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Piers Morgan discusses his phone conversation with Casey

Here’s a clip from CNN yesterday, where Piers Morgan discusses his Casey phone conversation with Brooke Baldwin…

Casey - Piers Brooke Baldwin CNN 6-14-2012


  1. HLN and the Caylee warriors are furious. They wanted Casey to confess that she did it but Casey isn’t going to admit to something she didn’t do. I think our girl did well.

    • Well then HLN and Caylee Warriors are idiots! Caylee Warriors is a private Facebook group.

      • The editor seems to be back on duty. No problem, SJ. I think the months of July and August will be big months for Casey news.

        • Hi EAH,
          I agree. July & August will be BIG months. Btw, I only edited your earlier post as I didn’t see it appropriate to further publicize the gross stupidity of the knuckle-draggers & fake warriors – that’s all.
          Thanks for posting!

    • Yes she did 🙂 thanks for voicing your support for her. Most people won’t :/

  2. Brooke Baldwin is a twit. “Reading THE HUNGER GAMES?????” The media would take issue with anything that Casey read and would try to twist it to suit their agenda.

    Casey keeps proving the haters wrong, holding her head high!

  3. That news lady deserves a SLAP in the face!

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