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Legal experts quick to comment on The Laughing Guy’s fiction book release

In the wake of The Laughing Guy’s fiction book release yesterday, many legal experts have been quick to offer sharp criticism of its hate & sour grapes-riddled contents.

Here’s the latest from

Legal experts share thought on Laffy book

Jose Baez also issued the following statement regarding the book:

“Having read several of the comments Mr. Ashton makes in his new book, I am both surprised and somewhat disappointed he has chosen to attack me on a personal level. Without going into specific detail, I will say only that many of his accusations are absolutely false. I take my responsibilities to the court very seriously and I have been careful to always conduct myself in a professional manner. This was an extraordinarily complicated case and so much of what happened behind the scenes has not yet been made public. When I decide to tell my story, you can be certain I will not be personally attacking Mr. Ashton.”



  1. So, Ashton disclosed confidential doctor-patient communication between Anthony and her psychologists AND did so in further violation of the order to seal the testimony?

  2. Tony….I wondered how he was doing this all day yesterday & lastnight with his ASS plastered all over TV. He keeps wanting to put down Mr Baez for his Lying, but had to admit to the computer MESS up. I hope something can be done about him releasing medical information. He is blaming everyone but himself for NOT WINNING!! This IDIOT is CRAZY!! The one thing I do know is that Mr Baez handled Asston’s remarks like a TRUE GENTLEMAN as usual. It doesn’t look like his own community is backing him up like he thought they would.

  3. Oh I love this site, SJ! Fiction is right! Everyone who watched the trial knows Baez and his team acted with pure class. I did not see them slouching in their seats, bullying the witnesses, or outright laughing at their peers.

    It was Ashton who consistently broke the laws in the courtroom and tried dirty tactics to undermine the defense team. But why is he held above the law? How is he beyond accountability?

  4. Sour Grapes! Ashton is just a sore loser! Baez made a complete fool out of him. So now he has to talk trash!

  5. Come on Baez!
    Attack him! He attacked you! Don’t let the bastard get away with it!

  6. Isn’t the fact that Jeff Ashton disclosed sealed medical information an ethical violation??? This is from the site:

    “Nonpublic information” denotes information that, by law, is not available to the public.
    Nonpublic information may include but is not limited to: information that is sealed by statute or
    court order, impounded or communicated in camera; and information offered in grand jury
    proceedings, presentencing reports, dependency cases, or psychiatric reports.

  7. I cannot recall ever being this outraged! ASShton is pathetic and a sad-sack excuse for an attorney! I hope Casey sues his rear end for revealing anything about her medical history. Mr Jose’ Baez is a first class gentleman compared to this dufus! ASShton, go bury your head in the sand, where it’s been since this tragedy began. Every time I see the clip where he is ‘laughing’ I see red ~ how stupid can you be? Did he honestly think THAT would endear him to the jury?

    • One of Jose’s shining moments was when he called him the “laughing man” (or was it laughing guy?). That was epic…and VERY smart on his part. He exposed ASShton’s cockiness. Jose’s response to the book is a class act all the way!

    • MiMi of 3- I am pretty sure that because Ashton is not a medical professional that directly treated Casey, he is excluded from a HIPPA violation (releasing medical info without consent)….however, I’m thinking that since she was proven innocent, she can surely sue him for all of the defamation going on in his book. I hope she does. You can bet that if she was to write a book that accused him of so many untruthful things that he would do just that. It’s pretty plain to see that he is a sore loser. I had to wonder though, why he wrote the book in the first place. I mean, he stated many times throughout the book that the case was Linda’s case in the first place….even went so far to say that he was reluctant to do the rebuttal, as he didn’t want to take the spot-light off of her. I would have though that it was Linda’s story to tell…..the wrong story, but hers nevertheless.

  8. I read Ashtons book the day it was released and was determined to stay up all night if needed to finish. I should not have wasted my time. As many of you, I have followed the trial from beginning to end, watching every testimony, often more than once. He contradicts himself so many times in his book. The thing I found most interesting was when he was talking about Kronks testimony, and how his answers and the way he went about answering them made him look a little “suspect”….but yet he failed to mention that George Anthonys ENTIRE testimony confirmed his part and guilt. He was argumentative, refused to answer any question straight-up, and was down right defensive every-time Baez questioned him. I’d say that if anyone in the trial appeared to be “suspect”…it was the creepy liar George Anthony. Instead, he claimed to have nothing but sympathy for George. HAHA! SYMPATHY?? Laughable!

    • Yeah, It’s laughable alright. Not a shred of truth to any of it!
      Please, Don’t tell me you actually spent money on that trash and allowed that creep to profit!

      • Ditto to that Curt….this ASSTON is the IDIOT who kept saying Baez & Casey had book deals in the works to make “BLOOD MONEY” & look WHO is the first one out of the gate!! Now he is going around telling everyone to IGNORE Casey,to forget that she exists…. EXCEPT to read all about HER in HIS BOOK! These prosecutors have talked out of both sides of their mouths since day one! If Linda wasn’t still working for the state she would have already released one too. Now ASSTON is going to be a DEFENSE attorney. Maybe he should re-watch the trial & Baez will show him how its done!

  9. HollysGmom says:

    Heather, HIPA extends to even the medical coders/billers who see records or have info.

  10. Did anyone else see Jose Baez on Geraldo last night? Geraldo ask him about ASSton calling him a LIAR about the state investigating George. Jose said it was NOT a lie, the state on 2 occasions tried to get Linda Tinelli to wear a wire around George, etc. When Geraldo ask HOW ASSTON could talk about Casey’s SEALED medical documents, etc.& get away with that, Mr Baez said “I will NOT comment on ANYTHING that is SEALED & break the law!!” See ??? ASSton DID screw up!!

  11. Heather:

    I could be mistaken, but, I do believe ethics play a part in a Prosecutor releasing any sealed medical records.

    But, ‘in a backwards sorta way’ lol, I’m glad ASShton made her doctor/patient records available! IMO, anything focusing the molestation accusation against Georgie, the Sponge, is beneficial. I personally cannot wait to see the Sponge sweat when the pressure becomes so great that he can’t tolerate it any longer ~ and we can only hope he will one day, CONFESS! (I know I’m dreaming here with LOTS of wishful thinking, but we can always hope)!

  12. He is not man enough to confess. George will always takes the cowards way out because that’s what he is a coward. He will make another fake suicide attempt to gain sympathy.

    • Oh yeah….I forgot all about the attempted beeracide! What a debacle that was. The least he could have done was to give the impression that he was ‘seriously’ considering suicide. I mean, didn’t he have a six pack of beer and two blood pressure pills ~ and if I’m not mistaken, he also ordered a pizza! I mean, let’s get real!

  13. Buy the book people!!! Casey & Baez will end up with all the proceeds anyway!!
    If we dont buy it & read it, we cant publicly dispute it!
    Casey CANT speak for herself right now~ too many legal issues still at hand…But she will, I have NO doubt…& when she finally is able to~
    Im thinking theres a whole lotta people gonna be paying her very well, ordered to do so, under the very same justice system they tried to use to unjustly kill her…
    Karma is a B!*@# when shes against you, & this time shes Caseys friend :0)

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