless ya sweety!!! Hang in there always!!I I am by your side!!

  419. David...... says:

    Hello Casey, I wish you all the best this upcoming holiday season. Stay strong and know u are not alone. Life threw me a curve ball many years ago and I’ve learned that no one can take away my happiness. Like the other kind friends on this site, I too am here for you. If you need to talk/write I’m a great listener, and hope you find peace in your life. Love you Casey 🙂

  420. hi Casey honey!!!

    how are you my friend? I had a bad week, i lost my 91 year old grandma, she was my last living grandparent, it has been a very rough week for my entire family, but that will not stop me from telling you Casey that you are awesome my buddy (: do you need aNYTHING SWEETHEART BECAUSE I AM HERE IF YOU DO !!! MY HEART IS WITH YOU VERY STEP of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a good hearted person from Pa. and I am always here for you Casey!! Please know that always!!! I believed you were innocent from the start and thank God the jury thought so also!!! I am so Happy that you are doing well because you deserve a break in life after all you have been through!! !call me anytime Casey!!!! You are beautiful sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! do not forget that and God Bless you Honey!!! you are the best !!!

  421. Before I turn in for the night please know Casey that my prayers are always with you. Your courage honey is unmatched!!!!!!!!!!!!! always know that Casey Anthony and hold your head uo High!!!!!!!!!! you are the best Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am here anytime!!!! (: you are never alone honey!!! please know that Casey, love ya!!! and Merry Christmas!!!

  422. Michelle Kerr says:

    To CA –

    I never missed a single second of your trial, I’ve read the book that both JA and JB put out and I NEVER for a single second thought that you were guilty of any of these crimes you were charged with. I wish you nothing but the best and hope that your civil trial is ultimately laid to rest in the same manner your criminal trial was.

    May God be with you always –

  423. Mario Ortega says:

    Casey, I really hope you find happines. I think you deserve the very best in life. I don’t know how to explain it but it would make me very happy just to know that you are doing fine. I am pretty sure that you are going to make it big. Well, I wish the best of lucks, sincerely, Mario Ortega. El Paso Tx.

  424. Hi Casey. I don’t have a gram of faith in our justice system. Every day i see people going to prison for things they haven’t done. But every once in a while it works the way it was meant to and you are proof of that. You were publicly humiliated,slandered and abused at the hands of overzealous prosecutors and hateful, ignorant society. It makes me happy to know that all of America isn’t this way. That there still is compassion in the hearts of your fellow humans. At least to some extent. I am one of the people who knows how it feels to be treated this way. But I’m better because of it because I’ve learned who really loves me and who those are that aren’t worth my valuable time. You are beautiful and strong so never let the hateful ones’ words or deeds stop you from being you. Never let them keep you from enjoying your life and never give in to the despair that you’ll surely feel as a result of all of the opposition. My oppression was also in Florida so i identify with you on a more intimate level. No matter what,keep your head high and tall. You have beaten all odds so any stumbling block in your way now will serve only to prove your strength to only you. Stay strong honey. You’re worth it.

  425. Casey You are a Goddess and i wish nothing but the best for You.jeff ashton should get on his knees and apologize to You.



  428. Casey – Looked like a “Show Trial” to me. Good luck in your search for Truth.

  429. Hi Casey…its soo nice to see things may be looking up for you now..I truely believe in your innocence. I really do, in the beginning I went along with everyone eles and thought she is guilty but after reading JB book I truely believe you had nothing to do with Caylee’s death..Just hope now life can get back to somewhat normal for you…
    <May god bless you and protect you..

