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“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” – Lifetime Movie Preview

I’m still a bit peeved that Dick van Dyke and Jenny McCarthy never got chosen to play The Laughing Guy & Lin Possible – or that Belvin Perry didn’t get replaced by Amos & Andy.

Here’s the trailer…

Casey Anthony - Lifetime Movie Preview

I particularly like the bit where it says:

“Our case is rock solid…
Forensics say she’s guilty…
Common sense says she’s guilty…
And the Jury is gonna say she’s guilty.”

Yeah… right. Are we talking about the same trial here, or what?

Their case was piss poor at best… and the forensics were a veritable fantasy of BS & junk science. The only time common sense came into the equation was when the Jury recorded their Not Guilty verdict.

Later folks,


  1. Drew Hensley says:

    I’m not sure there is anything to add to your comments, SJ.

  2. I heard they are going to make George into the victim and make people feel sorry for him and that Virginia Welch who plays Casey will only have a small part in it.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      OMG! Speechless…. take it back; no I’m not. If Casey can’t sue over this, something is wrong with our country.

    • They are. Wait unti you see the actor that plays him? He’s been in other tv movies and comes off very meek. ( Not at all saying anything negatively as an actor ) because those are the roles he played. I wish I could remember his name.

  3. wait where is nancy the devil graces part in this joke

  4. Ugh, not watching this. My only comments are:

    1) They’re REALLY flattering Asston with Rob Lowe.

    2) I like Rob Lowe on Parks and Recreation, but his willingness to play Asston has caused him to lose major points with me. I’m sure he just wanted the paycheck though.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      Well I’m going to watch it, but it will be painful. The only fair way to do this is to make another one with Casey as consultant.

    • I saw a promo on GMA and Lowe said he enjoys playing the role of politician. But he also said: “I like the rest of the world was shocked at the verdict”.

  5. I agree with all of you especially you Drew. When I first heard about this I thought I hope Casey and Jose make one based off of their story! It is only fair! Casey’s lawyers say she will tell her story someday. I cannot wait to see how she will tell It! Will it be a book, movie, or interview. We will all have to wait and see!!!

    • I can’t wait either. An interview and a book would be great and I hope she gets paid a lot of $.

      • And lets hope the juries they pick in these civil suits don’t have an agenda and find for the plaintiffs just to make her “pay” somehow. They could attach all her future earnings and all her money would go to ZG, TES and Kronk.

        • I completely agree with you guys. Drew, “The only fair way to do this is to make another one with Casey as consultant.” When have they ever been concerned with fairness? Though I agree, but I wouldn’t want it on Lifetime. Like I said before Lifetime is notorious for sensationalized based-on-true-story movies. I do hope that one day she is able to tell her side more so than what was said on Piers Morgan. In my opinion, if anyone should be making any money on her story it should be her. She was acquitted and the victim was her daughter. I have concerns about the civil suit rulings so far, I agree with some of them, but not others, one big example, Judge Munyon decided not to move the trial or jury selection because it has been two years, does she own a television? Go on the Internet? Read the newspaper? Does she not know about the Lifetime movie? Or the media’s continued obsession with trying to convince every last person of their sensationalized, scripted version of events? Come on.

  6. This same network made a movie on the Amanda Knox case that portrayed her as a villain. As we all know, she’s since been exonerated. No one should ever take these quickie movies based on true crime stories seriously. They’re garbage.

    • What’s funny is that I watched the Amanda Knox movie and still came away thinking that she was innocent (I hadn’t read detailed information about the case at that time, and now I firmy believe that she’s innocent). So that was a big fail on Lifetime’s part.

    • OMG I totally agree with you Harry! I don’t know why Lifetime would make a movie out of this case when they can’t use Jose’s side of the story too!

