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Justice Prevails Again with Amanda Knox!

It was great to see Amanda Knox (and Raffaele) being freed yesterday from that farce in Perugia. Another case of justice having been done.

I’m not entirely sure why so many people seem to be sarcastically grasping at straws when it comes to the “similarities” between Amanda Knox & Casey though. The only real similarities I can see are that they’re both cute, american, female, wrongly accused, rightly found not guilty… and they’re (apparently) both hated by people that have had prolonged sexual relations with their own mothers.

Anyways… Amanda’s flight from Rome landed earlier today @ Heathrow (UK) – and she’s currently en-route to SeaTac as we speak. That flight left Heathrow @ 3.15pm local time. Click here to visit the “Friends of Amanda Knox” website.


More news to follow shortly. Casey’s video deposition in the ZG civil suit is coming up October 8th.