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“Presumed Guilty” – already kicking up a storm…

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. No, not the arrest of George Anthony, but the release of Jose’s book  – Presumed Guilty – Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”  If you’ve not yet bought the book, or you’ve not been in person to a B&N store to buy it, now would be a great time!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the book posted yesterday by Marilyn C.:

Jose Baez writes:

“They prosecuted this case by discussing everything but a murder. And this was the end result. If you are outraged by our approach, you really aren’t looking at it from a legal perspective. As I said, whether or not Casey was abused is irrelevant to the question of how Caylee died, but so is her behavior during the thirty days. The prosecution made a big deal of her clubbing and partying. What does that tell you about whether there’s been a murder? These are all irrelevant facts, but what made them relevant was the prosecution’s approach, not ours. If you can understand that, you can understand it all.”

Jose makes a good point. The prosecution were off at a tangent for most of the trial, concentrating on everything that happened (and/or didn’t happen) after Caylee’s murder. The trial wasn’t about what happened afterwards if I recall. It never was.

The fact is, there were only 3 people in the house on the morning of June 16th 2008. Casey, Caylee and George.

If we take Casey out of the equation — then we rule out the “accident” — and we also deduce that Caylee didn’t decide to commit suicide that morning — then all that points directly at George murdering Caylee. It’s not rocket science to come to that conclusion.

Why rule out an accident? I believe Jose knew it wasn’t an accident from the start… however he led with that in his opening statements for reasons that we’re still not fully aware of.  After all, the whole objective of the trial is for the prosecution to prove their case (beyond all reasonable doubt) and convince the jury. That never happened, not did it ever look likely to happen.

You cannot convict on assumptions, junk science and fantasy forensics. You convict on facts and evidence. The prosecution had neither. They basically had a mad scientist, some Casey party pics and a Blockbuster surveillance video.

So yes, even though Jose led with the accident theory, I just do not believe it. Do you?

I mean… since when does an accident occur, specifically a drowning accident… and the victim finishes up dumped in the woods in trash bags? If anyone can recall any such event, let me know.

The only time that happens is [1] when it’s not an accident and it’s a murder, and [2] when the murderer has evidence they need to get rid of. In this case, unfortunately that “evidence” was Caylee. The evidence being her sexual abuse by George Anthony, which of course would have been discovered had 911 been called.

Having said that, it certainly does not detract from Jose’s overall brilliance during the trial, and the ultimate acquittal of Casey thanks to the overall efforts of Team Casey. That can never be disputed.

Remember… we’re dealing with the amoral George Anthony here. This is the same guy that sexually abused Casey since she was 8 years old… and the same guy that used to get his kicks from having his hands down his granddaughters pants at every opportunity.

However, we can bitch about George til’ the cows come home… but in order for the record to be put straight, and in order to clear Casey’s name, the authorities need to reopen this case and question George, specifically about what Casey recalled and remembered he did that morning, during her deposition.

If you’re a first-time visitor here and all of this is news to you, just click here (or click the link below) to read my post from last September: “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony.” —  then go read Jose’s book too.

Don’t forget to post your “Presumed Guilty” reviews here in the site, and to post positive reviews on Amazon and B&N too.

Have an awesome day!

Keep the faith,


  1. When i first saw the trial start, was the first time I had heard of Casey. I said to myself that the 31 days didn’t mean she murdered her daughter. I watched the trial and still couldn’t get behind that one. He (jose) was right.

  2. Anthony says:

    Holy cow! I got my amazon delivery of the book today about 5 and a half hours ago and my 2 little eyes have already devoured 110 pages of it…. This book is a helluva page turner… Jose is the MAN! This book is like a crescendo and i haven’t even gotten to the loudest part yet…..

  3. Steve Miller says:

    “If we take Casey out of the equation — then we rule out the “accident” — and we also deduce that Caylee didn’t decide to commit suicide that morning — then all that points directly at George murdering Caylee. It’s not rocket science to come to that conclusion.

    Why rule out an accident? I believe Jose knew it wasn’t an accident from the start… however he led with that in his opening statements for reasons that we’re still not fully aware of. After all, the whole objective of the trial is for the prosecution to prove their case (beyond all reasonable doubt) and convince the jury. That never happened, not did it ever look likely to happen.”

    Take Casey out of the equation — she only happens to be on trial for murder. She’s not on trial for an accident. Irrational thoughts are not a discussion or an argument.

    Here’s what Jose knew before the trial. Caylee was murdered by George and Casey went into shock. Casey became psychotic. I go into the insanity defense in my book JUST CAUSE JUST FACTS. Casey acted crazy. George planted evidence to frame Casey for his murder and Casey’s crazy behavior made the frame up a little believable.

