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JP: No decision on Casey Anthony’s “Jail Video” unsealing


In yesterday’s hearing, Judge Belvin Perry withheld ruling on whether he’ll release Casey’s “Jail Video”. When it comes to making decisions, this guy is about as useful as a politician in a crisis.

Here’s the latest from

No Decision Made On Casey Jail Reaction Tape


  1. where is part 3 of the video with cindy and george on dr phil?

    • Hi Misty! We are still working on it and hope to have it uploaded real soon. SJ

      • Hey SJ!
        I just wanted to ask…..this may be silly.. I know…. but I think it would be cool to have like a “shout out” page for Casey…… Just for people to drop in and say nice things to her! I mean its really the simple things like that, that really help people along when in tough situations…its just a thought…and again thanks for this site! I come here everyday and I have it saved in my favorites! πŸ™‚ YOU’RE THE BEST! Keep on doing what your doing … so maybe the whole world can see casey for who she really is…. a sweet loving beautiful mother!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Can anybody else see what I am seeing with these MEDIA IDIOTS fighting so hard to have this released? It is so obvious that nobody is going to their websites, watching their news, etc, because there is NO CASEY NEWS!!! THEY are HURTING right now…. well BOO HOO!! Their GRAVY TRAIN has ended, hell now I’m sure alot of jobs are no longer needed…again BOO HOO!!! They no longer need all the ex judges, attorneys, screwed up, desperate talking heads, giving their nasty opinions, etc. Now they all can go get a real job instead of trying to ruin Casey. Keep up the good work Miss Casey…GIVE THEM NOTHING!!! All of us here are pulling for you!

    • Nancy Grace didn’t care as much as I expected her to. Maybe her show was taped for today. The only discussion was a Vinnie Politan break in. It was either that or she found something she loves more than convicting without evidence — talking about herself.

  3. Hi Marilyn! I hear ya. It’s that clown Tony Pipitone from “Local 6” that’s pushing for the video unsealing. Shame he has nothing better to do. GO CASEY!!! SJ

  4. What will be the point of this…people are so DUMB!! I personly do not understand why a video like that would be released! That is sick! She has had enough released to the public!! Give the girl some respect! She is not messing with anybody….so why the hell do dumb ass shallow minded people continue to try and hurt her! ITS DONE…ITS OVER WITH! I mean what part of CASEY ANTHONY IS NOT GUILTY do they not understand! JUST LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR PATHETIC LIFES! GEZZ! Find another hobby besides “HATEN ON CASEY!” UGh!

    • Hi KatM! All the haters have to do presently is troll around like cretins and vote for their Skank Mom hero on “Dancing With The Stars” – for another week at least, lol. Anyone still not understanding the “NOT GUILTY” verdict can click the link below for instant enlightenment. Thanks for posting! SJ

      So, which part of NOT GUILTY do you still not understand?:

      • While the legal system is contemplating the release of the video, why not also contemplate the release of other sealed items/documents? hhhhmmmm?

        How about the items/docs/results sealed about 3 yrs. ago? How ’bout exposing those to the light of day? Hhhhhhhmmmmm?

        Things that make ya go, hhhhmmmm….

        What would those items tell us???
        If the release of “information” is to enlighten the public, or so it is reported, then the public should also be enlightened by what went into bags/envelopes long before the trial started.

        Could it be that those sealed items don’t fit the story as presented by the media? or someone(s) else?

        • Hi. Good point. Some of the other sealed documents relate to a sexual abuse report Casey filed against GA I believe, which the prosecution were aware of prior to JB’s Opening Statements. The Laughing Guy himself even stated on Fox that he was aware of it all and “surprised” it was never proven during the trial. We shall see. Obviously there are things the media want releasing – and things they don’t. SJ

          • Hello SJ:

            Yes, the truth can certainly be spun/distorted/hidden when some are able to pick and choose what information/misinformation sees the light of day and what does not…

            I’ll refer to this phenomenon as spin-a-rama…

            From your site and postings, it seems you have a great deal of knowledge and insight.

            I earlier posted seeking anyone who may recall a media item I saw some time ago (so many pages of research ago, I cannot recall where) which recounted the story of a murdered woman found in Blanchard Park…

            Allegedly the murdered woman was a counselor/therapist and also allegedly may have been professionally seeing Cindy Anthony…There was further speculation that perhaps Cindy had been confessing some of the A family secrets…

            Do you know anything about this woman? or the reality that she was, in fact, a therapist/counselor, and the addl. allegation that Cindy A. may have been involved in therapy w/ her (again allegedly)…

            It certainly piques my curiousity; do you recall this story?

            Thank you, Thinker

      • Hey SJ, I could not have said it better myself lol! I am keeping my fingers crossed for them not to release this video! I just can’t understand why people want to see this, people state that the people who support casey are sick and twisted, but if you ask me, wanting to see somthing like this is VERY sick and twisted! Why on earth would you want to see someone hurting over the loss of their child! They just dont get it! Why dont they go walk a mile in caseys shoes for just an hour and see if they would want it released! I think not! I have a strong feeling they would be begging for them not to release it! And im quite certain and on most positive that they would not be half as strong as Casey has been!!! God bless them helpless souls that have nothing better to do! And Casey stay strong where ever you are!!

  5. Of course Perry is releasing the video…it’s going to be all over the media momentarily. He is such a jerk. And I agree with thinker, if this can be released why can’t everything else that was sealed be released also?

    • P.S. I just watched it on the Orlando Sentinal website. I just don’t know what to say. I feel so bad for her!!! She should sue OSCO for trying to set her up. What an awful thing to do to somebody.

  6. OMG!!! Stupid Ass Vinnie on HLN couldn’t wait for a break in the MJ trial so he could show this video & run his vile mouth! Him & Mike Brooks(SOB) are having a field day with THIS!! THIS is just sickening to me.I can see there is no such thing as protecting Casey & her having any PEACE at all.God Bless Her.I didn’t see the part where they wouldn’t let Mr Baez in & stalled him! Release the whole damn thing!! ASSHOLES! Sorry Guys…but I am so PISSED.My TV is really upsetting me….they are picking this apart!

    • I also hate Vinnie Politan and Mike Brooks!! At least Ryan is trying to see another side.

      • Hi Marilyn & Karen. Don’t watch HLN. Rise above the cess pool of losers and leave them all to it. They are operating at their best level. Make it a great day! SJ

  7. I just saw this video. Poor Casey. It’s seems to me – they want to bite her, and bite, and bite again and again ( and make money, too). But Casey just ABOVE it. God Bless Her Heart!

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