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Casey’s probation ends & the next chapter begins

Well, it finally happened. And while we’re still not convinced it should have even started in the first place, Casey’s very dubious probation period has now “officially” ended. I doubt there’ll be much to report about it due to the secrecy & safety issues surrounding the event… and it’s not even like Casey is now free to do as she pleases (even though she has every right to do so)… but we can thank a whole long list of media people & retards for that.

Anyways… irrespective of when it ended, the fact the probation is over is great news. It’s yet another hurdle that Casey has successfully negotiated and gotten through with flying colors. This (once again) is testament to Casey’s strength & bravery, despite all of the opposition that stood against her (and still does), from the public, to media, to law enforcement, to her own family.

As for the Haters, Charles Greene has a message for them: “GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE!”

Well said dude.

Here’s the video report from WESH2 News, Thursday night, featuring Charles Greene:

Caseys Probation ends 8-24-2012

Now, once the forthcoming BS-riddled lawsuits & spurious civil cases are out of the way, I still believe this is where things will start to gather momentum and they’ll get really interesting. Just think… even right now, there are a few people feeling mighty pleased with themselves due to them thinking all this has blown over and they’re in the clear. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have no idea what’s in the pipeline, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

All we do know is this: It’s only be a matter of time before Casey gets back in the bus and starts driving it.

This would have been the ideal time to finish off this post with the awesome “Let The Waters Rise” video – but I ain’t gonna do that. Instead I’m posting a totally different track. Not just because it has a totally kick-ass melancholy twang to it, but mainly due to the lyrics which I’ve also posted below the video.

The next chapter begins right here, right now.

Celebrate The Day!


Oasis: “I Hope, I Think, I Know”:

They’re trying hard to put me in my place,
And that is why I’ve gotta keep running,
The future is mine and it’s no disgrace,
Cos’  in the end the past means nothing,

You tell me I’m free then you tie me down,
And from my chains I think it’s a pity,
What did it cost you to wear my crown?
You don’t like me why don’t you admit it?

I feel a little down today, and I ain’t got much to say,
But you’re gonna miss me when I’m not there,
You know I don’t care… you know I don’t care.

As we beg and steal and borrow, life is hit and miss, and this,
I hope, I think, I know… if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall… cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name… You’ll never forget my name…

You’re trying hard to put me in my place.
And that is why I’ve gotta keep running.
The future is mine and it’s your disgrace,
Cos’ in the end your laugh means nothing…

You feel a little down today, but you ain’t got much to say?
Who’s gonna miss you when your not there?
You know we don’t care… you know we don’t care

Cos’ as we beg and steal and borrow… life is hit and miss, and this,
I hope, I think, I know if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall, cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name… You’ll never forget my name…

As we beg and steal and borrow, life is hit and miss and this,
I hope, I think, I know, if I ever hear the names you call,
And if I stumble catch me when I fall, cos’ baby after all,
You’ll never forget my name.


A Message From Casey – (October 5, 2011):

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.
I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support.
This will be the first of many posts, so this will be kept brief, and hopefully quiet.
It was a long 3 years, and I have a long year ahead, but the battle is far from over.
Everything I do from this moment forward is not just for Caylee, or for myself, but for those who have bravely stood beside me, yourselves included. A lifetime of thanks.
My love to you all, and I can promise you this, good things are to come.
I leave you with one parting phrase: “Nenikekamen”-which means “we are victorious” in Greek.
Forever and Always.
(SJ, the true meaning of AWESOMENESS belongs to you.)


Casey Anthony Probation conference – Gretl explains it all

At a news conference yesterday in Tallahassee, Gretl Plessinger from Florida DOC confirmed Casey had successfully started her very dubious & illegal 1 year probation. She also confirmed that due to the ongoing stupidy of countless people – and their evident inability to handle the truth – Casey’s address details will not be made public.

*** CLICK HERE to see Casey’s 8-page probation document from 8/24 (launches PDF in new window)***

Here’s the video of Gretl’s mini-speech:

Gretl explains it all 8-25

And here’s a picture from after the speech, as Gretl gets tired of hearing the same BS questions from clueless journalists:

Casey checks in for probation Wednesday evening

Jose Baez confirmed to Fox News last night that Casey Anthony has now reported for probation, at an undisclosed location Wednesday evening.

