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Pipitone’s WKMG report w/Jose Baez (11/20)

If you were lucky enough to miss Tony Pipitone’s earth-shattering revelations last night on WKMG, you can watch them right here:

Casey - Pip story 1



  1. Disgusting hatchet job, and again, none of this “shocking” evidence points directly to Casey at all. George SAYS that he left for work before 2:50 PM, but he also said that Casey and Caylee left the house at 12:30. Nothing he says can be taken as true.

    This Isabelle whoever must be one of the harpies who’s still stewing over Casey’s acquittal. Too bad, so sad, she’s not guilty.

    I’m not at all surprised by the prosecution team’s incompetence though!

  2. And another thing:

    Pipitone is insinuating that the “foolproof suffocation” search implicates Casey as researching ways to suffocate Caylee. Well, here’s the thing…an adult wouldn’t need to search for ways to suffocate a child. Sadly, it’s not difficult. What IS difficult is suffocating one’s self. This search, in my opinion, was done by someone who was thinking of suicide by suffocation, not someone who was researching murder.

  3. Drew Hensley says:

    Tony Baloney strikes again! You know obviously he is going to say tomorrow that George was at work when the search was made. How could Tony know that Casey’s password was used when Jose didn’t know it himself after two experts looked at July 16, 2008??

  4. Drew Hensley says:

    Sorry June 16, not July. I’m amused at all the things Tony & gang claim they “uncovered,” all of which came from Jose & company. They also kept saying Caylee died that afternoon. Who says? Casey claimed the drowning was an early morning event. Moreover, if Caylee had already drowned, Casey very well could have been contemplationg suicide, not murder, but in fact George is the only member of the family known to have suicidal tendencies. He did try to kill himself. So now what they are claiming is particularly absurd if you stop and think about it. Look at the timeline:

    6;52 – 7:52 computer activity – facebook, my space, aol music etc

    7:56-8:06 Casey messaging

    8:45 am Casey texts Tony

    9:00 am – 10:59 probably casey on the internet – searches for shot glass girls, Victoria’s Secret, etc – all fashion related searches

    11:47 am-12:06 pm Casey on the phone with Tony

    12:55 pm Casey exchanges texts with Tony

    1:00-1:14 pm Casey on the phone with Tony

    1:26 pm Casey exchanges texts with Jesse
    1:44-2:20 pm Casey on the phone with Amy Huizenga
    1:50 someone on computer searches for”foolproof suffocation” and related searches while Casey is on the phone with Amy Huizenga)

    2:30 George leaves for work, clocks in at 3:00 (proven by time clock)
    2:52-3:04 pm Casey on the phone with Jesse
    3:04 George calls Casey – she says to tell her he “took care of everything” but the records don’t indicate she answered

    04:11pm: Casey Called Cindy
    04:19pm: Called Tony
    04:21pm: Called Jess
    04:25pm: Called Cindy

    *Couldn’t get these ppl on the phone

    5:57pm: Called Tony

    So according to theory, GA saw the two CA’s leave the house at 12:50 with Caylee wearing clothes as I recall that Casey would never have put her in. GA was at work by 2:30 and called Casey at 3:04. Then while Casey was casually talking on the phone, she was researching how to kill Caylee and carrying out her murder. Hmmm doesn’t quite add up, does it?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      …text messages and online computer searches may ‘appear to be Casey’ but that would only be true if HER phone was NEVER in the hands or possession of someone else.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Casey was on the phone when these searches were being done. This is in Jose’s book. He had two experts come to the same timeline independently. Even if you change the results by an hour, consider the oddity of Casey leaving that day with her misdressed child, and then coming back to the house to rush through all this research on how to kill her kid and carry out the “execution” while talking on the phone and trying to contact various people. I would like to correct also the statement that Casey never answered the phone; this was reported in the news, but as far as I can tell the call duration was several seconds.

  5. This is so stupid. So that’s JVM and AZ lawyer huh. Losers with too much time on their hands.

    I hate to sound childish but to Ashton, “Yes too bad too sad your cops and you couldn’t do their jobs if their lives depended on it. Sucks to be you”.

  6. JA Kalskett says:

    …so what would be proof of the truth? A pic of Caylee already decomposing where she died ‘while out-of-sight” in early-to-mid June… before tape and bags were added to create the “heinous-murder story” that was time-released to prevent Casey from being lynched instead of arrested (for her own protection).

  7. WTF is Isabel Humphrey? That’s her opinion! Gosh who paid them to say all this?

    • JA Kalskett says:

      Ms Humphrey was hoping to get a “make-over” compliments of the State of Florida. LOL…Like Z-G was hoping for “meal ticket” for her large family; Kronk wished for “respectability” and a connection to his ‘soon-to-come-of-age’ son.

  8. I think something everyone could agree on is that this piece even further exposes the incompetence of the prosecution. Of course they call it an ‘oversight’. Just like the 84 searchers were an oversight.

