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New Motions Filed in Casey Anthony v ZG Case

After making a fool of himself a few weeks back at Casey’s deposition – and after his failed Casey Anthony PPV event & video release plans backfired – John Morgan is back in the news again… no doubt still peeved after Charles Greene had to explain the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution to him back on October 8th.

For more in-depth analysis on the stupidity of this whole ZG fiasco, click here to read the “Dissecting the Deposition” post from the JB Mission site.

— and here are more details on the latest round of Morgan-inspired BS from Bob Kealing @

new motions filed in Casey case 8-11


  1. This doesn’t look good for her. Baez, where are you?

  2. Casey has another great attorney for this civil case, Jon. Charles Greene is very logical.

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