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Media Whores – still drinking from the chalice of denial…

It’s evident that “the media” can’t handle the thought of George Anthony molesting Casey or having anything to do with Caylee’s death. They’re definitely still drinking Jeff Ashton’s urine from their very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial.

The fact is, media whores like Dr Phil, Dancing-NG, Vinnie Politan, Jeanine Pirro, Mark NeJame & Alex Ferrer are still well & truly pissed at the verdict – and it shows, big time. Just like the haters (who share the same chalice), their last 3 years worth of anger and vitriol was all for nothing, and they have nobody to blame for that but themselves.

I just watched this morning’s TODAY interview #3 promo with Matt Lauer, and again it’s all geared up around Casey’s perceived guilt. Dr Phil (in the segment they showed from today’s show) then has the audacity to ask George & Cindy if they’d allow Casey to babysit their new granddaughter (Lee & Mallory’s kid if they have one). Cindy says yes, George (not surpsisingly) says the opposite.

I think the REAL question here is whether anyone would actually let George Anthony babysit their small children. Maybe they would if they wouldn’t mind them being abused at the same time. Anyways, like I’ve said before, and  in my earlier post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – the day cannot come soon enough when George Anthony gets his sorry ass hauled in for the murder of Caylee. It will happen one day. Someone out there knows way more than they should, and it’s only a matter of time before that someone spills and all hell breaks lose.

“You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.” Law Enforcement to George Anthony, (Date Unknown).



  1. Dr.Keith has it right when he points out the’wasted parking ticket’ mindset of Cindy. There was absolutely NO reason whatsoever for these grabbing media whores to do any interview. It was in EVERYONES interest to just let things die down and move on, but no, George will jump at any chance to run over his daughter again and again whilst distancing himself from any guilt, if he had one grain of decency and real feelings he would have refused and walked away, but we know different and just by doing these interviews his real ugly self is gradually being exposed. Keep going George because the world is watching and waiting till your true self is exposed. The one person who actually needs money now to protect herself from the untold damage inflicted by the blood sucking media feeding frenzy remains silent. I hope for the time being it remains that way.I think Casey intuitively knows she must wait and distance herself from the kind of vulgar display this pair of unworthy so called parents are displaying. Her day will come, stay strong and write the book in your own time Casey, sit back and let George publicly dig his own grave and help strengthen your return shot, see exactly what ugliness and greed you have managed to escape from.

  2. II did not think my feelings for these so called parents could get any worse…boy was I WRONG!!! Today’s show made me sick with all the BS. Some I couldn’t believe my own ears!! Supposingly 2 weeks before the trial Jose called Cindy & was told the truth, when she was telling this, she also said there were inuendos & allegations that the State Attorneys office was going after George. Then nothing else was said about THAT. Did anyone else catch that?? NOW I KNOW why he was (another reason) so eager to testify against Casey. They were threatening him with SOMETHING. Did everyone hear him say he wanted Casey to be found GUILTY? How in the hell can Cindy live with a person who feels this way about her daughter? She doesn’t believe he had an affair? No wonder he was able to get away with his gambling, no working, play computer scamsetc. She is STUPID. At the first of this I thought their marriage had no hope,but I KNOW they will stay together because nobody else would have them. They deserve each other. I hope Casey has a relationship with Lee & Mallory & to hell with these people who are STILL BURYING Her. George is out for REVENGE, so he is going to keep on talking hopefully to the tune of burying himself. As you notice HE is the one who sent a letter after the first show aired.HE wrote “We are Excited to see how this last three years is received”. Are you kidding me right now??!! He is EXCITED to see how the public is going to react to their BS????? Geezzz I need to go take something for my blood pressure!!!

    • Oh yeah, I also caught that statement by Cindy “they were going to charge George” – then, conveniently I might add, ole boy Phil just skipped right over that one. What were they going to charge George with? Why haven’t we heard more about that? I have a million questions for Georgie Marie (aka: the Sponge).

      IMHO Cindy has NEVER been in denial! She’s full of BS and lies, lies and more lies. Pure EVIL!

  3. If you go to Dr. Phil’s facebook page there is a love fest going on over George. Everyone thinks Cindy is in denial and George is the only one who is truthful! It’s sickening. I can’t wait for the day Nancy Grace has to say “Bombshell Tonight, George Anthony has just been arrested for the murder of Caylee.” Wish that day would hurry up and get here!!!

