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My 10 questions for George Anthony

When it comes to pinning his colors to the mast, and having seen the last 2 trailers for the show (and his media interviews yesterday) – it’s quite obvious that Dr Phil is very much on George & Cindy’s side of the fence.

Irrespective of the $250k he’s put into the Anthony’s back pocket to clinch the deal, there’s no getting around the fact that impartiality has certainly taken a back seat on this one. Then again, that stance has been rife throughout the media over the past 3 years anyway, so it’s no big surprise in that sense that Phil is following suit. He has “his people” to please, just the same as Geraldo.

Nevertheless, in light of my 8,500 word post this past weekend – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – and Dr Phil’s imminent “Blockbuster” 2-part special just a few hours away… it got me thinking of a few questions I’d like to put to George, given the chance.

So here they are. The Top 10 questions George Anthony never thought he’d be asked, because he doesn’t really have an answer to any of them:

Q1: You testified against your own daughter in her murder trial. You’ve abused her for years. You abused your own granddaughter too. You not only threw Casey under the bus… but you reversed the bus and drove over her again just to make sure. What kind of a father does that make you?

Q2: Should anyone really be surprised at the way you (and Cindy) reacted to Casey’s Not Guilty verdict?

Q3: Do you ever get tired of playing the phony role of “Grieving Grandfather”? — or is it just the thought of continually profiting from Caylee’s death that keeps you going?

Q4: Why is it that you appear to have no friends whatsoever, (apart from hookers, loan sharks & Yuri Melich)?

Q5: What was the REAL reason you were forced to “retire” from Law Enforcement in Ohio?

Then after these gentle “warm up” questions, I get down to the real stuff:

Q6: You were sexually abusing Caylee on the morning of June 16th 2008. You got carried away and Caylee suffocated… so calling 911 was obviously NOT an option for you, as that would have clearly highlighted the abuse. We get that bit. But… do you ever reflect back on that morning and wish you had called 911 after Caylee suffocated — even though that would have meant your molestation would have been discovered – but Caylee would have lived? You lying, devious, selfish perverted bastard.

Q7: You put Caylee’s body in a trash bag, sealed it with duct tape and dumped her in the woods… then you tried to frame Casey for it to cover yourself (and Cindy). How do you think people will react when the truth comes out and they finally learn about what you really did? Do you envisage that to be a pleasant experience?

Q8: As inconvenient as it may sound right now — Do you ever plan to confess to what you actually did to Caylee on June 16th – and afterwards?

Q9: Do you ever plan to finally CLEAR YOUR OWN DAUGHTERS NAME so she can at least TRY to get her life back together? – or do you just not give a shit anymore?

Q10: At some point in the future, your “friends” at Law Enforcement are gonna come knocking on your door – and they’re gonna haul your ass in and belatedly charge you with the Aggravated Manslaughter of Caylee. When they do, should we expect you to try another phony suicide attempt, complete with text messages, phone calls & a BS letter? I really hope not, because that would be too easy a way out. I – and a lot of other people – would rather see you rot and spend the rest of your days in jail.


Well, that just about covers all my questions for George Anthony. I kinda doubt they’re even close to any of Dr Phil’s questions — but it’d still be interesting to see how he’d try and answer them – that’s assuming he got past question #1. If you want to add your own questions to the list, be by guest…



  1. From everything I’ve read mostly from Cindy’s family….Cindy has supported the family since day one. Especially since they moved to Florida. George was jealous & pissed of how much money Casey & Caylee was costing which meant cutting into Cindy supporting HIS gambling, women, no job (he couldn’t hold on to one it seems). He spent all his time trying to get rid of Casey or getting her in trouble with Cindy, trying to prove SHE didn’t work,etc. It looks like he got WHAT he wanted which was at the expense of Casey & Caylee but in the process Cindy LOST her job!! I would like to ask him how it feels to have your plan BACKFIRE!! But you are right SJ he wouldn’t get past QUESTION # 1 of ANY of US!! I am so PISSED that fake Dr Phil didn’t hook both of them up to lie detectors like he does to everybody else, since he has the so called famous FBI lie detector guy on his show! Thats WHY I am convinced THIS is for RATINGS & NOT the TRUTH. WHERE is the TEST that all 3 of the family refused from the start & got lawyered up!!

