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M&M ordered to scale down ZG witness list

From OS:

“Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez have agreed to pare down their witness list to only those likely to testify when her civil defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony goes to trial in January.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez’s lawyers in separate court filings attacked recent motions by Anthony’s defense seeking to prevent jurors in the civil case from hearing about Anthony’s murder prosecution in her daughter’s death.

Anthony’s lawyers had complained that about 90 people had been listed as potential witnesses by Gonzalez, including people Anthony’s team said were unlikely to have relevant information.

A new order, agreed to by both sides, directs Gonzalez’s lawyers with the Morgan & Morgan firm to limit their witness list to “only those witnesses she intends to call at trial.”

Gonzalez’s attorneys will also “provide a description for each witness” and “summarize the facts to which each witness is anticipated to testify,” says the order, signed by Judge Lisa Munyon.

Gonzalez claims she was defamed when Anthony said a similarly named nanny had kidnapped her daughter in 2008. Authorities later determined the girl was dead, and the nanny didn’t exist.

Anthony was charged with murdering 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, but was acquitted of all major charges at trial last year.

This week, Gonzalez’s lawyers responded to a pair of filings by Anthony’s legal team seeking to bar from the civil trial any reference to the murder case or media reports about Caylee’s reported disappearance and death.

Gonzalez’s team countered that elements of Anthony’s trial — such as defense attorney Jose Baez’s assertion that Caylee drowned, and law enforcement testimony about the fictional nanny — could be relevant to the lawsuit.

The media reports, Gonzalez’s lawyers argue “are relevant to several issues” in the suit. Anthony’s lies about the nanny “did not take place in a vacuum, the impact was broadcast nationally,” Gonzalez’s team says.

The next hearing in the case is set for next week.”




  1. Was glad to see an update pop up in my newsfeed. It’s not much, but at least it’s an indicator that Lisa Munyon is letting Morgan and Morgan run the circus however they want. Why has this dog and pony show not been thrown out of court? I really don’t understand how there is any basis for this to proceed? Rhetorical.

    • I think Munyon’s been surprisingly fair and won’t allow Morgan to turn the case into a replay of the murder trial. She should have dismissed it but that’s politically impossible in Florida.

  2. No matter how I look at it, I can’t see how they have a basis for suing Casey. If the name was reported nationally, how is that Casey’s fault? It’s the fault of whoever ‘broadcast’ it and they are the ones who should be sued.

    • Most people don’t realize how powerful and politically connected Morgan and Morgan are. They are major Democrat fundraisers who have hosted Obama and have a former governor on their payroll. They are the embodiment of corrupt, sleazy liberal trial lawyers. And they practically own Orlando.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Most of us liberals are sleazy. You know, part of the 47%.

      • GasCanGeorge says:


        So, they’re soooo connected>? So much so they need to connect themselves

        to this woman who’s and always has been a nobody? Sounds like desperation to me.

        I guess all the workman’s compensation cases are all taken up eh?

        • It’s not about Zenaida. It’s a publicity stunt masquerading as a lawsuit. Morgan and Morgan don’t give a damn about their client, whom they know is nothing but a grifter. They care about all the publicity they’re getting for going after Casey.

  3. Casey has moved out of Florida

    • At least the stories are now saying that ZG is a similar name instead of the exact same name! That’s something! Weird that KPHO would report this since they are an Arizona station.

  4. Casey Anthony, ORLANDO, FL (CBS5) –
    Casey Anthony is now living in a different location, according to her attorney, Charles Greene…

  5. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    I sure hope Casey has moved from FL. and is trying her best to forge ahead. I also would hope she keeps away from her parents. Sorry, but imo, there is too much dysfunction there and too much of a co dependency between the parents. I hope Casey takes complete control of her own life and moves on. I would like ot think she does have a good deal of true blue friends who won’t try and use her to their advantage-I think she’s had enough of that to last her a lifetime and then some.

  6. AnnaMae Johnston says:

    Right. KPHO is a station out of Phoenix, AZ.

    Always found it a bit on the stupid side how the media and LE as well just ran with this Zanny and ZFG combo. One had nothing to do with the other one, but that’s how they spun it because of the confusion that went on so eventually both became as one.

    I just want to know who found that name to use and who was the one who forced Casey to use it. I never have believed for 1 second Casey found it herself at Sawgrass, I just do not believe that at all. I’ve listened to her voice when she mentioned it on the 911 call, it sounded like someone put her up to saying that. jmo.

    • GasCanGeorge says:

      Maybe it was Father/Grandfather of the year who put her up to it, maybe Sawgrass was his

      stomping grounds, his place to meet his hussies?

      • GCG — Maybe ZG was one of his hussies?

        • OMG Karen I never considered that possibility LOL! Recently I saw a photo of Zenaida at some club next to a much younger thug and she looks straight up ghetto I mean the kind that could make it to the walmart hall of shame photo hahahaha

      • AnnaMae Johnston says:

        Thank you for saying what I always have thought. Wonder if anyone has ever ventured that far to check if daddy dearest had lived there in the past, had a ‘friendship’ with one of his online personal pay per sites, personally I chalk it up to him always following Casey around, bird dogging her. There was a time I looked on the clerk site for Orlando courts and amazed to find that not only was JB name listed as an attorney of record for someone else’s court problems, but also there are names like J. Ortiz, Zenaida Gonzalez, etc. Very questionable when I found that bit of info-leads me to believe a lot of things were found on the computer, probably by daddy dearest and just strung together. We know that poor ol’ daddy was at home when Casey uttered that name to 911. Always remember GA said it himself he was the Thumb of the family- more like the thumb on the family where it relates to the women. jmo.

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