    • You’re absolutely right Harry. I don’t remember following the Knox story, but I do remember Nancy Grace and others convicting her in the media and I remember during her attempts at exoneration hearing testimony about police misconduct and prosecutor misconduct. I also found the theory of the prosecutor suspicious, stuff about devil worship and other things. I also remember thinking that the other guy who turned state’s witness against her and her boyfriend was the real killer who worked alone. Obviously that was the truth. The media and other companies always seem to really attach to the prosecutions’ cases. They think it sells better and we’re only proving them right. I do not accept and we should not settle for a culture in which people are not afforded Constitutional protections for the monetary gain of the media and the entertainment of the masses. It is wrong, period.

  7. Marilyn C. says:

    For some reason I can’t help but think that all this latest BS about “New Evidence” that was in Jose’s book,had SOMETHING to do with the release of this GARBAGE MOVIE.Since it is suppose to be about ASSTON…that means it will be a JOKE!! Hey I like comedies! Just don’t try putting it on TV & say TRUE STORY! We all have seen in real life how things went for him.I wonder if it will show him in court DEFENDING his own kids? I agree….Rob Lowe lost some points with me too.Hey Guys don’t Yall remember Casey saying “When I get out of here,I’m not giving them(media) shit”!! She has kept her word!!

    • Drew Hensley says:


      This is a good point you make. I had been wondering why they waited to respond to Jose’s book. See I think they knew it was there all along. They have been sitting on their interpretation since July when the book came out because they wanted it to coincide with the movie release! I see it all now. Thanks for sharing.

  8. GasCanGeorge says:

    I think CAsey should make a movie about her experience growing up in a dysfunctional home along with her POS father. Tell her story that way… Then take it upon herself to help others who is in the same boat. This way she can get out what she needs to, use what she has learned to help save others, then go ahead and press charges…..

    This movie will line her parents pockets. She needs to get a suit going so they cannot collect a dime more off her daughter and or make them pay.

    • I do agree that the dysfunction of the family is glossed over or spun in the media and it is more important than that. Did you know that George and Cindy Anthony tried to copyright Caylee’s image and name in order to sell t-shirts and other products for their second charity? And also to stop other people from profiting, just them. Remember their first charity closed under suspicion that they were misusing the funds. It was said they were sharing it with Casey Anthony, but I believe that was the knee jerk belief because of the media’s “case”. The facts say that George and Cindy Anthony were not working at the time and were using funds for their own expenses. I believe that the media began investigating the fund hoping that it would yield facts about the money being given to Casey Anthony and when it didn’t they said it anyway. They went on to say that people shouldn’t give to the second fund because the money would go to Casey Anthony, when the truth is they shouldn’t give to the fund because it isn’t a charity and the money is going to George and Cindy Anthony who want it because they don’t want to go back to work. How can people just gloss over stuff like this?

      • JA Kalskett says:

        YCBW, do you think the donation sites would be a way of laundering ‘solicited or extorted funds’, under the disguise of a donation?

        • Well, I know that people are focused on Casey Anthony for various ulterior motives, they want to say she received money from the both charities (not true), they want to say she has deals in the works (not true), and they want to say she was setting up pay-per-view sites (not true, they were “secure” personal communications with her psychologists, which were hacked). Some people even want to say she is making money from Jose Baez’s and Jeff Ashton’s books. Jose Baez has said multiple times she just had to give him permission. Certainly, you have to be stupid to think she is involved in anything Jeff Ashton is doing. Back to your question, sorry, it just baffles me. There is a difference between a fraudulent charity and one that pockets charitable proceeds, I know strange, but I’ll explain. Fraudulent charities out and out take all the money. The tricky thing is that legitimate charities have a percentage of money that goes to their organization and some that goes toward the charity, perfectly legal. Technically the Anthonys did not do anything illegal, however they pocketed a majority of donations I think that’s wrong. George and Cindy Anthony were pocketing 80% of the donations and only used 20% for actual charity work (like those balloon releases). So for example, Dr. Phil donated $600,000 because they didn’t want to get paid for their interview and he didn’t want to pay them. However, it was all for show to help boost their credibility by saying they “did it for charity”. As per usual, they kept 80%, for “administration expenses” (includes salaries). That means that they kept $480,000 and put $120,000 in the charity (interestingly this is the rumored amount they supplied Casey Anthony. Unbelievable, they blame everything her parents do on her).
          When people started looking into The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Inc. (1st charity) it was to find “evidence” that Casey Anthony was receiving the funds, they stumbled upon the real facts and the fund was shut down. Most likely due to bad publicity. The irony is the bad publicity was the false claims that the money was going to Casey Anthony not the true claims that it was going to George and Cindy Anthony, go figure. They did start up a 2nd charity (Caylee’s Fund), but couldn’t get the copyright on Caylee. It has since been dissolved, but interestingly not until after receiving the more than half a million dollar contribution from Dr. Phil, lending to the possibility that they pocketed it all since there is no charity for the $120,000 to go to. In short, it is not illegal for charities to use proceeds for themselves just to use all the proceeds for themselves. So to find out how much an organization you are donating to is pocketing, I would recommend

