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Casey. Always remember, you ARE awesome. Never let anyone tell you any different. No person or power in the outside world can compare to the power you have within you. You have a lot of supporters out here. Stay strong. Keep on believing… and keep the faith! FAA / SJ

We love you Casey! Escobar


  1. Cory Bressette says:

    Hey Casey:
    Just thinking about you, Stay Strong. WE LOVE YOU.

  2. All is good, take one day at a time..and be the best u can be…we are out here just like you…life can only take from you what you let it. We love and care what happens to you. Be strong and smile your beautiful smile!!!!!

  3. You didn’t deserve any of what happened to you. I hope you know that. You deserve better friends and family. Much better.

  4. Casey, I hope you read this site and know that some of us out here support you and watched the trial and didn’t believe the prosecution for a minute!! Stay strong and hopefully one day the truth will come out and you can live a normal life and people will leave you alone. Hang in there!! 🙂

  5. Casey

    Stay Strong! I believe in you! Don’t give up!

  6. Casey your a great person. Your a great shining star.stay strong! And keep your faith.

  7. I believe you!! Your case opened my eyes wide!! Lots of stupid ppl in this world! Stay strong. I believe in you!!your a great person!!

  8. Dear Casey:
    Stay strong, and remember: your happy days will come! Everything will be over. Time is healing wounds. All yours sorrows & suffering will end up as a joy – one day. You’re not alone: a lot of people love and trust you. I wish you a great day, with warmth and joy.

  9. Hi Casey!
    I am here to support you! I hope your healing now as best as you can, hang in their and perservere. Don’t listen to all that negative stuff out their. You’ll get through this. Find good people that you can trust and make new and better friends. I hope you can smile and relax. Your daughter is safe above! Remember those happy times with her. Take care of yourself!

  10. Georgette Brown says:

    I don’t know if you read these sites, But I just wanted to let you know not everyone thinks you are this monster that the news media tries to make you out to be. Who cares that you like to party! Shit i’m 35 and a mother of 3 and I still like to go out and have a blast! I haven’t seen one picture that you weren’t having fun and playing with your little girl. Keep your head up, Don’t let these arrogant assholes in the media make you hide much longer. And girl if you can make some money and tell your side so be it!! There are two sides to every story. And you have never been able to tell yours. And that’s a shame.That Nancy Grace had you guilty from day one. When the jury said you were innocent everyone in my house was cheering you on.. Just thought you might want to know…Keep your head up, And hopefully you my dear will have the last laugh..

  11. Casey,
    I know your innocent keep smiling beautiful.

  12. Nora Hudson says:

    Casey, from the first time you were in the public eye I felt such a strong connection with you. I was also abused when I was little and I totally identified with you even before it came out that you were abused. You are the strongest person in the world. You should never have endured everything that you went through. I teared up with joy when I watched the “not guilty” verdict. I hate your parents and everyone that betrayed you. I wish I could write you a letter. I hope fate smiles down on you and you have a beautiful life from now on and someday people will know the truth. You’ll go down in history as a witch-hunted woman who was treated so unfairly that I am ashamed of our justice system. Stay strong and stay beautiful. All the haters are jealous because you are so beautiful, smart, and were such a good mom to your daughter.

  13. Danny Leonard says:

    Dear Casey; I did watch a majority of your trial. I can understand why the jury found you not guilty. I am in firm belief as are the many others on here that Caylee’s death was the result of drowning in that swimming pool. How it happened & who does or does not know remains a mystery that hopefully one day will be said. One thing is clear, the overall evidence does point to your father as involved at bare minimal. I also notice that others like you, myself, are victims of child sexual abuse. I can say that I bet there is an element of fear about releasing the full story about that. I also lived in fear, I began to lie or deny and eventually I hit bottom & discovered what had happened to me. I am so glad that I finally stood up & admitted everything I could recall to my councilor no matter how hard it was to say. As a result, I am now living my life with much less anxiety, and am no longer in denial of anything. If I may suggest, I would have a lie detector test done regarding sexual abuse & by whom etc & if it comes out as truth & who is guilty of it, I believe there is a 15 year or longer statute on Felonious acts but do check the statute for exact time table, am not 100% sure. I wish you the best, and as a male over 60 years old I ask you to please think of what I have written here & if there is any one thing or more to tell your councilor please tell that person, please don’t hold anything in until later in age like I did, believe me I wished I could’ve told my councilor all I knew from the beginning. take care. 🙂

  14. Hi Casey, just wanted to say hello and that I am always with you all the way!!!! don’t care what hate any of the Media Spews!!!! I believed in you all along!!!! if you ever need anything at all, Atty, Dorothy Simms has my info, do not hesitate to call or text me to talk!!! you have been through so much and you are pressing on and you now have a string life with Jesus Christ in it!!!! that means so much more than any hate that is in the news!!!! here is my advice!!!! Keep your Faith in Jesus , it is awesome!!!! and also hold your head up high and be proud of who you are!!! I think that what you have been through and have beaten this makes you pretty awesome!!! if you ever get down , call me anytime, if you ever need anything, call me anytime!!!! God Bless you buddy!!! and always know that Caylee is an Angel in Heaven!!!! Proud of ya Casey!!!!! Gary!!! 🙂

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