  2. George, what part do you think you did play?

    How many cell phones did you have?

    Why didn’t you tell Orange Country Corrections you had a gun in the home when Leonard Padilla bailed Casey out of jail?

    Do you think it’s appropriate to wrap dead pets in plastic and duct tape and then bury them in front of your small children in the backyard?

    Did you know who Caylee’s father was? Did you threaten him or Casey about their relationship?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      IMO that was the purpose of the Diary of Days…it assigned authority to the person who would ultimately be responsible for the heinous-murder story (George) and the trial verdict that was the result…not guilty: there was on proof of foul-play committed by the accused.

  3. George, why did u sexually abuse your own daughter?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …that was an accusation, never confirmed or denied b/c it belongs to the heinous-murder story…it had a purpose SEPARATE from WHO KNEW what happened to Caylee, where and when?

      IMO So far, what is disputed, has never even determined what the date actually WAS that her body began to decompose. Remember? Science experts agreed, THAT was in early-to-mid-June…[*not after the 15th which IS MID-June]

  4. Everything comes out says:

    I would ask George why does he appear to be so happy (almost ecstatic) here in this picture.

    I would ask him if he recorded this video.

    I would ask him if little girls make him happy.

    If he said yes I would ask him why

  5. People missed the signs says:

    I would ask him why he is trying to force Cindy to choose between her daughter and him.

    George are you aware that you are emotionally abusive?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Prior to Caylee’s death, there was a different ‘accident’ being set-up within the Anthony home,
      * With her bank accounts drained, Geo’s infidelity and covert life, Cindy was being set-up to die, and Geo was putting incriminating entries on the fam computer; creating Casey as the only suspect. I say this b/c Casey was told (dis-information) she was going to ‘get the Hopesprings home’ after G and C’s divorce. Ganguzza’s attack and death at JBlanchard Park, June 9, (discovered on the 10th) was the first REAL step in setting his plan into action….b4 Geo returned to Hopesprings, Casey had taken her belongings, Caylee and her mother’s Pontiac. They had NOT returned to Hopesprings any time during the week (tho Casey, Caylee and Cindy talked each day on the phone) On the weekend of Fri the 13th, Sat the 14th and Sun the 15th…(the 3 EVENT WEEKEND) neither Caylee or Casey showed-up for Father’s Day…just their belongings, her phone and the Pontiac DID.

      While the car (with Caylee safe inside) was out-of -her sight (for however long, but less than 24 b4 she was convinced Cay was with Geo or Cin) That is when Caylee’s condition went from alive, safe and nearby, to in danger for several hours, and then was discovered by someone ELSE, after her death had taken place. That is who took the child’s dead and decomposing body (tape and bags) to prevent ME or EMTs from discovering HOW Caylee died. I say the event would’ve NEVER LOOKED ACCIDENTAL…why did she disappear after she was dead, you ask…b/c there was no water in her lungs.

  6. GasCanGeorge says:

    I would ask what he has on Cindy for her to stay with you….Especially after the allegations
    of abuse.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Cindy had just been robbed…all her money was gone, and her daughter was being framed for murder.
      She had to stay, she had no other choice.

  7. George, how could you sleep at night knowing that you helped the grand jury to indict Casey while she was hoping that you’d come through for her and tell the truth?

    Why did you say that you’d miss “the sweet smell of Caylee’s sweat” at her memorial service? Do you know how creepy that sounded?

    Has Cindy ever asked you point-blank if you molested Casey? What did you tell her?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      He knew Casey would never be convicted…he is the only one who knew she had nothing to do with her daughter’s death event.

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