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Good to know…gives me a little more insight as to why people who help Geo eventually hate to be associated with him…I wonder if he leaves blackmail behind, when he moves on to the next opportunity. (Holloway, Ashton, C.Benaida might know first hand)

  9. JA Kalskett says:

    Anything Casey would’ve said, was based in the dis-information she had already been acting on for 31 days before July 15th. From her perception of ‘what was going on’ she was just beginning to notice ‘she didn’t KNOW SHIT!’ [she was “out of the loop”; referenced from jailhouse tape]

    IMO, anything that happened after “early-to-mid June IS the old story…of heinous murder, chloroform, duct tape and premeditation…Call it the HMS b/c the world has taken a very long ‘cruise’ on it.

    Any “New evidence” will be Casey’s… what Casey WILL tell, likely, when it will no longer matters; after Geo truly goes to be with Caylee. [and his involvement will be forgotten, not just ‘overlooked’]

    Now, repeat after me, “don’t believe everything you think”, then, embrace the irrefutable facts but reject the old picture the HMS has left in it’s wake…leave the pieces on the floor and move on. It is not as difficult to imagine Casey’s story. (that ended when Caylee went ‘out of her sight…on HER worst of worst days’). Except brace yourself, it will be a story of a loving relatioship between a little girl and her young mother…the story of Casey’s faith and hope that no harm had come to her daughter, while the 31 days passed and she had no tangible proof of Caylee’s whereabouts and condition other than a video of a visit to MtDora in mid June, and disinformation provided by those people she counted on most, and trusted ‘unconditionally” (Geo and Cindy)

  10. GasCanGeorge says:

    She needs to do whatever possible to bring whomever responsible to justice. And stop her sick parents from profiting any longer.

  11. I think Casey should write a book about growing up in the dysfunctional Anthony house. She could help so many abuse victims like herself by just pouring her heart out.. Donate some of the profits to abuse victims and children. I don’t think she could tell us any more about her case than Jose Baez already has.

    • You know what really sickens me about this whole case is the dismissive media coverage about the abuse claims. We say as a culture that we should be more accepting of victims and believe someone until some evidence proves it wrong. Shield laws and victims’ rights, etc. etc. But when given the opportunity to act on their words, what do they do? They call the person a liar and an opportunist. They do this for money. They didn’t even give the facts a chance, they said it was just another one of her stories and lies, Casey 2.0. They said that she made it up to get out of what she did (even though she hadn’t been convicted). They ignored the testimony of two of her boyfriends that she confided in them that she had been abused. Take Jane Velez Mitchell for example, her criticism of people who say they are abused didn’t stop at Casey Anthony. She went on to say that the accusers of Bernie Fine, who the prosecutors said they believed, but couldn’t bring charges because of lack of evidence, were just trying to capitalize on the recent Jerry Sandusky scandal. The media never stops and recognizes that when people wait until they are adults to say that they were abused their testimony is the only evidence (as was the case in the Jerry Sandusky case, which they heavily covered in pro-prosecution mode) unless someone confesses or their was documentation. There will be no physical signs, nothing. They don’t stop and recognize the irony in the fact that people don’t come forward with such intimately painful memories because they fear people will not believe them. Way to prove them right. This is one of the most painfully hypocritical things the media does.

