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“Presumed Guilty” – The Great Escape – further details

Here are a few more excerpts from Jose’s book  – ”Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” – officially due for release in less than 48 hours. See some early Amazon book reviews here.

Latest review in from Jon:

“I just read Chapter 13 The Anthony Family Secrets. Casey reveals to us exactly what George did to her. in detail. That Sick POS! It will turn your stomach. The reason she lied about her job is she didn’t want to leave George with Caylee. It’s all so clear now. It is important to read it but be prepared it will make you sick.”

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From ABC News:

In the hours following Casey Anthony’s frenzied release from jail, her defense team executed a movie-like getaway plan, complete with decoy vehicles, a helicopter chase and a stop at an all-night Steak ‘n Shake for her first meal.

The July 17, 2011 scene was broadcast all over the country. Casey Anthony was scheduled to be released from jail at midnight and swarms of media and avid-trial watchers—most furious at the woman dubbed the most hated woman in America — camped outside in the dark, harshly illuminated by TV lights.

What the public didn’t see is what was going on inside the jail, now detailed in defense attorney Jose Baez’s book “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story,” set to be released on July 3.

“She was wearing a dark pink polo shirt with jeans and some funky tennis shoes that had two-colored laces,” Baez wrote. “‘Hey,’ I said. ‘Hey,’ Casey said. Looking at her sneakers, I said, ‘What the hell is that all about?’ ‘They don’t exactly have a shopping mall here at the jail,’ she said.”

Ten days earlier, Anthony had been acquitted of charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter for the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. She was convicted of lying to law enforcement. Since she had credit for time served, the maximum sentence the judge could give her for the conviction was 10 days, which he did.

Baez and his team spent those 10 days crafting an escape plan for Anthony, a way to get her from the jail to the airport where a private plane would be waiting to whisk her away.

“There were too many crazies who were convinced she had killed Caylee while she danced the night away, and I feared for her safety,” he wrote. “In addition to avoiding an army of media, we knew we were going to also duck the surveillance of a half dozen helicopters.”

The plan was to get Anthony into a car as quickly as possible before driving across the street to attorney Cheney Mason’s building that had a multilevel garage. There, they planned to have one car block the garage’s entrance while a small fleet of cars waited inside.

Anthony and Baez would get into another car and all of the cars would leave the garage and head in different directions, leaving followers unsure of which vehicle Anthony was in.

“As soon as we walked out that door, I heard screams, the way teenagers screamed for Justin Bieber at one of his concerts,” Baez wrote, describing the moment they exited the jail. “I’m certain they were yelling ‘Baby killer’ and the like, but after going from total silence to the sound of insanity, neither one of us could make out a single word they were saying.”

They got in the car and headed for the garage where they quickly switched vehicles, which was not as smooth as Baez had hoped.

“I opened the door, grabbed Casey’s hand, pulled her out, and I was so hopped up with adrenalin, I forgot she was there and slammed the car door on her leg before she could even get out of the car,” he wrote.

‘”Owwwwww,” she yelped,” Baez wrote. “‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ I said. ‘I’m really sorry.'”

The vehicles took off from the garage and the plan worked, shedding all of their pursuers except for one helicopter.

A half-a-dozen helicopters over the airport prevented them from going there directly. They went to a lake, parked in a wooded area and waited until the helicopter trailing them gave up and left.

“We drove around, and I had no idea where we were, but Casey did,” Baez wrote. “‘You know about three blocks up on the left, do you know who lives there?’ she asked. ‘Zanny?’ I blurted out. We cracked up laughing. ‘Don’t make me punch you,’ she said.”

Baez was referring to Zenaida Gonzalez, the fictional nanny Anthony claimed had taken Caylee.

With time to kill, the group went to an all-night Steak ‘n Shake where Anthony had her “first meal of freedom” – a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milkshake.

Anthony and Baez eventually made it to the airport and took off for St. George Island, an island on the Florida panhandle near Panama City. The defense team had rented a house on a secluded beach.

Since it was the middle of the night, the small airport was closed and the plane had to land based on the flashing lights of a car waiting for them below.

“Meanwhile I said to myself, ‘Oh my God. After all this, I’m going to die in a f*****g plane crash with Casey Anthony. This is a blogger’s dream come true,'” Baez joked.

