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On this Day in 2011: Jose Baez’ Opening Statements

It’s more or less 12 months to the day since Casey’s Trial started, with Jose Baez delivering the Defense Opening Statements. No doubt JB will be elaborating much further on the run-up to the Trial in his book —  “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” —  due out July 3rd.

Here’s Part 2/8 of the Opening Statements from May 24th 2011.

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 2

To see the Opening Statements in full, click here.



  1. Marilyn C. says:

    This was the day that alot of things happened for me in this case.So much that was in the media did not make sense to me daily.On the day the trial started all I wanted to see was THE TRUTH & FAIR TRIAL.I can’t say I was on either side at the time.BUT after Jose’s opening statement….so many things started making sense & like the whole nation(if they would admit it) my jaws dropped to the floor! He had me captivated! This day SHOULD have taken away all the names like Bozo,etc because he shined so bright I needed my sunglasses! All the hype was centered on how there was no way in hell he could explain away those “31 days” which the entire world was fixated on….none of them could get passed that.But guess what….he did that in a couple of minutes which blew every TV station out of the water!! I did NOT get to see a FAIR TRIAL,but the 12 jurors saw what I did.God Bless them.I often wonder WHY Linda,Jeff & George were NOT charged for their CRIMES of using illegal evidence & other misconducts? I guess they were too busy trying to take Jose down by reporting him to the bar.The things they did were on TV,we were a witness….how could this just be let go? Does anyone remember “84 Times”??? I could make a list a mile long…but won’t for now.Yes….I will never forget THIS DAY.Thank You Mr Jose Baez for saving Casey’s life.

    • Did you happen to notice how quietly the 84 times search was rectified? There certainly was not the media attention to hearing that there was only one search that there had been when it was sensationalized that chloroform was searched for 84 times from the home computer.

  2. He really fought for her! Jose Baez is my Hero!

  3. Jose Baez’s Opening Statement opened my eyes wide. I still remember my reaction. I started slapping my cheeks and saying over and over OMG! His Opening Statement glowed. Lol I couldn’t stop slapping my cheeks. Then I saw Vinnie P. slapping his cheeks.

    Jose is a great communicator. I can’t wait to read his book, and to see how close I come to figuring out what happened. Casey is innocent.

  4. I remember this day. I was totally convinced Casey was guilty.

    The more I watched the trial, the more I realized everything I’d been fed via the media were lies. She wasn’t ‘partying’ those 31 days. She was at work! Some of the photos were even from before Caylee went missing. The duct tape wasn’t found on her mouth, the ‘dead body’ smell was rotting food and trash, and those chloroform searches were a complete fabrication. How come they were so intent on making Casey the scapegoat? Then I got it….George. Former LE and an alleged sexual abuser. Then it all made sense to me. No wonder Casey didn’t trust LE to help her. She grew up with one who showed her his dark side.

    Our culture LOVES to blame the victims of sexual abuse.

    Those intelligent and courageous jurors restored my faith in justice and whenever I hear some pundit saying they had alterior motives, I think THAT is injustice.

    • Well said, Sam.

      Jose’s opening statement put all of the puzzle pieces into place, explaining in great detail how Casey’s past sexual abuse affected her need to compartmentalize her life. The “31 days of partying” was such crap, and so was the prosecution’s “Casey killed Caylee because she wanted the party life” hogwash.

      Jose is a true hero. He made sure that Casey’s voice was heard in the face of so much media backlash. I am counting the days until his book arrives.

  5. Angelina says:
  6. I can not belive what I just read. If not for Jose Baez they would would have lost the case and Casey would be sitiing in jail right now. Baez did an excellent job. George needed to be exposed. I hope Casey hears of this and fires Mason. She should. I can’t wait to hear what Baez has to say about this.

  7. In regard to Mason’s comment on Jose “not delivering” on his opening statement, that wasn’t Jose’s fault. The judge ruled later in the trial that any discussion of sexual abuse had to be left out of the closing arguments. Notice though, that Mason didn’t negate the sexual abuse itself..he just said that he wouldn’t have used the same approach in opening statements. (I, however, think Jose did a great job).

    Ashton is still a tool, clinging to the premeditated murder theory. At least Mason called him out on that.

  8. Baez believed in Casey even when she didn’t believe in herself.

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