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“The Body Snatcher” joins the lawsuit circus

Hot on the heels of Tim Miller jumping on the bandwaggon and getting nowhere fast, now Roy “The Body Snatcher” Kronk has come out of the woodwork and filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey. Wonders never cease.

The report from is below. Looking at the bigger picture here, I’d of thought Kronk would have have kept a low profile and thanked his lucky stars that he never got investigated and/or arrested on charges various – including (but not limited to) his reward money grabbing antics and his movement of Caylee’s remains on 2 occasions.

Having said that, I’d heard on the grapevine that Kronk had something up his sleeve, which was one reason for my post last week – “Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk“.  Click the link if you missed it the first time around. It makes interesting reading.


“The man who stumbled upon Caylee Anthony’s remains is suing Casey Anthony for defamation. In a six-page lawsuit filed Wednesday, an attorney for Roy Kronk says Anthony and her attorneys made numerous allegations that cast Kronk in a negative light.Attorney Howard S. Marks writes that the statements were “too numerous to recite,” but appeared in “every media format imaginable” around the globe.

The lawsuit alleges that Anthony and her defense inferred on numerous occasions that the former meter reader had something to do with Caylee’s disappearance other than just finding the remains. Attorneys accused Kronk of killing Caylee and taking part in placing her remains, the lawsuit says.

Kronk’s attorney also takes issue with statements made by Anthony’s criminal defense team that Kronk is a “morally bankrupt” individual.”” If Casey Anthony’s story is true that Caylee Anthony drowned in the family swimming pool on June 16, 2008, then she knew that the statements she authorized and permitted her agents to publish were false. In an attempt to find someone other than herself to blame for the tragic death of her child, Casey Anthony authorized and permitted her attorneys, as her agents, to make false and malicious statements against Kronk, and to portray him as the murderer of her child.

Casey Anthony, through her attorneys, refused to retract the statements about Kronk, and when confronted with whether she was going to withdraw the defamatory statements, Casey Anthony, through her attorneys, responded the statements were not false, and that the statements would stand,” the lawsuit reads. The lawsuit says that as a result of the allegations, Kronk’s reputation was tarnished and he was humiliated and embarrassed. Kronk is suing for damages in excess of $15,000. Since the discovery of Caylee Anthony’s remains in December 2008, Kronk and his attorneys have maintained that he had nothing to do with the toddler’s death, and was solely a good Samaritan who happened to make the discovery.”


Click here to read more interesting information on Roy Kronk’s latest antics from The JB Mission website.


  1. Hi SJ and Happy Holidays to you and yours! I have a quick question about this lawsuit. In it Kronk claims Casey’s lawyers went on a “media blitz” accusing him of all sorts of things. Do you know of, or can you provide video clips of said blitz? I can’t remember hearing anything about him except in the trial itself. Thanks SJ!


    • Hi Karen. I’m not aware of any so-called major “media blitz” (outside the trial) as stated by Kronk’s attorneys, or any video clips relating to it. I think it’s more a figment of the attorney’s imagination. The same with them referring to Kronk as a “good samaritan”. After all, a good samaritan would have been more pro-active when finding a child’s remains in the woods… and not moved & hid them multiple times to claim the reward money. If anyone else knows of any video clips regarding the above, please post them below. Happy Holidays! SJ

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