That night, Anthony climbed up the roof where a “wound up” Baez was sitting and “took photos of her first sunrise of freedom.”

When the secret location was discovered by the press, Baez had Anthony moved immediately.

“I had one of my investigators drive Casey to New York,” he wrote. “While the entire national media was searching for her in Arizona and California, she was within walking distance of all of their offices.”

Early in the book, Baez also discusses his belief that Anthony suffers from “serious mental health issues,” which he realized after her elaborate stories led investigators on a wild-goose chase before being exposed as lies.

“She gave such vivid details from her imagination,” Baez wrote. “This was a bit more than just lies.”

Baez described Anthony as someone who was not “playing with a full deck.” He wrote that he still wonders if calling in a mental health expert early on in the case may have affected the outcome. He did not call one to the jail because public records would show that the expert visited and Baez feared the visit would lead people to believe he was pursuing an insanity defense.

Baez also takes aim at a number of people in his book, including Anthony’s mother Cindy Anthony, Nancy Grace and prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

Baez was shocked when Ashton did not attend Anthony’s sentencing.

“I can think of nothing worse to do to your team, and all I have to say about that is that Jeff Ashton, you’re a coward,” he wrote.

Baez also had harsh words for Anthony’s mother Cindy Anthony. He described his thoughts the day she called him and urgently requested that he meet her behind a church. She wanted him to deliver a message to her daughter about where to plant a rose bush for Caylee’s birthday.

“Oh my God. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree,” Baez thought to himself. “That poor girl. This is whom she has for a mother.”

Baez called Nancy Grace, who coined the Anthony nickname “Tot Mom,” a “quack” when he described appearing on her show.”

Jose Baez - Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony - The Inside Story

*** Click here to leave your own comments on the book in our special ‘Presumed Guilty” page ***


  1. Marilyn A. says:

    I’m already reading my copy! Whooop! I was reading all over the discussion boards that people were getting their book early from their local Barnes and Noble and I wanted one too… lol… Yes, I paid more than I would have ordering it online but it’s worth the extra cost to have it now. B&N website said it wasn’t in stock so I called them. They did have it and could sell it so I picked it up on my lunch break yesterday!

    If anyone plans on reading the book, please make sure to review it on both Amazon and B&N when your done. Makes me sick that so many haters are rating it 1 star without even reading it.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    I have been a MANIAC trying to get mine.I am suppose to get one of my copies in a couple of hours!! I had pre-ordered,BUT as soon as my small town Barnes & Noble called me a minute ago saying they would have them in & unloaded in an hour & a half,I will have THE BOOK!!!! I will end up with more than one copy to pass to some of my friends & family members who still think I’m crazy!! YIPPEEEE!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!

    • Marilyn A. says:

      Congrats! I deleted my pre-order with Amazon as it wasn’t even suppose to be shipped until 7/3. Why would I wait… hmmmm, I didn’t…. lol

  3. Nice to see that the book is getting a good amount of 5 star reviews at Amazon. Gotta counteract all of the trolls who rated it 1 star without even reading it.

  4. Guys, I need some tech support. I decided to buy the downloadable version like you did. I downloaded the kindle for computer on my laptop and went to pay, but it says I have to wait until the third so I backed out. Where did you get your downloaded copy?

    • Marilyn A. says:

      I purchsed a hardcover book from my local B&N. I don’t think you can download a digital version until 7/3 but I could be wrong. A lot of people are saying if you pre-order a hardcover book from B&N, it will be shipped early but with the holiday coming, I don’t know if you would get it before the digital version is available for download.

      • Marilyn,
        I assumed I could order it early because Jon did. I ordered the hardcover version just now, to have it by the holiday:) On a sidenote: OMG those people at the Amazon review site are going nuts with their non-reviews of this book and fanatical rants. It just baffles me…the energy these people have?! Nevertheless, they are finally working against themselves as their behavior is going to drive the book sales way up just by protesting!!!! I can say that with authority because I’ve taught literature and every banned book, every controversial topic is something people gravitate toward so new people will be reading this story because of the controversy they’ve created. Usually, I’m really against all the Casey bashers but for now, with regard to this specific issue of J. B. selling his book, they are going to make it #1 on the bestsellers list before they’re done:) P.S. They are so dim they are accusing Jose Baez of reviewing his own book. PULEASE!

