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“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” – the Lifetime movie reviewed!

No wonder all the knuckle-draggers are up in arms. They got bitch-slapped yet again!

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If at all possible — and it’s probably not — the best way to approach this film is with a blank slate. Strip away any memory you have of those months.

The net benefit of this little act of mental gymnastics is that you may walk away with the impression that Anthony was innocent after all.

It’s a fascinating impression, and in that sense, so is the film. It is told from Ashton and Burdick’s point of view, not Baez’s, who — far from being the slick Willy the media (and Ashton) made him out to be — is seen here as shrewd, reasonable and quite possibly even right.

Lowe’s portrayal is not far removed from Chris Traeger of “Parks and Recreation”: An earnest, self-righteous choir boy who is so enamored of the evidence he has collected that he tends to dismiss the obvious fact that some of it is probably circumstantial.

He harrumphs when Baez reminds him of this, or (worse) smirks. Even Burdick grows weary of his antics, scolding him as a mother would her precocious and ill-mannered child. He is so blinkered that he never sees the verdict coming, nor quite grasps so-called Juror No. 3’s blunt rationale for acquittal: That he may have been wrong.

BOTTOM LINE A surprisingly revisionist take on one of the most controversial trials of the decade — from someone (Ashton) you’d least expect revisionism from. Nancy Grace, meanwhile, will hate “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”


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  1. So this movie was actually slanted in favor of Casey???

  2. Damn, I may have to record this after all! It’s on again tonight.

  3. SJ Are you endorsing this movie? I’m surprised at you. This movie is nothing but more Casey bashing. This puts Casey back in the news. I want people to leave Casey alone and let her live her life. I want Casey to have a life just like us. She deserves one. Casey is not a celebrity. I won’t watch it or endorse it. The only people who will watch it are Casey Haters and they won’t change their minds. I support your site. You know I do. It’s good you help Casey and Jodi but this doesn’t help Casey. It hurts her.

    • Why do you think Ashton himself supports this movie?

      • The thing that really turned me off about this movie was Ashton saying “Im going to make her the most hated woman in the world”. That’s why I don’t support it.

        • I just finally caved last night to watch the movie and fell asleep the last 20 minutes or so. The acting was below subpar at best. The actors obviously did not study their characters very well, if at all, or maybe they are just bad actors. That whole thing about Ashton saying he was going to make CA the most hated woman in the world is garbage, IMO, as that was not even the stupid cliche that it is until after that lame poll that was taken of 1010 people. Asston, in his warped mind, just wants credit for it. I did, however, find it interesting that even Burdick and Asston believed the tape of CA watching the news of the discovery of Caylee’s remains could very well be the reaction of a woman who just learned her child’s fate. Guess Strickland sealing the tape as highly inflammatory is because it could go either way. Strickland probably sealed it thinking the jury would find it to show the same thing as Ashton and Burdick did and he sure would not want to risk that! JMO

      • Probably because he’s too much of an arrogant tool to realize that the film exposes him for what an idiot he is. “We only need twelve votes!” But you did a TERRIBLE job!

        I love the doofy look on Ashton’s face in the picture above!

    • While I can’t answer for SJ, posting a reviewing and posting a link to the movie does not constitute an endorsement.


    Jon, It would be great if the public would let Casey go on to live her life quietly, but that is not going to happen until after the Circus is done in Orlando Court for the Civil case. Actually the movie makes it look like the Prosecutor went after Casey without regard for the law or any of the facts. I think this helped to show that Casey was not guilty. It even pointed out the fact that there were 2 different computer searches were done for “CHLOROFORM”, the one search showed 1 search done and the other showed 84 searches done(error) and that the Prosecutor only presented the 84 search to bolster its case.

    • Great review PM … although I don’t think that lifetime was the instigator in making ashton look like an idiot LOL!! You know what Jon? Maybe if people see this movie, they may just change their minds on Casey Anthony and she will get to walk around again 🙂

  5. I’m surprised to hear that this movie might be telling the truth after all. I do hope and pray Casey will get her life back! I haven’t seen it for I felt it would be only lies.? Casey NEEDS HER LIFE BACK! I always hope and pray for her!

