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Mimi’s theory: The December 11th connection

In a post from earlier this week, regular contributor MiMi mentioned that she believed Casey did not know of Caylee’s death until 11th December 2008. I asked MiMi to expand on her theory, and she’s kindly done just that.

It certainly makes interesting reading. Feel free to post your thoughts on it below.


According to Fox News video below (July 2008), Casey & Caylee had moved out of the house as of  June 9, 2008;  George stating he last saw them on June 9th & Cindy last saw them on June 8, 2008.

George and Cindy Anthony kicked out Casey on June 9, 2008 and told her she had ‘X’ amount of days to find a job and a place to live.   Casey & Caylee spent June 8 thru June 10, 2008 with Ricardo and other friends.  This is the catalyst that begins the downward spiral, angering George and Cindy more than ever before.

George, as usual, is obviously unemployed, and therefore Cindy delegates him as ‘caregiver/nanny’ during this time period.   (George is tired of being the gopher in the house and wants it to end.)

George’s pathetic resume’ shows he was available for employment  as of June 17, 2008, (one day after little Caylee ‘went missing’?)  The application clearly states he would be available to begin working on July 1, 2008.    (see link below, page 5)

On Father’s Day,  June 15, 2008  – the ‘alleged’ fight occurs (over the theft of funds from Cindy’s father’s nursing home account ) and Cindy begins to choke Casey.   Casey leaves the house, WITHOUT CAYLEE.

In the early morning hours of  June 16, 2008,  George smothers Caylee,  as stated in SJ’s Immaculate Deception post  –  he can’t call 911, he’s terrified  and knows full-well that the sexual abuse would be discovered!

George tells Cindy that Casey picked up Caylee and doesn’t tell her about ‘the accidental’ death.  (At this time)

Casey, wanting to pick up Caylee, attempts multiple times to call Cindy & George on June 16, to no avail.   Cindy is so angry with Casey – she doesn’t want to speak with her & George is still working on ‘his plan’ on what to tell Casey &  and what to do with Caylee’s body!  Being the ever so, quick-thinking guy George is, he leads Cindy to believe that Casey picked up Caylee on the 16th.   (Oh yes dear, they’re fine, they’re going to spend the next  few days ‘bonding’!)

George devises his wild story that someone has kidnapped Caylee and instills the fear of God into Casey, to go along with it and they will get her back if she does just exactly what he tells her to do.  (This is possibly where ‘the script’ comes into play and explains Casey’s demeanor at the time of her arrest.)   For the first two months she believes Caylee is ok and goes along with it – until  she and Jose’ become aware of what George is up to and then refuse any and all visits from George, Cindy and Lee Anthony.   (For the next two and one-half years.)

WHEN George tells Cindy – probably around July 3rd,  she writes the infamous My Space letter to Casey, “MY Caylee is Missing!”  (Cindy’s 2nd week of vacation.) Then, out of the blue, they begin the unexpected, back-yard project of landscaping & brick work, (pavers) on the fourth of  July weekend.  (Wasn’t George supposed to be working that weekend?  After all, on his resume’ he states he’s available to start work on July 1, 2008!)

Casey DID NOT know of Caylee’s death until  Dec 11, 2008.   The video showing her  watching the discovery of the remains, is her first knowledge that Caylee is actually deceased.  I see only a grief-stricken young mother!

The ‘Bella Vita’ tattoo was something Casey had planned for several months – it was her way of starting a new and beautiful life with her daughter, Caylee – hence the two stars having a ‘dot’ in the center, and the third with none.  Caylee’s age – two and one-half years !

The ever present shovel!   Casey borrowed the shovel from their neighbor, to once again, break into the shed to get the twenty-year old gas cans, (you know, the ones that are a ‘part’ of George!)

It’s not difficult to fathom why Casey followed George’s plan.   After all of the years of sexual abuse, the humiliation of having her father in the delivery room observing the birth of her child, she was traumatized, brain-washed and just plain old ‘broken’ in spirit!  George feels betrayed by Casey, – after all,  she revealed his dirty secret!   He wants her gone…..even if it meant the death penalty!

Jose’ Baez and Casey came up with a ‘plausible’ explanation for his Opening Statement, and the rest is history.  Thank God for Mr. Baez.  Casey Anthony is completely  & totally INNOCENT!  George should be arrested & locked away for, at the very least, manslaughter and  the improper disposal of a human corpse!