        • Marilyn A. says:


          I cannot swear to it but I think Jon purchased a hardcover from B&N but he may correct me if I’m wrong… lol

          I know in my head you’re right about them driving up sales but… oh, I just can’t even express my feelings about these people with their hate, attacks, etc…. oh, I’ll just leave it at that!

          • Oh I understand. I even asked them a few questions about why they feel as they do. They say the same things over and over, like a canned speech. 1 + 1 = 2 in math but not in life given the complexities of people. Do you know I had never heard of this case until I was home recovering from an illness? I turned on the tv and began watching GMA in the mornings before the trial started. I looked at Casey and the pics of her partying, and said to myself, something doesn’t add up here and began my own research. I have never watched N.G. nor HLN. I did notice her on GMA when they would bring her on to spar with their celebrity lawyer however. Casey reminded me of my at-risk young adult students, who often lie in situations and make things worse for themselves but it doesn’t mean they are evil or guilty of said crime as some suggest about people who lie and this case. I didn’t make my mind up quickly. I started reading the trial stuff for myself and immediately noticed something off with George and Cindy and they way this whole mess was handled. I had nobody to blog with or talk to and felt like I was alone in my thinking. It wasn’t until after the verdict was read, that I found ONE blog where people looked the evidence carefully and saw things as I did. Then I found this site and I thank SJ for making this a place where we can’t be attacked for our thoughts. Sorry for this long-winded post. I wanted to get that off my chest for while!

  5. Steve Miller says:

    Americans brag they are exceptional. Americans are the most exceptional people God ever created.
    Americans are pompous, arrogant, know it alls, who are also the biggest bunch of suckers led around by the nose in a propaganda trance. Americans have experts tell them what to think. The Casey Anthony case is the best proof of the American culture.

    When Americans are challenged by obvious facts they always react with anger and they always prefer to be self destructive than to ever admit they learned they were wrong. I’ll prove it right now.

    Watch what they do if they listen to this:

    Casey is in a deep hole. Baez put her in that hole and he will make millions of $$ from the suckers who buy his book. Casey lined Baez’s pockets and Baez protected George. Is that how you support Casey? My library will buy my copy and I will host a program to inform the people in Bridgeport, CT what really happened.

    • I agree with many of the points you made in your video. I do think the FBI dropped the ball and failed to investigate George Anthony. However, I don’t think that Jose Baez could have demanded for his arrest that day the shrinks were deposed. The case and motive were built by law enforcement around the 31 days and subsequent behavior by Casey. The psychologists’ testimonies were still considered subjective to a degree and the prosecution would have made sure that Casey looked like she lied to them (shrinks) as well. If anyone dropped the ball in this case, it is my opinion that law enforcement including the FBI failed to investigate thoroughly George Anthony and that’s why we are here today. Also, Casey would have had to of been willing to testify against her father. Based on those reports she said something along the lines of I still love my father, but I wish I didn’t, tells me that, at that time, she wasn’t ready. Abuse is told in bits and pieces over time. I pray she will have the courage to tell her story in a venue that allows justice for her and Caylee. Nevertheless, most of the evidence has been destroyed by none other than George Anthony.

      • Steve Miller says:

        Casey has no choice. She is a material witness. Her statements to both shrinks are confirmed by their sworn testimony. Casey would be compelled to testify. How can you people not know that?

        None of you people have my experience and my knowledge with the criminal justice system. Read my book and find out. JUST CAUSE JUST FACTS It’s on Amazon.

        For any person to believe Caylee drowned by accident and then was dumped in the swamp is proof of not just ignorance, but a bottomless trance. This is one of many examples. I explained this in the youtubes. If I put the links here this will be blocked. You can find them in other posts.

        • Steve Miller,

          I don’t know if you read my previous posts replying to your comment, so I will say it again. I could have been an accident, and the body would have been dumped in the woods because George needed time for the body to decompose. Even if it was an accident, an autopsy would have been required-which would show the condition of Caylee’s body. I believe he covering sexual abuse of the child by stalling for time for the body to decompose. Once he stalled for time, being in law enforcement, he had to have known murder would be suspected so he covered his butt by framing Casey.

          Two shrinks do not a whole case for acquittal make–at least not in this case. The one shrink had wrongly stated the clothing Caylee was wearing when George showed her Caylee’s body. This put his credibility at issue, and they couldn’t use him. However, even if both shrinks testified, the state could have called their own shrink in to testifiy—or point out the mistake in clothing. So called experts have a way of canceling themselves out on the stand. It is not an exact science.