    Tricking the jury got an acquittal. That’s a fact. Of course the acquittal is the objective if the defendant is actually guilty of the crime. Casey wasn’t guilty of the crime and the expert shrinks explained Casey’s nature of being liked by everybody and loved by Caylee. The ridiculous duct tape nonsense compared to the actual description from Casey who was right in the house when Caylee was murdered convicted George.

    Casey would have been acquitted and her life wouldn’t be in danger. Baez destroyed Casey. That’s where we are right now. All the crap praising Baez is sabotaging Casey.

    • Steve, You are entitled to your beliefs but I believe you are wrong about Jose Baez. He has helped Casey more than Anyone. I thank God for him defending her the way he did. He did an Awesome job!

  4. Shannon says:

    I finished the book today, and all I can say is “WOW!”. It was packed with all the information I was dying to know while watching the trial every day . It made me feel sympathy towards Casey considering everything the girl has been through, but made me also angry that George could have been held accountable for his actions if she didn’t lie throughout the entire process. I also gained a huge amount of respect for Jose Baez, he didn’t seem to have the same experience as the prosecution.. but reading what he went through and how much he went out of is way to educate himself on topics pertaining to the case was fascinating. Casey supporter OR not.. this book was a great read. Well done Jose!!

  5. Cynthiab says:

    Just finished The Book – flew through it. I love how JB writes it just like he talks when he was all worked up during the trial – I sense that he is a man of great integrity. I don’t believe in miracles, but Casey being referred to JB was certainly the” miracle” that saved her life. Without him and his courage, in the face of all that came at him, the state would have entered all that crap in as good-as-God evidence and who would have had the expertise or wherewithal to refute it?
    Even with Jeff Ashton driving the clown car for the state, a public defender would have ended up with a false conviction. I am not sure how Burdick can live with herself if she is truly the professional that JB says that she is. As a woman, I took such offense at her strategic attack against Casey based on her perceived character and behavior and Burdick’s assertion that she would kill her child for such a ridiculous reason. Did she hear herself out loud? …
    But anyway, Happy Exoneration Anniversary Casey! I will always remember her acquittal because it touched me deeply, and although I feel tremendous sadness at what she had to endure, I believe she will have a better life now. Even with the tragic loss of her baby, the loss of her freedom, the total abandonment from her worthless family and “friends”, her private life and worst secrets splashed all over every newsstand and “news” show in the world…her story breaks my heart – continues to break my heart. But I have such hope that she will succeed in her life. I hope to hell that she writes a tell-all or does some interview and makes a butt-load of cash then high-tails it out of the US and give the “Cheney” middle finger to everyone. I would say that she’s earned it!
    All that really matters to me, and all that should matter to anyone is that old “Baldy” gets what is coming to him. I just look forward to the day that the lynch mob gets bored with being hateful, stupid, and WRONG and wises up and goes after George Marie. Since, obviously, the state of FLA is HIGHLY influenced by the press & popular opinion, when the mob starts screaming for GA’s head maybe then something will happen. He must stand accountable.
    I wanted to send JB my copy of the book (bought day 1) but I couldn’t without reading it first, and I took it with me everywhere (kitchen, bed, bath, work) so in the process it got pizza grease, scrambled egg, marks, dog-ears, cat paws, mess…etc all over it…maybe I should still ask him to sign it because I guess it is a compliment…I simply could not put it down!!!
    Half way through the book there are pictures…I cried when I looked at the one of Casey & Caylee that JB always kept with him. I had seen it before, I am sure, but seeing it in the context that the book was putting me in – not the “mystery solving” “case of the century” “George did it” mind-set that is my usual perspective, but it reminded me, and shamed me, to remember the loss that this young lady had to endure. The sweetest love they must have had for each other. It broke my heart all over again. The sadness mixed with the deep-seeded anger for her parents and the brain-trust at the prosecutors office and the evil-doers at the OCSD….its an emotional roller coaster of a book! I wish it wasn’t a true story, but at least it has – if not a happy ending – a just one….(for Casey, NOT George…his day of reckoning is coming I am sure.)

  6. WOOHOO!

    “After a week’s stay on the bestsellers list, Rielle Hunter’s What Really Happened saw sales fall by two-thirds in its second full week on sale, selling just over 2,000 copies at the outlets tracked by Nielsen BookScan. What Really Happened fell to #33 on the BookScan nonfiction hardcover list for the week ended July 10. Publisher BenBella Books, however, can take heart in that another new title, Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, landed in the 19th spot in its first week on sale, selling over 2,600 copies. The book was written by Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, along with Peter Golenbock. ”

    Take that haters!

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