    I’ll take Jose’s word that it was most likely George on the computer at that time. I’m not willing to entertain the notion that some unknown lawyer figured out what Jose couldn’t. Not a chance.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      Is the blogger a lawyer? Who is the blogger?

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Or who is the lawyer involved in this?

      • Its not a blogger persay. Its a person on websleuths that is a paid lawyer for them. Her addy is AZ lawyer. Apparently, they think we are “running scared” not that it matters what they say. This evidence is not explosive, it’s silly.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          CJ wrote “Its not a blogger persay. Its a person on websleuths that is a paid lawyer for them.” Paid lawyer for what party, CJ? Who is behind this? I think it is interesting how this evidence was regarded as insignicant when Jose was saying it pertained to George, but now that they think it pertains to Casey, it is big, “explosive,” a bombshell that definitely incriminates Casey. Funny how that works.

        • I was not impressed with Pipitone’s bombshell. It’s old news spun to make it seem to incriminate Casey. It doesn’t. The evidence strongly indicates that it was George and not Casey who did the searches, and I don’t trust Pipitone’s sources. A Websleuths lawyer and some computer expert on her payroll? This feeds the haters more of what they crave, and unfortunately it may taint the jury pool in the civil trial, but it proves nothing and means nothing. Casey was acquitted and is free. She is innocent.

          • Harry,

            That’s all this does is feed the haters. I take exception to Tony’s remark that websleuths is objective. They have been out to get Jose since he mentioned their b.s. in his book.

        • Oh, I figured that it was one of those deranged Casey haters who hangs out on either Websleuths or JusticeQuest. You know, the ones who parrot what they hear on HLN and don’t do any actual research on a case.

  9. I cannot believe what they are doing to casey and Jose. It is clear that casey was gone when the searches were made Why did they bring this up now when jose’s book has been out for how long!? This is so stupid I wish that would just accept the fact that she is innocent! Investagate who did this and leave her alone

    • Drew Hensley says:

      The tiiming is weird. LDB claims she just found out all this two weeks ago??? Hmmm?? Looks to me like they were waiting to find some way to spin this in the favor; now they have it with this websleuth idiot.

      Who can really believe they didn’t know about this??

  10. Drew Hensley says:

    Jose has admitted to factual errors in his book incl Casey not having an AIM account; she did. Apparently his book is being revised.

    • When I read Jose Baez’s book, I noticed that he said that she didn’t have an AIM account, when clearly in the discovery, she did. That is a minor error that even when taken into account doesn’t incriminate her. You can’t just look at one or two known searches, if you are really investigating (or analyzing the case) you should be looking at all the searches. It disturbs me that the police in Orange County only look up what the prosecutors ask them to on a defendant’s computer. I guess they might be hoping that their defense doesn’t look up or can’t afford to look up possible exculpatory evidence. It also serves to severely narrow an investigation. If you are investigating every possibility and with every person as a possible suspect then shouldn’t you be taking into account all information on an electronic device? Just another piece of evidence that shows they were intent on Casey Anthony from the beginning.

      The “incriminating” searches on the computer for a few months prior to June 2008 were all around the same topics, self defense or suicide. Why are you looking up self defense or suicidal topics to premeditate the murder of a toddler? It doesn’t make any sense, never has. The self defense searches have always bugged me. Pipitone’s report has some inaccuracies in it, which is usual for stories on Casey Anthony due to sensationalism. The one big glaring one is that chloroform is not a poison, it is an old anesthetic. They repeatedly try to tie the poison searches to the chloroform theory of the prosecution. It’s a link that isn’t going to happen because it isn’t factual. The media needs to stop being pro-prosecution. Besides, like Pipitone said himself, “I want to be clear it doesn’t prove Casey murdered her daughter.”

      • Drew Hensley says:

        As I recall there were also seraches for peroxide, alcohol, etc. As I looked at the searches, it occured to me that they really did look like searches that Cindy would make.

      • It really bothers me when I continue to read comments on other sites about how stupid the jury was. The jury was smart and absolutely made the right call. There is nothing AT ALL that pins Caylee’s death on Casey, because all of the evidence easily points to George as well.

        The chloroform theory has always been incredibly stupid; if an adult wanted to kill a child then there is no reason to brew up a batch of chloroform (which is highly dangerous). The prosecution was so eager to get a murder 1 conviction that they spun a ridiculous tale that anyone with a functioning brain could see through.

  11. Who clicks on a suicide page if the intention was to kill another? Makes no sense and taking a call from an ex as well. I’ve read at that web sleuth and even though I think it good to get docs and timelines most of the posts I’ve read are very biased. That lawyer had a post saying she still saw 1:50pm. so who knows how accurate they could be with their2:50pm. In any case baez would have attacked it with his experts findings. LE had their theory and even though pings don’t support GA statement about the 16th of June the DA also ran with it and I would not have been surprised at this info being found before trial and it still not been used. Jmo

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