          • Yep lily your right about that. And then her family would have said she was lying, I mean all of them extended family, everyone. Thinking that it would all work out in Casey’s favor merely based on those reports is a bit idealistic. Heck, nobody believed she told the truth to the shrinks as that was evident in the way the shrinks were questioned when deposed. It wasn’t a big light bulb moment for the prosecution. They believed everything she said was a lie and would never turn around and arrest, “dear old dad” instead!

    • Marilyn C. says:

      Steve Miller…how can you say that Mr Baez PROTECTED George BEFORE you have read the book? I am reading right now & that is WRONG. YES I bought the book….2 of them. I could not wait for my pre ordered to get here & am kind of bedridden at the time, THANKS to my Barnes & Noble…I couldn’t resist. I can not put it down…I’m taking a little break to eat something. I only wish you would read the book first before you say this….that’s all I’m sayin. It was obvious on PAGE 2 Cindy & George LIED about WHY they didn’t get the notice on the door which was put on the door on the 7th of July. They said they were out of town… but cell records, etc proved otherwise. So Right out of the box….they are caught LYING!! I hope everybody reads it & learns all that I am…..which in my mind THOUGHT I KNEW IT ALL….I was WRONG. Its one of the BEST BOOKS I’ve ever read!!!!!! Back to reading….Thank You Marilyn A. for the idea of going ahead to my Barnes & Noble!! I OWE YA!!! My Hubby says this is the best money he has spent….he hasn’t heard a PEEP from me!!!

      • I can’t wait to get mine then. I’m wondering all that I was wrong about too now 🙂

      • Marilyn A. says:

        ROFLMAO… a content wife makes a happy husband!! That was a great comment! You definitely do NOT owe me… we are all like family sticking together! I’m reading it as quickly as I can but unlike your husband, my face planted in a book doesn’t make them happy… lol

        If I recall correctly, I think we’re both in TX… if so and not too far apart (considering how big this state is), we can get together to discuss the book and stuff!! It’s great to find like minded people!

        • Barnes and Noble Winter Garden FL has the book in stock. Was there yesterday. Couldn’t put the book down. Was always wondering what happened to Dr. Lee not testifying and now I know why he didn’t. Just as well, they didn’t need his “big name” after all. The book is well written and most of my own theories of what happened are being validated.

      • Steve Miller says:

        Baez is a brilliant lawyer. Claiming a murder to be an accident is ridiculous. That’s what happened. Its not my opinion. All you people who are blind to Baez are destroying Casey who is hiding for that reason.

        Baez had the two best witnesses. Weitz and Danziger confirmed the murder by George. If you watch my youtubes I make this clear.

        I really don’t want to argue with any of you people who are blind to Baez because that won’t help Casey at all. I got shut down for commenting to you people so I really didn’t want to answer you.

        You can find the links to my youtubes. If you can’t grasp that there’s nothing that will work. Casey has an excuse because her brain snapped. She sits in a room by herself and refuses to press charges on George.

        • Baez has helped and supported Casey so much. He really fought for her. I don’t why you feel this way about Baez.

        • Can you tell me about one case where in the middle, the attorney stopped and called for an arrest of someone based on a psych report? I didn’t shut you down.I agreed with you on my post of your points and took the time to listen to your video. I just don’t see how this is plausible, or it would have happened before in other cases. We are all here united in seeing George Anthony brought to justice. Everyone here, by virtue that they even post here, demonstrate that they are thinking people who aren’t swayed easily.

          • A cause of death was never determined. Evidence in this case has been destroyed. We can all have opinions. Jose Baez worked with the information he had and got an acquittal for Casey. This is a closed case and it is doubtful that it will ever be reopened. There is one thing that I don’t doubt, and that is that Casey did not kill Caylee. I have that belief because of the excellent job that Jose Baez did in representing Casey and in refuting every piece of fantasy forensics that the prosecution presented. That being said, it is sad to say that some cases are never resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. For Casey, I hope that somehow she can move on with her life and find happiness in the years to come. May Caylee rest in peace knowing that her mother wasn’t wrongfully imprisoned for her murder.

        • Weitz and Danziger were not witnesses TO an actual murder though. Baez did a great job in planting seeds of doubt about George in the jury’s minds.

