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Richard Hornsby – finding amusement in Caylee’s death

It takes a special kind of person to find amusement in Caylee’s death. And no, I’m not talking about The Laughing Guy (for once). I’m talking about Richard Hornsby. Clueless small-time local TV pundit, all-round loser and self proclaimed Twitter-based “criminal defense attorney.” Yeah, right.

I emailed Hornsby (earlier this week) following the “Let’s go Casey hunting!” themed tweets he was sending out (and some of his other BS). This guy has never studied the case (or the trial) in any great detail… he dislikes Casey (I can’t think why)… and no doubt he dislikes Defense Attorney God Jose Baez even more. Go figure.

Anyways, after pointing out a few home truths to him, he replied back with this:

“I’m not the one hiding in St.Lucie County or
hiding behind initials! LOL, You’re simply a
misinformed Casey Anthony homer! LOL, LOL, LOL!”

I replied, telling him it was a real shame he had nothing better to do with his time.

His reply?:

“You must be Casey herself.
Such a delusional person you are.

Delusional? Interesting…

He quickly followed up with this:

“Keep hiding behind those initials
and remember, Caylee died because Casey
was such a terrible mother; no matter
which story she wants to spin.

Then this:

“…Casey was such a good mother she didn’t
even call 911 when she saw her dead daughter.
Some mother, keep hiding behind those initials SJ.

He pulled the old “911 call” out of his ass. This guy is obviously from another planet and simply towing the media line along with NG and others. So, Casey never called 911 so she’s a bad mother? Hmm. Looks like he probably has some serious “motherly” related issues of his own here if you ask me.

My last email to Hornsby (yesterday) read as follows:

Hey Richard,

Your persistence is admirable if nothing else. Your comments regarding Casey though are typical horse shit. You have no idea what you’re talking about, nor have you taken any time out to evaluate all the facts.

Everyone that testified at the trial (on both sides) stated that Casey was a good mother. That was true. The fact YOU think she was a terrible mother really makes no sense.

I not sure why you keep bringing up my initials in every email too. Totally irrelevant really. And you finish off an email ridiculing the death of a child with “LOL LOL LOL”. You really are no better than all the other media scum & pitchfork wielding knuckle-draggers out there if the truth be known.


Strangely enough, he replied earlier today with this brief message:


I’m not sure whether he was intoxicated during this email exchange, or just acting plain stupid. Maybe both. I also wouldn’t be surpised if this guy had a signed & personalized framed photograph of Nancy Grace on his bedside table.

But having looked at his email replies over the past 48 hours, Hornsby’s blatant over-the-top use of the “LOL” acronym is very similar to that of a giggly teenage girl, which kinda speaks volumes. It’s also an acronym typically used when you’ve reached the outer limits of your vocabulary range and can’t think of anything useful to say – typified by the “LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL” at the end of his delusional second email.

The fact is – as I pointed out to him a few times – Hornsby has been riding the Casey money-train for ages now, by sounding like he actually had a clue with his BS-filled mini-interviews on WESH 2 News. I guess they simply use him because he’s cheap (in every sense of the word) and he keeps the masses happy.

But for a so-called defense attorney, he sure has a lot of spare time on his hands by the look of all his emails and endless tweets. I guess that’s not surprising though.

I just think it rather sad when someone who really ought to know better takes it upon themselves to act so stupidly – especially when turning Caylee’s death into one of his infamous “LOL LOL LOL!” moments.

Do you agree?

If so, send him an email and let him know your thoughts on his misguided comments, and his apparent joy & amusement at Caylee’s death. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you all, and he’ll certainly have enough time on his hands to reply back, complete with countless LOL’s no doubt.

Keep your comments respectable though. No stopping down to the haters’ low level. He just needs to be enlightened more than anything else.

By the way – with mentally-challenged poor excuses for an attorney like Hornsby operating freely, is there any wonder why the State of Florida’s justice system is in such a shambolic state?

I wouldn’t normally write a post along these lines, but there’s a first time for everything. Hornsby’s knuckle-dragging antics left me with little choice.

Just my thoughts on an otherwise awesome Sunday afternoon here in SJ-land :mrgreen:



  1. These are the words of an educated man? My 6 yr old nephew has more sense than him.

  2. What a loser. If all he can come up with is “LOL”, then it’s pretty clear that we’re not dealing with someone of high intellect.

  3. Someone needs to tell him if all he can say in a discussion/debate is LOL, he has lost the debate. God help his clients. What an idiot.

  4. If this went over his head, he stood little chance with the Anthony trial.!/RichardHornsby/status/160441652438249472

  5. Dear SJ,

    Please accept my advice: stay above: simply stay above, ignore him.
    Old Russian proverb: “Dog is barking, but train is going”.
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Angelina! No probs. I agree. I’ll be removing this post a little later today. I just took exception to Hornsby’s ignorance & stupidity – but I think I’ve made my point now. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Marilyn C. says:

        Hi SJ…As usual you did a GREAT JOB of making your point!! I think you got his & others attention! I sure wouldn’t want to be on your bad side!! I agree with you about not being able to IGNORE him!! Some people are just too STUPID to IGNORE!!

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