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Radio Interview 7/6/11: Cindy Anthony Book Supporting Defense Claims About George Anthony

According to Cindy Anthony’s 2nd cousin Dana – Cindy Anthony is already planning to write & release a book in which she will explain how the defense claims about George Anthony in the opening statements are true.

Click here to see Jose Baez and the full Defense Opening Statement videos from Day 1 of the Casey Anthony trial, May 24th 2011.

Dana called into a Houston Texas radio show – 104.1 KRBE (“The Roula & Ryan Show”) – on July 6th, the day after the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on Casey.

During the call (which we’ve excerpted below) Dana states how they had a conference call with Cindy’s side of the family, within which details were discussed confirming George’s participation – just as the Defense claimed in their opening statement at the trial.

Listen to the 104.1 KRBE Radio call in full below:

Dana Radio Interview 7-6 2011.

 Excerpts from the call as follows:

Dana: “There is truth to the defense side that will come out – and it won’t be long and people can make their own decisions & opinions from that, but there will be a book written about the truth…”

Dana: “It sounds like just ridiculous that she [Casey] was found not guilty. I promise it will all come out, and yes, she did some things wrong… there were major mistakes made, but it will play itself out… it… it was a true verdict.”

Dana is asked: “Do you think Casey killed Caylee?”

Dana: “…The entire family expected a guilty verdict. Only after a conference call with our entire family last night about 11 o’clock, where we found out things that, err, we’ve all been asking this entire time, since they got up there and changed the entire story… so yes, before last night I would say absolutely, it was a travesty that the verdict was not guilty – till last night.”

Dana is asked: You think he [George] may have had something to do with it?

Dana: “The story that you heard, that was presented by Jose Baez, was absolutely what happened… and, umm… I’m speaking for our side of the family… and that’s only because of the call that we received and the proof that we received last night…”

When asked about why the need to write a book in the first place…

Dana answered: “The only reason is for Casey to get out the story and explain what happened to her mind the day that that took place – and how it completely flipped over, and she did [what I took from that phone call] was that she had a complete & total nervous breakdown and literally is not gonna be ok mentally… anymore… ever.”

“She played just as much of a part, to me, in the entire thing as anybody else… and I guess I’m saying George Anthony… she played a part just as much, and to me I don’t know if not guilty was.. I don’t know if that was right or wrong… I know there shoulda been a lesser charge from our understanding.”

Dana is asked: “More like an accomplice to murder?”

Dana: “Yes. Yes. I think something… I don’t even know if murder would be…  ya know… I believe the drowning happened… that fact that that happened and the decisions and that were made after that… our family feels like were wrong and should be judged accordingly with George Anthony. So I, we, are waiting to sit back and find out, after things come out, what will happen to George.”


  1. sj,
    if cindy knows about george’s involvement, why did she deny it on Dr. Phil?

    • Well… I guess she was covering for him, as she’s done 1,000 times before. SJ

      • SJ, who is writing this book? According the Dana it’s a male and female.

        • Hi Suzy, Being honest, I have no idea who’s writing the book – or even if it’s still being written at all. Having said that, we only need wait another 6 weeks to read Jose’s book to find out more on the events of June 16th.
          Thanks for posting!

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