  430. Sherri Ashley says:

    Rock on Casey….glad to hear your team has stayed strong for you….parents first have a duty to do right at all times by their children….next adults in general and then society…ALL HAVE FAILED YOU MISERABLY…I know as you grow older and become more adult you will learn that and see just how strong you are and how WRONG and sick your parenta were….unfortuntaley we don’t get to pick our parents…but thank GOD for your legal team because it showed you a young wronged girl that not everybody in this soceity are IDIOTS…STAY STRONG I am with you here in Palm Beach County

  431. Beautiful and Free says:
  432. David Henderson. says:

    Hi Casey,

    I am Wishing You the best of luck as Always, and know that You are in my Prayers, I am sorry about this Bankruptcy thing, I Hope and Pray when all is said and done that you can put any and all worries behind you for Good! I Hope that You got the stuff I sent you, I send through Mr. Greenes office now! Congratulations, on having those rediculous charges finally dropped for Good, I was so Happy for you when I heard it! Please know I am always here for You, if you ever need a Friend, or anything at all!
    There is something, I have a question about, if SJ or someone could help me out on this it would be appreciatted, I have had Three different friend requests on Facebook, form someone claiming too be You, saying they are Casey Anthony, are any of them legit, or is it someone just pretending too be You?
    Anyways take care, and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS CASEY! Love You Casey, may everything continue too look up, and be a Blessing too You!!!!!!

    David Henderson.

  433. Hi Casey,

    I hope that you are doing good!!! I think you are going to have your fresh start very soon sweetheart!! you just continue to keep your head held high and remember that I am here if you ever need to talk about anything. you have taken some really awesome steps in your life and you have overcome so much!!! that says that you are strong and that your spirit is strong!! getting baptized was a great thing that you did , putting your faith in Jesus was an awesome thing Casey and I absolutely applaud you for that!!! God Bless you for that!!! If you need anything, Mrs, Dorothy Clay Simms has my info. thanks casey, and God bless you always.

  434. Dear Casey,
    I hope you read all the encouraging messages so you can feel that you are loved and appreciated. I wrote you a short message a few days ago but I wanted to write you a little more.I am so happy to see that there are kindhearted people and not everybody was blinded by the media and by the ignorance of the multitudes. I have recently learned about your case an I have watched pretty much all the videos from your trial. I want to say that I am convinced you are innocent and I can not believe how many hateful people are out there, or maybe they are just ignorant. It is so obvious that you are innocent that I can not believe that there still are so many people out there that do not get it. People are so influenced and blinded by the bias media that I really feel sorry for them.

    I am so happy that you had a good lawyer and an unbiased jury that did not listen to all the nonsenses presented by the prosecution and were not influenced by the ignorance of the masses.
    I can’t stop thinking about what you had to go through and I am concerned about your safety. Please be careful and continue to be strong because there will come a day when all these people, who insulted you and called you names and what not, will come to apologize whether in this life or in the age to come when Christ will come to reign in righteousness. God sometimes allows in our lives difficult experiences to learn from them and grow and develop our characters to be more like Christ, all of this to our ultimate good.

    I wish I was be able to help you not just through my words which sometimes cannot express best what I feel for you. I really pray that you stay strong and never give up because you are such a wonderful girl and you are so precious in our eyes and most importantly in God’s eyes. I love you and hope to meet you one day.

  435. Casey,

    Well, It’s going to be years since we last wrote one another but I hope your doing well. I wish there was a way to contact you directly but I guess that wont be. I sent you gifts in the past year and I hope you enjoyed them. I saw some new pics of you and you look as bright and beautiful as you always have and it was good to see you again. I hope you see this message that Im writing here and I just wish you the best in everything and everything that u do because you deserve it. You have so many people hat believe i you that love and care about you even if you have not met them they does not matter you can love someone in anyway shape or form. Im sure concur with that. Im with you, I stand by you I always have and will. I love ya Case and Cays and you both are forever in my heart <3

  436. Beautiful and Free says:

    Hey Casey, just checking in to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! I’m glad to see from the recent pics that you are smiling and moving forward with your life, you deserve it after all the s–t the world has put you through. You have Total Awesomeness, Casey, don’t you ever forget that!

    Oh and another song for you… may your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground.

    -Beautiful and Free

  437. Knew you were innocent from the first day. I lost about 25 Facebook “friends” (real life friends) because I don’t hide what I believe in. JUSTICE WAS SERVED. Keep your head up, Casey! You really seem like a beautiful person, not just on the outside but on the inside as well. Best of luck with continuing your life with the most happiness possible. Remember you have SO many here for you on this site and if you EVER needed anyone to talk to and to trust, I’m here.