Jose also went on to say: “She told the officer she understands the conditions of her probation and she was told the date for her next appearance.”

The Dept of Corrections will hold a press conference this morning @ 11 am in Tallahassee, where no doubt they’ll be stating their usual predictable BS.

In the meantime, the Costs Hearing scheduled for today has now been rearranged for next Friday, September 2nd.

More news & video as soon as we have it.

Casey’s Probation Update: The DCA finally reach a decision!

Well folks, it had to happen sometime between now and Thanksgiving, and it has.  Following on from biased Pam Bondi’s response yesterday – and the response filed by TeamCasey this morning the DCA has finally reached a decision on Casey Anthony’s probation.

That decision being Casey Anthony will, after all, be required to commence her illegal probation sentence, starting this coming Friday 8/26. Over the past 3 years, Casey has already endured way more than most people endure in a lifetime – and she will get through this too. Make no mistake.

By the way – Pam Bondi is BIASED. No way is she fit to handle this case impartially… especially after her Casey defence Team bashing on the NBC Dateline documentary a couple of years back. She’s still pissed at the Not Guilty verdict and this is her way of showing it.

Click here to read the Court document just released – (opens PDF in a new window).

Here’s the latest news from

Caseys Probation Update The DCA finally reach a decision

Casey’s Probation Update: AG’s office files response

Just before the noon deadline yesterday, Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office filed a 25 page response arguing against Team Casey’s Emergency Appeal.

Although there’s been no firm decision as yet from the 5th DCA, Team Casey now has until close of business today (8/23) to respond. If the appeal is ultimately turned down (and you can never tell what could happen with this ongoing sour grapes fiasco), then Casey’s very questionable probation could start Friday.

***UPDATE: TeamCasey have now filed a response this morning to the State’s reply regarding probation – asking the DCA to grant an emergency motion “to prevent an illegal sentence scheduled Aug 26.” More news to follow.***

Here’s the latest update from

Casey Probation Update AGs office files reponse

Casey Probation Update: Emergency Motion decision expected shortly from DCA

The latest news coming out of the 5th District Court of Appeals today, is that Casey Anthony will get some response from her appeal (and possibly even a stay), before next week’s probation deadline of August 26th.

“It would not be uncommon for a stay to be issued while all the paperwork is being gathered for the 3-judge panel to make their decision” said Joanne Simmons, 5th DCA Spokeswoman. The court is currently waiting on a hard copy of the Emergency Motion filed (via email) yesterday by Team Casey.The state will have until noon Monday to file a response.

Team Casey file Emergency Motion (8/17) to stop Casey Anthony’s probation

As expected, Team Casey filed an Emergency Motion, Wednesday (8/17), in an attempt to stop Casey Anthony’s probation. The document was filed with the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach.

Click the link below to see the actual 18-page Emergency Motion – (PDF doc opens in a new window).

Casey Anthony Emergency Motion  081711

In the document, Casey’s Defense attorneys Lisabeth Fryer and Cheney Mason call the probation an “illegal sentence” – citing bias from the original judge in the case, and mentioning interviews Judge Stan Strickland had previously given to WESH 2 News (where he criticized the jury’s acquittal of Casey Anthony)…  the Nancy Grace show (where he stated he was ““shocked at the result of the trial”) – and News Channel 13 where similar comments were relayed.

You can watch one of the cited Strickland interviews below from WESH 2 News (July 11th) – “Former Casey Judge Talks Verdict, Jury”:

Former Casey Anthony Judge Verdict Throws Me For A Loop

The Emergency Motion also alleges double jeopardy and states Casey has already served her punishment for the check fraud case, and challenges Judge Belvin Perry’s jurisdiction in the case. The earliest the court will look at the filing is today, Thursday 8/18.

