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Stan Strickland finally resigns his sad sorry ass

Stan Strickland, disgraced judge (and the other half of Dumb & Dumber) has finally done the decent thing and resigned his sad sorry ass. It’s a shame he didn’t do it a long time ago. Looks like he’s decided to bail out now, prior to the complaints & investigations starting. At least he got one decision right if nothing else…

Here’s the latest from

Casey Anthony Judge Stan Strickland to resign


  1. I just HATE Stickland!! That whole probation thing is so sour grapes. What if she would have been found guilty and served 20 years. When she got out in the year 2031, would anyone even remember the probation order from more than 20 years ago and make her serve it?

  2. Marilyn C says:

    YEAH!!!! 2 DOWN & many more to go!!! These dumbasses (Asston,Strickland) KNOW how bad they screwed up & now are running & hiding!! Strickland is WEARY my ass….. he is in deep shit! What happened to him opening a can of JUSTICE?? Just sit back & watch ALL of them DROP out like flies. But then say “Oh I was gonna RETIRE anyway”… BS!! I want the Attorney General to go next…. that stupid Pam Bondi (I think thats her name) she had her face all over TV slaughtering Casey everyday. I’m sure it was worse if you live in Florida. Since I am in Texas I only saw the cable TV. I hope & pray there are several investigations going on directed at ALL of them! All of these IDIOTS screaming for Casey to be prosecuted by FEDERAL needs to wake up & hope they step in to take a look at Florida’s govt. These same IDIOTS could be arrested one day for something they did NOT do & be treated the same way !! Our govt is suppose to protect us & our rights….not get on cable TV & say you are GUILTY WITHOUT a trial. That is one thing I will NEVER understand thru all of this!! I stand on my prayer that Casey gets out of Florida as soon as she can & NEVER goes back!

  3. Hopefully retirement doesn’t prevent justice from happening. He needs to be REPRIMANDED! Financial compensation to tax payers would be a start.

    • Hi Sam! I agree… but unfortunately the only financial compensation in this case will be FROM tax payers – that being to cover Strickland’s golden handshake (payoff) and fat pension. Gross incompetence certainly has it rewards! SJ

  4. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    I’m back. Long story. Anyways, I heard that Casey herself posted on this site, which is exciting. And, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s an unimaginable honor to be back here. Also, I’m glad that Stan Strickland resigned. Hopefully, he realized that he had broken the oath of office when he failed to uphold the United States Constitution and hopefully he’ll apologize to Casey. Now, we Just need the first half of dumb and dumber to resign!

  5. Hehehe, ALRIGHT!

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