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“Presumed Guilty” – Law Enforcement (and the unmistakable stench of BS)

Just in case anyone was doubting the overall incompetence of LE – here’s an excerpt from “Presumed Guilty“, pages 54-55:

“Every day, it seemed there was a leak coming from law enforcement. They had a well-orchestrated plan to convict Casey in the court of public opinion and to taint the jury pool, as the police began to serve the media a steady diet of leaks and false information.

 They leaked that there was the “smell of death” coming from the trunk of Casey’s car. They leaked that cadaver dogs had sniffed the trunk of Casey’s car and alerted to decomposition. They leaked that a single strand of Caylee’s hair found in the trunk had the “death-banding” associated with finding a dead body. They leaked that they had found a stain in the trunk, and after testing it, had found DNA. And finally, they leaked that chloroform had been found after testing the air in the trunk and that experts had discovered that Casey had looked up chloroform on her computer.

As you will see, none of this “evidence” turned out to be based on fact. But that didn’t matter. Like in politics, this was all about winning.  How they won didn’t matter. The prosecution and the police from the start were convinced that Casey had killed Caylee, put her body in her trunk, and disposed of her somewhere, and they were going to make sure she was convicted, no matter what facts or evidence got in the way of their version of reality.

As a public relations and prosecution strategy it was brilliant. They may not have had the evidence but they figured if they could inflame the public and the possible jury pool, it would give them a clear advantage when selecting a jury. And if they could intimidate Casey or her so-called “rookie-lawyer”, maybe she would fold, accept the plea, and tell the police where Caylee’s body was so everyone could go home.

I knew this was their game, but I also knew that it was all a fishing expedition. I thought to myself, If they really had all of this evidence of her guilt, why do they need to talk to Casey so badly? Why are they resorting to cheap tricks to get her to talk?

Her “rookie” lawyer decided we weren’t going to fold just yet. For the entire first year, whenever there was new discovery, the first place I heard it was the television set. It was never given to me  in advance.

The public records law in Florida is counter intuitive to a defendant’s right to a fair trial, and early on, I filed a motion with the court asking it to delay disseminating the information about the case to the media and the public so I could have an opportunity to review it first to see if there were any objectionable reasons to making it public. Strickland denied my motion without even a hearing.”


  1. Samadian says:

    Yup. And all the while, Casey is the one called a ‘liar’.

    I still don’t understand how Melich can say he ‘mispoke’ and that is accepted. The man should be charged with perjury.

  2. Great book!
    Any opinions on the baby chair footage in the news now? Maybe a video of George taping Caylee’s legs and sticking lense betweeen them. Haters re saying Casey took it herself. They say they hear her voice. All I heard was possibly an adult voice. Sounded like maybe someone imitating the baby and saying jo. The hatrers are trying to say the baby is saying kill kill kill (sounds like baby gibberish to me) and of course Casey taught her to say it.

    • EAH,

      Is it the “Strange Breakfast With Caylee Video? If so, I have a link to it.

      There is a woman’s voice seconds into the video and she says “I kill?” With a question mark. Caylee had been saying “I kill” several times, although some think it could be a foreign language.

      At the left of the video on the floor it looks like it knee in white jeans. I know white jeans are common, but I have seen George with white jeans.

      The female voice could be the voice of the baby sitter (LG) who babysat Caylee around that time.

      The person with the video lowers it below the high chair tray, and pushes the camera up between Caylee’s legs with such force it causes Caylee to fall to the side.

      Look at Caylee’s ankles? Sexual abuse experts claim a child who has been sexually abused will cross their legs. Caylee’s ankles are crossed.

      • yes that’s the one -interesting -except i don’t hear “i kill” – i hear baby gibberish. also not convinced it is a female voice – i think it could be a man talking baby – voice seems to say “I’m Jo”. Listen to it again. I could be wrong. At about 2:29 in the vid I think Caylee points at the camera holder and makes some j and ja noises and then pretty clearly says “jo jo.” Just my opinion – it is all hard to make out.

        • I’m also looking at the memorial footage where GA looks like he has lustful memories of Caylee. This is the footage that upset Dr. Weitz.

        • EAH,

          It does sound like “I kill” to me, but my friend doesn’t think so. He thinks it could be a foreign language they were teaching Caylee.

          The voice does sound female to me, but it doesn’t sound like Casey’s voice. She had female baby sitters that would watch Caylee at the Anthony’s home, so it could be a baby sitter. It does look like it could be George on the floor next to the high chair.

          It is a strange video. ALba called it sinister. I don’t know what to call it, except it is strange.

          • George standing at the foot of the delivery table looking at Casey giving birth is disgusting. He can see her privates. He even went to two vaginal examinations with Casey! Why was he allowed at the foot of the delivery table…and at vaginal examinations? He is her father, for goodness sakes.

        • I can’t remember exactly how far into the memorial it is EAH but George does say he misses Caylee so much, he misses the sweet smell of her sweat etc. It is all there !

        • EAH Lily,

          I hear babytalk too. My degree is in English/Liguistics and imo, the person and Caylee are engaging in babytalk. When I talked to to my children we said words that weren’t words. They were just sounds/phonemes and morphemes

          However, I do notice that Caylee MAY be saying Jojo in it as if to address someone who walks in the room?


          • Well that’s my interpretation too, Sonja. She points at someone and says jojo. The stray voice is weird. The first time I heard it, I though it was just a noise. It seems distorted – and deep – which makes me think it could be a man doing baby talk. I will say that I listened to this with another person who also heard “I kill” but to me it sounds like she puts a d on the end, and the sound is inconsistent, so more like baby gibberish. But really even if there was a total psycho in the house – who would teach the baby to say this? I find it hard to believe these words were used that much – unless, of course, George was threatening ppl in the home.

    • Oh I need to jump in… They have ALWAYS said that s$*t about that video. It’s been out forever and the haters LOVE to delude themselves into saying it was Casey who took it.

      I believe it was George. It is sooo much like the videos that Jaycee Lee Dugard’s captors took at parks when they were in the mood for children. They would go to a park and pretend to video tape benign things and then zoom onto a prepubescent girl and her initimate body parts.

      A PHEDOPHILE by the name of GEORGE ANTHONY took it (imo!

      Have a nice day:)

  3. We live in a very discriminating world with privileges and disadvantages.

  4. That video came out long ago just after Casey was arrested the first time. and it is now in the news? A bit behind aren’t they?

    • That’s what I was saying to myself Debbie. The media is going to CREATE some news again instead of report it.

      • Sonja
        If they want to “create” news, why not create something where GA and CA are made to take lie detector tests to prove just how long they knew that little Caylee was deceased before taking all kinds of money from strangers?

  5. I don’t hear anything resembling “kill” at all. Sounds like babytalk…”kooooo” or “kiiiiiii”…something along those lines. Whoever the adult is doesn’t say “kill” either.


    Didn’t see this on the site. Was interesting reading. Hope the charges get overturned.

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