  4. I think these media people are making a lot of money off these stories. They have zero obligation to tell the truth because the courts don’t take them seriously! They are deemed entertainment.

    Under the guise of entertainment, you can tell lies and make big time profits! We are supposed to lynch a young, grieving, sexually abused mother because it’s profitable. I’m sickened by the abuse of the media. Victims are used for profit and it’s inhumane.

  5. I totally agree I think that George and Cindy are so sketchy and clearly they are lying about alot. I know it’s possible that George had to do with Caylees death, but why do u think Casey is innocent also? Did anyone else have car keys to caseys car that could have took it? And what reasons do u think the grandparents would have to hurt caylee?

    • Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:


      First of all, the evidence about Caylee being in Casey’s car were false, the hair, the smell, etc. And, also, given the timeline provided, it’s almost chronologically impossible for Caylee to have been in the car long enough to leave decomposition evidence, there was a testimony that shortly after Caylee died where Lazzarro said he saw no sign of a body in Casey’s trunk, so, it’s fair to be pretty sure that Caylee was never in Casey’s car, it was all fantasy forensics. Secondly, If you read “The Immaculate Deception; the Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” it explains that George did not mean to kill Caylee, but he just accidentally killed her while he was molesting her. If you don’t believe that he molested anyone, there’s also a theory that Caylee could’ve drowned in the pool. SJ explains it better than I do, so you don’t have to take my word for it.

      Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell

  6. Everything really makes sense on here though. If Casey was guilty I’m pretty sure they would have found evidence that she did it!!!!

  7. George is a PIG — period! Well, no, not period: George is a MURDERING PIG!! Cindy Anthony is PATHETIC! Hang in there, Casey. We know you are innocent and you have a lot of support out here.

  8. George is evil and a child molester/rapist. He is angry and enraged that Casey unmasked him regarding the molestation. What father would keeping throwing is daughter under the especially that he knows there is a Nancy Grace lynch mob after his daughter and that she has to be in hiding because the Nancy Grace murderers are hunting her down.

    Casey could not have carried Caylee into the woods. Cindy said that Caylee weight 40 lbs, was 3 feet tall. When Caylee was found she was in a canvass bag wrapped in a blanket and put into 3 plastic bags. When a person dies they are what is called dead weight so how was Casey who is about 5 feet tall and weight s less than 100 lbs carry Caylee to the woods. There are bushes, trees and tree limbs, garbage on the ground and twigs. Casey had no scratches or cuts. I think that George molested Caylee and somehow she died and he did not call 911 because the molestation would have shown.

    Twin Mom Nancy Grace and the talking heads in HLN and others keeps saying they don’t believe George molested Casey because he denies. No child molester says they molested even when they go to jail plus there is no Statue of Limitation for child molester who molest a child under 12 years old. So this scum of the earth will never admit to molestation…HE KILLED CAYLEE AND CASEY TOOK THE RAP.

    • I agree that Casey is too small to have carried the body into the woods. More, there were heavy cement pavers from trhe Anthony home near the remains. Casey could not have carried them there, and I can see no reason why she would put pavers near the remains. So who did and why? George? To mark the spot?

      The pavers came from the Anthony home. The pavers would have had to been placed in the woods after the 4th or 5th of July 2008, when the Anthony’s did “cosmetic changes” in their yard, and put in new pavers.

      “Cosmetic changes?” Or was Caylee’s remains buried in the yard, and then removed to be placed in the woods?” The dog hit on decomposition in the yard.

      I need to think about this. Why were pavers and other items from the Anthony home near the remains? There were other items from the Anthony home near the remains. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe there was a weed killer from the Anthony home near the remains? And there was a bottle with a hypodermic needle. LP said George was into steroids! If George is into steroids, he may have had episodes of roid rage”

  9. There is going to be an E True Hollywood Story about Casey already! I don’t think they should be able to do one without her input. Looks like the only person on her side in this program is Dorothy Clay Sims. Zenaida is even going to be in it! Looks to me like she is doing pretty well without getting money from Casey too! Her life is so ruined that now she’s on an E True Hollywood Story…give me a break.

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