        • Steve Miller,

          The cause of death could not be determined!!!!!

          Again I will repeat it:

          The 31 days Caylee wasn’t reported missing or dead, should tell you something! It is obvious someone was stalling for time–time for the body to decompose! Who? George! It tells me that the body would show sexual abuse! He could have murdered her–or it could have been an accident and the result would have been the same: Stalling for time for the body to decompose. Don’t you find it odd that the hyoid bone and part of the pelvic bone were missing–the two bones that would show sexual abuse.

          I believe someone destroyed those bones, someone with medical knowledge would know they’d show sexual abuse. Cindy? I don’t know. But it’s not coincidence these two bones were missing. Not in my view it’s not.

          If there is anyone covering for George it is NOT Baez. Jose dismantled George on the stand. It would be the prosecution covering for him. Take a look at George on one of his cross examinations, as Jose is dismantling him, George reaches out his hands to the prosecution and pleads “come on, help me,” words to that effect. When Jose tried to bring in about George’s statement to LE about smelling decomposition in the woods-which was several months before the body was found, Jeff Ashton asked for a sidebar, and when they got back the woods decomposition was stopped!

          What is it with you? You don’t want to “agrue” with any of us? Who do you think you are? Don’t try to jam your opinion down throats! It’s not argument to disagree, it is called discussion. I suggest you cool it and quit being so rude.


      • Steve Miller says:

        I know what isn’t in the book before I open it because I heard him say Caylee died by accident. Then I just heard Baez tell Dr. Drew there was no evidence of a murder.

        Anybody too stupid to know that nobody on earth has ever had a legitimate accident but made that accident appear to be a murder by hiding the body and then fleecing people for money.

        I’m trying not to be rude to you people when you disgust me by drooling over Baez who lied that it was an accident. He could have won the case without any doubt if he put Weitz on the stand.

        Why did Casey fire Baez? I don’t know because I’m not a mind reader like all you people. Casey is brilliant and she is liked by every person who had the good fortune to know her personally. Maybe Case will explain why she fired Baez and didn’t fire Cheney Mason.

        I don’t give a shit what Baez did on Xmas. I know that the minute I heard him say it was an accident, I said whoa horsey. That kid ain’t in the woods because she died accidentally. If you people want to stay in your trance and keep drooling over Baez, that’s just more hypocrisy. Hypocrites aren’t quite as bad as molesters. I can stand here all by myself but I’m not joining the hypocrites. If you say I’m rude, the truth isn’t rude.

  6. SJ,
    On Insession they reported that Casey will be in court on July 5. Do you know why? Insession didn’t say why. TIA

    • Hi Lily. It must have been a replay of events from last year. July 5th will be the 1st Anniversary of Casey’s Not Guilty verdict.

  7. Marilyn C. says:

    I get a little upset when I hear someone put Jose down for ANYTHING…..especially when I have read that instead of being with his family on Christmas Eve he had to be at the funeral home staring at a SILVER BOX ,which he said it was so pretty it looked like a gift….but in reality it was Caylees body.Because of so many different reasons & the damn media,thats WHEN Dr Spitz had to do her autopsy.This man gave it his ALL for Casey & Caylee EVERY DAMN DAY!!! All of us here are so GRATEFUL for him SAVING Caseys life & so much more.After you read the book….you can NOT see Jose in a bad light at all.

    • Steve Miller says:

      My interest is solving the murder. If the murder doesn’t get solved, Casey stays screwed for life.

      See if this one works. When Baez claimed it was an accident, that eliminated solving the murder which in turn buried Casey into her room by herself for the rest of her life.

      If I get a chance to destroy Baez to help Casey, Baez will be looking for a dish washer job. If you don’t believe I’m serious, read my book — JUST CAUSE JUST FACTS.

      I asked Baez and Cheney Mason to file an official complaint against George and they refused.
      If you people here really want to help Casey, call the FBI 407-875-9976 to tell them to do their job and speak with Casey, and then arrest George. Tell the FBI to contact me and I’ll explain the evidence that will convict George so fast his head will spin.

      While the FBI was doing something else every day, I watched the trial. I read the depositions and that’s where the evidence is because Casey is an eye witness to the murder. Casey told the entire truth to Weitz, and I could prove that.