  12. JA Kalskett says:

    Hi Jon, I don’t think she KNEW ANY of the heinous-murder story until it unfolded ‘in spite of her’! From her perspective, she didn’t even know the end of her own story, not until the Dec 11 ‘jail set-up’

    Geo and Cindy had taken Caylee away from Orlando, between May 29th and the first weekend in June; taking pics and documenting how ‘life with them would be’ if Caylee was in their custodial care.

    When they returned, in early June, Casey (and Caylee) moved out of their home, taking as much of their belongings as Cindy’s car would hold, so, Casey became the ‘event planner’ of the events that led to her ‘worst of worst days’ [the second weekend of June]…ironically early-to-mid June.

    There were 3 calendar events that weekend that made up the worst of worst days in the A-Family; Friday the 13th, was Casey’s
    Flag Day June 14th was Caylee’s
    and Father’s Day June 15th was George’s (when he discovered their family’s ‘Sunshine’ had been taken away)

    Later, the Diary of Days came to her (after arrest) as a ‘program of the events, yet to unfold’. [in which she had no involvement, except to NOT speculate or particpate and ‘keep her mouth shut’ Through the words of the Diary of Days, she was instructed ‘how to survive the HMS”, just like a life-raft in a turbulent sea, with a life of it’s own.

  13. Drew Hensley says:

    You know JA I was looking at the websleuth site at the dialogue between the ppl who came up with the new time of 2:50. They were saying they would not divulge everything they found bc it would embarras GA. Don’t you wonder what they found that they don’t want us to know? Hmmm maybe George was looking at something that supports Jose’s assertions about him?

    • Drew Hensley says:

      … oh uh … and if they know, I bet Jose knows too. 🙂

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Drew, do you see that we are scrutinizing the ‘two stories’?

        Examine the ‘events leading to midnight Friday the13th’. Then, separately, the ‘events that unfolded after June 15th’.

        The ‘heinous-murder story’…beginning in the 24 to 36 hours [after Caylee’s death] when ‘being out of the loop” appeared suspicious as though she was involved in the murder story. But it was the ‘lies’ in the video, of MtDora, that ‘launched’ the HMStory that “took the high road”

        Disinformation caused her to speculate…she found out 31 days later, ‘she didn’t know shit!’ Her confusion and misinformation appeared to be evidence of foul-play, ever after successfully distracted all attention from the 2 days of early-to-mid June as well as the ‘event of Caylee’s death’ that caused her body to decompose ‘already’, that must have occurred before June 15th.

        “you take the high road and I’ll take the low road…” [what date did the references to ‘Irish” enter the story?]

        Casey’s story took the low road within the 31 days…when there hadn’t been any sign of ‘where Caylee was at’ even on July 15th) By then, Casey didn’t know ‘anything for sure’, after seeing a video likely on June 17th; when Tony took her to Hopesprings where she found the keys, the belongings they had taken on June 9th, and her phone AND the video that appeared to be Caylee on Father’s Day. [after which Casey believed and hoped Caylee was safe and nearby.]

        Then when Caylee wasn’t home on Aug 9th, her birthday; Casey knew her daughter wouldn’t be coming back…
        …until she saw what she was forced to watch on the news, Dec 11.

        You could be right, within the heinous-murder story…there may have been evidence and purpose of hiding sex abuse within the family…but i doubt Casey would cover it up, if sex abuse was occurring within the family, She would have moved Caylee out of their home long before June 9!