    P.S… your doggie is adorable!!! 🙂

  438. Hope all is well with you, Casey.

  439. Casey, get right with God. Get baptized. I feel you should go public and explain if it was an accident. The public can forgive you, but they need to see remorse from you. If people see you are trying to better yourself, and want to be a productive member of society, I feel in time, they will forgive you. I cannot criticize you, because I do not know what was going through your head at the time. I am 51-years-old and have a possessive mother who has tried to turn my family against me and turned my daughter against me. I do not see my mother or my daughter anymore, but who cares. They can actually do that to me, who needs them anyway. I can understand some of what you went through, but you need to let the public know you are sorry. Attend church. God loves you. I am also studying to be a paralegal. I live in Wichita, KS.

  440. Benjamin M. says:

    I just wanted to say you have surport an love in georgia, hang in there

  441. Bill Flock says:

    Casey I hope you continue to be strong and never give up the hope that one day people will find that you are truely innocent and the hate will go away. I am just an old man from Oklahoma that kept track of the goings on all through your trial. If low life people like nancy grace and her team mates had of kept their noses and stupid coments out of it, you would have been aquitted a lot earlier that you were. They had you convicted, sentenced and executed before the trial ever started. I feel if it weren’t for them you would have had lots more support then and now. I have lost some of my family members because I have continued to speak my mind about your innocense. I wish there were more that I could do but I am on a fixed income (disability) and not much money, but you can bet your sweet *** that I have your back here in Oklahoma. Best of luck and God Bless you.

  442. Bill Flock says:

    SJ keep up the good work here on this web page. If I can be of assistance let me know. I just found this web site today and think you are awesome for doing what you do.

  443. Kylie Ruxton says:

    I am from Australia, and I followed this case with interest. I do not think Casey killed her daughter. I am shocked that George hasn’t been investigated. As a former cop, he knows how to dispose of a body, and with his wife being a nurse, he could have obtained the medical knowledge from her as to how to drug Caylee. No matter what people think about Casey, she was found not guilty, and people need to respect that. I wish Casey all the best in the future.

  444. Hi Casey! I haven’t posted a comment on here in a while. Just wanted to stop by and say hey. I hope you get the chance to read all of the inspiring comments on here. Hope yesterday wasn’t too crazy for you and im sure you are glad you got that over with. Keep your head up and try your best to stay away from the loonies. Hope you got your gift card I sent you in the mail. Take care and hang in there!

    • Kristin Shae says:

      Hello Amanda,

      I am a producer working on a new network show where we want to open up the conversation about the Casey Anthony case. We are looking for people who are supporters of Casey Anthony to join the conversation. I would appreciate the opportunity to hop on a call and tell you more about the show. Please let me know if you are interested. The show is confidential now as its newly greenlighted. I can tell you more info via email.

      Best, Kristin

  445. awatcher says:

    Hello Casey

    I believe everyone deserves a new start, no matter their past. I have no judgment regarding you or your dad. I wasn’t there. What I do know is that everyone is broken, everyone suffers and everyone is capable of the most heinous acts, given the right circumstances. Taking responsibility for our lives is the only way to begin moving out of the quicksand.

    You have suffered many things. And, perhaps, more lays ahead for you as you continue to seek and find new and higher ground. You have likely already heard just about everything an opinion might want to insist to you but there is one Voice only that you must pay heed to. The song that God is singing in your heart is your beacon, even if nobody else sings along. (Mamas & Papas – Make Your Own Kind Of Music – 1968)

    in the maelstrom that surrounds you….
    aside from the clamor that tries to derail you….
    ignoring the chatter and clatter of things that don’t matter….

    I pray that your own special Song swells in its undeniable and un-ignorable cadence within your heart and that you are always true to its melody.

    God will never leave you.

  446. you are proved innocent in a court of law,people just see hate,you have to get on with your life regardless,and put it all behind you and move forward!if i can help let me know!

