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Place your PRE-ORDER for Jose’s Book – out 7/3

Are you ready to get your hands on what’s sure to be the most talked about book of 2012?

Sure you are! :mrgreen:

Click here to pre-order Jose’s book: “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story”, due out July 3, 2012

Check out the cover below. More news to follow shortly…


Jose Baez - Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony - The Inside Story


  1. I live in Florida. Maybe, I can get Jose to sign it for me like Ashton did with his book.

  2. madchatter says:

    I live in the Midwest, but I was in Orlando during the trial. Oh, how I wished I had made an effort to stand outside the court house, just to get a glimpse of Jose. What a hottie! I will definitely buy his book. I like this forum. A few weeks ago, I prefaced a comment about my respect for Mr. Baez with a remark about Casey’s innocence. However, I was not attacked by your readers. This is so different from the Orlando Sentinel website, where they, absolutely, will not tolerate any form of lively discussion or debate.

  3. Harry N says:

    Why is there no outrage among the lunatic fringe of the so-called Caylee’s Warriors at the fact that Jeff
    Ashton has profited from the death of this precious chuld, through a book and a movie and a cynical
    political campaign? As he was prosecuting the case he was planning on spending his blood money,
    no doubt believing his bogus case would put Casey on death row. Now these same “warriors” are howling because the man who actually won the case wants to tell his story, which will no doubt be the
    truth rather than the cynical lies of Ashton. I hope Baez sells a million books, and shines a spotlight
    on what can happen whe a corrupt media and corrupt prosecutors try to subvert the rule of law to appease a lynch mob. It’s happening again with George Zimmerman, and it’s a disgrace.

    • I agree with your comment. Those “warriors” are hypocrites as well as Ashton. didn’t he say after the trial to forget about Casey Anthony and go on as if she never existed then he makes a book and a movie about his road to failure with her face and name all over it? smmfh
      I do hope Baez sells many books and if he does he’d be beating the odds again with those banshees proclaiming everyday to boycott.

  4. The Orlando Sentinel is so biased against Casey. I wouldn’t trust anything they print.

  5. cant wait for this book. i wonder if Baez will do a book tour?

  6. HollysGmom says:

    There is a concerted effort by the “Warriors” to have Jose’s book removed from their site. They are threatening to boycott everything Amazon if it is not removed. I propose that we supporters let them know that we WANT this book and that we would boycott if it is removed.

    • Hi HGM!

      It doesn’t surprise me that the wounded “Warriors” are busying themselves on yet another futile & BS-filled boycotting mission… but here’s the bottom line — Amazon couldn’t care less about Casey, Jose, The Laughing Guy or anyone else associated with Casey’s Trial. They’re in business to sell books and make a profit… and they know only too well that Jose’s book is lining up to be a best-seller… so the chances of them pulling the book are virtually non-existent.

      It’d take more than the incoherent ramblings of a handful of mentally-challenged knuckle-dragging idiots to make Amazon change course on this one. Jose is a legend.

      Thanks for the heads-up and thanks for posting!

  7. Harry N says:

    I think that maybe George Anthony is shaking in fear right now thinking of what will be revealed in this book. Maybe SJ has some inside info on that, but if not we all believe George was at the center of what happened to Caylee and maybe in July the full truth will be revealed. Once that happens maybe Casey will be allowed to live in peace.

    • Hi Harry!

      No doubt GA’s gotta be very worried about the contents of Jose’s book. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried another one of his infamous suicide attempts before the year is out too.

      But let’s face facts… for a guy that used to get his kicks from having his hands down his granddaughters pants at every opportunity – I doubt there’d be many tears shed if he did top himself at some stage. He is pure evil. After all, and like I said in my “Immaculate Deception” post last year, jail definitely wouldn’t be any fun for a convicted pervert and an ex-cop.

      Thanks for posting, and have a great day!
      FAA / SJ

  8. Marilyn C. says:

    I noticed all that BOYCOTT CRAP at Amazon from the “Warriors”….wish there was something we could do. I did the only thing I knew I could & that was PRE ORDER Mr Jose Baez’s book!! I can’t wait to get it. This sure has stirred up all those hornets nest again! They are trying to get people to boycott everything! I’m so sick of reading about “Blood Money”…but I guess Asston’s was Holy money. STUPID IDIOTS! I would have thought some of these people would have come here or other places & EDUCATED themselves about this case (some have) by now.

    • They will never change Marilyn. They are hateful ugly people. Why would you expect them to ever change? At least we know the truth and we are not like them. Thank God we are not that hateful and ugly like they are.

    • There is something we can do — pre-order the book so amazon knows not to yank it.

  9. I cannot wait to read this! So many people laughed Jose off…look who was victorious in the end!

  10. Anthony says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Mr. Baez did a book tour and came to a bookstore near you!

  11. The book ships FREE. It’s over $25 so shipping is Free! Nice! But, you will have wait a little longer to receive it.

  12. My Barnes and Noble bookstore says they will have it on June 19th. I asked them to assure me it will be there on june 19th. He looked it up on the computer and said they will have it on June 19th.

  13. I just purchased Keith Ablow’s book and I can’t wait to purchase Jose Baez’s book. I hope Nancy Grace along with HLN admit to their mistake…(Shake my head).

    • Steve Miller says:

      That needs to happen in a court of law when Casey files a law suit against Nancy Grace and the entire HLN staff for the lies they told to mislead their audience.

      Casey’s damages are 1,000,000 times greater than Z Gonzales. Casey was insane from the moment she saw Caylee dead. Casey didn’t maliciously lie about Z Gonzales. When a person is insane that person has no responsibilities for their actions.

      Please consider this:

    • Steve Miller says:

      HLN deliberately lied each day during and after the trial about specific facts during the trial. Those lies were malicious with the purpose of executing Casey.

      The statute of limitations will run out if Casey doesn’t retain counsel for $50,000,000 damages from HLN.

      Her attorney Charles M. Greene 407-648-1700 x 1, is incompetent.
      I raised the law suit issue with Baez and Cheney Mason who ignored it.

  14. Jan Snow says:

    I doubt Nancy Disgrace will ever back down. She is too stupid to. I saw a book she had wrote on a discount rack in the bookstore. It shocked me I never knew she was a writer. It didn”t look interesting. It was about a serial killer that stalks a lawyer.

  15. I’m ordering Jose’s book as soon as I get paid tomorrow! I am so looking forward to reading it!

  16. Steve Miller says:

    SJ, I would like for you to highlight this for readers to find.

    When precisely did Baez learn from Casey did Caylee die accidentally in the swimming pool?

    Where in his book did he write that?

    He didn’t learn that at the depositions from the shrinks.

    You might want to have a special forum for viewers who read the book for them to comment.

  17. Steve Miller says:

    If its ever up to me none of the broadcasters will ever have a job in TV in the near future.

    This is a classic case of what’s happening from the daily propaganda that has put Americans in a trance believing pure crap.

    I’m not a lawyer but I have lots of legal experience. I am a paralegal and I just filed a federal case in the SDNY, pro se. I can’t represent Casey but if I could things would be a lot different.

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