        It’s enough for me to look for evidence of where Caylee was on June 14th.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          Well you make some interesting observations, but I still believe in the classical “pervert George theory.” For very irrational reasons women stay in abusive relationships and will even expose a child to someone who molested them. The “reasoning” is “I deserved what I got, so he won’t do it to my kid bc she doesn’t deserve it.” This is what I’m reading right now. There may have been part of Casey that hated GA but she still loved him. Neck breaking, foolproof suffocation … did it cross her mind that she might want to kill him one day if he did somthing to her child or was it all about self-defense? I would not consider Casey evil if she had half a mind to kill George.

          • You are describing a battered wife and an abusive husband. They live in fear of their husband yet they still love him. They think they deserve the abuse so they make excuses for him. They say if only I wouldn’t get him mad then he wouldn’t beat me. I push him too much. I don’t think this Is Casey. Casey loved her Dad and did not want to break up the family so she didn’t tell. Maybe, Cindy knew and blamed Casey for stealing her husband away from her. Some mothers do this they blame the daughter thinking he couldn’t control himself because he is a man and her daughter is too pretty. Casey went into her own world to protect herself she didn’t want to face what was her life. Baez described it perfectly in his book. I think it was Chapter 19. It’s a window into Casey’s life.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            That’s why I said, there very well may be the ‘sex abuse issues’ within the family, You’ve sure hit some strong signs of it…and it certainly would be a legitimate reason for the 180 days the body was ‘absent’ after Father’s Day. I’m only pointing out that ‘no water in her lungs’ would’ve also been reason enough to move the body, destroy evidence to prevent detection of involvement and ‘frame’ an innocent person with planted evidence and disinformation….which IS a felony.

      • Drew, I read that George Anthony was a constant pornography consumer, perhaps it was along those lines.

  14. Drew Hensley says:

    Jon wrote “You are describing a battered wife and an abusive husband.” Well, yes, but I don’t think the concept excludes other types of relationships such as abused child and abusive parent or even siblings in an abuser – abused relationship. Yeah I agree Casey wanted to hold her family together. She was also probably scared to death of GA. I think there were a number of factors keeping Casey at home.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      What I see behind the scenes, is an opportunity where Geo could have ‘found his ‘pot-o-gold’ at the end of the rainbow. He likely knows about coercion, blackmail and manipulation, and was trained in psychology, criminology and forensics in his past, (making the charities they opened ‘suspect’ to me) So, from his past, his skills could’ve deceived Casey, Cindy and LE, once he was armed with a video (from a memory card), hearsay and ‘reasonably believable-false evidence’. Only he could’ve used the HMStory to create the picture of Caylee’s death event that included deliberate intentions, out of all the ppl involved.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Well you are making some good points. I think he framed her too, JA, and youcouldbewrong yes I think it has to do with child porn.

    • Based on what I’ve read, within the family dynamic of incest, the job of holding the family together falls to the victim. It is expected that the victim keep the secret at all costs which is one of the reasons it took Casey so long to talk about it. The other reason is the shame it creates.

      • Good morning CJ! I miss you lots 🙂

        Damnit that’s messed up!!!! All that pressure she had to endure and pretend like notihng happened.