  447. Girl, let me holla at you..Dont worry about all the BS, you were found not guilty, so thats the way it goes!

  448. Eddie Cox says:

    I don’t think anything could be worse than the lose of your baby and not being able to try and move on, it’s a shame there are so many people that think they know everything and have no idea if you did it or not. The court should be the final say, they said you didn’t do it and that’s good enough for me. I really hope you can find peace and be able to move on. I would be happy to help if I can, let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  449. Jeffrey Sweeney says:

    You should be PROUD of Yourself. You did NOTHING wrong. You were falsely accused of hurting Your precious daughter, who You no doubt loved more than Your own life. The system tried to scare You, and put you in prison because they could not find the REAL killer ( s ). You bravely stood up to them, and for that You should always know in your heart there are people who respect You. I firmly believe that the haters resent You because You are a Young Vibrant individual, who rightfully so, had a good time when she was not with her daughter. In My mind this made You happy, and actually a BETTER parent. Like any parent knows, if all You do is sacrifice and never have any time to Yourself, There is no way you can make Your children happy. I will pray for You often. I think that You are VERY strong. I hope that You are able to find happiness for Yourself again soon. I wish You Well. Jeffrey O. sweeney

  450. Casey would love to meet you talk with you and get to know you. watching your trail and all the other stuff about you that was put out there bt the media make me feel like i know you. I wish the best for you.And just wish all the haters would just stfu already. I do not know what happened that day that your daughter went to be with god. What I do know is i seen the pictures of you with your daughter and could see the love you had for her. And if other people cant see that well then thats their problem. Wish you didnt have to hide I would love to meet you. But I understand with all the hate out their you have to becareful. Just the same stay safe And im sure you can get my email address from this post so write if you would like to talk.


  452. Chris capobianco says:

    Casey i wrote you in jail a couple times.. ever get my letters?? Chris from Phila? Supported you from day one , stay strong and get in touch with me if you want/need $$HELP$$.

  453. Kristen says:

    I want you and everyone who reads this to know that I support Casey Anthony 100% and I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it to anyone. I have supported you from day 1 and I defend you from the lies and from anyone that has anything false or negative to say about you. Don’t ever feel like you have no family or friends, I would be proud to call myself either one. You are such a strong person, most of us could never have made it through what you have gone through. I can honestly say that I have ALWAYS believed in your innocence. They say: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well it is true Casey. The only piece of evidence that I ever needed or relied upon was a picture of you and Caylee. From the moment I saw you holding your little girl in a picture and the happiness that was on both of your faces, I knew right then without a doubt that you could never have hurt her or knowingly allowed anything to happen to her. I actually remember the moment I saw the picture online and my exact words were: “She didn’t hurt her baby. Look how happy they are together. There is no way she could have hurt her, I don’t believe it.” Caylee was LUCKY to have had such a strong woman as her mother, I am the same age as you and I know I could not have made it through what these ignorant people have put you through. I thought we lived in The United Sates of America? Where you are innocent until proven guilty? Well, I for one have lost all faith in this once great country. Of the millions and millions of people that have an opinion on what really happened, well, that’s all they are is opinions, nothing factual. Were any of them there to witness ANY event in which they speculate upon? NO. Does anyone at home have any evidence of anything that they are accusing you of? NO. I know we can not reach everyone and get them to see the REAL Casey, but I strongly encourage anyone, supporters or the ignorant haters to read “Presumed Guilty” by Jose Baez. I know it will reach those than can be reached and allow the truth to seep into the heads of those that are filled with the fiction that the media has encouraged and brainwashed into you. Everyone needs to understand that the media IS NOT always truthful nor accurate. They want to keep your eyes glued to the tv. They want to capture your attention with their not so truthful headlines every time you sit down at your computer so that you will click on them and read their not so truthful stories . They are paid to capture our attention at all costs, and they know that people will believe anything they decide to type or say. The people of this site should and need to stand up for Casey and what they believe in.
    May God bless you Casey, and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Any time you are feeling down, just remember all of the supportive people from this site that don’t even know you and have your back 100%. I promise to never stop defending you. I pray that you find peace and that one day you are “allowed” by the people of this country to live in peace and happiness, and that you will be able to pay respects to your daughter like any other mother can without being threatened, harassed and criticized for it. May you find peace and God bless.