  6. I apologize about my last post I overreacted. I’m just so against this movie. When I heard Ashton say in the previews “I’m going to make her the most hated woman in America” It turned me off and made me angry.
    Because that is exactly what he did. I just want Casey to have a life. I already sent SJ an apology and I hope he accepts it.

    • Hi Jon!
      No probs. I simply posted a review of the movie. Not an endorsement per se.
      All is good.

    • Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ashton alone who turned America against Casey. We can primarily thank that horrible Nancy Grace and the other shrieking clowns in the media for feeding lies to the public for years before the trial took place.

  7. Any movie that was even partly accurate would have to portray Ashton as the asshat he so obviously is. How he was actually elected SA is a mystery to me, and I suspect the people of Orlando will eventually regret it. As for the movie, I didn’t watch it and won’t watch, but a friend who did told me she was surprised at how many questions it raised about the prosecution’s case. Not pro-Casey, but surprisingly fair. Surely not what Ashton intended. And apparently it makes Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell look like harpies!

  8. Looks like SJ was right. Lifetime’s Casey Anthony Movie Made The Prosecutor Look Like An Idiot

  9. I watched the movie and i have to say it was ok not what i expected from the preview just give it a chance

  10. You guys should check out the Beyond the Headlines special that was on after the movie, it is way better. Here is the link, you can watch the whole thing online, it’s 1-hour long –>

    • I have no interest in watching any of it, but it’s worth noting that they have to be careful of legal liability if they produce something defamatory, knowing she was acquitted. Ashton can’t be sued, and people like Nancy Grace don’t seem to fear lawsuits, but the people at Lifetime were more cautious. My friend who saw the movie said you could watch it and come away thinking she was innocent. That was probably by design.

      • The writer said that they tried to make it more even to both sides, however the defense declined to participate (I don’t blame them). And they did base the movie on the prosecutor’s book only not both books. I’m not sure how even you can get if you take the prosecutor’s POV. I only watched a little bit and I didn’t like it, but I’m not a Lifetime fan. If this site puts it up I’ll most likely watch the rest. The truthfulness of the evidence probably came from the writer consulting the trial transcript. The movie sadly has the air of “she’s guilty” due to the fact you follow around the prosecutors. It is difficult, from what I watched to connect equally with the defense. It almost gives you the feeling of the way the media groupies watched the trial, basically cutting the defense out unless they are at trial. The movie gives you no stake in the reality of trials, innocent until proven guilty, the magnitude of the decision because it is a capital case, or anything like that. Plus, the part I saw had a bit of fact twisting for some of the testimony, so the movie doesn’t lack sensationalism. Look, it’s a Lifetime movie and for that it is probably accurate in comparison. The movie of course includes a slant to the prosecution, but by making the TV commentators look foolish and portraying the evidence as it was, watching it can probably leave you with some questions. I agree with D, in the characters it is hard to see the real people. Some of their mannerisms aren’t right and most look almost nothing like the real person. I also wasn’t a fan of the format.
        The documentary I cited is leaned more toward the defense, which was played after the movie, probably by design because they couldn’t get the defense to sign off on the movie and they didn’t option Baez’s book and they were trying to bill the whole thing as a documentary drama. Beyond the Headlines features a good bit of real analysis to the evidence, it even includes Lawrence Kobilinsky, a great forensic expert who was utilized by the defense. Trust me, if you ever want to watch something that conveys the truth about this case this is one of the closest shows so far especially as far as the forensic evidence goes. It isn’t in the league of the MSNBC documentary or that ABC thing early on, but it is worth a watch. I completely get that you don’t want to give them a reward for the way they are. They’re probably trying to backtrack a bit for the very reason you cited because unlike early on they don’t really just exclude the defense and say mean things about them. They usually do this with a case, pro-prosecution all the way and then specials are more even. However, this case was different, they amped the level too high. They get specials and money either way, but in other cases, it was easier to transition when they were wrong.

        • I loathe the very idea of turning tragedy into entertainment, which is what most “true crime” journalism and docudramas do. Sometimes you get serious art, like In Cold Blood or Helter Skelter. Usually what you get is lurid junk designed for low intellects. The days of Truman Capote and Vincent Buglioso are long gone. I did like Baez’s book, and the MSNBC documentary. What I really want is to see a serious, thoughtful interview of Casey, and a serious investigation of George. Hopefully some day we’ll get both.