This ‘theory’ may be wild and crazy ~ but what isn’t about this tragedy?



  1. SJ:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ you did a wonderful job! 🙂

    Like so many others, I’ve breathed, slept and eaten this case. I hope this gets others to ‘thinking’ and we can get some sort of justice for Caylee. Like you’ve said, we weren’t there, we really have no idea of what occurred and we can only speculate.

    Have a wonderful day, 🙂


    • Hi MiMi! – Thanks again for your therory. With regards to the June 8th & 9th dates, here’s a link to a Fox News video featuring Cindy – where (@ the 1:30 mark) she attempts to clarify how she “got the dates wrong” so many times: – I think she even confused herself at one point.

      We’ll catch up soon!

      • Karen:

        HI!! I’m pretty positive that Casey left the house alone the night of June15. Lee was out of town at the time and I’m thinking perhaps she went to his house. George has said many times, that Lee only lives about five – 10 minutes away. I think you’re correct in assuming George made the call to Casey at 7:45AM.


      • HI SJ: 🙂

        Thanks for the hilarious link….I sat here and literally laughed out loud. It’s true, Cindy was rambling so much, I think she did actually confuse herself. I hadn’t ever really observed that before tonight.. Usually, when I get really brave and go into the black pit to view some of the older videos, I just kinda zone out when Cindy starts! LOL

        Catch ya’ on the flip side. 🙂

        • I can’t believe Cindy said she thought of Father’s day as “just another date”. She remembers her vacation but not visiting her dad on fathers day? Whatever.

          • That’s exactly what I thought Karen. I find it very strange that they get those dates wrong about when they last saw caylee. Special days, such as Fathers Day etc, are days that people use as “markers.” I don’t normally remember what I did on a day that is like all others…but on a day like fathers day, I usually remember, even if I didn’t do anything real special except call my dad. She took her granddaughter to see him and VIDEO taped it…and she can’t remember that was fathers day?? Bull!! Something is really fishy there!

    • This case still weighs on my mind. I appreciate your thinking, MiMi. And I am so happy we have this site. I really hope we catch up, soon, SJ. With you in the lead, we should!

    • its not crazy! it is exactly what happened. once you realize they kicked her out its easy to figure out! im just waiting for them to catch tha sob!

  2. If this video was out there why didn’t Jose call him out on the stand when he changed his story to the last time he saw Caylee was June 16th?

    • Karen, good question. Just like everything else in this case ~ overlooked!

      My Question: Has anyone, besides me, thought about the fact that George, the Sponge & SINdy have now gotten rid of the possibility of any further DNA by selling off THEIR two vehicles? First the Pontiac Sunfire and then George’s tiny little black car (btw looked new to me) and the green SUV of SINdy’s? This smacks of desperation AGAIN! I think they sold their vehicles as soon as Yuri Melich testified there had been NO cadaver dog searches made on their vehicles. Hmmmm, speedy lil devils, aren’t they? Wonder where those cars are at right now?

      Next, we’ll see the house on 4937 Hopespring Drive, has mysteriously burned to the ground! Of course, Sponge & SINdy will escape w/o injury! Insurance anyone?

      Does anyone know if C&G have gotten all of the ‘evidence’ at trial, returned to them?

  3. I don’t think the stealing is her fault it comes from the abuse she suffered like the lying.

  4. I’m really confused as to if Casey was even home the night of June 15th. Tony said she didn’t stay at his house but that does not mean she didn’t leave after the fight with Cindy and go to Ricardo’s or somewhere else. The reason is because at 7:45 a.m. on the morning of June 16th, there is a call placed from the Anthony’s home phone to Casey’s cell phone. Now, if she was home why would George need to call her? And I say George made the call because Cindy left for work at 7:30 a.m. Can anybody shed any more light on this?

  5. Chris McDonald says:

    There are many plausible theories worth considering when dissecting this trial. I have stopped trying to discern the plausible from the impossible. This family had a lot of secrets which they never wanted to see in the media’s hands or the public eye (and some secrets which they did).

    I don’t believe that Casey or her parents want to see another day in court, therefore I have come to the conclusion that we may very well never know exactly what happened to Caylee. All we can do is deliberate amongst ourselves and try to make sense of it all -untangle the webs we have become so trapped in, if you will- and try not to lose any sleep.