      • Since the abuser is a member of the family and not a stranger or an authority figure (i.e. teacher, etc.), the victim often feels torn between hating and loving them. The victim will often feel as though they should hate their abuser, but actually yearn for their love and attention. They want them to be whatever they are supposed to be to them, i.e. a father, a mother, etc., and stop abusing them, just love them. They want a normal family, they want the pain to disappear. They want to just forget about it. Dr. Weitz, I believe, makes reference to something that Casey Anthony said that is similar to this feeling, which is another piece that goes toward credibility. I can’t remember where the exact phrase is or what it was, something along the lines of she just wanted her dad to be her dad. This may also partially explain her only wanting to meet and talk with her father on several occasions during the jailhouse communications and George Anthony’s guilt-trip letter he sent her after finding out that she had told her attorneys that he had abused her. I think a good recent example is Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son who stood by his father through most of the trial saying his father would never do this, but he finally revealed that he too was abused by his father. He adamantly denied this beforehand. This does not make him a liar, it is a part of the spectrum of abuse. You are right CJ, the victim often feels shame and may even feel that a family break up would be their fault, this stems from feeling as though the abuse is their fault. There may also be a new family dynamic created especially if the child is made to feel special instead of at fault, where, for example, if the father is abusing his daughter, a sort of maternal role is placed on her because of their relationship. If the mother knows or suspects this relationship, she may become jealous and have internal feelings of resentment and inadequacy. I know that sounds sick, but it can be the case sometimes. Mothers who know their husband is abusing their child can in fact not say anything to hide the secret, can become resentful and blame their child, or they can suppress it or even out and out call their child a liar not wanting to believe it. A victim of abuse, let alone inter-familial abuse often feels immense emotional stress due to the trauma. That is why if a person divulges what happened to them, they will often do so to someone close to them, someone they trust, and they will give little information at a time, as a sort of test for reaction. This seems to be what Casey Anthony was doing with Jesse Grund (where she told him about the incident with her brother, but he had to push for the information) and Tony Lazzaro (they shared secrets).

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Do you mean between incarcerations…when she wanted him to stop being a cop, and act like the Dad?

          • Maybe, I can’t remember when it happened, but I know that it was said, that she wanted her father to stop being the way he was and just be her father. I think it is telling to the fact that it lends to him being a selfish person. I also noticed that during his state deposition, if you compare it to Cindy Anthony’s, he gives much less detail on the early lives of his two children and he also seems much less involved and knowledgeable about Caylee. For example, everyone clearly states that Caylee had the ability to open doors, etc. etc. and he states that she just learned how to hit play on the VCR and that she wasn’t that dextrous. It just struck me that he seemed sort of absentee.

  15. You know what? I bet LE will try to protect GA because he has a lot of $hit to use against them.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      ….and that is why I think the way everyone co-operated with the HMStory is b/c Geo contacted everyone Casey ever knew, old and new friends, to send them all the warnings within the Diary of Days…then, extorted or blackmailed anyone who could remember Flag Day…and for their own sakes, they couldn’t help or defend Casey…even if they knew things that would’ve protected her from ‘all this’.

  16. Drew Hensley says:

    Did you guys see Dr.Drew? He is comparing Casey to this girl who stabbed her boyfriend 27 or 28 times and left her bloody hand print on his body. Now she is in her cell making karoake videos. He compares these pictures of her to Casey smiling at her lawyers in court.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      Oh and he also says his “gut” and his “instinct” tells him Casey has a nuerobiological psychosis even though he has interviewed shrinks who said they could not detect it.

      • Well, his gut and his instinct mean nothing considering that he is a famewhore hack. What’s the death toll of your Celebrity Rehab clients now, Dr. Drew? He’s also fond of diagnosing celebrities whm he has never met or interacted with. Loser.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          ….he better check ‘flatulence or acid reflux’ cuz ‘intuition don’t cause GAS…and I think, he might be full of that; but not ‘insight’