  11. I wonder if Linda Drane Burdick ever wants to get up in Ashton’s face and yell “THIS WAS MY CASE! MINE, YOU ATTENTION-WHORING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!”? I would if I were her!

    • LOL!! She definitely does, I’ve read several interviews of hers and in general terms she says that Ashton was a jerk and hard to control even their boss had problems with him. His reaction was, you can’t keep me from being me! She sounded like she couldn’t believe that everyone fawns over Ashton. She does mention every time that she knows the case better than Ashton, she didn’t read his book, and that it was her case, even though he high-jacked it in the media. She even tried to run when Ashton ran for SA, she knew he was going to win because of his celebrity. She tried to become a judge and was denied. Now she’s Ashton’s second-on-command. They have an odd relationship, they had problems over his antics when trying the CA case, they lost the case, she supported his political opponent Lamar and said negative, truthful stuff about him (exposed his attitude problem), and tried to leave the office when it looked like he was going to win, yet he still hired her? Perhaps this is why Ashton had a problem understanding that the Anthony family was dysfunctional. Since she’s more of a professional and she didn’t retire just to make money and then come back, she doesn’t talk about the case in specifics.


  12. Hey guys, just read that Prosecuting Casey Anthony got less viewers than Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick and way less than Drew Peterson (5.8 million). If it did worse than Liz & Dick, that’s pretty bad. Liz & Dick was categorized as a flop, what does that say about this movie? Despite the media trying to avoid it, if your movie did worse than Lindsay Lohan’s you have to face it. It got 3.3 million viewers and the Beyond the Headlines special got almost the same at 2.4 million.

    • It got about seven times as many viewers as the average Nancy Grace show, which tells you how far her ratings have fallen since 2011. And she’s got the highest ratings at HLN. These low numbers suggest interest in the case is waning, which is good for Casey. Absent some dramatic new developments, the media won’t have much interest in hounding her.

      • That is funny about the movie doing way better than Nancy’s show, considering that the movie aired on a Saturday night, when TV viewing tends to be low.

        • Nancy Grace averages less tha half a million total viewers for her prime time show. She’s dead last in the cable news ratings. The spike in ratings she received back in 2011 is long gone. Nothing is gonna bring it back, so I’m guessing she and the other idiots at HLN are stressing. Jodi Arias ain’t doing it for them.

    • Jose Rosa says:

      I disagree with the lady saying the movie flopped. Actually those numbers are quite good. The movie ranked well ahead of most programs and will probably be one of the biggest lifetime movies ever. Btw the Lohan movie was the 4th highest rated lifetime movie ever. And two million plus viewers for a doc is damn good. I don’t think this proves that interest in Casey is dropping. Sorry.

      • I didn’t mean that it actually flopped, especially for cable. What I was trying to say is that they said Liz & Dick flopped (it didn’t, but they said it did), so if this movie did worse than it had to have flopped too, but it really didn’t. Just pointing out more hypocrisy. I’m not a fan of Lindsay Lohan, but they basically lied about her Lifetime movie doing badly. That was my point.

  13. Connie Eckerson says:

    I hope she’s safe now…CMA…God Bless

  14. Jose Baez did an interview about the movie:

    There are some clips of the film, and Jose talks a bit about the Jodi Arias case as well.

  15. GasCanGeorge says:

    I LMAO when I saw the actor playing George!! He was a good actor but lacked George’s
    metro sexual personality…..I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall @ the Anthony home.

    OVer all the movie was terrible. Acting was terrible, the whole nine yards.

    • The actor who played George was much more sympathetic than the actual George. When the real deal was on the stand, you could feel the nastiness emanating from him.

  16. GasCanGeorge says:

    The show after the movie was okay but hate the fact the Anthony’s probably made a pretty penny
    to pose on the beach holding hands like two little love birds…..Made me want to hurl, friggin
    phony asses

  17. Connie Eckerson says:

    WOW! I just heard the news! After all that Casey is almost vindicated! I think she should come out and tell everyone about the drowning! I really think her mom and dad knew more than they said! I think Cindy knows a lot more, and just wanted that baby for herself! It’s all her fault! What a controlling bitch! I hope Casey never lets her mom near anymore of her KIDS!

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