    At this moment, Casey is somewhere in hiding and in need of protection. Apparently, she is need of better protection than the protection she currently has because if her “bodyguards” were doing their job, she would never have needed to be rushed from one location to another even once, much less as many times as she has needed to be. I for one have contacted her lawyers on several occasions and offered my services for just that purpose with no avail.

    SJ, you are a smart individual who has dedicated a vast amount of your time and resources to creating this site. You have organized, categorized and analyzed as much as you possibly can, and I thank you for doing so.

    Casey and Caylee have become part of our families now. They are with us wherever we go. From the bottom of my heart, I feel that it is our responsibility to help Casey in any and every way that we can.
    If you need anything at all that you feel I may be able to help with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    The same offer applies to everyone else.. we have become a family. We need to remain one.

  6. Fantastic theory MiMi! Everything you point out makes way more sense than Casey murdering Caylee. I’d bet my life George is, in some way, the culprit.

  7. This theory does make sense IMO. I thought the same thing except that CA knew the whole time, but after the last 911 i don’t think she did, it seemed real. Were ga’s work records, cell records, or a co worker testimony ever introduced at trial? I ask bc the state knew the DT was going after GA, why didn’t they get that info to back up their theory of Casey being alone in it. They got CA’s in no time to refute her doing the Internet searches 84 times that were false anyway.

    Right out the gate – George Marie lies with every breath he takes!
    Frame-up job from the outset. I just continue to be thankful for that jury & their wisdom. I am so glad that we can sort through all the mystery of this case knowing that Casey is free & the GA and CA could still at some point be brought to justice!
    Oh…and in response to the last comment, CA knew the whole time…go watch a few old episodes of “Forensic Files” and listen to the over-panicked 911 calls of husbands who invariably are convicted of murder…it fits just fine.
    I’m not totally sold on the theory, I still think that there is deeper issues that have gone undiscovered or overlooked. I still find something very hinky about Casey’s friends. Especially Huizenga. And “Lake Vag” etc.
    Testimonies and statements from Lee’s girlfriend Mallory: never released. Why? (the only one of her statements is the one given to the Pros I believe in November 2009 or 2010? In any event, during the questioning there are earlier statements alluded to.)
    Why is Brandon Snow’s testimony sealed? Couple others, too.
    I also wonder (as per GA’s testimony), how many times over Casey’s adult life did he follow her? (living at home or not). I may be off, but there is something ugly about this case that still itches.
    If Casey had “moved out” then why would Cindy have been sending out Lee et al. on July 3rd to go look for her?
    Why were they so married to the June 8th/June 9th date and why was Casey – as vague and cryptic as she was on June 16th – so adamant about “31 days” Was she giving clues to LE about her parents? (might have well have screamed them at a brick wall…) Is “Zany the Nanny” not merely a figment of anyone’s imagination but a strategy cooked up by CA & GA? Does Casey ever say the word “Zany”? I thought only Zenaida…
    I read something or heard something on youtube that Tony Lazarro had multiple leases at Sawgrass…anything to that? Seems significant.
    Something doesn’t sit well with me about Huizenga…everyone knows her, she’s drunk/drugged & irresponsible yet graduating college (ok, not such a stretch) a couch surfer who often has blackouts. GA & CA had never met her before 6/16 yet mallory DID know her – yet claims that she did not. But Lee did…unless I am just not fitting the pieces together correctly, there is something shady about her. LE had her cold for the xanax thing, but she plays the insulted-innocent very well. She assumed the puritanical good-girl pose on the stand…but something doesn’t fit.
    GA’s time records have him working from 6/16-7/15. Monday through Friday – not weekends, if memory serves.Which is fine, his menial job left plenty of time for digging, cement – pouring & clandestine grave spotting.
    Thanks for letting me vent some spleen!

  9. Mimi, I also feel that CA’s letter was not only self-serving, but very suspicious! With wording like “missing”, “left this life unexpectedly”, “all I am guilty of”, “jealousy has taken”. I think more than coincidence.

  10. Casey Anthony’s Father lied under oath. It is a shame that some Americans have been hypnotized by the press who want better ratings. It is a shame the State of Florida is a sore loser and wants to keep things going by requiring Casey to under go probation. Hopefully everyone involved in def-laming and ruining Casey Anthony’s life through this witch hunt and goose chase gets what is coming to them.

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