    • Jodi Arias is who I believe you are talking about. Jodi Arias supposedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death. I have some theories on that case, but I have not seen the evidence. The prosecution claims to have photographs on a camera found at the scene that shows his dead body after pictures of the two of them. Arias has also told conflicting stories, in one story she said she left when he was still alive, then she said she killed him in self-defense, then she said it was intruders and she had to escape. Hopefully this time it won’t be like the Casey Anthony case where all the evidence they said they had they didn’t actually have. I don’t see similarities between her and Casey Anthony, but then again I didn’t see any similarities between Casey Anthony and Susan Smith, Andrew Yates, or Jennifer Trayers (just some of the people she has been compared to). Superficially everyone has similarities to compare. Like they are all women. Why are we comparing them? The media compares people superficially to generate some type of reaction from you. They want you to see the reference point they are giving you. So for instance, Susan Smith is a great example. Susan Smith originally lied about what happened to her sons. She then confessed to police a short time after their bodies were found. Her motive was that she wanted to leave her husband for her boyfriend because he didn’t want any children that were not his or a “ready made family”. You can see superficial similarities to the case the media created against Casey Anthony. But when you look at it deeper, you can see the comparison doesn’t hold water. For example, Casey Anthony’s boyfriend never said he didn’t want Caylee around or anything liked that, the opposite actually. Also, Casey Anthony never confessed to murdering her daughter, she maintains her innocence. There is no motive unlike the Smith case. There are other differences, but you get the picture. The Susan Smith comparison sets you into that mindset allowing you to be more apt to believe that Casey Anthony committed the crime because she is “like” the reference point or “like” Susan Smith. I’m not sure the complete reason why Jennifer Trayers was used as a reference point, but I have a ridiculous story about it. If you don’t remember, Jennifer Trayers stabbed her husband to death after she found out he was having an affair. The media loves to compare people even on the stupidest levels. This is no joke, this really happened. On one episode, Jane Velez Mitchell was comparing Jennifer Trayers and Casey Anthony and she was talking about what they were wearing to court, etc. She literally put up a graphic of Casey Anthony and Jennifer Trayers who had both had bun hairdos at trial. The graphic was titled: Buns of Guilt!

    • Dr. Drew is currently certified in California to practice medicine. He is a member of American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) since 1987, which means he can diagnosis and treat cancer, infections and diseases affecting various body systems. This is his primary specialty according to ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine, which he has been a member of since 1990). He is also a member of American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) since 2009, his secondary specialty. He is a licensed physician and surgeon in California since 1985. Do you see anywhere in that list where he ever went to school to be a psychiatrist or psychologist or where that is at all in his forte? He is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, especially not a forensic psychologist, never has been. His gut and instinct tell him how best to make money, not what is wrong with someone who he has never even met in a field he doesn’t have any training. His guesses are as good as you and me, he is a layperson when it comes to this topic. All neurobiological means is of or relating to the biological study of the nervous system. A psychosis is a loss of contact with reality. While it does seem possible in this case, tons of psychologists who examined her said that she did not have any disorder on the DSM-IV. Your right Drew, Dr. Krop even told Dr. Drew to his face that he was wrong and you know what Dr. Drew’s answer was? “I just can’t believe that.” Why can’t you believe the man who actually talked to her? To be fair, Dr. Weitz did say and he indicated that other psychologists agreed that a brief psychotic episode would be the only reason that Casey Anthony would have murdered her daughter. This is not what Dr. Drew is saying however. He is saying that she had psychosis, not a brief snapping out of reality brought on by some trigger, but a long lasting condition somehow overlooked by all the real psychologists and only known by the magical Dr. Drew. He has never practiced psychology. He often makes it a habit of “diagnosing” people to his viewers he doesn’t know.
      P.S. If you remember, he insinuated to Jose Baez during one of their interviews that he does whatever his viewers want him to do on his show. What do you think HLN viewers want when it comes to Casey Anthony? Not the truth that’s for sure. Interesting fact, his name is actually David Drew Pinsky.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        Oh I know, couldbewrong, you are absolutely right.

        From my Amazon debates:
        Websleuther said the chloroform was just to knock Cay out, the real weapon were the bags and tape.
        My reply: Then the chloroform in the trunk theory is baloney because knockout strength chloroform would dissipate very quickly. What you think does not matter to me but it does matter what the public thinks. The person that typed in foolproof suffocation (probably George) was not thinking of murder, because what was viewed was a suicide website. The argument goes that Casey clicked on this site so no one would think she was contemplating murder. The problem with this argument is that someone trying to trick us into thinking they are considering suicide and not homicide would never enter the words “foolproof suffocation.” As the websleuth theory goes Casey cleverly deleted her internet activity for months to cover her tracks. Here we go again with the inconsistency – she would have to be sophisticated and clever to carry out parts of this scenario, but like an idiot she ditched the body two tenths of a mile from home and just so many feet from the road.

