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R.I.P. Caylee Marie Anthony – Gone but never forgotten…

Today – August 9th 2011 – would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s 6th birthday. As a mark of respect for Caylee and her family, let’s not have this special day overshadowed by any further pointless hating & stupidity.  I’ll be exposing many of the myths and uncovering the truth on many issues starting later this week.

In the meantime… Respect Casey.  Respect The Verdict… and most of all, Respect Caylee.

R.I.P. Caylee Marie Anthony – (August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008)

Gone but never forgotten…


  1. RIP

  2. RIP Caylee. Your Mommy and everyone love you! I’m sure you Mommy is thinking of you today and smiling where ever she is.

  3. I’m sure today was a very hard day. No matter how you lose a child their birthdays are always the hardest day of the year. I’m so glad she wasn’t sitting in jail again this year! Her parents shouldn’t be the only ones surrounded by support.
    Blessed Be 🙂

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