      • Steve,
        Why don’t you think the FBI isn’t looking into this? There is evidence under seal to which another attorney infers is because the FBI might be looking into this. And why would the FBI listen to us? I’m asking seriously that question. How could they know less than we know and why would they take us seriously?

  8. Marilyn C. says:

    Oh by the way….THANK YOU LILY for speaking up!! I have been a little emotional.YES if you read the book….have some kleenex handy!

    • You’re welcome.

      I get upset when Jose is put down. I think he is wonderful, brave, and courageous..

      I can’t wait to get my book, hopefully it will be here tomorrow.


    • My book is supposed to be here today but i wonder with the holiday. I paid extra though:) I wish you guys would post a little more but i know that spoils it and wouldn’t be fair:)))

      • Marilyn C. says:

        Sonja…I always wondered WHY George left the law enforcement,here’s another EXCERPT : Cindy said the reason was that after Lee was born,she persuaded him to quit because the job was too dangerous.But I had also heard from one of the Anthonys that he quit because he was involved in a car accident in which two people were killed.My investigator,Mort Smith,interviewed a survivor in the crash,and apparently George was responding to a call when he went through a red light and crashed into another vehicle.Two passengers in the other car died.

        • I read that too. I read the same thing you did, that he killed someone while on duty. I also suspect that he just has trouble keeping the same job for a long period of time.

          • Marilyn C.

            The UPS pulled and delivered something else I ordered but Amazon says the book arrived in my town according to the tracking… But what A TEASE! Anyhow, does Baez go easy on George? I ask that because the media states he has harsh words for Cindy but didn’t reference George. As you can see, patience isn’t my virtue:)

          • Marilyn C. says:

            Oh Sonja!!!! He does NOT go EASY on George!!! Its the very opposite !!!!!! He makes it almost like a game to see how he can get under his skin!!!! These are my words!! Thats one reason why I said I laughed & cried while reading this book!! WOW….I hope you get to yours soon!! Right now I am going back thru some of the things he said about reasons he did certain things during the trial & re watching those parts of the trial.I am having a great time!

  9. Steve Miller says:

    Mr. Greenberg,

    The witch hunt lies by the Orlando Sentinel that have failed to interview Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger. They were told the truth by Casey who described exactly the murder by her father George on the morning of June 16, 2008. Florida State Attorney Lawson Lamar has protected George to not expose itself from the witch hunt by Ashton and Burdick when they deposed Dr. Weitz and Dr. Danziger.

    Either Casey lied to them or she told the truth. Please review the links to the youtubes I prepared that disclose details. I am also attaching letters to the FBI. The FBI hasn’t arrested George because the FBI is protecting Lawson Lamar.

    We intend to expose the Orlando Sentinel and HLN for its malicious false attack of Casey Anthony. The media has purposely misled its audience to despise Casey who has been the victim of this murder of her precious daughter Caylee and the planted evidence by George.

  10. Steve Miller says:

    Saint Jose Baez knew on April 13 before the trial began in June that Casey trusted the shrinks. Casey didn’t trust the lawyers. Casey is super smart, she watches closely. Weitz stated that Casey was different with him when no lawyer was sitting in their conference. She trusted Weitz and she explained exactly what happened on June 16. She told Danziger she didn’t know why she doesn’t hate George.

    Saint Baez is smarter than all you people drooling over his BS book while Casey sits scared to death in a secret room. Supporting Baez is sabotaging Casey. That’s not being rude. That’s being honest. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

    The minute I heard Baez claim this case was an accident but the body was hidden in the woods, I said that’s ridiculous. After I bothered to study the transcripts of the depositions, that confirmed my hypothesis. Saint Jose Baez is a liar and a fraud. He got away with his accident defense and she got acquitted. I don’t know Baez motive for doing that. I don’t read minds. I just know that Baez is very smart and he is a brilliant litigator.

    Saint Jose Baez is too smart to botch this by accident. Why didn’t Baez deliver my book to Casey like he promised? I have no idea.

    • Steve Miller

      Why don’t you reply to the rest of my post, about the 31 days and my comments about George stalling for time so the body could decompose? Why haven’t you replied to that? Instead you pull out one word “rude” and comment on it.

      I asking you to respond to my comments about the 31 days, and an “accident” or “murder” comments? Or do you just want to continue to bully and insult, and not exchange ideas?

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