        Debater goes onto say that no one would look up foolproof suffocation if they were considering suicide. I responded this way –

        That’s sort of my point. “Foolproof suffocation” could be how to suffocate yourself or someone else, so if one is trying to hide the fact that they are doing a search for how to suffocate someone they ought not to type in “foolproof suffocation.” It looks more like someone did not consider that anyone would look at the searches if in fact murder is what they had in mind – quite an odd choice of words for someone trying to make it LOOK like a suicide search. The intention of the search is indicated by where the searcher (George or Casey) went from there – which was “venturing into the pro-suicide pit.” In other words, the person had suicide in mind. Actually it is the websleuth argument that falls apart.

        • You’re right Drew. I always found it interesting that the prosecution, media, and viewers seem to want everything both ways. For example, they want to say she was an absentee mother, without any evidence, but place her daughter in her care on the crucial day. They want to say that all she cared about was partying, but put up on the stand people who say that isn’t true. I remember Linda Drane Burdick’s comeback in her closing to her own witnesses saying Casey Anthony was a great mother was that they didn’t know what that was! So they all had terrible mothers, nice one. They want her to have chloroformed her and suffocated her, but they aren’t sure if both happened or what order that happened. They want you to feel like George and Cindy Anthony are victims, even though they lie, but believe the opposite about Casey Anthony based on the fact that she lies. They want you to believe that Casey Anthony was either chloroforming her daughter all along to party (even before she looked up how to make it) or she did it just that day or both. There were so many contradictions in the prosecution’s case it was unbelievable. The most striking hypocrisy is that they want you to believe that Casey Anthony was stupid enough to murder her daughter and place her right next to the home, but smart enough to manufacture chloroform secretly so that no evidence was ever found. In fact she made so much that Dr. Vass estimated that the levels were 10,000x higher than normal months later. The list is endless. I still can’t believe that people actually buy that she made chloroform, where is the proof? The containers, the ingredients, the recipe, the residue, eyewitnesses? I’d love to see them make chloroform without leaving any evidence. Why wouldn’t someone look up foolproof suffocation to commit suicide? It is quite common knowledge that you can die by asphyxiating yourself. I swear, people lose all common sense when it comes to evaluating evidence. The rules of regular life still apply. You don’t suddenly get amnesia when you get on the computer to look something up. When looking to commit suicide, you don’t necessarily type in how to commit suicide, that’s absolutely absurd. You already have a basis of knowledge from life just like any other research.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            simpler to accomplish and easier to endure would be ‘suicide by carbon monoxide’ in the garage…murder or suicide = bogus perception of the searches. *part of the HMS

        • JA Kalskett says:

          …or…couldn’t it be that before these searches were made, ‘someone knew’ Caylee’s whereabouts and condition; not know by anyone until after Dec 11th? It couldn’t have been Casey, she lost Caylee before the June 13th Fusion ‘event’. IMO, the searcher wanted to kill Casey to protect their identity and involvement in ‘unfolding the heinous-murder story’; to protect the whole A-family…secretly, covertly and independent of the ‘disinformation given to everyone else’; beginning with a video (made from Cindy’s memory card of June 5th; Cin’s b-day visit w/ Al at MtDora)

  17. Youcouldbewrong…

    there’s another mom who claims her innocence by the name of Darlie Routier from Texas. She is convicted of murdering her young son Damon, and is currently on death row awaiting execution by lethal injection. Two of her three children, Damon and Devon, were stabbed to death in the family’s home on June 6, 1996. Darlie Routier was accused of killing both children but was only prosecuted for the murder of Damon, the younger of the two murdered boys -Wiki.

    • I know about Darlie Routier, I believe that she was wrongfully convicted. Her wounds were too life threatening to have been made by herself. If she wanted to kill her children, why only kill two? How did she put the knife all the way out in the street with life threatening injuries? There was no motive. There are so many questions.

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