Unlike the jurors, Perry & Strickland’s agenda is not to weigh evidence and come to a judicially fair conclusion. Far from it. These elected officials have popular opinion to attend to – and that popular opinion is still screaming for revenge… and they plan to give it to them regardless of what the Constitution dictates. Unlike the jurors who have no political agenda to tend, Perry & Strickland are apparently free to impose whatever suits their fancy – and in this case it’s a bitter ongoing vendetta from Sour Grapes Central.

Casey Anthony’s Probation – Dumb & Dumber Strike Gold for the BS State!

Once again, stupidity and incompetence both rule and take center stage. This time it’s Judge Perry’s turn to make a farce of the law with his ruling on Casey Anthony’s probation.

Albeit predictable, I’m also disappointed by his decision to agree with Stan Strickland’s nonsensical complaint – claiming that Casey Anthony didn’t serve her probation for check fraud charges while in jail.

We all know she did. Florida DOC knows she did too. There are documents to prove it also. Both of these 2 clowns (at some point) swore to uphold the American Constitution. They have failed, yet again, to do so… and that’s the disappointing part.

Judge Perry is the very same guy that allowed & welcomed the prosecution’s fantasy forensics, junk science, flawed CacheBack data (remember “84 searches”?), the non-existent “heart shaped sticker” and a bunch of other BS into Casey’s bogus “Murder Trial”. That in itself speaks volumes for the integrity of Judge Perry, as does his latest ruling on Casey’s probation.

Let’s not forget… Judge Perry, in addition to being a pro-prosecution Judge, is also up for re-election in 2012… so pleasing the masses in Florida is obviously very high up on his personal agenda.

With further regards to Casey doing probation in jail, and if I remember rightly, The Laughing Guy himself (Jeff Ashton) suggested it and Stan Strickland took him up on it. Casey therefore has already done her probation as ordered. There are a whole bunch of lawyers and judges out there who also agree that Casey did indeed serve out her probation while she was in jail.

An almighty louse-up by the State of Florida yet again. The only right decision ever made regarding this case was the Not Guilty verdict.

I’ll leave you with these pertinent observations from

It’s obvious that Orlando wants her to suffer on probation as retaliation for the verdict, but will Casey Anthony really be suffering? She’s on probation, she’s not in jail. Realistically, she’ll either stay with one of her rich attorneys or in a ritzy hotel suite. She’ll probably be living better than most of the people frothing at the mouth to bring her back. She’ll probably be dining on champagne and caviar, sleeping on satin sheets, watching high definition flat screen TV’s, relaxing on expensive leather sofas. If she’s in a hotel, she’ll probably have an ocean view. Does that sound like suffering to you?

The people in Orlando should just move on with their lives instead of prolonging the inevitable. She’s NOT going to be suffering on probation and in a year she’ll be released anyway. Why prolong it?

Plus, has anybody ever stopped to consider that possibility that if her attorneys appeal the probation sentence and WIN, the State of Florida will have not one, but TWO shiny, black eyes!

Here’s the summary from

Casey Anthonys Probation Dumb and Dumber

The next stop in the Casey Anthony Roadshow is the much anticipated Trial Costs hearing – currently scheduled for August 25th.

This is where the prosecutors want Casey to pay for being prosecuted on false evidence and pay for the decidedly shoddy investigation it cost to find it all.  The grand total has not been disclosed. Is there no end to this chicanery? Probably not. Watch this space…


Casey Anthony’s probation hearing – full video

Video of Casey Anthony’s latest probation hearing from yesterday has now been uploaded. It features Jose Baez & Lisabeth Fryer batting for Team Casey… Frank George batting for the prosecution… and Judge Belvin Perry playing the confused umpire.

Part 1 of 7 is below. To see all the videos, click here.

Casey Anthony Probation Hearing Part 3

Casey Anthony: Latest Probation Update, 8/5

In a saga where incompetence & misinterpretation rules – and plain common is still very much a rarity – it now looks like we’re still no nearer a ruling in the ongoing Casey Anthony probation fiasco. Judge Belvin Perry (this morning) has admitted it’s “a mess” and “a legal maze” – and has now decided he needs more time to research the issue and chat further with the DOC.

The decision? NO DECISION TODAY.

A video of today’s full probation hearing will be uploaded here tomorrow.